lords of the ocean, team on a dominion diving vessel in the Duck Rock Harbour

Matt & Robin Lohnes fight the sea in the world’s deadliest workplace: The North Atlantic.

Need a ferry busted out of an icy river and towed through raging currents? Looking for lost military hardware on the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker? Shipwrecks, sub-sea construction, hauling and hoisting. Who you gonna call with problems like that? For 50 years, the Lohnes’ family business, Dominion Diving has helped people fight back when things go wrong at sea.

It’s a 24-hours, high-stakes operation with a team of 40 people: divers, ROV pilots and salty sea captains. They’ve invested millions in the latest boats, gears, gadgets and technology – all backed up by an old-fashioned thirst for adventure on the high seas.

“Let me tell you about the sea. It’s greedy and it’s mean.

It’ll take everything you care about and it doesn’t give a damn. “

Latest Episodes

Episode One – “Come Hell or High Water”

Winter storms froze a passenger ferry in place on the banks of a raging river. Matt races on land, while Herbie battles ice, tides and weather to get to the ferry on time. They’ve got to bust the ferry out and get it into dry dock for repairs. It’s a $250,000 job and any delays mean Dominion could lose the contract.

Shawn and the dive team are working on a secretive job for the Canadian Navy. It’s a logistical nightmare – with divers, shore connections and classified hardware being lowered down the ocean floor. The big bosses are out of town, so it’s sink or swim for Shawn.

Episode Three – “Garry Gets Bent”

A great white shark makes a dirty job even harder to stomach. But the real danger is from the dive. It goes bad and Garry’s rushed to the hospital. His life and his career are on the line. Meanwhile Matt tries to prove a big-money machine is worth the price tag – and nearly gets himself killed in the process.

Garry gets the bends and the team has dramatic trip with MRV

Episode Four – “Batten Down the Hatches”

A category two hurricane is heading straight for Dominion Diving. Matt, Robin and Shawn team scramble to secure boats for the company and their clients. Larae and a marine biologist race the storm to rebuild a reef on the ocean floor. What will be left when the storm clears?

Episode Five – “Post-Pana-Mania”

Dominion’s helping the port get ready for the largest container ships ever built. But the job is down and dirty with divers working as underwater ditch diggers. And they’re not the only ones with a crappy job. A cruise ship arrives in town with a tankful of waste that needs to be emptied by Dominion’s Honey Barge.

Dominion’s helping the port get ready for the largest container ships ever built.

Episode Six – “It’s My Party”

Dominion Diving is celebrating 50 years of business. Matt gets called away from the party by a job in Azerbaijan. But first, he needs specialized survival training. How do you prepare for the worst-case scenario – a helicopter crash out in the open ocean?

Episode Seven – “Ramps & Robots”

Dominion Diving has to build a new launch ramp for the Harbour Hopper, an amphibious assault vehicle that’s been re-fitted for moving tourists instead of troops. But they’ve only got a short window to do it before the Harbour Hopper rolls right over the dive site. Meanwhile, Matt’s building a Frankenstein ROV that’s a part jackhammer, part jet engine and part underwater robot.

installing ramp for harbour hopper in Halifax NS

Episode Eight – “The British Are Coming”

When a gigantic aircraft carrier looms on the horizon, Dominion scrambles to refuel and supply the colossal ship. Robin dives down to investigate a car sunk at the bottom of a lake.

Episode Nine – “On Guard for Thee”

When they land a big job with a tight timeline, the whole crew is scrubbing, scraping and scrambling to get it done. A piece of equipment malfunctions – and one of the divers, Ollie is sent straight to the emergency room. 

Episode Ten – “Big Rig”

How do you park a 40,000-tonne oil rig? And where do you park it? Garry fights freezing temperatures and drags debris from the ocean floor to bring the behemoth in for repairs. Then Dominion’s gotta clear the way for it to return to sea.

Episode Eleven – “Dominion Green”

When a job on an off-shore wind farm comes in, Matt must prove Dominion’s up to the task – or risk missing the boat on big money in green energy. Shawn has to break in a new diver on a high-pressure contract. But just as they hit the water, a wayward container ship threatens to derail the entire job.

Episode Twelve – “Anchors Aweigh”

Herbie has been talking for years about two 60-ton anchors abandoned with an old shipwreck. To buy new anchors that large would be thousands of dollars. True to their heritage, Dominion decides to salvage what they need from the ocean. Herbie, Shawn, and Robin plan to take the Warrior to claim the anchors. But first… they need to find them.

Episode Thirteen – “The Lost Wreck”

A marine geologist claims he’s found the HMCS Esquimalt, the last Canadian warship sunk in World War Two. Matt, Robin & Herbie jump at the chance to help make history by finding the shipwreck. But they’ve got to fight stormy seas, plow through thick fog and search a massive expanse of ocean to find it.