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This is the script for Episode One of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

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01:00:00:00º MUSIC º
01:00:03:00NARRATOR: Winter storms froze this passenger ferry in place
01:00:06:12on the banks of a raging river.
01:00:09:11MATT: You see the water going every which way,
01:00:11:02up and down and sideways.
01:00:12:17It’s like a washing machine.
01:00:15:15NARRATOR: It’s gotta be busted out
01:00:17:02and hauled through extreme ocean tides
01:00:19:11to be fixed up for spring.
01:00:21:10MATT: Right now we’re on borrowed time.
01:00:23:04It must get done now.
01:00:25:09MATT: That’s the danger zone.
01:00:27:05MATT: It’s like the Bermuda Triangle for Canada.
01:00:30:11NARRATOR: For 50 years,
01:00:32:02this family’s built a business
01:00:33:10where nobody else dares.
01:00:35:16Recovering, repairing and resurrecting anything
01:00:39:14in the world’s most dangerous waters.
01:00:42:15This is their world,
01:00:45:16salt water in their blood
01:00:47:16come hell and high water.
01:00:49:20MATT: It’s go time. Do or die.
01:00:51:21º THEME MUSIC º
01:01:22:11º MUSIC º
01:01:25:00NARRATOR: Dominion’s crews
01:01:26:16are waiting on a clear patch of weather
01:01:28:08to get started on a big job.
01:01:30:18ROBIN: Basically we have a ferry
01:01:32:02in Saint John, New Brunswick
01:01:33:16that we have to tow from Saint John, New Brunswick
01:01:36:03to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
01:01:38:01Periodically they go through a life cycle refit
01:01:40:18and that’s when we come in.
01:01:43:20NARRATOR: The ferry’s 500 kilometers away
01:01:46:13and it needs to be tugged out to sea
01:01:49:00and delivered to a foundry for repair.
01:01:54:15NARRATOR: But with this weather,
01:01:56:04nobody’s going anywhere.
01:01:59:07They need a run of three clear days without a storm
01:02:02:04to complete the job.
01:02:05:10If they don’t get to the ferry before the river freezes up,
01:02:09:10it’ll be stuck all winter
01:02:11:22and Dominion will lose the contract.
01:02:14:15MATT: At any point in time
01:02:15:15they can be surrounded by ice,
01:02:18:10and iced in,
01:02:19:15which then puts a six month delay
01:02:21:18minimum on the whole project.
01:02:25:00NARRATOR: It’s a big job,
01:02:26:13worth a quarter million dollars.
01:02:29:23But it’s risky, and it ain’t easy.
01:02:33:08Last time Dominion tried to tow a ferry like this,
01:02:36:17everything went to hell.
01:02:39:01MATT: The problems that we came up against
01:02:40:22were epic on many levels.
01:02:43:23NARRATOR: It’s about more than money.
01:02:46:17It’s pride and a family reputation on the line.
01:02:50:16MATT: We’re gonna make sure that we don’t have any issues.
01:02:56:18NARRATOR: Dominion is a family business.
01:02:59:14Brothers Matt and Robin Lohnes
01:03:01:22took the helm from their old man.
01:03:04:02SHAWN: In any business,
01:03:05:00you have two owners,
01:03:06:00there’s gonna be friction,
01:03:07:22and then you have family, like the two brothers,
01:03:09:15that adds another layer.
01:03:12:00NARRATOR: The brothers are partners.
01:03:13:10Matt’s the president;
01:03:15:05Robin’s the CEO.
01:03:17:07MATT: I’m actually working.
01:03:19:10NARRATOR: But around the shop,
01:03:20:13Matt likes to call himself the Big Boss.
01:03:24:20ROBIN: Matthew and me,
01:03:26:10we’re two and a half years apart.
01:03:28:02We’re complete opposites.
01:03:32:01MATT: I’ll pretty much risk everything all the time.
01:03:34:00That’s just how I’ve always done things.
01:03:36:02ROBIN: Matthew likes fancy cars,
01:03:39:00chrome rims, custom decal jobs,
01:03:42:03custom paint jobs, that kind of thing.
01:03:45:17I’ve always had a truck,
01:03:48:05usually an older truck.
01:03:50:00MATT: My brother’s pretty methodical.
01:03:52:01ROBIN: I’m going to reach the goal.
01:03:54:01I don’t really pay a whole lot attention
01:03:56:01to what’s in my way,
01:03:57:11I’m trying to reach what I’m obligated to do.
01:04:00:12For the parts of the company that Matt took interest in
01:04:03:00were opposite to the parts of the company
01:04:05:11that I took interest in.
01:04:06:11He’s an ROV technician, pilot tech,
01:04:09:20and I’m a diver, tugboat guy,
01:04:12:21more gear around that kind of stuff.
01:04:15:08MATT: And then both of us understand the vessels
01:04:17:05and the marine side of it.
01:04:18:05Both operate the boats,
01:04:20:14worked around the boats,
01:04:22:17serviced on the boats, the barges
01:04:25:02ever since we were little boys.
01:04:26:11ROBIN: Me and Matthew, since the beginning of time,
01:04:28:19have been helping each other.
01:04:30:06MATT: I kind of always go to the end of my leash
01:04:33:05’cause I know at the other end of that leash
01:04:36:11is my brother.
01:04:41:02NARRATOR: Their home port is Halifax, Nova Scotia,
01:04:44:00between New York and London.
01:04:49:00It’s the busiest harbour in a mean corner of the ocean
01:04:52:19called the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic.’
01:04:59:15The nasty weather, massive tides
01:05:02:00and brutal current, keep Dominion busy,
01:05:05:04but also make every job
01:05:07:02dirty, dangerous and difficult.
01:05:13:01NARRATOR: January on the North Atlantic.
01:05:18:07This sloppy, slushy, stormy weather
01:05:20:19is keeping the big job on hold.
01:05:23:21MATT: To have a weather window that works for us
01:05:25:23for that entire voyage,
01:05:29:00it’s a roll of the dice.
01:05:32:10We’re asking a lot of everything right now
01:05:34:09to make it work.
01:05:37:02NARRATOR: Delay after delay.
01:05:38:14Everyone’s sick of waiting,
01:05:40:23and there’s buckets of money on the line.
01:05:43:14MATT: This is definitely a big money job.
01:05:46:00We’re used to doing coastal towing,
01:05:47:18but there’s lots of risk
01:05:49:00and a lot of exposure at the same time,
01:05:51:07especially at this time of year
01:05:52:10where it’s going into winter.
01:05:56:19NARRATOR: The ferry is up a tidal river.
01:05:59:15To get it, they have to make it through
01:06:01:23the powerful currents of a reversing falls,
01:06:04:06that can only be navigated for a half hour
01:06:07:07a few times each day.
01:06:09:15MATT: Well see the dangers of this tow job
01:06:12:21is the fact that we’re just up top of the Reversing Falls.
01:06:17:08At any point in time you can lose power,
01:06:20:03propulsion, anything at all.
01:06:22:14A major, major catastrophe could happen in seconds.
01:06:25:19ROBIN: The Reversing Falls is at
01:06:28:18the mouth of the Saint John River
01:06:30:04where it enters the Bay of Fundy.
01:06:32:00Four times a day it turns into a set of rapids
01:06:34:14that you can’t navigate
01:06:37:15with any normal vessel.
01:06:40:14MATT: It’s angry.
01:06:41:18You see the water going every which way,
01:06:43:18up, down and sideways.
01:06:45:07It’s like a washing machine.
01:06:49:00NARRATOR: The falls appear
01:06:50:10when the biggest tides in the world
01:06:52:12collide with the swirling waters
01:06:54:15of the Saint John River.
01:06:56:17The difference between high tide and low tide here,
01:07:01:00is the height of a three-story building.
01:07:03:19When the tide is low,
01:07:05:20the river water rushes down a series of rapids
01:07:08:16and whirlpools to get to the sea.
01:07:12:02When the tide is high, the rapids run the other way
01:07:15:00as ocean water floods the river mouth.
01:07:18:10The Goldilocks moment in between,
01:07:20:19is called slack tide.
01:07:23:05That’s the sweet spot they’ve gotta hit.
01:07:28:05NARRATOR: Everything’s gotta line up perfectly.
01:07:31:05ROBIN: We have to be there for that window
01:07:32:19and if we miss the window,
01:07:34:00then you’ve gotta wait.
01:07:34:19You’ve got to wait at least six hours
01:07:36:18for the next tide cycle to come by
01:07:39:12and give you another –
01:07:41:03hopefully another window to get through.
01:07:44:00NARRATOR: Before they do anything,
01:07:45:10they need clear weather just to get out of Halifax.
01:07:49:02Then they need to sail 30 hours in the open ocean
01:07:52:04and make it to the Reversing Falls
01:07:54:02before the tide changes.
01:07:58:08If they make it, that’s where the work really begins.
01:08:02:11OLLIE: It’s January.
01:08:04:13As everybody knows,
01:08:05:11winter weather can be very harsh
01:08:07:05and very unpredictable,
01:08:08:08and the boys have to cross the Bay of Fundy
01:08:10:01with a tow behind them.
01:08:11:13And things can go real wrong, real fast.
01:08:14:07Essentially it’s just a shit trap out there.
01:08:16:19BOOTS: The tides change and they change quick,
01:08:19:09so you don’t want to be in the wrong place
01:08:20:23at the wrong time.
01:08:22:06OLLIE: Yeah, so I saw the forecast this morning
01:08:23:21and it’s definitely not good.
01:08:27:18NARRATOR: Every time they want to get going,
01:08:29:10the North Atlantic hits them with more
01:08:31:10wet winter weather and wild winds.
01:08:34:15SHAWN: Today we’re shut in for weather.
01:08:38:05This is our third attempt at departing.
01:08:43:02We woke up this morning to a nice snowstorm
01:08:45:04which has turned to rain.
01:08:46:09The weather forecast has gone from 35 knot gales,
01:08:49:20up to 45 knot gales.
01:08:53:15MATT: We called this one off for now,
01:08:54:22it’s delayed for a little bit,
01:08:56:13waiting for a better window.
01:09:00:03We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature.
01:09:02:10It’s hurry up and wait.
01:09:09:12SHAWN: So we’re going to call Herb,
01:09:11:01and sit down and go over the latest weather with him
01:09:14:04and get his take on it.
01:09:16:12NARRATOR: Herbie’s been working for the Lohnes family
01:09:18:15for 45 years.
01:09:21:00HERBIE: I’ve been on a lot of jobs.
01:09:22:21I dove for 20-some years
01:09:25:20and I ran boats all my life.
01:09:28:03MATT: There’s Herbie. [LAUGHS]
01:09:32:01Back in the 70’s, offshore, Sable Island.
01:09:35:15SHAWN: He’s a bit of a hard nose.
01:09:36:23Now he’s an old hard nose.
01:09:38:10He’s a little bit grumpy sometimes,
01:09:40:02but he always gets the job done.
01:09:42:14MATT: Whenever there’s a disaster happening,
01:09:43:18it always seemed to be around Herbie,
01:09:45:18but it was never Herbie’s fault.
01:09:47:18HERBIE: Been on two boats that sank,
01:09:50:00and yeah, I’ve seen quite a bit of stuff.
01:09:52:05MATT: Amazing enough it burnt to the waterline,
01:09:54:15no one was hurt.
01:09:56:09I don’t even think Herbie even got his feet wet.
01:09:59:05HERBIE: I should be retired, eh?
01:10:08:04NARRATOR: Herbie’s seen just about everything
01:10:09:22the North Atlantic can throw at a sailor.
01:10:13:09And even he isn’t taking any chances
01:10:15:15with this weather.
01:10:17:11SHAWN: What’s it look like?
01:10:19:13HERBIE: I just went over the weather…
01:10:21:12NARRATOR: He needs 72 hours without a storm.
01:10:25:13That’s a tall order this time of year.
01:10:28:16HERBIE: Every day is not good, not good,
01:10:32:03and the forecast has been changing.
01:10:34:19NARRATOR: While Herbie’s on the boat,
01:10:36:15Matt will run the whole operation from shore.
01:10:40:03If anything goes wrong, it’s on Matt.
01:10:45:02If you want to call yourself the Big Boss,
01:10:47:10you gotta own it.
01:10:49:22Everyone’s lives are in Matt’s hands.
01:10:53:20MATT: I’ll be doing the boots on the ground
01:10:56:10up on location to make sure that
01:10:59:03everyone is ready for the vessel.
01:11:01:04ROBIN: Once the boat’s up there
01:11:02:10and dealing with the falls,
01:11:03:09we just don’t have any time
01:11:05:00to deal with anything.
01:11:06:11So a small delay or small item that they may need,
01:11:10:10will cause a major problem.
01:11:12:07MATT: Everyone’s watching that clock tick,
01:11:14:18as well as watching the weather.
01:11:16:08Because we’ve got to get this done.
01:11:18:19There’s no other way about it.
01:11:22:03NARRATOR: Finally, the news they’ve been waiting for.
01:11:25:23It looks like there’s a window of clear weather.
01:11:29:05SHAWN: And everybody’s ready,
01:11:30:07they know that it’s a possibility?
01:11:32:01HERBIE: Boat’s all ready to go.
01:11:33:05SHAWN: Yup.
01:11:33:20HERBIE: Everything’s loaded. We’ll be ready.
01:11:37:00MATT: Tomorrow is the go time from our last update
01:11:39:12from the weather.
01:11:41:07Hopefully the weather doesn’t change again.
01:11:44:06Every day that the weather delays it,
01:11:46:20is more that it costs us on our end.
01:11:50:10NARRATOR: The job requires a ship
01:11:52:00that’s strong enough for the tow,
01:11:53:14and nimble enough to navigate the river.
01:11:57:15They’ve chosen the Dominion Victory.
01:12:00:23ROBIN: This is the Dominion Victory,
01:12:03:01that’s the tow boat.
01:12:04:05It’s a 90-foot boat built in 1965.
01:12:07:06It’s originally built as a fishing boat
01:12:09:01and converted over to a tug.
01:12:10:18It sleeps 16.
01:12:12:16We’ve got several lifting appliances on board,
01:12:16:008-ton A-frame crane,
01:12:18:06several davits and things like that
01:12:20:20that we’ve put on for various jobs.
01:12:25:03NARRATOR: The Victory will sail out and around Cape Sable.
01:12:29:23Then head up the Bay of Fundy,
01:12:31:20home of the most extreme tides in the world.
01:12:34:12MATT: When we come across the Bay of Fundy,
01:12:37:08that’s the danger zone with the currents
01:12:40:04and the debris coming out of the Bay of Fundy.
01:12:43:00When we’re going across the Atlantic Ocean,
01:12:44:18we’re crossing over barges that have flipped before.
01:12:47:20Ferries that have flipped before.
01:12:51:00There’s vessels out in that area that have sunk,
01:12:54:07just the vessels themselves, not towing anything.
01:12:58:18NARRATOR: Those tides, combined with winter storms,
01:13:01:13can turn the sea into a deadly stew
01:13:04:07of shipwreck debris, destroyed fishing gear,
01:13:07:20ice and fallen trees.
01:13:11:16Then it’s through the Reversing Falls,
01:13:13:16to hook up the ferry for tow.
01:13:17:05Then they’ve got to do it all over again,
01:13:19:09in reverse, while towing the ferry.
01:13:23:05MATT: Shit goes wrong, it can go wrong on a big scale.
01:13:27:09NARRATOR: To time everything just right,
01:13:28:21Matt decides they need to shove off before midnight.
01:13:32:21MATT: Right now, we’re on borrowed time.
01:13:34:18Usually by now things are freezing,
01:13:37:03and so that’s why it must get done now.
01:13:41:18MATT: We’re approaching on midnight.
01:13:44:22The weather seems to be holding out.
01:13:48:00See, the wind though, is picking up a little bit,
01:13:50:06but I guess it’s supposed to come down.
01:13:52:06We’ll know more once we get down around Yarmouth
01:13:54:08because weather can always change
01:13:56:22down in the Bay of Fundy.
01:13:58:20The Bay of Fundy is like the Bermuda Triangle
01:14:01:00for Canada.
01:14:03:14We have to go now.
01:14:04:16Just with the weather, the time of year,
01:14:08:15this weather window,
01:14:09:11it’s very, very unique unto itself.
01:14:12:05We’ve got to go.
01:14:13:06We’ve got to get out of here before midnight.
01:14:18:13MATT: This here’s the ice mallet.
01:14:21:01We use them for when the sea spray is all over the vessel,
01:14:24:14it builds up, makes it top heavy,
01:14:26:05makes the vessel want to roll over,
01:14:28:06so we’ve got to minimize the amount of ice
01:14:30:23by grabbing it and…
01:14:32:02[SMASHING SOUND]
01:14:33:01like that.
01:14:34:09You can smash anything.
01:14:36:01You can see right there where I gave ‘er one little tap,
01:14:39:09and it shattered a buoy that’s designed for cold weather,
01:14:41:20that’s how cold it is right now.
01:14:44:09It’s — yeah, these are Norwegian buoys,
01:14:47:20they’re flexible and you just seen that shatter.
01:14:51:00So, sometimes the blunt force of an ice mallet
01:14:54:11is life and death right there.
01:14:56:20And you need these on board.
01:14:59:00They look like a real simple tool,
01:15:00:10but that’s exactly what you need,
01:15:01:14big surface, lots of coverage,
01:15:04:06lots of swing.
01:15:06:01I’ve been on boats before where it’s six inches of ice,
01:15:08:03so you’ve gotta get out there with your ice mallets,
01:15:10:04do four rotations breaking the ice away
01:15:13:04to make sure that everything
01:15:14:14is free and clear of the ice, as best you can,
01:15:16:16to minimize the potential of roll over.
01:15:19:05Because if you roll over,
01:15:20:16that’s it. Game over.
01:15:26:02MATT: These guys are gonna be pushing themselves
01:15:27:07on all cylinders
01:15:28:19just to get there on the time crunch that we have.
01:15:33:00This is definitely a tough situation.
01:15:36:08We’re fighting against the time,
01:15:37:22we’re fighting against the currents
01:15:39:17and we’re fighting against the elements
01:15:41:06of the wind, the sea states, the sea spray.
01:15:44:17If anybody can pull this off,
01:15:46:16it will definitely be Herb.
01:15:48:15Herb is known for this,
01:15:50:20and he always seems to pull through at the last minute,
01:15:53:00the 11th hour.
01:15:54:00MATT: Well Herb…
01:15:55:03HERBIE: Throw the lines off.
01:15:56:06MATT: All right, dude.
01:15:57:07Safe voyage and I’ll see you guys up there.
01:16:00:01HERBIE: Yeah.
01:16:00:23MATT: And we’ll maintain contact
01:16:02:10so if there’s anything you need along the way,
01:16:03:16just let me know.
01:16:04:14HERBIE: Yeah.
01:16:05:12MATT: All right?
01:16:06:10You guys have a fun trip.
01:16:07:18MATT: It’s not going to be easy, it’s not.
01:16:10:08It’s one of them jobs,
01:16:11:17you’re always under the crunch, okay?
01:16:13:17You’re under the crunch to get out of here.
01:16:15:14You’re under the crunch to get around
01:16:17:19a certain checkpoint.
01:16:19:04You’re under the crunch to get across the Bay of Fundy.
01:16:21:10Then at that point there,
01:16:23:05okay, now you’re under the crunch
01:16:25:07to get up through that falls at a certain time.
01:16:26:23You hook up to the ferry, the tow.
01:16:31:00You’re under the crunch to get that done
01:16:32:22and everything’s inspected, everything is approved.
01:16:36:01Now you’re under the crunch to get back out through the falls
01:16:38:15and do everything back again under the crunch.
01:16:41:02Everything is very, very time sensitive for this one here,
01:16:44:20and at any time Mother Nature can jump in there and go,
01:16:48:15I fucked ya. [LAUGHS]
01:16:53:10NARRATOR: They’ve got 30 hours
01:16:55:05to make it to the Reversing Falls
01:16:57:05at 7:30 a.m. the day after tomorrow.
01:17:01:13If anything goes wrong they’ll miss their window,
01:17:04:22losing a day’s work and tens of thousands of dollars.
01:17:09:04MATT: No risk, no reward?
01:17:10:20Well, lots of risk, lots of reward.
01:17:13:18We’re waiting for this, it’s a big payday.
01:17:22:05NARRATOR: Herbie and the Victory
01:17:23:14have been at sea for seven hours
01:17:25:21fighting a tight schedule to pick up a ferry
01:17:28:17and tow it out for repair.
01:17:33:16And now the tide’s turned against them.
01:17:36:15HERBIE: Welcome to the Bay of Fundy.
01:17:39:00The tide has changed, the wind’s the same,
01:17:42:15it’s just that now we’re going
01:17:43:15against the tide
01:17:44:23and the boat, you know, the boat’s slowed down.
01:17:49:08So, when Matt asked me what time our ETA is going to be
01:17:53:05for Saint John, New Brunswick,
01:17:55:01we don’t know exactly.
01:17:57:11At this point, it’s just – it’s a guesstimate.
01:18:05:17NARRATOR: Matt’s traveling over land.
01:18:08:15It’s a shorter trip,
01:18:10:10so he heads out from Dominion later that morning.
01:18:14:13Matt wants to get ahead of Herbie
01:18:16:00to check the conditions on the river.
01:18:20:06The weather changes from minute to minute,
01:18:22:16and if there are any surprises,
01:18:24:15it’s going to put the whole job in jeopardy.
01:18:28:04MATT: We’re on our way now.
01:18:30:12The weather looks to be clear, not a cloud in sight.
01:18:33:11That could always change, though.
01:18:36:11Also too, I’m concerned about the currents
01:18:39:11up in the Bay of Fundy.
01:18:42:00Stuff up there can change on a whim.
01:18:46:18NARRATOR: Last time they tried towing a ferry like this,
01:18:49:15it was a disaster.
01:18:50:23MATT: Have we done this before? Yes, we have.
01:18:53:10Have we failed before? Yes, we have.
01:18:57:04NARRATOR: It was 10 years ago and Herbie was in charge,
01:19:00:07just like now.
01:19:02:22ROBIN: It turned into a big mess
01:19:04:04and cost us a lot of money.
01:19:06:02NARRATOR: It was on the way back,
01:19:08:06right here in the Bay of Fundy.
01:19:13:09HERBIE: The weather forecast was wrong.
01:19:15:13The weather wasn’t what it was supposed to be,
01:19:19:03it didn’t happen.
01:19:21:07And the doors that were supposed to be secured,
01:19:25:14weren’t secured
01:19:27:01and they fell down across the tow line,
01:19:29:14which cut the tow line and
01:19:33:21broke the doors off
01:19:36:03and just one thing led to another.
01:19:37:15MATT: A couple of weeks later,
01:19:39:01a hurricane blew through
01:19:40:10and blew it up over the high tide line
01:19:43:00of the shoreline, which at that point,
01:19:46:07there was holes in the side of the vessel,
01:19:48:05and the vessel was a complete write-off.
01:19:50:05NARRATOR: This time it’s a chance
01:19:52:03for Matt and Herbie to redeem themselves.
01:19:56:09Or get beat by the sea once more.
01:20:01:10MATT: Failure’s not an option
01:20:03:01we’re going to accept this time.
01:20:08:10NARRATOR: Back on land,
01:20:09:17Matt’s getting closer to Saint John.
01:20:12:07MATT: Right now I’m just going to check
01:20:14:17the river that goes out to the Bay of Fundy,
01:20:17:04just to see if there’s any amount of ice building up
01:20:19:13to give the – so I get an understanding
01:20:21:21of whether there’s much debris.
01:20:26:00Oh shit!
01:20:28:07NARRATOR: The big boss doesn’t like what he sees in this river,
01:20:31:06just down the coastline from Saint John.
01:20:33:12MATT: Oh shit! Look at all the ice.
01:20:36:20NARRATOR: That ice pack could tear the Victory apart.
01:20:40:22MATT: Exactly what I didn’t want to see.
01:20:42:09This much ice already,
01:20:44:18and as you can see it’s moving at a good clip.
01:20:49:17If you hit that ice at any type of speed,
01:20:51:22any type of momentum,
01:20:53:17you’re going to cut the hull of the Victory,
01:20:55:10just like butter.
01:20:56:23MATT: Ahh shit.
01:21:04:00MATT: If it’s like this
01:21:06:00throughout the whole Bay of Fundy,
01:21:08:01then the job will just have to be put on standby,
01:21:10:03because he can’t operate a boat through this.
01:21:14:00Just up around the corner
01:21:15:19from where we’re picking up the tow,
01:21:17:08it’s frozen over.
01:21:19:11So at any point it could break free
01:21:20:16and come down the river at us.
01:21:25:02If the Victory runs into pack ice,
01:21:27:00we’ve got a big problem.
01:21:30:10I don’t know if we’ll have a Dominion Victory any more.
01:21:33:05NARRATOR: If the Saint John River looks like this,
01:21:36:09they’ll have to abandon the job completely.
01:21:45:00NARRATOR: Five a.m. aboard the Victory,
01:21:47:13Herbie’s sailed 29 hours.
01:21:50:23He’s just pulling in to Saint John Harbour.
01:21:55:18If Herbie’s figured out everything perfectly,
01:21:57:23he’ll be taking the Victory through the Reversing Falls
01:22:00:23in a little over an hour.
01:22:05:10There’s ice in the harbour.
01:22:08:18It’s not as much as Matt saw down the coast,
01:22:12:16but upriver the water is fresh,
01:22:15:07so there could be plenty more where that came from.
01:22:20:01They’ve made it on time.
01:22:21:10EDDIE: (on radio): Fundy Traffic come in the Victory.
01:22:23:18NARRATOR: Now they wait for the tide to rise.
01:22:25:22VOICE ON RADIO: Victory, Fundy Traffic, go ahead.
01:22:27:10EDDIE: We’re at Long Wharf waiting for the tide
01:22:31:10to come up for the Reversing Falls, over.
01:22:35:17EDDIE: We’re alongside Long Wharf
01:22:38:15in Saint John,
01:22:41:10waiting for the tide.
01:22:44:23NARRATOR: Matt’s up before dawn
01:22:46:09to meet the Victory at Saint John Harbour.
01:22:49:01They gotta get this show on the road.
01:22:52:20MATT: The city’s still asleep.
01:22:54:16We have to get up and start our day.
01:22:57:10Tide waits for no man.
01:23:00:20They’re supposed to be going through the Reversing Falls,
01:23:04:13seven, eight o’clock in the morning.
01:23:09:06So now we’ll make our way down to see the vessel,
01:23:12:04make sure that everything is in good shape.
01:23:14:11I’m going to get an update from Herbie.
01:23:17:17I can see him there, actually.
01:23:19:15How the fuck do you get down there?
01:23:23:00Do you go this way?
01:23:25:22MATT: Yeah, Saint John is definitely
01:23:27:07a unique little town.
01:23:29:00There’s lots of one-way roads,
01:23:30:10bike lanes that look like roads.
01:23:32:12Fences, there’s a lot of fences.
01:23:34:14I could see the boat.
01:23:36:09I could see the boat the whole time.
01:23:38:20MATT: I’m going in the exact wrong opposite direction.
01:23:40:22I can’t get fuckin’ turned around here.
01:23:43:14MATT: I could not get to the boat,
01:23:45:12and I went down every road, every bike lane,
01:23:47:12every walking trail.
01:23:49:00I didn’t even really clue in at first
01:23:50:19I’m on a walking trail.
01:23:52:07MATT: [LAUGHING]
01:23:54:03I have no idea where we’re at.
01:23:56:08So fuck.
01:23:59:12The road turned into this.
01:24:02:09MATT: We didn’t even make it to them.
01:24:04:06Like even at the end of it all.
01:24:06:02They’re up there and I’m still trying to get out of
01:24:07:08this little maze of fences and pathways and walkways.
01:24:12:00[PHONE RINGING]
01:24:19:10HERBIE: (on phone): Hello.
01:24:20:12MATT: Hey, Herb, don’t worry about us.
01:24:21:12I’m sitting here looking right at you,
01:24:22:23but I can’t get to you.
01:24:24:18HERBIE: Yeah, we’re taking off.
01:24:26:03MATT: Yeah, yeah, not a problem.
01:24:27:13I’ll be on the side of the Reversing Falls
01:24:29:09waiting to see you guys go through.
01:24:32:17NARRATOR: The Reversing Falls can only be navigated
01:24:35:07for 30 minutes, four times a day.
01:24:39:13You’ve gotta reserve your spot
01:24:41:07and if you miss it, you’re screwed.
01:24:43:04MATT: They just left the dockside in Saint John
01:24:45:15to get up through that Reversing Falls.
01:24:47:09Because if they don’t get up through that Reversing Falls,
01:24:50:03then that’s a six-hour window that we just shot.
01:24:55:15NARRATOR: Herbie’s timed everything just right.
01:24:58:05The Reversing Falls,
01:24:59:16raging and roiling just a few hours ago,
01:25:03:02are smooth as glass.
01:25:06:18He’s got some luck on his side too,
01:25:08:20the Saint John River is just about ice free.
01:25:16:00MATT: We just seen it come up through the Reversing Falls,
01:25:18:08so that’s good, they’re on time.
01:25:19:19First leg of the journey is complete.
01:25:24:20NARRATOR: It’s more than money and Matt’s pride
01:25:26:23on the line.
01:25:28:13The Saint John River is up to one kilometer wide.
01:25:31:21The people who live along the river
01:25:33:17depend on the ferry service.
01:25:35:10MATT: The cable ferry is kind of like
01:25:37:00a really cost-effective means of
01:25:40:18transporting people and cars, motorcycles.
01:25:43:20And what it’s designed like,
01:25:45:06it’s like a big metal box
01:25:47:08with one inlet and one outlet,
01:25:49:12that a cable that’s anchored on either side of the river,
01:25:53:09and the cable pulls itself across.
01:25:55:14That’s it. There is no propulsion,
01:25:56:22there’s nothing else.
01:25:58:03It’s just one little motor that pulls it this way,
01:26:00:10and pulls it that way.
01:26:01:17HERBIE: Some of them places,
01:26:02:23they don’t have any other way of getting back and forth
01:26:05:07with vehicles and stuff. That’s your lifeline.
01:26:10:14NARRATOR: As soon as he arrives,
01:26:12:00Matt spots two new problems.
01:26:15:11The ferry’s been hauled up out of the water,
01:26:17:18part of it’s sitting on the rocks.
01:26:19:20Matt isn’t happy.
01:26:22:05MATT: This one here will come out no problem.
01:26:24:07NARRATOR: To make matters worse,
01:26:26:06the ferry’s been sitting for weeks,
01:26:28:10and it’s frozen in place.
01:26:32:16MATT: We show up on site, and of course
01:26:35:06the ferry is now encased in ice.
01:26:45:15HERBIE: Just drive in and back out,
01:26:47:01just to break the ice a little bit.
01:26:50:04NARRATOR: Herbie wants to bust it out,
01:26:52:05but the Victory’s not meant to be an icebreaker.
01:26:55:08HERBIE: Okay, come back. Whoa, whoa! That’s good.
01:26:58:10Come back. Okay, kick the ass end over some more.
01:27:05:00MATT: He’s like his own controlled chaos!
01:27:10:20NARRATOR: Here goes nothin’.
01:27:15:05MATT: The Victory’s no icebreaker,
01:27:16:05that’s for sure.
01:27:18:20But Herb being Herb,
01:27:20:17he’ll push the boundaries.
01:27:22:00You’ve gotta do what you gotta do
01:27:23:08to get the job done.
01:27:28:03HERBIE: Give it a kick ahead.
01:27:29:16MATT: And then full throttles it to create that wash,
01:27:31:14the turbulence in the water. to smash up the ice
01:27:33:18from the underside.
01:27:34:23HERBIE: Keep ‘er going back.
01:27:37:22Thrust the bow over.
01:27:40:10Bring the bow over.
01:27:42:21MATT: He brings the bow over, uses a thruster
01:27:45:13to smash up the ice from the bottom side up.
01:27:52:06Ice doesn’t maintain its strength
01:27:53:20when it’s being lifted.
01:27:55:17It only maintains it’s strength when it’s being pushed on.
01:27:59:05HERBIE: Okay, back up now.
01:28:03:10Back up.
01:28:05:09You broke all this up and it’s going to drift out.
01:28:08:06If you just back out of the way for a few minutes,
01:28:10:00this will all get out of your way.
01:28:16:07HERBIE: Okay.
01:28:18:02Okay, stop her there.
01:28:22:19Don’t go against her no more.
01:28:25:02JERRY: Okay.
01:28:25:20HERBIE: Thrust the bow over.
01:28:31:10Kick the ass over some more.
01:28:34:11HERBIE: Wait for this ice to move out of here.
01:28:36:14JERRY: Okay.
01:28:37:22HERBIE: Now bring the bow over.
01:28:40:00JERRY: All right.
01:28:46:08JERRY: That worked out pretty good.
01:28:48:06It all worked out fine.
01:28:49:14HERBIE: Yeah, no, this is good. We can…
01:28:51:00JERRY: We’re here. We can do our job.
01:28:54:00NARRATOR: Dominion’s gotta tow the ferry
01:28:56:01through the open ocean,
01:28:57:19but it’s got no power and no lights.
01:29:01:12And since they’re towing it overnight,
01:29:03:13it’s a major nautical hazard for any ship nearby.
01:29:09:00Somebody’s gotta make a last minute trip
01:29:11:03to the hardware store.
01:29:15:00If you wanna call yourself the Big Boss,
01:29:17:04sometimes you gotta do the little jobs yourself.
01:29:21:20MATT: The ferry is a dead ship, there’s no power,
01:29:23:15there’s no lights, there’s nothing indicating
01:29:26:12that barge is under tow, or even moving,
01:29:29:06or that there’s an object there.
01:29:30:08You’re in the middle of the dark, it’s night time,
01:29:34:04you don’t see anything,
01:29:36:04but you’ll see that flashing light,
01:29:37:19so instantly you’ll know that there’s something there
01:29:40:00that that flashing light’s hooked to.
01:29:41:15MATT: I’m going to get
01:29:43:16two of those, six of those.
01:29:45:22STORE CLERK: Perfect.
01:29:49:16MATT: Back to the boat we go.
01:29:55:00NARRATOR: Time’s running out.
01:29:56:18Herbie’s dying to get this show on the road.
01:30:00:19HERBIE: Yeah, I know, I know, I know all that.
01:30:02:01I’m just saying, I’m going to disagree
01:30:04:10with the way they’ve got it hooked up, that’s all.
01:30:06:22NARRATOR: He doesn’t like the shackle
01:30:08:23the local engineers want to use
01:30:10:18to attach the tow rope.
01:30:13:04HERBIE: I’m not arguing back and forth about it.
01:30:15:04I don’t give a fuck about it.
01:30:16:23NARRATOR: But he doesn’t have time to fight about it either.
01:30:19:22HERBIE: If it comes undone, I just want you to know
01:30:21:19that, hey,
01:30:24:08we didn’t like the way it was put on there.
01:30:28:00MATT: While we were getting the flashers,
01:30:31:19I come back to understand that there was a disagreement
01:30:34:06with how to establish this connection point.
01:30:36:19HERBIE: It’s the weakest link. Right now…
01:30:38:19MATT: It’s the weakest link.
01:30:40:00HERBIE: …your whole weakest link about
01:30:41:02your whole tow line is that fuckin’ shackle.
01:30:44:11MATT: Yeah.
01:30:45:11HERBIE: I’ve seen them shackles come apart.
01:30:50:05You get a lot of strain on them
01:30:51:10and the pins come –
01:30:52:22get sheared off, and next thing
01:30:55:07the nut comes off and away it goes.
01:30:57:07HERBIE: We’re not changing it,
01:30:59:02we’re just disagreeing with you.
01:31:01:02This is just
01:31:03:06one more thing that can go wrong.
01:31:06:01MATT: Why would you add something in
01:31:08:04that brings no benefit to the game?
01:31:10:04HERBIE: I’ve been there and I’ve seen this stuff.
01:31:12:01I’ve seen it come apart
01:31:13:20and I’ve worked around it all my life.
01:31:15:16I know all about it.
01:31:17:10MATT: And this is a prime example
01:31:18:16where you do have experience over booksmart.
01:31:22:18HERBIE: You got your engineer designed it
01:31:24:17to go like that, that’s how it’s going.
01:31:28:11HERBIE: So I said, Okay, we’ll just do it your way.
01:31:34:00HERBIE: Put it back the way it was Corey,
01:31:35:05and leave it alone.
01:31:36:10I ain’t fuckin’ arguing with him.
01:31:39:11HERBIE: Some people you can argue with,
01:31:40:20some people you can’t.
01:31:41:22MATT: In the end, we have to do what the client wants.
01:31:45:04HERBIE: Hey, I’m just an old guy,
01:31:47:20and I’m just fuckin’ whining.
01:31:51:02MATT: It still doesn’t sit well with the captain,
01:31:53:00or Herbie and the guys,
01:31:54:17that potentially they might lose the barge.
01:31:57:10They don’t want to lose it,
01:31:58:14no matter if they’re liable or not.
01:32:00:08They want to make sure it gets to the destination.
01:32:02:00That’s the task they were called in to do.
01:32:05:05NARRATOR: They install the lights, and just in time.
01:32:08:02The clock’s still running.
01:32:12:00They’ve gotta make it out of Saint John
01:32:13:19before slack tide ends.
01:32:16:22They’ve got less than two hours.
01:32:21:00But first, Herbie’s gotta haul the ferry off the rocks.
01:32:24:00BILLY: It appears that this corner might be
01:32:25:10up on the rocks a little bit,
01:32:26:10by the angle that it’s laying on.
01:32:28:18So there’s some concern with that.
01:32:30:10NARRATOR: There’s no way to know if the hull is damaged.
01:32:33:12HERBIE: We know we can pull it off,
01:32:34:14that’s not a problem.
01:32:36:11It’s just a matter of putting our tow lines together
01:32:38:20and just making sure
01:32:40:02everybody agrees on what’s going on.
01:32:42:11If there’s any damage,
01:32:43:22then they’ll say it’s our fault.
01:32:49:20NARRATOR: If there’s a hole in the boat,
01:32:51:03the whole plan is sunk.
01:32:53:07HERBIE: See, she’s coming.
01:32:54:15NARRATOR: There’s only one way to find out.
01:32:58:10BILLY: There she goes.
01:33:00:09HERBIE: She’s coming out.
01:33:04:00You got ‘er.
01:33:06:21You got ‘er, b’y.
01:33:08:16NARRATOR: It’s sink or swim.
01:33:18:15NARRATOR: So far, so good.
01:33:23:07But Herbie’s still worried whether that shackle will hold.
01:33:27:10HERBIE: Yeah, she did come down though, didn’t it?
01:33:29:20JERRY: Yeah, she levelled out some.
01:33:31:13She straightened out
01:33:32:17when she come off them rocks.
01:33:35:20NARRATOR: The cable ferry has no motor of its own.
01:33:41:12It’s at the mercy of the tides and currents.
01:33:47:20Herbie’s got to time his trip back
01:33:49:15through the Reversing Falls just right.
01:33:52:21MATT: When Herbie pulls the trigger to go for it,
01:33:56:00that’s it.
01:33:57:06There is no turning back,
01:33:58:18there’s no stopping,
01:33:59:20there’s no…
01:34:01:11Well let’s just think about this some more.
01:34:03:06You start making that transit,
01:34:05:05it’s go time. Do or die.
01:34:10:20NARRATOR: Herbie’s got 30 minutes to make the trip,
01:34:13:03before the river begins raging again.
01:34:19:20Herbie reads the ripples on the surface
01:34:21:19like a road map.
01:34:27:06He sees the violence hidden below.
01:34:31:02Powerful currents crashing and colliding beneath the surface.
01:34:35:14MATT: That’s the danger part.
01:34:37:12Because these little currents can grab your tow,
01:34:40:09they can grab your vessel.
01:34:41:09Nothing reacts the way it’s supposed to react.
01:34:42:23NARRATOR: It’s too rough.
01:34:44:19Herbie swings back to wait and take another run.
01:34:47:23MATT: The only way to overcome all this
01:34:50:06is to keep the power on and keep your heading going,
01:34:53:10and go for it.
01:34:56:17NARRATOR: The ferry swings wide with every turn.
01:35:00:03The currents catch it and drag it out of alignment
01:35:03:00with the Victory.
01:35:06:00JERRY: Okay, we’re getting ready
01:35:07:03to come up underneath the bridge.
01:35:09:17HERBIE: Put your bathing suit on.
01:35:16:00NARRATOR: There’s a bridge ahead.
01:35:19:00It’s the tightest squeeze of the voyage.
01:35:23:10MATT: The moment you second guess yourself,
01:35:25:10you’re in trouble. It’s too late.
01:35:29:14JERRY: We’re sliding sideways there quite quick, Herbie.
01:35:31:21HERBIE: What?
01:35:33:06JERRY: We’re sliding to the starboard quite quick.
01:35:35:09HERBIE: She’s sliding?
01:35:36:04JERRY: Yeah, she’s sliding. Yeah.
01:35:38:20That old ferry’s going kind of nuts.
01:35:43:00HERBIE: Look at that thing go sideways now.
01:35:45:12Oh Jesus.
01:35:46:20You might want to put a little power on her.
01:35:49:23MATT: You see the Victory go one way,
01:35:51:11you see the ferry go the other way.
01:35:53:11You see the Victory go back that way,
01:35:54:15then the ferry goes back the other way.
01:35:57:22From my angle, it didn’t look good.
01:36:00:12HERBIE: We can always give her more power.
01:36:02:22JERRY: Yeah, no, you’re good.
01:36:04:11Unless she takes a real hard swing to port.
01:36:06:18She took a couple swings there.
01:36:08:22HERBIE: Yeah.
01:36:09:19JERRY: Right just before you got to the rockers,
01:36:11:14you swung right at it.
01:36:12:22HERBIE: Oh yeah?
01:36:13:15You wouldn’t have much fuckin’ room going through there.
01:36:15:22JERRY: It’s hard on your fuckin’ nerves.
01:36:17:10HERBIE: Yeah.
01:36:21:00NARRATOR: Now that Herbie’s squeezed under the bridge,
01:36:23:02he can open up the throttle,
01:36:25:02take the slack out of the tow line,
01:36:26:22and get the ferry back under control.
01:36:31:02MATT: We managed to do it.
01:36:32:06That’s hats off to Herb.
01:36:34:03He’s one of the few people
01:36:35:09I would trust doing something like this.
01:36:39:00Now they’ve got a long steam ahead of them.
01:36:41:03Out the mouth of Saint John,
01:36:43:01across the Bay of Fundy,
01:36:44:11make it around the bottom tip
01:36:46:10of Nova Scotia down by Yarmouth.
01:36:50:22NARRATOR: The return journey is shorter.
01:36:52:20The foundry is five hours closer to Saint John
01:36:55:21than Dominion’s home base.
01:37:01:22NARRATOR: As Herbie begins his journey by sea,
01:37:04:06Matt puts the pedal to the metal.
01:37:09:00They won’t see each other again
01:37:10:22until the job is done.
01:37:19:11NARRATOR: Herbie’s been at sea for five hours,
01:37:22:01and he’s still pissed off about that shackle.
01:37:26:17Remember, last time the line snapped
01:37:29:08and screwed everything up.
01:37:33:07HERBIE: Any kind of a situation
01:37:34:10where you had a lot of strain on that tow line,
01:37:38:05there’s a good chance that that there shackle
01:37:42:12could come undone.
01:37:45:10COREY: Yeah, I agree totally
01:37:47:21the way that we were going to do it
01:37:49:11is the way we should have done it.
01:37:51:15But we just went with their option, so.
01:37:57:00We’ll have to wait and see what happens, I guess.
01:37:59:12HERBIE: We got about 750 feet of tow line.
01:38:04:03If you’re towing you want to make sure that your tow line
01:38:07:15is longer than your water depth.
01:38:10:07So if it does sink,
01:38:12:11it’ll hit bottom before it sucks you under.
01:38:18:08NARRATOR: As the sun sets
01:38:19:17on Herbie’s second straight day at sea,
01:38:22:02Mother Nature’s got one more trick up her sleeve.
01:38:28:10The mercury plummets.
01:38:30:15A sudden drop in the temperature
01:38:32:22means a big storm’s rolling in.
01:38:36:13They’re so close, and there’s no turning back.
01:38:44:05It’s bitter cold.
01:38:45:10The wind on the North Atlantic makes it feel like 40 below.
01:38:50:13Sea spray freezes on contact,
01:38:52:17coating the Victory’s deck and hull.
01:38:57:14If enough ice builds up,
01:38:59:04it could affect steering or even capsize the ship.
01:39:05:16It’s time to bust out the mallets
01:39:07:09and break up the ice.
01:39:13:08It’s dark, dangerous, slippery and freezing.
01:39:19:06That’s what it takes if they’re gonna beat this storm.
01:39:26:06Four hours to go.
01:39:29:11ROBIN: The more ice you accumulate
01:39:30:15on all your handrails and that, the more surface area you gain.
01:39:33:18The more surface area you gain, the faster the ice builds,
01:39:35:20so it’ll happen really quick.
01:39:37:00Where you’ve got a little bit of freezing spray,
01:39:38:19the next thing your handrails
01:39:40:05are 12 inches around
01:39:41:19instead of two, and it just adds tons and tons to the boat
01:39:45:12in a real short period of time,
01:39:47:08and it can affect the stability of the boat.
01:39:49:03It’s been the demise of quite a few vessels.
01:39:54:04NARRATOR: A few hours later, Matt’s pulling into Lunenburg
01:39:56:23where the ferry’s to be delivered.
01:39:59:13MATT: They have to shorten up their towline,
01:40:02:13so that way they can manage their tow under control.
01:40:06:16And once they’ve got that in place,
01:40:08:10then they now have gotta reposition the ferry
01:40:12:09into position on the dock, and secure it.
01:40:18:12NARRATOR: Herbie and the crew of the Victory
01:40:20:15have made it through the storm
01:40:22:01and have Lunenburg in their sights.
01:40:27:00As they enter the harbour,
01:40:28:10they’ve gotta slow down.
01:40:31:17That puts slack on the towline,
01:40:34:01and the ferry’s at the mercy of the currents.
01:40:39:11They’ve gotta lash the ferry to the Victory
01:40:41:20to keep it under control as they enter the harbour.
01:40:46:16They need to reel it in, like a giant fish.
01:40:50:04BILLY: Hold it there, bring a little more in.
01:40:52:14Spin right around on it. Yeah.
01:40:56:06NARRATOR: A steel drum called a capstan,
01:40:59:08does the work of hauling in the line.
01:41:02:20CREW: That’s good!
01:41:03:11CREW: Good, good!
01:41:06:07BILLY: The barge looks like it’s coming to meet us anyhow.
01:41:13:10NARRATOR: The only way to tie the two boats together,
01:41:16:01is to board the ferry.
01:41:17:08BILLY: If you can get over, go.
01:41:19:05CREW: Whoever can get the fuck over, go.
01:41:21:02NARRATOR: That means taking a leap of faith.
01:41:28:20BILLY: Well Blake’s over.
01:41:31:13BILLY: She’s coming, Herbie, she’s coming.
01:41:44:04COREY: Billy!
01:41:45:18You got a heaving line there for me?
01:41:48:11A heaving line.
01:41:50:02BILLY: Blake’s got it. He’ll toss it up to you.
01:41:53:15COREY: Ready?
01:42:01:13BILLY: Yeah, so we’re tied up to the barge now,
01:42:03:01we’ve got three lines going across
01:42:04:05and we’re just steaming into the dock.
01:42:06:00That’ll be our next job
01:42:07:17is to get this tied securely to the dock.
01:42:10:05NARRATOR: Now that the two ships are tied side by side,
01:42:13:17they move as one,
01:42:15:08and the Victory can steam into harbour.
01:42:19:19ON RADIO: Okay. Are we going to make it in by the end okay?
01:42:22:08BILLY: Yeah, we’re past the end,
01:42:23:10you can start bringing it back to port.
01:42:25:03ON RADIO: Is she coming in okay?
01:42:26:18BILLY: Still about 50 feet off the dock.
01:42:28:15ON RADIO: Okay. We’d better ease off.
01:42:31:16Can you get a stern line on?
01:42:36:10BILLY: We’ve got a tag line here,
01:42:38:00we can get a bow line over.
01:42:40:03ON RADIO: Okay.
01:42:42:05BILLY: Ease up on her.
01:42:43:10MATT: Stop her here. Stop her here, please.
01:42:47:06MATT: There we’ll get the boat alongside.
01:42:49:00Okay, we’re just touching. There we are.
01:42:50:17We’re alongside.
01:42:52:04Hold her there, hold on.
01:42:53:15Don’t come forward, hold her there.
01:42:55:04BILLY: We did good. We’re here safe and sound.
01:42:57:00We’re tied up to the dock in Lunenbug.
01:42:58:13We’re just finishing putting the tow line away now.
01:43:00:15And with a little luck
01:43:01:22we’ll get out of here
01:43:03:03and be home in five hours
01:43:04:13without any more pain.
01:43:05:21COREY: It went real well.
01:43:07:14Everything got tied up well.
01:43:09:14We’re all – nobody got hurt.
01:43:11:18That’s all that counts.
01:43:14:08MATT: Ferry’s at the dock.
01:43:15:16Awesome job. All done.
01:43:18:14Successful. The client is happy.
01:43:21:22The product has been delivered.
01:43:28:02NARRATOR: The last part of the job
01:43:30:05is getting the ferry up and into dry dock.
01:43:32:22Matt has stayed in Lunenburg
01:43:35:03to make sure these final steps go smoothly.
01:43:38:19MATT: Hey Pete, how you doing, buddy?
01:43:40:02PETE: Hey, how you doing, Matt? Good to see you.
01:43:41:18MATT: Great to see you, man. Always good to see you.
01:43:43:17NARRATOR: There’s a quarter million dollars
01:43:46:00and his family’s reputation on the line,
01:43:49:01so Matt handles these relationships personally.
01:43:52:18MATT: It’s good to meet up with Peter
01:43:54:02because there’s a close bond relationship
01:43:56:20between Dominion Diving and Lunenburg Foundry.
01:43:59:23Long history.
01:44:01:14Both family-operated companies, family owned,
01:44:05:07so this is where, okay, now it’s time to do
01:44:08:15the commercial side of it.
01:44:09:21We go down, we meet up with them,
01:44:12:14we go over the tow vessel,
01:44:14:10we show them the condition that it’s in
01:44:16:05when we drop it here.
01:44:17:16They sign off on it.
01:44:19:14Now they proceed to do what they do best.
01:44:22:23PETE: Okay some slack, we’re getting some slack now.
01:44:25:14MATT: They’ve gotta put this ferry
01:44:27:07that needs repairs, up on their cradle.
01:44:33:05It’s a mechanism that goes down in the water,
01:44:36:00the ferry is floated up on top of it,
01:44:38:01and then they pull it all up as one unit,
01:44:39:21back up out of the water.
01:44:41:20So now they can do all the repairs
01:44:43:10and refurbishment of this ferry
01:44:46:01to get it ready for the next season
01:44:47:06up in the river in Saint John.
01:44:50:03PETE: Okay, we’ll get another line,
01:44:52:09they’ve got some on board.
01:44:54:13ON RADIO: Yeah, okay. We’re working on it here too.
01:44:56:13PETE: Well they’re centering it now on the cradle
01:44:59:15and then they start to pull it in.
01:45:01:17They’ll get their lines on both sides
01:45:06:00and get it stable.
01:45:09:09NARRATOR: Matt’s contract isn’t complete
01:45:11:12until the ferry’s up and out of the water,
01:45:14:13proof positive they succeeded
01:45:16:19where they failed before.
01:45:18:15Delivering the ferry on time,
01:45:20:12and undamaged.
01:45:23:10MATT: We’ve got her up. We got her up, dude.
01:45:25:16PETE: Thank you very much for your help.
01:45:27:05MATT: Ah, she looks good.
01:45:29:00NARRATOR: The job’s done,
01:45:30:12but there’s no time for celebration.
01:45:33:10Dominion’s gotta move on to the next job.
01:45:41:01To stay afloat, Matt and Robin
01:45:43:03need to keep Dominion Diving working constantly,
01:45:46:02even through the brutal winter season.
01:45:52:07They’ll never run out of work.
01:45:54:09The North Atlantic is greedy, cold,
01:45:56:23and unforgiving.
01:46:00:20And whenever it takes something away,
01:46:03:09Dominion will fight to bring it back.
01:46:07:00MATT: Stack the odds, challenge us.
01:46:09:07We’ll get it done.
01:46:10:14Every time.
01:46:11:12MATT: Well, thanks a lot, dude. Thanks a lot for your help.
01:46:14:05MATT: We got it done, like we always get it done,
01:46:16:21because that’s what we do.
01:46:18:12º THEME MUSIC º