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This is the script for Episode Twelve of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:02:00NARRATOR: Dominion’s searching the seabed for lost metal
00:01:05:19worth it’s weight in gold.
00:01:07:18MATT: Hundreds of thousands of dollars.
00:01:09:11NARRATOR: And for that they’re busting out
00:01:11:12the newest ship in their fleet.
00:01:13:05ROBIN: It’s a Swiss army knife.
00:01:14:08That’s what it is.
00:01:15:04NARRATOR: But is searching for buried treasure
00:01:17:06at the bottom of the ocean,
00:01:18:18a doomed fools errand?
00:01:20:20GARRY: It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.
00:01:22:19NARRATOR: By hook or by crook,
00:01:24:15they want their anchors.
00:01:26:05MATT: Bring daddy an anchor.
00:01:28:19NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:30:07this family’s built a business
00:01:32:02where nobody else dares.
00:01:36:06and resurrecting anything
00:01:38:04in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:40:12This is their world,
00:01:43:08salt water in their blood
00:01:45:07come hell and high water.
00:01:47:04MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:48:08Do or die.
00:01:49:06º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:20:02NARRATOR: At Dominion HQ, everybody’s up early
00:02:23:04prepping for a big recovery mission.
00:02:26:05MATT: All right, guys, safe travels.
00:02:28:00CHRISTIAN: Yeah, see you there.
00:02:28:20MATT: A ship has lost its anchor.
00:02:30:14We’ve been called in to
00:02:32:03get the client back their lost missing anchor.
00:02:35:15NARRATOR: It was lost off a massive
00:02:37:13search and rescue vessel.
00:02:39:15It’s a huge anchor.
00:02:41:12MATT: This anchor is 10 tonnes roughly.
00:02:43:06A heavy duty piece of metal.
00:02:46:10NARRATOR: Now Matt’s hitting the road
00:02:48:10armed with GPS coordinates
00:02:50:04of the anchor’s precise location.
00:02:52:23MATT: Today we’re gonna start mapping the seabed
00:02:55:21to see if we can find that hard target.
00:02:57:22If we find that hard target,
00:02:59:13we send the divers in to connect up
00:03:01:18the anchor to the A-frame on the Bearcat.
00:03:04:09This’ll be easier than when E.T.
00:03:06:11was looking for his home.
00:03:11:04NARRATOR: Matt’s feeling good, and who can blame him?
00:03:13:21It’s a beautiful day for a drive
00:03:15:19up Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.
00:03:18:00MATT: The missing anchor’s in Sheet Harbour.
00:03:20:00It’s an old historic port.
00:03:22:04Beautiful picturesque town,
00:03:24:09but very remote.
00:03:26:20NARRATOR: Sheet Harbour’s 150 kilometers
00:03:29:08northeast of Halifax.
00:03:31:09A thin channel fed by two raging rivers.
00:03:35:00MATT: Right now, we’re crossing over
00:03:37:06the river that used to have a power generating dam.
00:03:40:23NARRATOR: This is an area Matt knows well.
00:03:43:15MATT: Dominion Diving has done quite a few jobs
00:03:46:21over its history down in Sheet Harbour.
00:03:49:03Just recently we did a massive bridge replacement,
00:03:52:19and we had to remove the old bridge in sections.
00:03:57:05And actually, we’re gonna
00:03:58:05meet up with Herbie and boys
00:04:00:13right next to that bridge.
00:04:02:24NARRATOR: The dive team’s waiting when Matt arrives,
00:04:05:17but Herbie’s nowhere to be found.
00:04:08:09MATT: What up, dude?
00:04:10:19MATT: Pretty much. CHRISTIAN: Yeah.
00:04:12:16NARRATOR: Herbie’s one of Dominion’s old guard.
00:04:15:23He’s just as well to take the ocean highway to this job,
00:04:19:03even if it means an early morning.
00:04:22:03MATT: Herbie left at 3:00 a.m.
00:04:23:20because it’s gonna take a lot longer for the vessel
00:04:25:15to transit that distance.
00:04:27:13A boat does 10 knots max.
00:04:32:00That’s not very fast.
00:04:33:24NARRATOR: When Herbie does arrive,
00:04:35:13the water’s too shallow for the Dominion Bearcat to land.
00:04:42:02MATT: So we’re gonna try to get in
00:04:43:18to the big dock over there.
00:04:46:03NARRATOR: There’s a public dock just up the way,
00:04:49:04but they’re locked out.
00:04:54:11A combo of sure-footedness and acrobatics prevail.
00:04:59:04MATT: See? Simple.
00:05:02:03HERBIE: Oliver! Throw the lines over, let’s go.
00:05:05:19NARRATOR: Finally, they’re loaded up,
00:05:08:07but they’re also behind schedule,
00:05:10:13and they haven’t even started working.
00:05:13:11With the GPS coordinates locked in,
00:05:15:22Herbie sets course for the missing anchor.
00:05:18:08MATT: The black dot is the vessel,
00:05:20:08that’s the Bearcat,
00:05:21:11you can see it move along the screen.
00:05:23:07Going to be coming out of Sheet Harbour,
00:05:25:12then we’re gonna come out and around
00:05:27:07to where the anchor is.
00:05:28:19NARRATOR: It may all seem like a lot of work
00:05:31:05to retrieve something designed for the ocean floor.
00:05:34:11MATT: It’s a highly designed piece of metal,
00:05:36:11to be able to take certain forces
00:05:38:20and restrict that vessel
00:05:40:06from failing and going on land.
00:05:42:06NARRATOR: They’re the brakes of any boat.
00:05:44:17Without it you’re at the mercy of tide.
00:05:47:10MATT: That anchor might be life or death.
00:05:49:18NARRATOR: Anchors ain’t cheap either.
00:05:52:05MATT: The cost on these things
00:05:53:19goes from a hundred dollars
00:05:56:05up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
00:05:59:16NARRATOR: And a boat this size
00:06:01:20is gonna have an anchor too big
00:06:04:00to write off as a sunk cost.
00:06:06:14Believe it or not,
00:06:08:02they’re easier to lose than most people think.
00:06:10:13HERBIE: I’ve lost three of ’em.
00:06:13:12MATT: A ship can lose an anchor a few different ways,
00:06:15:10but the most common way is your master link.
00:06:17:20The area where the anchor swivels and pivots
00:06:20:10and is hooked to the chain itself.
00:06:22:04So there’s lots of stress and strain put on that area.
00:06:25:08You might think you’ve got a good master link,
00:06:27:07you can inspect it all you want,
00:06:29:17it could fail at any time.
00:06:33:15HERBIE: We’re 56 feet off it.
00:06:36:13NARRATOR: As the Bearcat pulls up on location,
00:06:38:15Matt’s confident his team can find the anchor
00:06:41:14and make their client very happy.
00:06:43:20MATT: We’re gonna find this.
00:06:45:01We gotta… no gotta, we’re gonna.
00:06:48:05Gonna, not gotta.
00:06:50:15We don’t give up.
00:06:51:20NARRATOR: But the dive team
00:06:53:07and dive supervisor Garry,
00:06:55:12isn’t quite so sure.
00:06:57:07GARRY: It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.
00:07:00:10NARRATOR: They got precise GPS coordinates
00:07:02:17where the anchor’s supposed to be
00:07:04:1515 meters below.
00:07:06:20But it’s not that easy.
00:07:10:02A ship might pay out up to 25 meters or more
00:07:13:12of anchor chain at this depth.
00:07:15:24That means depending on the drift of the boat
00:07:19:11at the moment the anchor was lost,
00:07:21:18it could be anywhere within a 50 meter diameter
00:07:25:00of where they think it is.
00:07:26:20HERBIE: Okay, Garry, let her go there.
00:07:29:18NARRATOR: They start the search by dropping a buoy
00:07:32:07on the coordinates given to them.
00:07:35:04They’re finally ready to start their search,
00:07:38:16and step one means dropping their own anchor,
00:07:41:18a gigantic rusty disc known as a clump weight.
00:07:45:00MATT: The reason why we use a clump weight
00:07:46:13is so that way we’re not hooking
00:07:47:20or damaging anything underwater,
00:07:49:20it’s just basically a park brake,
00:07:52:20then we’ll send the divers in
00:07:53:22to try to locate the anchor.
00:07:56:03If at that point they’re not successful,
00:07:59:12then we’ll go to Plan B.
00:08:01:16NARRATOR: Plan B is a side-scan sonar.
00:08:05:08MATT: That’s how you do your seabed mapping.
00:08:07:20NARRATOR: It’s great tech,
00:08:09:00but more expensive and time consuming
00:08:11:10than anything Matt had hoped for today.
00:08:14:02MATT: So right now, our beams are pointing far apart.
00:08:16:21We’re gonna bring them in a little closer.
00:08:18:23NARRATOR: While Garry preps for a possible Plan B…
00:08:21:13OLLIE: All right, good luck in there, bud.
00:08:22:20AIDEN: Yup.
00:08:23:15NARRATOR: …diver Aiden’s hoping that Plan A
00:08:25:24will be A-okay.
00:08:29:12NARRATOR: But Garry knows the challenge ahead.
00:08:32:19GARRY: Finding anything underwater is not easy.
00:08:36:00Even with all the technology.
00:08:38:00NARRATOR: They got the GPS location
00:08:40:04and the diver in the water,
00:08:41:20but if they don’t find it here,
00:08:43:18this haystack’s gonna get a whole lot bigger.
00:08:50:00NARRATOR: Dominion’s been hired to find an anchor
00:08:52:06lost somewhere in this remote harbour.
00:08:55:15Diver Aiden’s already in the water
00:08:58:02searching for that precious weight.
00:09:00:13GARRY: So do you wanna swim over to the buoy?
00:09:02:21NARRATOR: Aiden’s armed with 15 meters of rope,
00:09:06:04which he’ll attach to the buoy’s anchor.
00:09:09:23GARRY: All right. Yeah, go down.
00:09:13:13NARRATOR: Underwater, Aiden follows the buoy line
00:09:16:01down into the murky world below.
00:09:20:09GARRY: Starting to see bottom there?
00:09:21:18AIDEN: Yeah, starting to see bottom.
00:09:24:01GARRY: We’ll try to stay off bottom.
00:09:25:08Is it a rocky bottom? No, don’t stir it up.
00:09:30:20GARRY: Yeah.
00:09:32:18NARRATOR: At this depth, he’s only got
00:09:34:09an hour of dive time to find the anchor.
00:09:41:11GARRY: Yeah, I guess so.
00:09:42:22NARRATOR: Using the 15 meter rope as a guide,
00:09:45:22the diver must search in ever widening concentric circles,
00:09:49:24using the buoy as a starting point
00:09:52:05and widening out from there.
00:09:55:04And the visibility is terrible.
00:09:57:18It looks like a chocolate milkshake down here.
00:10:01:11GARRY: Don’t really see any evidence
00:10:02:06of anything down there, eh?
00:10:06:10GARRY: Yeah, I was kind of hoping that there’d be
00:10:07:20a drag mark or something.
00:10:09:21MATT: We’re gonna look now for anything on the seabed,
00:10:13:04so instead of being flat and smooth,
00:10:15:12something that has penetrated the seabed,
00:10:17:15trails, drag marks,
00:10:19:04then we’ll know we’re in the region.
00:10:21:12NARRATOR: Garry thinks maybe the drag
00:10:23:03from the broken anchor chain
00:10:24:18left a trail to the anchor itself.
00:10:27:08GARRY: Ooo, what’s that? Something? No?
00:10:32:14GARRY: Or just crabs and lobsters
00:10:34:09crawling across making lines.
00:10:39:06NARRATOR: But the only thing down here
00:10:41:03is a whole lotta nothing.
00:10:44:08GARRY: Pretty unexciting bottom, eh?
00:10:46:22We’ll be able to figure out where you’re at.
00:10:49:09Just dirt.
00:10:51:06NARRATOR: With this thick layer of silt,
00:10:53:00it’s possible Aiden’s swimming right on top of the anchor
00:10:56:14and doesn’t even know it.
00:10:58:03GARRY: Is there like a pile of stuff there?
00:10:59:05AIDEN: Yeah.
00:11:00:00GARRY: If you reach your hand in, is there anything in there?
00:11:01:14When they dropped it,
00:11:03:14it probably would have just sunk in
00:11:05:05and so there probably is not even a drag mark, right?
00:11:07:18It’s heavy, it might be, you know, buried.
00:11:10:05NARRATOR: Aiden’s shoulder-deep in the mud,
00:11:12:10but all he comes up with is more silt.
00:11:23:21GARRY: Yeah.
00:11:24:14NARRATOR: Aiden’s completed the circle search,
00:11:26:24but no anchor.
00:11:28:20He uses the little dive time he’s got left
00:11:30:24to keep searching.
00:11:32:08But down here,
00:11:33:20everything is just flat and featureless.
00:11:37:02GARRY: Well, we failed.
00:11:40:01NARRATOR: Finally, he comes up for air.
00:11:43:01GARRY: We didn’t find the anchor on this first dive,
00:11:45:09so we’re gonna switch to the side-scan
00:11:48:06and see if we can find anything with that.
00:11:52:00NARRATOR: But first they need to
00:11:53:20pull up the clump weight anchor.
00:11:56:13Dominion’s small anchor was buried three metres in silt.
00:12:00:15Just imagine how deep a two tonne anchor
00:12:03:05would sink into this silty seabed.
00:12:06:06They gotta get the boat moving
00:12:08:00just to flush the muck off,
00:12:09:14before they can bring the anchor back aboard.
00:12:14:10Good thing Matt’s got a Plan B.
00:12:17:00MATT: We’ve got a different approach now.
00:12:19:04We’re gonna go try side-scanning,
00:12:20:20plot our coordinates.
00:12:22:03If we can plot something that seems pretty viable,
00:12:24:20we’ll throw the next diver in.
00:12:26:05NARRATOR: Traditional sonar sends soundwaves
00:12:28:21from the boat, straight down.
00:12:30:20But side-scan sonar shoots a beam of sound
00:12:33:15from both sides of the boat,
00:12:35:03mapping the area from surface to seabed.
00:12:39:00MATT: It’s another tool in your tickle trunk
00:12:40:16to go at uncovering the ocean’s mysteries.
00:12:43:23NARRATOR: The monitor shows the boat’s path,
00:12:46:14with the vessel’s location in the middle.
00:12:49:22Herbie circles the Bearcat
00:12:51:07around the area where the anchor was lost.
00:12:54:00There’s enough feedback below
00:12:55:23to convince Matt it’s worth a second look.
00:12:58:12MATT: See? Right there. GARRY: Yeah.
00:13:01:03MATT: So we’re hitting a couple of hard targets.
00:13:03:12We’ve gone over it a few different ways,
00:13:05:00transitioned across.
00:13:07:00There’s an indication of disturbance on the seabed,
00:13:10:08and then this hard target is in the same location.
00:13:13:22We’re gonna drop a diver in to see what we can find.
00:13:16:20NARRATOR: Christian kits up and leaps into the fray.
00:13:20:19He begins another circle search,
00:13:22:24this time around the new target Matt found
00:13:25:05during the side-scan.
00:13:27:10But when Christian gets down there,
00:13:29:20the hard target is just a bed of seaweed.
00:13:32:20GARRY: Nothing out of the ordinary, eh?
00:13:34:11CHRISTIAN: Nope. It is a muddy bottom
00:13:37:01and that is it.
00:13:38:18NARRATOR: He continues his circle search for an hour,
00:13:41:05while Matt waits anxiously.
00:13:43:19MATT: C’mon. Christian.
00:13:46:11Bring Daddy an anchor.
00:13:48:15NARRATOR: But in the end, Plan B is a bust.
00:13:52:00GARRY: Alright, we don’t have the viz
00:13:53:06to be able do this effectively with just a diver
00:13:56:00so you can leave bottom
00:13:57:17CHRISTIAN: All right then, Garry.
00:14:00:00NARRATOR: Garry logs his diver’s bottom time
00:14:02:15and Christian aborts his mission.
00:14:04:23This anchor’s becoming a real white whale for Matt.
00:14:08:08But he’s not giving up yet.
00:14:11:04Bring on Plan C.
00:14:13:08MATT: Don’t worry about talking to anybody.
00:14:14:18If no one’s at the gate, just drive through to the dock.
00:14:17:15MATT: Plan C, we’ve already called in for back-up.
00:14:20:04We’re gonna bring down the Chinook.
00:14:23:00NARRATOR: The Chinook ROV’s already on its way down here
00:14:26:04from Dominion headquarters.
00:14:27:21But they gotta detour back into Sheet Harbour
00:14:31:00to pick it up this small but mighty
00:14:33:02remotely operated vehicle.
00:14:37:06With the Chinook,
00:14:38:11Matt can check out hotspots quicker,
00:14:40:22as they adjust their flight path
00:14:42:15to cover even more ground with the side-scan.
00:14:47:18MATT: Before we were heading north to south,
00:14:50:06now we’re gonna be heading west to east,
00:14:52:10east to west, back and forth.
00:14:54:10So again, that gives us a 100 percent coverage,
00:14:57:06cross grid over the area
00:14:59:15where the last known coordinates were.
00:15:01:16NARRATOR: Herbie’s criss-crossed the area
00:15:03:11several times now, and Matt’s zeroed in on
00:15:06:11a couple of targets warranting some robotic investigation.
00:15:10:05MATT: Yeah, it’s one of those things.
00:15:12:24You don’t like going home empty handed,
00:15:15:19so that’s why we’re throwing more technology,
00:15:19:17more options, more plans at this.
00:15:21:22GARRY: Yeah so, we’re puttin the ROV in
00:15:23:23and it’s got unlimited bottom time
00:15:25:17and it can see further than we can with the sonar.
00:15:28:01It can see about 75 feet.
00:15:29:22So, as we’re searching, if we see any hard targets,
00:15:32:13then we know and we can just bee-line right for it.
00:15:36:19NARRATOR: Matt stations himself at the control panel
00:15:39:10connected to Chinook by 300 meters of cable.
00:15:43:12MATT: Okay, we’re now on bottom.
00:15:47:05At this time at this direction,
00:15:48:10I’m not seeing anything.
00:15:51:15A hard target on here
00:15:52:21will show up as a brighter colour.
00:15:59:10Look at that.
00:16:00:23She’s glowing.
00:16:02:01That’s a hard target.
00:16:04:14I did find a hard target.
00:16:06:10It was an anchor.
00:16:09:11Unfortunately, I got too excited
00:16:12:05when I hit the target.
00:16:15:00It’s the clump weight that we’re using
00:16:16:10to hold ourselves on position on site,
00:16:19:21and of course, it was buried in the seabed.
00:16:23:20NARRATOR: This was supposed to be
00:16:25:01like catching fish in a barrel,
00:16:27:06but after a full day of searching,
00:16:29:08Matt’s unwavering optimism is running dry.
00:16:32:08MATT: If we don’t pick up the anchor
00:16:36:09in the next couple of locations,
00:16:39:09then at some point in time
00:16:41:11we’ll have to be like E.T. and phone home.
00:16:43:24NARRATOR: All anyone can do now is wait
00:16:46:20as Matt desperately scans through the silt below.
00:16:50:10MATT: They could give us the exact coordinates,
00:16:52:22could be pinpointed with the offsets and everything,
00:16:56:06and the anchor’s just gone in the mud
00:16:58:08’cause this seabed is
00:17:00:05really soft, muddy crud.
00:17:06:00NARRATOR: They’ve exhausted Plan A, B and C,
00:17:10:00and the hunt that was supposed to be a lock,
00:17:12:02has gone completely off the chains.
00:17:15:05MATT: We’ve done all the different methods
00:17:16:24that we’ve utilized in the past
00:17:19:09to locate something.
00:17:21:04It might just be
00:17:23:13gone to Davey Jones’ locker.
00:17:26:13NARRATOR: Matt’s master plan
00:17:28:10is officially stuck in the mud.
00:17:31:03Time to pick up their own anchor and head home.
00:17:38:11NARRATOR: Dominion’s fleet of ocean-going vessels
00:17:40:11is unmatched.
00:17:42:05But Robin’s always on the lookout
00:17:44:12for ships that’ll take things to the next level.
00:17:48:04ROBIN: I was on the internet searching around
00:17:50:09and looking for cargo tugs.
00:17:53:05Tugs that could carry cargo and self-unload,
00:17:55:15and I kept running into these multi-cats.
00:17:58:10NARRATOR: The multi-cat is a relatively
00:18:00:04new kind of ocean-going vessel,
00:18:02:19prized for maneuverability and versatility.
00:18:06:04ROBIN: It’s a Swiss army knife, that’s what it is.
00:18:08:03NARRATOR: Whether it’s towing, tugging,
00:18:10:13installing offshore equipment,
00:18:12:09or conducting maintenance and repairs,
00:18:14:13multi-cats’ powerful winches,
00:18:16:13offshore cranes
00:18:18:10and spacious flat deck
00:18:20:06make them an ideal vessel for almost any offshore job.
00:18:27:03Robin wanted to bring that kind of capability
00:18:30:00to the Dominion fleet,
00:18:31:22and today he is finally getting the keys
00:18:34:07to a multi-cat of his own.
00:18:37:23The Dominion Warrior.
00:18:40:08ROBIN: It’s name from the previous owners
00:18:42:00was the Coastal Warrior,
00:18:43:10and we found the name to be fitting so we kept it.
00:18:45:23NARRATOR: Classed as a tug, this workhorse vessel
00:18:48:18sports a pair of twin fixed pitch propellers.
00:18:51:22Its engines max out at 1200 horsepower,
00:18:55:02capable of towing up to 15 tonnes.
00:18:57:23Multi-cats are commonplace in Europe,
00:19:00:19but Robin found his on a job offshore
00:19:03:18in Guinea, Africa.
00:19:05:13ROBIN: Went down, took her for a spin, kinda liked it.
00:19:07:20It was 10 years old.
00:19:09:22It was a couple million bucks,
00:19:11:19and I came back and made a deal.
00:19:13:13NARRATOR: But getting it home was a mega job.
00:19:17:07ROBIN: We contracted Jumbo Shipping.
00:19:20:15They came in with a ship that picks it up
00:19:22:20and puts it inside of its belly.
00:19:25:05Something out of Star Wars kind of thing.
00:19:28:12The Warrior weighs 200 tonnes.
00:19:31:11Right now they’re doing the preliminary hook-up.
00:19:34:00They’re positioning all the rigging
00:19:36:16and getting the vessel completely prepared to lift.
00:19:42:15It’s a complicated lift;
00:19:43:20it’s a tandem lift between two cranes.
00:19:48:21Every movement that’s made by one crane
00:19:50:09has to be counteracted by the other,
00:19:52:05to ensure that the distance between the rigging
00:19:54:24doesn’t change at all.
00:19:56:13Everything has to go perfect,
00:19:58:19has to be perfectly under control the entire time,
00:20:01:05or it’ll undo like a zipper.
00:20:06:00Three years of hard work.
00:20:08:03A lot of money.
00:20:10:20There ya go.
00:20:11:15First multi-cat in North America
00:20:13:02just touched the water.
00:20:15:21NARRATOR: But once it arrived,
00:20:17:19the Warrior needed to be retro-fitted
00:20:19:23to make it street legal for work
00:20:21:18320 kilometers out at sea.
00:20:25:16They added a lifeboat and a crane,
00:20:27:22modified the air intake,
00:20:29:18and expanded the crew quarters
00:20:31:11from four berths to ten.
00:20:34:13ROBIN: So we’re down below deck on the Warrior.
00:20:36:17This is the Captain’s cabin here.
00:20:38:10As you can see, very spacious and luxurious.
00:20:41:17This is our second area in here.
00:20:44:10This is a two-person cabin.
00:20:46:21In here, this is the cattle car.
00:20:48:14Four bunks in this room.
00:20:50:03So this is nice and cozy.
00:20:51:13NARRATOR: The Warrior even has a special spot
00:20:53:13for a key member of the Dominion family.
00:20:56:05ROBIN: This is the most important part
00:20:57:07of the boat right here, this is the galley.
00:20:59:18And this is the most important person on the boat.
00:21:01:21This is the cook, Carolyn Lohnes,
00:21:03:15just happens to be my sister.
00:21:09:10ROBIN: This is the engine room down here.
00:21:13:02These are tier two emissions rated engines
00:21:17:01and they’re each kicking out 600 horsepower.
00:21:20:00Both these engines were rebuilt completely
00:21:23:10from the bottom to the top at time of purchase.
00:21:26:07As you go down through here,
00:21:28:09these are our two generators.
00:21:31:04We move through here, the centerpiece
00:21:33:01of the whole vessel as far as controls go.
00:21:35:10This is all your electrical supply
00:21:37:08and control and distribution,
00:21:39:07this wall that we’re looking at here,
00:21:41:17this is the fuel tank.
00:21:43:04These are your fuel gauges,
00:21:44:17good old-fashioned sight glasses.
00:21:47:01This thing holds about 50 tonnes of fuel.
00:21:49:04This vessel can run at full power for almost a month
00:21:51:15with the fuel and the water that it has available.
00:21:55:17This vessel only draws two meters of water.
00:21:59:04So, a little bit bigger than me deep in the water,
00:22:03:07and we’re able to carry a hundred tonnes of cargo.
00:22:06:23It’s pretty amazing.
00:22:08:07A lot happening here in a small package.
00:22:11:19NARRATOR: The warrior’s been on active duty
00:22:13:06with Dominion for about a year now,
00:22:15:17but neither Matt or Robin
00:22:17:11has actually taken it out on a job.
00:22:19:16MATT: You ready to go find some stuff?
00:22:21:02LARAE: Oh yeah.
00:22:21:21NARRATOR: That changes today.
00:22:24:14MATT: We’re gonna go after another anchor.
00:22:27:05ROBIN: The anchor weighs about six tonnes,
00:22:29:11so the only vessel that we’ve got
00:22:31:16that’s got handling gear to handle that
00:22:33:14is the Warrior.
00:22:35:05NARRATOR: They’re putting together a team
00:22:36:14of Dominion’s top ranks for a scavenger hunt
00:22:39:17in search of an old family heirloom.
00:22:43:00ROBIN: It’s an anchor that the old man lost
00:22:45:05years and years ago.
00:22:46:09MATT: Way back in the day, my father lost an anchor
00:22:49:10and recorded the coordinates.
00:22:51:08ROBIN: A five or six tonne anchor
00:22:53:02might be 10 or 15 grand
00:22:54:20if you had to go and buy one brand new.
00:22:58:05MATT: With the Warrior, Herbie, Sean,
00:23:01:02Robin, LaRae,
00:23:03:05this is a fun family outing is what this is,
00:23:05:20and we’re gonna go get Dad’s anchor back.
00:23:09:00NARRATOR: On its way out of Duck Rock,
00:23:10:23you can see the Warrior appears a little different
00:23:13:13from the rest of Dominion’s fleet.
00:23:15:16ROBIN: It kinda resembles a barge that’s self-propelled.
00:23:18:02NARRATOR: But its flat bottom and square sides
00:23:20:17are what keeps it stable on the rockiest of waters.
00:23:24:13And with the deck barely four feet above the waterline,
00:23:27:23waves crashing aboard is a fact of life.
00:23:31:10ROBIN: You don’t try to keep all the water off the deck,
00:23:33:08they’re designed to operate with a lot of water
00:23:35:21all around them, you know what I mean?
00:23:37:16They don’t stay up above the water.
00:23:39:08A lot of water will pass over its deck.
00:23:42:03NARRATOR: But it’s the crane at the bow
00:23:43:12that’s this boat’s real muscle.
00:23:45:15It can lift up to 30 tonnes.
00:23:49:05It’s a telescopic crane,
00:23:51:03which means it can extend up to 15 meters,
00:23:54:16and even at full height, it can still lift 11 tonnes.
00:23:58:05To support all that weight,
00:24:00:10a thick column extends all the way through the boat
00:24:03:11and connects to the shell plating.
00:24:05:11ROBIN: It kinda makes the boat,
00:24:06:15because it just gives you the ability to
00:24:08:11handle stuff on deck, overboarding large items.
00:24:11:08It’s a really nice little system.
00:24:15:19NARRATOR: Once they arrive on the location
00:24:17:12of the long-gone anchor,
00:24:18:23Robin can finally get this crane into action
00:24:22:07and drop their own anchor.
00:24:24:06ROBIN: So, what the crane’s going to do
00:24:25:12is just put it over the edge,
00:24:27:07then we’re gonna lower it down with the winch,
00:24:29:04with the deck winch over the deck roller.
00:24:32:02NARRATOR: They get their massive clump weight anchor
00:24:34:08into the water,
00:24:36:12but then change the cable over
00:24:38:09to the 25 tonne deck winch.
00:24:42:00Now they wait.
00:24:45:01It’s a long wait.
00:24:46:20They’re out on the open ocean now
00:24:49:01and staring down at the depths below.
00:24:53:23MATT: The depth is our biggest obstacle.
00:24:56:07We’re at 64 meters.
00:24:58:11That’s beyond any normal diving limits.
00:25:02:15Yes, there are divers that have done it in the past,
00:25:05:04but not… not our divers.
00:25:08:15I won’t… we will not allow
00:25:10:17that danger for our divers.
00:25:14:05To do it in a safer manner,
00:25:15:23you’d have to use mixed gasses and chambers
00:25:18:24and that’s a whole other program.
00:25:20:21NARRATOR: But it’s only a $20,000 anchor.
00:25:23:21To do this job with divers,
00:25:25:16you’d spend ten times that.
00:25:27:16MATT: Now that $20,000
00:25:29:01doesn’t look so shiny any more.
00:25:31:04NARRATOR: So instead of divers,
00:25:33:06they’re bringing out the Chinook,
00:25:35:02their trusty workhorse, with a six digit price tag.
00:25:38:11ROBIN: We’re gonna go down, just with the ROV free-flying,
00:25:41:03and have a look.
00:25:42:11NARRATOR: Shawn launches the ROV.
00:25:45:21Now LaRae takes centre stage.
00:25:48:20She flies the ROV straight down to the bottom,
00:25:51:12where no light penetrates.
00:25:55:08The ROV lights reveal something totally unexpected.
00:25:59:02MATT: Next thing you know,
00:26:01:00Uncle Matt, come take a look.
00:26:07:03I go inside.
00:26:08:15Right fast we figured out why the anchor is lost.
00:26:11:21What it got snaggled on.
00:26:13:15It’s a shipwreck!
00:26:16:08NARRATOR: They were looking for a single anchor,
00:26:19:10but it looks like Dominion may have gotten
00:26:21:23a lot more than they bargained for.
00:26:32:20NARRATOR: Forty years ago,
00:26:34:06Matt and Robin’s dad lost an anchor
00:26:36:16in this precise location,
00:26:38:13at the mouth of the harbour.
00:26:41:12Now his sons want to salvage it
00:26:43:21and put it back into use.
00:26:46:11They found the anchor.
00:26:48:10LARAE: Your anchor’s right here.
00:26:51:13NARRATOR: But that’s not all they found.
00:26:55:15ROBIN: It made perfect sense what it got lodged in,
00:26:57:18and why it got stuck there in the first place.
00:26:59:09It was a shipwreck
00:27:00:10that was located right there.
00:27:02:10NARRATOR: This is one of the oldest
00:27:03:19settled harbours in North America.
00:27:06:17And its deepest depths are a graveyard
00:27:08:21for centuries of ships,
00:27:11:05at least 50 we know about,
00:27:13:04and countless more still undiscovered.
00:27:16:20But one thing’s for sure,
00:27:18:19retrieving this anchor
00:27:19:24just got a whole helluva lot more difficult.
00:27:24:16ROBIN: Shipwrecks and ROV’s just don’t mix all that well,
00:27:27:17mainly because because of
00:27:28:16the cord that’s going down there.
00:27:30:00I mean, there’s a million different
00:27:30:23snags and hazards down there.
00:27:32:20MATT: Okay. We got a lot of jagged metal.
00:27:35:17Lots of fishing rope,
00:27:38:01ropes from the vessel itself.
00:27:40:07We’re still now gonna get our anchor back,
00:27:42:13but we’ve got this other level of hazards
00:27:45:12that we’ve gotta identify and work with.
00:27:47:10NARRATOR: They have a plan,
00:27:48:22and they’re sticking to it.
00:27:50:20MATT: LaRae came up with this unique tool,
00:27:53:10that folds and then springs open
00:27:56:10when it’s on the opposite side of the shackle
00:27:59:04that’s on the anchor.
00:28:00:10ROBIN: It’s a spring-loaded hook
00:28:02:06that allows the rope of the buoy or the float
00:28:06:11to be on the other side of the loop, and come up.
00:28:08:24SHAWN: So, the ROV’s gonna fly down,
00:28:12:10and LaRae’s gonna stab this unit,
00:28:14:15she’ll back the ROV up,
00:28:16:24and we’re gonna be left with this,
00:28:18:20with a rope
00:28:20:11tied on the end here.
00:28:22:18NARRATOR: LaRae then has to dislodge the custom tool,
00:28:26:12swinging Chinook around to catch a loop of rope
00:28:29:08with a metal hook attached to the ROV.
00:28:32:16It’s the same idea as threading a sewing needle,
00:28:35:10but done with an underwater robot.
00:28:38:20SHAWN: Take that up to the surface,
00:28:40:11and that will establish a rope, a running line,
00:28:42:18down through the shackle, back up to the surface.
00:28:45:02NARRATOR: But that’s just the first rope
00:28:47:04of a three-rope maneuver.
00:28:49:00MATT: You hook that rope to the bigger rope,
00:28:51:04which would be the one inch.
00:28:52:13NARRATOR: The crew will then pull a one-inch rope
00:28:54:22back through the shackle,
00:28:57:15finally tying rope number three,
00:28:59:24which is actually a one and a half inch steel cable.
00:29:05:02MATT: That’s hooked to a 50 tonne winch.
00:29:07:21That is gonna be our main lifting cable.
00:29:10:19Once we get that down through the shackle
00:29:12:18of the anchor,
00:29:14:12we can start bringing it back up
00:29:16:06with the anchor in tow.
00:29:18:15NARRATOR: It’s a totally hair-brained scheme,
00:29:21:06but it might just be crazy enough to work.
00:29:25:05ROBIN: One, two, three.
00:29:29:01NARRATOR: From the control room,
00:29:30:16LaRae flies Chinook down onto the shipwreck.
00:29:34:00MATT: How are you making out?
00:29:34:19LARAE: Good.
00:29:37:17Okay, I’m going in for it.
00:29:40:05MATT: No pressure. Ahh, LaRae!
00:29:44:05LARAE: It’s not side-slipping very well right now.
00:29:46:02MATT: No.
00:29:47:15LARAE: It’s not turning very well at all,
00:29:49:00to be honest with you.
00:29:50:12MATT: It’s the depth.
00:29:52:03You got currents, you’ve got sea swell.
00:29:54:16You got everything pulling and moving you around,
00:29:57:05throwing the ROV around.
00:29:58:15So you’re trying to control
00:30:00:07the out of control effects that are happening.
00:30:03:23It’s right there. You can see it.
00:30:05:07We have to go for it.
00:30:09:05LARAE: Ahh, fuck!
00:30:11:03NARRATOR: LaRae’s floating all around it,
00:30:13:06but she can’t hook it.
00:30:14:16LARAE: It’s pulling me all over the place.
00:30:18:15NARRATOR: Matt’s eager for a turn at the controls.
00:30:21:20MATT: You want me to try?
00:30:22:16LARAE: Yeah. MATT: Okay.
00:30:24:05NARRATOR: Finally, he steps in.
00:30:35:17NARRATOR: But Matt isn’t faring much better.
00:30:38:12The ROV’s bouncing around like a bucking bronco.
00:30:43:15LARAE: There is quite a swell down there.
00:30:46:10SHAWN: How’s it going, Matt?
00:30:48:15MATT: Ahhh, it’s a bit of a bastard.
00:30:52:00Soon as I get near it,
00:30:54:03it starts going wonky on me.
00:30:55:15NARRATOR: Matt comes close, but too close.
00:30:59:05He makes contact with the anchor,
00:31:01:09dislodging the spring tool.
00:31:04:20Round one ends.
00:31:06:08Advantage anchor.
00:31:10:22With Chinook back onboard,
00:31:12:12they need to modify the tool’s design,
00:31:15:01so it’ll only dislodge when they want it to.
00:31:17:23MATT: You don’t want too much resistance
00:31:19:07where the ROV can’t pull away from it,
00:31:21:12but you don’t want too little resistance
00:31:23:04so it keeps falling out.
00:31:25:04So we just added zip ties, some resistance,
00:31:27:20and another layer of black tape.
00:31:30:08NARRATOR: Thank god for black electrical tape.
00:31:33:19Back she goes.
00:31:35:10MATT: …three.
00:31:38:00NARRATOR: LaRae’s at the control once again,
00:31:41:00gaining confidence, she almost gets it.
00:31:44:03LARAE: [GROANS]
00:31:47:00NARRATOR: And then…
00:31:48:09MATT: Yeah, baby!
00:31:50:02NARRATOR: …she hits it.
00:31:52:05But there’s a problem.
00:31:55:10MATT: It’s a lot bigger than we thought it is.
00:31:57:13NARRATOR: The shackle’s too large for their tool.
00:32:00:12The anchor wins the second round too.
00:32:02:23LARAE: No, it came out! God dammit!
00:32:06:06MATT: All right. Pull ‘er up.
00:32:10:05NARRATOR: Even more modifications are needed.
00:32:13:10SHAWN: You were close, were ya?
00:32:14:08MATT: We were in it.
00:32:15:12You can go in like that, Robin,
00:32:16:20and you won’t touch either side.
00:32:18:10NARRATOR: Once again, it’s black tape to the rescue.
00:32:21:16They extend the wingspan
00:32:23:11of the spring-loaded grappling tool.
00:32:25:10ROBIN: Try that, homie.
00:32:27:05NARRATOR: The never-say-die Dominion crew
00:32:29:22is ready for round three.
00:32:34:15LaRae’s back in command.
00:32:37:00LARAE: Ay, fucker!
00:32:38:10NARRATOR: She’s a born and raised sea dog,
00:32:40:10just like her uncles Matt and Robin…
00:32:42:10MATT: Listen to your potty mouth!
00:32:43:16NARRATOR: …so cursing like a sailor’s in her DNA.
00:32:46:15LARAE: God dammit!
00:32:49:15LARAE: Could it be?  MATT: Could it be?
00:32:53:20LARAE: It’s pushing me, eh? MATT: Yeah.
00:32:56:00LARAE: Ahhhh! See? [CHUCKLES]
00:32:59:16Am I allowed to swear?
00:33:02:02NARRATOR: But flying an ROV runs in her blood too.
00:33:09:00MATT: Right now, we got it inside the…
00:33:15:10NARRATOR: They got it through the shackle,
00:33:17:06but now the tool won’t dislodge.
00:33:20:08Maybe a little too much of that trusty black tape.
00:33:23:20MATT: Now we’re trying to get it to release the ROV,
00:33:27:01so that we can go around the opposite side
00:33:28:20and grab it with the hook,
00:33:30:19and drag it to the surface.
00:33:33:17NARRATOR: LaRae alternates quickly
00:33:34:23between forward and reverse,
00:33:36:23like trying to free a tire that’s stuck in the mud.
00:33:46:10LARAE: There we go.
00:33:47:10MATT: Ahh! We’re released! We’re released!
00:33:51:20So now we got the task of hooking the loop.
00:33:56:00NARRATOR: They finally got the anchor on the ropes,
00:33:58:22but this fight’s only just begun.
00:34:04:08NARRATOR: The Dominion brothers
00:34:05:10are fishing for an anchor
00:34:07:11from one of their Dad’s old ships.
00:34:10:04MATT: See how big it is, Robin?
00:34:11:07ROBIN: Yeah.
00:34:12:10MATT: It’s not tiny.
00:34:13:15But we have established the quarter inch rope
00:34:15:16through the anchor.
00:34:17:16We gotta make the ROV now
00:34:19:06go to the opposite side,
00:34:20:20to grab onto it
00:34:22:01and bring it to the surface.
00:34:23:10Try to go in behind it,
00:34:25:19and pull the hook up.
00:34:26:20NARRATOR: But operating the ROV
00:34:28:07in blustery underwater conditions,
00:34:30:12is taking a toll on LaRae.
00:34:32:07LARAE: Man, I’m so close! It’s literally right there!
00:34:34:18MATT: Can I try a couple of things?
00:34:36:06LARAE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:34:39:10NARRATOR: Matt takes a turn,
00:34:40:23and gets lucky right off the hop.
00:34:45:07MATT: Got it.
00:34:46:15MATT: Got it. Got it.
00:34:48:00NARRATOR: But then,
00:34:49:05everything starts falling apart.
00:34:51:00LARAE: Have you still got it?
00:34:52:05MATT: Oh yeah. But it’s not coming up.
00:34:54:05NARRATOR: The rope isn’t budging.
00:34:57:05The messenger line they’re trying to bring to the surface
00:34:59:15must be caught up on the shipwreck.
00:35:01:13LARAE: You guys want to start coming in on the ROV tether?
00:35:04:20NARRATOR: LaRae asks Robin and Sean
00:35:06:09to pull up on the umbilical, to loosen the slack.
00:35:11:16LARAE: Keep coming in on tether.
00:35:13:10ROBIN: We’re pulling pretty hard on it,
00:35:14:08it’s not coming.
00:35:15:08NARRATOR: But it’s a delicate balance.
00:35:17:16If they pull out the umbilical cord,
00:35:20:09this hundred thousand dollar ROV is sunk.
00:35:26:20MATT: There we go. There we go, there we go.
00:35:28:15LARAE: All right. Come in on tether, quickly.
00:35:31:00NARRATOR: Matt’s hooked in,
00:35:32:16but the rope’s caught up.
00:35:34:17There’s so much resistance
00:35:36:07the hook begins to straighten out.
00:35:40:05And then, things get worse.
00:35:42:01MATT: Whoaaa!
00:35:43:00LARAE: Hold on rope fast.
00:35:45:22MATT: That’s not exactly what I wanted to happen.
00:35:48:12Now it’s almost that the messenger line
00:35:51:18is threaded backwards.
00:35:53:18LARAE: We’re gonna lose it.
00:35:55:00MATT: We’re snaggled on something.
00:35:57:15NARRATOR: Matt tries to salvage the situation,
00:35:59:23but the bent hook is too out of shape.
00:36:03:03It slips out of the loop.
00:36:05:02MATT: Come back up with the ROV.
00:36:07:15LARAE: Recovery ROV.
00:36:09:12NARRATOR: As they pull the ROV in,
00:36:11:18Matt can see the problem.
00:36:13:10The messenger line’s all tangled up
00:36:15:13with a piece of the shipwreck.
00:36:20:00They need a new plan, and quick.
00:36:23:10They’re losing ground by the second.
00:36:26:01MATT: Let’s pray that that rope stays there,
00:36:28:05and we can grab it and bring it to the surface.
00:36:30:04NARRATOR: The retrieval hook was bent
00:36:31:18from the strain of pulling.
00:36:33:03MATT: Yeah, just kinda bend that around.
00:36:35:02Curl it right around.
00:36:37:07NARRATOR: Luckily, they can fabricate a new one.
00:36:40:01All the grinders and welders they need
00:36:41:23are already onboard.
00:36:48:11LaRae attaches the new tool to the ROV,
00:36:51:15but Robin has serious reservations about Matt’s plan.
00:36:55:11MATT: This here, if we hook onto the rope…
00:36:56:20ROBIN: We had slack in the rope up here on the surface,
00:36:59:20and we couldn’t pull and that umbilical was going tight.
00:37:02:00That’s what I’m saying.
00:37:03:04Let’s say you get on the rope,
00:37:05:06and the rope is caught on something…
00:37:06:10LARAE: Yeah.
00:37:07:05ROBIN: … what do you do?
00:37:08:20What do you do with your ROV?
00:37:11:10NARRATOR: Robin’s getting nervous.
00:37:13:01If their prized ROV gets tangled again,
00:37:15:24and they can’t retrieve it,
00:37:17:18they’re flushing over a hundred grand
00:37:19:16into the ocean.
00:37:22:05Nobody wants that.
00:37:24:08So Matt makes some adjustments,
00:37:25:24opening the hook to make it easier to free
00:37:28:16if necessary.
00:37:30:20MATT: All right.
00:37:32:01Let’s go and give ‘er another go.
00:37:34:21NARRATOR: But as Chinook goes into the water,
00:37:37:01Matt knows he’s into the final round.
00:37:42:15LaRae takes it to the bottom.
00:37:44:10LARAE: I love this little ROV so much.
00:37:46:10I really do.
00:37:48:01NARRATOR: She’s got her bearings now,
00:37:49:23and quickly lands next to the anchor.
00:37:52:02MATT: Right now we’re trying to re-establish
00:37:53:21connection to the hook,
00:37:57:10through the opposite side of the shank.
00:37:59:05LARAE: Basically we’re trying to hook the hook.
00:38:01:13MATT: Yeah, we’re trying to hook the hook with the hook,
00:38:03:15so we can get up through the hook.
00:38:05:20Once we get that,
00:38:07:04then we can start thrusting up and try to…
00:38:09:09there we go.
00:38:12:10And start coming up on the…
00:38:13:13LARAE: Ayy, fucker!
00:38:14:20NARRATOR: LaRae’s frustrated.
00:38:16:22Stronger hook or not,
00:38:18:05they’re still caught up.
00:38:21:10If they’re gonna make any progress,
00:38:23:08they need to untangle the messenger line
00:38:25:09from the shipwreck.
00:38:28:00MATT: With the entanglement,
00:38:29:02we don’t have the full range of motion with the ROV.
00:38:33:12NARRATOR: Untying it is like trying to untie a knot
00:38:37:08with only one hand, under water.
00:38:41:19The whole operation’s turned into a spectator sport,
00:38:44:12and the fans are getting restless.
00:38:47:12Especially Robin.
00:38:49:05ROBIN: All kinds of fun.
00:38:51:03When you have a diver down there,
00:38:52:10he has a larger field of view.
00:38:54:20He has more dexterity.
00:38:56:09He can do all kinds of stuff.
00:38:58:06With an ROV, the field of view is very small,
00:39:01:00so its hard to get a general spatial awareness
00:39:03:15for everything that’s going on down there.
00:39:05:10When they get themselves snagged,
00:39:07:15that’s a major problem.
00:39:08:15LARAE: Ahh, it’s wrapped underneath.
00:39:10:09MATT: That’s all right.
00:39:11:05LARAE: There you go.
00:39:14:06LARAE: It’s hooked under that corner there too.
00:39:16:06HERBIE: Woo-hoo!
00:39:18:13LARAE: I’m having a hard time
00:39:19:04even just pulling this rope, right?
00:39:21:11NARRATOR: The more LaRae tries to free the rope,
00:39:23:15the more tangled it gets.
00:39:25:19LARAE: So, I don’t know what it is caught under it.
00:39:28:10It’s caught under something.
00:39:30:10MATT: So you’ve gotta come underneath that, this coil,
00:39:33:00so if you come over here and go down, thrust down,
00:39:35:23you’ll get a different angle on it.
00:39:37:22NARRATOR: Finally, she frees Chinook from the wreck
00:39:41:15but things just keep getting worse.
00:39:44:06MATT: We’re now entangled around the rope.
00:39:47:20NARRATOR: The ROV umbilical
00:39:49:08is wound up with the messenger line.
00:39:51:10It’s too short of a leash.
00:39:52:24MATT: We can’t seem to move the ROV.
00:39:54:20We have a problem here.
00:39:56:09We just don’t have the full range of motion
00:39:58:00with the system.
00:39:59:05NARRATOR: At this point,
00:40:00:10they aren’t trying to retrieve the anchor anymore,
00:40:03:00they’re just trying to save the ROV.
00:40:04:22Matt takes control of the sticks.
00:40:07:23MATT: LaRae’s one of my best pilots.
00:40:09:20I have full confidence
00:40:11:08in what she’s able to do with that ROV,
00:40:13:08but I’ve been doing ROV’s for 20 plus years.
00:40:16:08When shit’s hittin’ the fan,
00:40:18:15I gotta be the one taking responsibility for it.
00:40:21:10So if that ROV’s gonna be lost,
00:40:23:17I would like to be the one that’s taking the heat
00:40:25:10for something that I did.
00:40:27:00NARRATOR: Can they salvage this mission?
00:40:29:13Or is Chinook doomed
00:40:31:00to join the watery graveyard below?
00:40:39:10NARRATOR: Matt and Robin have gone the distance
00:40:41:10in a non-stop battle to retrieve their dad’s anchor.
00:40:45:12LARAE: So your anchor is right here.
00:40:47:00NARRATOR: It was supposed to be a fun family outing,
00:40:50:11but nothing’s gone right.
00:40:52:03MATT: Whoaaa!!
00:40:53:05LARAE: Out on rope fast.
00:40:54:07NARRATOR: Ocean currents have made operating the ROV
00:40:56:24nearly impossible.
00:40:58:20LARAE: It’s like pushing me, eh?
00:41:00:13NARRATOR: Their lines are tangled up
00:41:01:20with the jagged metal of the shipwreck,
00:41:04:10and they’ve had to modify plans
00:41:06:06at every stage of the way.
00:41:08:21ROBIN: Try that, homie.
00:41:10:08NARRATOR: Now the ROV’s umbilical’s tied up
00:41:12:05with the messenger line they hooked earlier.
00:41:14:23They need to rescue the ROV
00:41:17:14from the brink of disaster.
00:41:20:03And that burden rests entirely on Matt’s shoulders.
00:41:24:20ROBIN: That’s what he does. Matt will sit down,
00:41:26:10and take his time and untangle itself
00:41:29:15and that’s pretty neat to watch.
00:41:31:00He’s a top-notch operator.
00:41:33:04NARRATOR: He disentangles just enough
00:41:35:04to give himself a little room to maneuver,
00:41:38:02and resumes the hunt for the missing anchor.
00:41:41:08MATT: So now we’re gonna go after
00:41:43:00trying to re-establish a connection point
00:41:47:00with the ROV.
00:41:48:21NARRATOR: But with all the tugging on the messenger line
00:41:51:16it’s just barely protruding out the eye.
00:41:54:21MATT: [SIGHS]
00:41:56:03The slightest little touch
00:41:58:21could change this project.
00:42:03:07What’s the worst that can happen?
00:42:04:15Fall down through? Go to the seabed?
00:42:07:10Nothing’s gonna happen if we don’t do something now.
00:42:09:20Time’s a-ticking.
00:42:10:20We’re gonna go in,
00:42:13:05we’re gonna grab it,
00:42:14:08we’re gonna bring it to surface.
00:42:17:05NARRATOR: Matt tries desperately to control the ROV,
00:42:20:00but it’s bobbing and weaving in the current
00:42:22:04like a prizefighter in their prime.
00:42:26:10He nudges it the wrong way,
00:42:28:22and LaRae’s carefully crafted hook
00:42:30:23slips through the anchor ring
00:42:32:20and heads for the bottom.
00:42:34:20MATT: We did exactly what I was hoping wouldn’t happen.
00:42:39:05We touched the rope and the tool in such a way,
00:42:42:23that it dropped through and went to the seabed.
00:42:45:11LARAE: Oh, what?!
00:42:47:05MATT: No, I didn’t get it.
00:42:49:07So, that there is pretty much it for us
00:42:53:04with what we’re doing now.
00:42:54:21LARAE: In on the rope, quickly.
00:42:57:06ROBIN: Okay. Do you want it pulled right up?
00:42:59:10LARAE: Yeah. Pull it up.
00:43:01:15MATT: I don’t think it’s gonna happen today.
00:43:05:15NARRATOR: They pull the ROV up
00:43:07:15and untangle the messenger line from the umbilical.
00:43:10:15ROBIN: Risk or reward, Matthew.
00:43:12:04MATT: Yeah.
00:43:13:13ROBIN: And we’ve proven that the risk is too high.
00:43:16:09So that’s that.
00:43:18:04You’re gonna lose that,
00:43:20:01and you’re not gonna get what you came here to get.
00:43:22:20One of the two or both.
00:43:26:05NARRATOR: It’s a tough pill to swallow,
00:43:28:16but big brother Robin knows the math on this operation,
00:43:32:00is just not adding up.
00:43:34:22ROBIN: That ROV right there,
00:43:35:23is worth about 10 times what that anchor is worth,
00:43:38:10so we’re gonna call it.
00:43:39:16We’re gonna knock it on the head for today.
00:43:42:10NARRATOR: But the fun isn’t over yet.
00:43:45:10They pull up their clump weight anchor,
00:43:47:05to discover a badly frayed cable.
00:43:50:20They were this close to losing their own anchor.
00:43:54:20ROBIN: Man, oh man, oh man.
00:44:01:08NARRATOR: They tie on another cable
00:44:03:15hooked up to a second deck winch,
00:44:05:24and then carefully pull the anchor aboard.
00:44:16:10COREY: Okay Herbie, stop.
00:44:19:00NARRATOR: Robin is done with this shipwreck.
00:44:21:15ROBIN: This got caught up on some debris on the bottom,
00:44:23:09and this is just an example of some of the shit
00:44:25:09that’s down there that we’re trying to deal with.
00:44:28:12NARRATOR: But as they head home,
00:44:30:03Matt and Robin still got anchors on the brain.
00:44:33:10ROBIN: I know where there’s a couple more anchors,
00:44:35:11this isn’t the last one, we’ll…
00:44:37:15we got some tricks up our sleeve
00:44:38:20that we can fix this up with.
00:44:41:10MATT: At this point here,
00:44:43:20we’ll have to regroup,
00:44:46:00figure out what we’re gonna do next.
00:44:47:20There’s anchors all over the place.
00:44:50:04So, maybe when we’re re-kitted,
00:44:53:20a different technique,
00:44:56:10we’ll go after them ones.
00:44:59:15Anchors galore.
00:45:02:15NARRATOR: Dominion’s 50-year family business
00:45:05:04got started by salvaging back
00:45:07:04what the sea steals away.
00:45:09:10The boats may be bigger,
00:45:11:13and the tech never stops improving,
00:45:13:16but the bottom of the ocean’s
00:45:15:13just as fierce as ever.
00:45:18:00They may lose a battle from time to time,
00:45:20:19but winning the war is the real mission
00:45:23:14of the Lords of the Ocean.