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This is the script for Episode Eleven of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:02:01NARRATOR: This 40,000 tonne oil platform
00:01:05:05is coming into harbour for repairs,
00:01:07:12and Dominion’s battling the elements
00:01:10:01to clear a parking spot bigger than a football field.
00:01:12:05SHAWN: We’ve got a storm coming in.
00:01:13:12It’s wintertime.
00:01:15:04LARAE: Oh my god, it’s cold.
00:01:18:01NARRATOR: Keeping this big rig upright
00:01:20:07is gonna take a complete seabed sonar scan
00:01:23:04with a state-of-the-art subsea robot.
00:01:25:15NARRATOR: And Garry battles his demons
00:01:28:00on the same job that almost ended his dive career.
00:01:31:12GARRY: Hopefully nothing happens bad today.
00:01:34:01NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:35:15this family’s built a business
00:01:37:10where nobody else dares.
00:01:41:14and resurrecting anything
00:01:43:12in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:45:20This is their world.
00:01:48:16Salt water in their blood.
00:01:50:14Come hell and high water.
00:01:52:19MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:53:16Do or die.
00:01:54:14º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:23:23º MUSIC º
00:02:28:23NARRATOR: Winter is bitter cold on the North Atlantic,
00:02:31:17but Halifax Harbour is busy year-round.
00:02:35:07Dominion Diving’s crews
00:02:36:24have to brave the freezing temperatures
00:02:38:24to keep the harbour working.
00:02:42:02Today Garry and the dive team
00:02:43:23are gearing up for a long, cold day,
00:02:47:09because this massive machine is on its way in.
00:02:51:10It’s the Noble Regina Allen,
00:02:53:21an oil platform used for working offshore.
00:02:57:18It’s the size of a floating skyscraper,
00:03:00:01with accommodations for more than one hundred workers.
00:03:03:11It just finished a two-year tour of duty
00:03:06:03taking apart a natural gas operation.
00:03:09:10When it’s working on a job,
00:03:10:23the Noble Regina Allen has the potential to bring in
00:03:13:18hundreds of thousands of dollars each day.
00:03:16:18Now it’s due for two months of repairs
00:03:19:01before it goes out on its next job.
00:03:21:20And its owners want to make sure nothing bad happens
00:03:24:21to their 40,000 tonne moneymaker.
00:03:28:04Once the big rig arrives in Halifax Harbour,
00:03:30:23it’s going to put down roots at a repair wharf.
00:03:35:21It’s called a jack up rig
00:03:37:11because these 150 metre legs
00:03:40:08lower to sit on the ocean floor,
00:03:43:01and the working platform jacks itself up above the water line.
00:03:47:15SHAWN: The legs are up in the air
00:03:49:21and it physically jacks down and touches bottom.
00:03:52:16NARRATOR: Jack up rigs have feet called spud cans,
00:03:55:08each ending in a sharp spike
00:03:57:11to pin the oil rig in place on the ocean floor.
00:04:01:03But anything on the bottom,
00:04:02:17like scrap metal or other debris,
00:04:05:06threatens the rig and everyone aboard.
00:04:07:24SHAWN: The potential is for damage
00:04:10:03to the underneath of the spud cans or to the legs.
00:04:13:02So if they jack down on
00:04:15:12the bottom that’s unsuitable,
00:04:17:06or if there’s debris down there,
00:04:19:02then that could be an issue and cause some damage.
00:04:22:12NARRATOR: Lives are on the line.
00:04:24:07When a piece of underwater debris
00:04:26:05punches through the spud can
00:04:28:05it can crumple the entire rig,
00:04:30:09causing it to collapse.
00:04:32:19In one 10-year period
00:04:34:11offshore jack up accidents killed 69 workers
00:04:38:15and injured 1,400 more.
00:04:42:01Dominion’s been hired to make sure that this rig
00:04:45:04has a clear landing pad
00:04:46:17to prevent any jack up or jack down accidents.
00:04:50:03SHAWN: We have to go out today
00:04:51:04to ensure that there’s no debris
00:04:54:00and that the bottom is suitable
00:04:55:08for the legs to come down and jack down.
00:04:59:14NARRATOR: It looks pretty from the surface,
00:05:01:21but the floor of Halifax Harbour looks like a scrap heap.
00:05:05:24Tons of trash, twisted piles of metal,
00:05:09:15and no safe landing spot for the big rig.
00:05:12:24SHAWN: So the harbour’s full of stuff.
00:05:14:00This was one of the first settled ports
00:05:15:21back in the mid 1700’s,
00:05:18:01so over the hundreds of years
00:05:19:12there’s debris on the bottom.
00:05:21:20From time to time there’s projects
00:05:23:14to clean up certain areas,
00:05:25:14but you just never know what they’ll find.
00:05:28:00NARRATOR: Three hundred years of non-stop marine traffic
00:05:31:17has made the bottom of Halifax Harbour
00:05:33:20a metal graveyard.
00:05:35:11Especially near the wharves,
00:05:37:12where the repairs and refits take place.
00:05:41:06It’s a huge hazard for a jack up rig.
00:05:44:15But cleaning up that mess means more work,
00:05:47:12and more opportunity for Dominion.
00:05:50:12Today that job goes to Garry and the dive team.
00:05:55:06But Garry won’t be getting into the water today.
00:05:58:01He’s been stuck topside since a freak accident
00:06:01:01earlier this year.
00:06:03:17It was a routine dive gone wrong.
00:06:06:06Garry needed weeks of treatment
00:06:07:24in a special decompression clinic at the hospital.
00:06:12:19It turned out a heart defect
00:06:14:03made him especially vulnerable to the bends,
00:06:17:00a potentially deadly condition
00:06:19:08that can affect divers who return to the surface
00:06:21:17before their bloodstream can catch up
00:06:23:18to the change in atmospheric pressure.
00:06:27:00Now, he’s waiting on heart surgery
00:06:29:06before he can get back in the water.
00:06:31:20Garry’s been a qualified dive supervisor for five years,
00:06:36:04but now that’s all he’s doing,
00:06:38:14and overseeing this job in sub-zero temperatures
00:06:41:20is gonna be a chilling challenge of his supervisory skills.
00:06:46:06GARRY: This is where a lot of rigs come in,
00:06:47:16and ships for retrofitting.
00:06:49:23They’re just concerned
00:06:51:11maybe if they put their jack up cans on top of it,
00:06:55:13it might puncture it, so we’re just trying to
00:06:56:19remove that debris so it doesn’t become a hazard
00:06:59:10when the rig is in.
00:07:00:18NARRATOR: Half a day in,
00:07:01:22and they’ve already pulled up hundreds of kilograms
00:07:04:14of jagged, discarded metal.
00:07:06:19And there’s plenty more where that came from.
00:07:11:15But the weather is already wreaking havoc
00:07:14:02on the dive team’s gear.
00:07:16:00GARRY: Unfortunately, the crane’s not starting today
00:07:17:18because it’s December and it’s cold.
00:07:21:00We weren’t able to leave it plugged in overnight.
00:07:23:11So usually it has a block heater
00:07:25:03that keeps it
00:07:26:12from freezing up.
00:07:29:04We’re just not winning.
00:07:30:13Had a north wind all night and it’s just blowing on it,
00:07:33:17so she’s froze up.
00:07:35:24NARRATOR: Nobody wants to work in the freezing cold,
00:07:38:16including the equipment.
00:07:40:16GARRY: Yeah, right now, it’s minus three out,
00:07:42:09which isn’t that bad, but the windchill is
00:07:44:04like minus 13. So it’s bitter cold
00:07:47:13and it’s just been on that crane all night so,
00:07:50:05it’s froze up. The oil’s frozen
00:07:51:24so she doesn’t want to start.
00:07:53:24NARRATOR: With no crane, there’s no more diving.
00:07:57:02It’s the muscle that makes this job even possible.
00:08:00:14Divers can’t haul up scrap like this on their own.
00:08:04:21Divers Guillaume and Christian
00:08:06:13are happy to get out of the cold.
00:08:08:21But it’s more headaches for Garry.
00:08:12:05The big rig will be here in two days,
00:08:14:15and Dominion’s just lost half a day
00:08:17:09to frigid temperatures.
00:08:19:09GARRY: We’ll leave our dive station set up
00:08:22:22and hopefully it’ll be better
00:08:25:12in a couple hours.
00:08:27:03NARRATOR: Unless they get this crane going,
00:08:29:09this job is frozen in place.
00:08:37:01NARRATOR: Dominion Diving is stuck
00:08:38:21waiting for a piece of heavy equipment to thaw out
00:08:41:23before they can get back to work.
00:08:45:01They need the crane to move metal off the ocean floor,
00:08:48:13to clear a parking space for this massive oil rig.
00:08:52:22Offshore oil and gas pump big bucks
00:08:55:20into Halifax Harbour.
00:08:57:11Three hundred businesses here, including Dominion,
00:09:00:22make their bread and butter supporting offshore drilling.
00:09:04:17This tiny corner of the North Atlantic
00:09:07:08produces 230,000 barrels of crude
00:09:11:04offshore each day.
00:09:13:11It’s a small piece of a massive global industry.
00:09:17:22Worldwide there are 1,500 platforms
00:09:21:02drilling in the ocean floor,
00:09:23:00accounting for 30 percent of global crude oil production.
00:09:26:19Each rig can cost up to $100,000 per day to operate.
00:09:32:15And they don’t make any money when they’re in for repairs,
00:09:36:20and they’ll be losing money
00:09:38:07if Dominion has to wait any longer for the weather to clear.
00:09:41:24GARRY: Yeah, we just left the crane plugged in,
00:09:44:00it was just cold.
00:09:45:03So it needed time to warm back up
00:09:46:23and we came and we started her up,
00:09:49:06so now we’ve got a crane going.
00:09:51:01NARRATOR: Finally, some good news.
00:09:53:22The crane is back up and running.
00:09:56:00And Garry’s warming up to the job too.
00:09:58:01GARRY: It’s not too bad here
00:09:59:16when you don’t have the wind on your face.
00:10:02:00NARRATOR: But that ray of sunshine doesn’t last long.
00:10:05:02Another crew’s brought in a barge
00:10:07:11and muscled their way into Garry’s parking spot.
00:10:11:00That’s got Garry hot under the collar.
00:10:13:15GARRY: Well that’s annoying.
00:10:15:01Who gave them permission? We’re working here.
00:10:17:16Apparently, I guess… I don’t know, a scheduling conflict
00:10:20:03or something, but we have this other barge coming in.
00:10:23:01We were in its way for it to be able to tie up,
00:10:25:01so now we’ve just gotta wait for him to tie up and then
00:10:27:10move back there and then
00:10:29:11I guess work on this area as best we can.
00:10:35:21You know, it’s a busy harbour
00:10:37:03and you just gotta play nice with everyone.
00:10:38:22NARRATOR: Garry’s a nice guy,
00:10:40:14but as the saying goes, nice guys finish last,
00:10:44:08and this is a big delay.
00:10:46:16They’re behind schedule already.
00:10:48:15There’s no divers in the water,
00:10:50:03and it’s Garry’s ass on the line.
00:10:52:18GARRY: Yeah, rough day.
00:10:55:00Anyway, it’s winter.
00:10:56:18Sometimes that’s how she goes.
00:10:59:09NARRATOR: Finally, after lots of tugging and tying,
00:11:02:19the barge is in position over the work site.
00:11:05:01º MUSIC º
00:11:12:23NARRATOR: But it’s already 2:00 p.m.
00:11:15:17GARRY: Now we can get in the water
00:11:16:17and go find some junk.
00:11:18:22NARRATOR: They’re just getting started.
00:11:21:08But Garry’s already at the end of his rope.
00:11:23:24GARRY: This day has just been a rough day,
00:11:26:09’cause our time’s limited to get this job done,
00:11:29:14and it just seems to be everything against us
00:11:32:00right at the moment.
00:11:33:01NARRATOR: And to make matters worse,
00:11:34:20they’re racing against the sun.
00:11:38:06In the winter on the North Atlantic,
00:11:40:08the sun will set at 4:30.
00:11:42:15GARRY: I don’t think we’ll be diving much past dark,
00:11:44:10’cause it’ll totally kill the production
00:11:46:22of the job we’re trying to do.
00:11:48:08So, I don’t think it’s really worth it.
00:11:49:14Not gonna work very well for what we’re doing here,
00:11:52:00trying to find stuff on bottom. You need ambient light
00:11:54:02to be able to actually find stuff better.
00:11:59:03NARRATOR: Once he gets in the water,
00:12:00:14Ollie will be the eyes of the operation,
00:12:03:11through the camera on his dive helmet,
00:12:05:15but he needs Garry’s guidance from up above.
00:12:11:08They scouted the site with a remotely operated vehicle
00:12:14:06and created a map of the junk on the ocean floor.
00:12:18:05GARRY: So just look to your south
00:12:19:18if you can kind of tell by looking up where the barge is,
00:12:22:05it should be coming down that way.
00:12:23:08OLLIE: Okay, roger.
00:12:25:02GARRY: We used our ROV, so it’s just stuff we found,
00:12:27:03and then it’s just a report.
00:12:28:20So that way we can…
00:12:31:12we’re just trying to find this debris and get rid of it.
00:12:33:12NARRATOR: The seabed’s been sectioned into a grid,
00:12:35:15with info about every piece of debris
00:12:39:05and where to find it.
00:12:40:13It’s like a treasure map for trash,
00:12:42:22and Ollie’s just uncovered some big booty.
00:12:47:00OLLIE: Fuck!
00:12:50:00GARRY: Is that a different bit of debris?
00:12:51:01OLLIE: That’s a different piece
00:12:52:08and it’s a fuckin’ big piece of shit.
00:12:54:05GARRY: Well hook onto it.
00:12:56:02He’s excited ’cause he got a big piece.
00:12:58:21You always want to find a big piece, right?
00:13:02:13NARRATOR: Now to hitch it to the crane and haul it up.
00:13:05:09CHRISTIAN: Ollie’s found a piece of debris down there
00:13:07:17and we’re just handing him down some slings.
00:13:09:19So yeah, we just gotta get
00:13:11:05the crane on location with the diver
00:13:13:05and we can start doing that.
00:13:15:23NARRATOR: They bring the first piece up,
00:13:18:12and it’s not exactly sunken treasure.
00:13:21:15There’s no telling what it used to be.
00:13:23:24Now, it’s just junk.
00:13:28:12CHRISTIAN: That piece is fuckin’ juicy.
00:13:30:09GARRY: This debris is just stuff that
00:13:32:07may have fell off by accident.
00:13:33:24I mean, steel can fall off,  some of it is just old
00:13:36:01and who knows how long it’s been there.
00:13:39:00NARRATOR: They’re starting to make some progress.
00:13:41:07CHRISTIAN: Man, Ollie’s happier than a pig in shit right now.
00:13:43:14NARRATOR: By the time the next load makes it up,
00:13:45:14it’s obvious daylight is fading fast.
00:13:48:13Up above water, the view is stunning.
00:13:51:23But below surface, not so much.
00:13:55:03It’s so dark, it’s like diving in chocolate milk.
00:13:58:09GARRY: He’s running out of daylight there now, right,
00:14:00:05because as the sun’s going down, he’s 40 feet down,
00:14:02:11so he’s actually in the shadow of Halifax.
00:14:04:23NARRATOR: Time to bring up Ollie, and pack it in.
00:14:08:10It’s been a long, frustrating day.
00:14:11:10Garry knows he’s got to make up for lost time tomorrow.
00:14:15:19GARRY: Tonight we’re gonna have shore power,
00:14:17:15so we’ll be able to plug the crane in
00:14:18:19and keep her warm overnight.
00:14:20:01So hopefully we’ll be able to start early in the morning
00:14:23:00and get a lot more work done tomorrow.
00:14:27:24º MUSIC º
00:14:32:23NARRATOR: When the sun rises on Halifax Harbour,
00:14:35:08Dominion’s dive team is already at work
00:14:37:24on day two as underwater garbage men,
00:14:41:12clearing the landing pad for a massive oil rig.
00:14:45:16The crane fishes debris out of the water.
00:14:47:24Ollie and Christian are moving metal as fast as they can.
00:14:51:19Garry’s anxious to make up for yesterday’s delays,
00:14:55:11and diver Guillaume is already in the water.
00:14:58:23GARRY: Guillaume’s one of our newer divers there,
00:15:00:18so he hasn’t been  diving for a very long time,
00:15:03:15but he’s getting the job done right now.
00:15:07:00NARRATOR: Things are finally looking up for Garry.
00:15:09:20GARRY: Hopefully everything keeps going well.
00:15:13:08NARRATOR: But they’re still behind schedule.
00:15:15:12And down below,
00:15:16:15Guillaume is racing against the clock.
00:15:19:00GARRY: He’s just running out of bottom time.
00:15:21:11NARRATOR: Bottom time is the time between
00:15:23:09the diver’s first splash
00:15:25:00and when they start coming back to the surface.
00:15:27:19Garry wants Guillaume to come up now.
00:15:31:01If he can’t surface in the next three minutes
00:15:33:23he’ll have to make what are known as decompression stops
00:15:36:23on his way back up,
00:15:38:16burning up precious minutes,
00:15:40:06slowly acclimatizing at interval depths
00:15:43:02to avoid decompression sickness.
00:15:46:10Everybody’s worried he might be cutting it
00:15:48:08a little too close for comfort.
00:15:50:13GARRY: Yeah, well  you’re gonna run out of time
00:15:52:02and I’m not going to dive here again,
00:15:53:08so just take your sling off. Hurry up. Tie the rope to it.
00:15:56:01And then we’ll tie the rope to the hook,
00:15:57:09and if that brings it, it will,
00:15:58:13and if the rope breaks, oh well.
00:16:02:08Quickly man. You got two minutes. Like fast.
00:16:05:16NARRATOR: Guillaume is anxious
00:16:07:03to make the most of the time he has left,
00:16:09:14scouring the bottom for one last piece of scrap metal.
00:16:13:04But Garry’s not taking any chances today.
00:16:16:14GARRY: Okay, you’re not gonna make it.
00:16:18:09Just gather your rope up and then just start coming.
00:16:23:05NARRATOR: Guillaume surfaces for air,
00:16:25:00and now everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.
00:16:33:22NARRATOR: Divers operate on a buddy system,
00:16:36:01and it’s up to Ollie to see whether Guillaume
00:16:38:05made it up okay.
00:16:39:10OLLIE: Air’s off.
00:16:40:08GUILLAUM: Roger, air’s off.
00:16:41:09OLLIE: There you go. How are you feeling?
00:16:43:01How does diver report?
00:16:44:02GUILLAUME: I’m good.
00:16:45:05OLLIE: Diver reports well. Roger that.
00:16:46:20OLLIE: Hey Garry, diver reports well.
00:16:51:05GARRY: Yeah. Yeah well, we got ‘er.
00:16:53:00NARRATOR: Once he knows Guillaume’s okay,
00:16:54:24Garry’s mind is back on his metal,
00:16:57:18and the pile onboard is getting pretty big.
00:17:00:24But there’s still plenty of trash to fish outta here
00:17:04:04before the big rig can land.
00:17:06:09GARRY: We got everything here at the south area,
00:17:08:03and we got everything up at the north area,
00:17:10:02but we haven’t gone into the middle.
00:17:11:18My original plan was just to keep working south
00:17:13:19but that barge came in yesterday,
00:17:15:08so it kinda threw a little wrench in my plan.
00:17:17:10NARRATOR: This barge,
00:17:18:07that muscled onto their spot yesterday,
00:17:20:13is still a thorn in Garry’s side.
00:17:22:22GARRY: Sometimes you just gotta adapt,
00:17:24:02so we’ll just go to the middle now
00:17:25:12instead of coming down from the north.
00:17:27:09NARRATOR: So Garry’s gotta move around it
00:17:29:00to get to the last section of the grid.
00:17:31:13But Dominion’s barge doesn’t have power to move on its own.
00:17:35:20And the tugboat’s nowhere in sight.
00:17:38:19OLLIE: We have our diver pulled  out of the water now
00:17:40:09and we are ready to move the barge
00:17:42:08whenever you guys show up.
00:17:44:14NARRATOR: All Garry can do is wait
00:17:46:15and watch the minutes tick away.
00:17:49:04The big rig lands here tomorrow,
00:17:51:07and they gotta clear out the last quadrant
00:17:54:04before sundown.
00:17:56:00º MUSIC º
00:18:00:05NARRATOR: When the tug arrives,
00:18:01:21it’s a full-on blitz to get the job done.
00:18:08:00To work around the bigger barge,
00:18:09:21they’re going to have to tie themselves up to it.
00:18:16:05Tugboats don’t just tug.
00:18:18:13They’re small but mighty,
00:18:20:07and push and prod the barge into position.
00:18:25:15Everybody’s got a part to play
00:18:27:23in this two barge ballet.
00:18:33:10OLLIE: Ready?
00:18:35:08Dominion’s divers are also expected to be
00:18:38:14top-notch deck hands,
00:18:40:05who can get the barge lashed up
00:18:42:03and secured in place
00:18:44:00without wasting any time.
00:18:49:15Finally, they’re in the right spot
00:18:51:14to clear the last section of underwater debris.
00:18:54:22GARRY: We’re up alongside
00:18:56:06the barge that came in yesterday,
00:18:58:08so this is the mid area of the area we need to look at,
00:19:02:10so we’ll have to…
00:19:03:06the only thing that kinda sucks
00:19:04:14is we’ll have to go underneath and see,
00:19:05:24hopefully there’s nothing super large under there.
00:19:09:00NARRATOR: Now Christian’s gearing up
00:19:10:19for one last scrap metal sweep.
00:19:14:15Garry watches from the dive trailer.
00:19:17:02GARRY: Yeah, go ahead.
00:19:18:03NARRATOR: Down below, it doesn’t take Christian long
00:19:20:04to find more jagged metal.
00:19:21:13GARRY: Finding all the goodies.
00:19:22:24NARRATOR: He piles every last bit of it into the basket…
00:19:26:10GARRY: So the basket’s free and clear.
00:19:28:05We’re going to bring it up to surface.
00:19:32:12NARRATOR: …to bring up one last load
00:19:33:21from Davy Jones’ locker.
00:19:36:05It’s just worthless junk,
00:19:38:09but if it wasn’t moved,
00:19:39:18it could take down the whole rig
00:19:41:22and cost millions of dollars in damage.
00:19:44:14GARRY: This is the debris we managed to recover
00:19:46:17off bottom. So we’re just…
00:19:49:03you can see its just a lot of scrap and steel.
00:19:52:03Some of it was sticking up through the mud,
00:19:54:19so it was just a concern if the can goes on it,
00:19:57:01it might punch a hole through
00:19:58:20the jack up spuds on the rig.
00:20:03:20NARRATOR: The big rig will be here in just a few hours.
00:20:06:10Dominion’s gotta clean up the last bits of the job site
00:20:09:19and shove off before it arrives.
00:20:12:11It took two long days,
00:20:14:21but Garry and the dive team pulled it off,
00:20:17:18and just in the nick of time.
00:20:21:03First thing the next morning,
00:20:23:14the big rig arrives in Halifax Harbour,
00:20:26:07and it’s hard to miss,
00:20:27:23towed in by an offshore supply ship.
00:20:30:19As it makes its way closer to shore,
00:20:33:07the local tugboats take over, pushing and pulling,
00:20:36:14prodding the massive machine into position next to the wharf.
00:20:44:00And then it sends its legs to the bottom,
00:20:46:06onto the landing pad Dominion cleared,
00:20:50:03ready for eight weeks of repairs and refitting.
00:20:56:14º MUSIC º
00:21:00:01NARRATOR: Dominion HQ at the crack of dawn,
00:21:02:20two months after the arrival of the big rig.
00:21:05:13It’s a red-sky morning,
00:21:08:03and Garry’s taking warning.
00:21:10:23It’s gonna be another brutal, stormy day out there.
00:21:14:12But it’s not just the weather
00:21:16:03giving Garry the jitters about the day ahead.
00:21:19:04GARRY: We’re just going out to do an inspection
00:21:20:12on another one of the water treatment plant outfalls,
00:21:23:13so that’s where my incident happened.
00:21:25:09So hopefully nothing happens bad today.
00:21:29:06NARRATOR: The job’s an underwater check-up
00:21:30:21on a subsea pipeline
00:21:32:16that sends treated wastewater out into the ocean.
00:21:36:04But this is the same job that Garry got bent on in the summer.
00:21:40:23It’s kept him above water for months.
00:21:43:10GARRY: I mean, I’m used to being able to dive.
00:21:45:00If I run into any issues with not being able
00:21:47:12to guide somebody on surface,
00:21:48:20sometimes I’ve got to get in and show them.
00:21:50:09But right now I can only observe.
00:21:53:04NARRATOR: Today’s job site
00:21:54:15is about a 20-minute boat ride away from Duck Rock.
00:21:57:14They’ve gotta inspect an underwater pipeline
00:22:00:04that leads from the sewage treatment plant,
00:22:02:10to a set of water diffusers
00:22:04:16that slowly and safely release treated sewage water
00:22:07:13back into the harbour.
00:22:08:24GARRY: They’ve been treating water much better
00:22:12:10than they have in the past,
00:22:13:13so this is actually a new one that’s only been
00:22:15:20started up a couple of years ago.
00:22:17:14They have quite a few water treatment plants
00:22:19:09and plan to make more in the future.
00:22:22:22NARRATOR: But first, they gotta find the pipeline.
00:22:24:22GARRY: So we’re just rolling up here
00:22:26:18to the Eastern Passage water treatment plant.
00:22:31:00Yeah, I guess we’ll start inshore
00:22:33:00and we’ll work our way out.
00:22:35:05There’s a buoy floating there,
00:22:36:20so it’s probably part of your pipeline.
00:22:40:02We’ll anchor and then we’ll have a look.
00:22:43:05NARRATOR: The dive team’s basically
00:22:44:20the underwater plumbing team today,
00:22:47:07and it’s a dirty job,
00:22:49:00so the new guy, Guillaume, draws the short straw
00:22:52:15and is the first one in the water.
00:22:54:01CHRISTIAN: A job like this, where you’re just
00:22:55:07looking for something on the bottom,
00:22:56:20is great for Guillaume.
00:22:58:00NARRATOR: But as Guillaume bobs around the byoys,
00:23:00:13he can’t find anything.
00:23:02:20GARRY: The pipeline, it’s probably just buried with rock.
00:23:05:12Can you tell at all?
00:23:07:08NARRATOR: The idea is to find it
00:23:08:16in the shallow water near the shore,
00:23:10:19and then follow the pipeline out to the diffusers.
00:23:13:14GUILLAUME: Right now the visibility is really poor.
00:23:16:19NARRATOR: But even in water
00:23:17:20that’s barely above Guillaume’s head,
00:23:19:21he can’t find anything.
00:23:21:24GARRY: The buoys don’t seem to mark the pipeline
00:23:25:02like I thought they did.
00:23:27:02NARRATOR: Now Guillaume needs to find the pipeline
00:23:29:09by sight alone.
00:23:30:15GARRY: Yeah, I’m sorry man,
00:23:32:00I don’t have any GPS coordinates,
00:23:33:01so we’re just supposed to find it.
00:23:34:23NARRATOR: To make matters worse,
00:23:37:04when the pipeline was installed,
00:23:38:22it was intentionally buried underneath rocks to protect it.
00:23:42:14Guillaume could be standing right on top of it,
00:23:45:13and not even know it.
00:23:47:01GARRY: So it’s like a… there’s a pile of rock there,
00:23:48:16and if it keeps going offshore?
00:23:51:18GUILLAUME: Yeah…
00:23:54:09NARRATOR: After nearly an hour
00:23:55:16of criss-crossing the shoreline,
00:23:57:04searching for the sewage outfall,
00:23:59:10they’re outta luck.
00:24:00:12GARRY: Can’t find the pipe.
00:24:02:11NARRATOR: Garry’s totally fed-up.
00:24:04:15GARRY: When stuff’s buried underwater,
00:24:06:03it’s not the easiest thing to find.
00:24:07:19I wish I could get down there and look for it myself.
00:24:10:17NARRATOR: They’ve got one job, find this pipeline.
00:24:13:17But so far, they ain’t found nothing.
00:24:17:02Once again, Garry needs to rally his team
00:24:19:16to make sure the harbour they all rely on
00:24:21:20is safe and clean,
00:24:23:09before this sewage situation gets any messier.
00:24:28:03º MUSIC º
00:24:33:03NARRATOR: Elsewhere in Halifax Harbour,
00:24:35:08the big rig that arrived eight weeks ago
00:24:37:15is all finished its repairs.
00:24:40:13But before it can head out on its next job offshore,
00:24:44:00it needs more help from Dominion.
00:24:46:23This time it’s a job for LaRae
00:24:49:12and her fleet of remotely operated vehicles.
00:24:52:13The rig is done at the repair dock.
00:24:55:02Now it needs to be tugged out of the way
00:24:57:12so it can wait near the mouth of the harbour
00:24:59:07to be towed to its next job.
00:25:02:22The water at the waiting spot
00:25:04:05may not be full of junk like at the repair dock,
00:25:07:19but they still need to inspect the ocean floor
00:25:10:06where it will put down its feet.
00:25:13:10So Dominion’s gotta scour the bottom one more time,
00:25:16:11to make sure there’s nothing at the anchorage spot
00:25:18:18that could ruin the rig.
00:25:20:17Especially after it’s just been through
00:25:22:22some big-money repairs.
00:25:24:15This time, they’re taking a high-tech approach.
00:25:28:06SHAWN: So Jake and LaRae will take the Chinook out
00:25:30:21and have a look.
00:25:32:05They’ll do 360 degree sonar searches.
00:25:35:24And then if they find any contacts,
00:25:38:07they’ll have to go out
00:25:39:05and fly out to these contacts
00:25:40:15and visually identify what the contacts are.
00:25:44:07NARRATOR: It’s a complicated job,
00:25:45:19and if they miss anything, it’ll be a disaster.
00:25:49:12So LaRae’s co-pilot, Jake, has got a plan.
00:25:53:11JAKE: There’s a 250 metre area around that center point.
00:25:57:14So what we’re going to do
00:25:59:08with our small Chinook ROV
00:26:00:20and the sonar is,
00:26:02:03we’ll go down on the centre point here,
00:26:04:16and do a 150 metre ring,
00:26:09:16we’ll scan that with the sonar.
00:26:11:15And then we’ll move to the north
00:26:14:04and do another 150 metre ring.
00:26:16:16Then we’ll move to the east
00:26:18:11and do another 100 metre ring.
00:26:21:02NARRATOR: To complete this job,
00:26:22:15they need to do a 360-degree sweep
00:26:25:07of nine different GPS locations.
00:26:27:23That means, nine ROV dives
00:26:31:06and nine sonar scans,
00:26:33:07charting the entire area the big rig covers.
00:26:36:19It’s one thing to doodle it on a white board,
00:26:40:09and a whole other to do it out in the freezing cold
00:26:43:03on the North Atlantic.
00:26:46:05SHAWN: We’ve got some storms coming in and out.
00:26:48:12It’s wintertime in Nova Scotia.
00:26:51:19It’s the wind that affects the marine industry.
00:26:54:13We’re always looking at the wind and seeing
00:26:56:23what direction it’s out of, what the strength is,
00:26:59:00what we can do today and what we can’t.
00:27:03:24NARRATOR: Stormy seas need an experienced hand,
00:27:07:08and on today’s job the boat will be piloted
00:27:10:01by Dominion’s most seasoned veteran, Herbie.
00:27:13:13He’s been working at Dominion almost since day one.
00:27:17:12Back then, things weren’t so high-tech.
00:27:20:10And this morning,
00:27:21:18Herbie’s having trouble with the computer hardware.
00:27:24:23He’s lost an important piece of the GPS system,
00:27:30:00and it looks like Jake just found it.
00:27:32:13JAKE: I think Herbie forgot something.
00:27:39:03JAKE: I think Herbie dropped it outta the bag
00:27:41:09and ran it over in the parking lot.
00:27:42:22SHAWN: If we have the right connectors
00:27:44:07to connect that on the boat, then we’ll be all right.
00:27:46:13HERBIE: If we get the right connectors, we can do that job.
00:27:48:15SHAWN: So the big circle’s 250 metres,
00:27:52:05the small one’s are 100.
00:27:53:10HERBIE: Okay.
00:27:54:10SHAWN: So when Jake dives, he’s going to…
00:27:56:17he’ll do the centre, HERBIE: Yeah.
00:27:58:15and then he’ll ping 100 metres each way.
00:28:02:06NARRATOR: Once they replace the busted cord,
00:28:04:24they brief Herbie on the mission.
00:28:07:07HERBIE: Can you picture some guy
00:28:08:12that don’t know nothin’ about nothin’,
00:28:10:20sitting down trying to figure all this shit out.
00:28:12:15JAKE: I can see a laptop going over the side.
00:28:14:06HERBIE: And how come you’re using that port?
00:28:16:12I’m just asking ya.
00:28:17:19NARRATOR: When it comes to computers,
00:28:19:06maybe Herbie requires a bit of an upgrade,
00:28:21:24but on a stormy day like this,
00:28:24:10there’s no one you’d rather have piloting the ship.
00:28:26:17HERBIE: Yeah, I know. That don’t mean shit.
00:28:28:13JAKE: Are you happy now? HERBIE: Yeah.
00:28:30:04JAKE: Can I go? HERBIE: Yeah.
00:28:31:09JAKE: Okay. HERBIE: Thank you.
00:28:32:20NARRATOR: Besides, the real high-tech work on this job
00:28:36:07falls to LaRae.
00:28:37:23LARAE: I’ve been working with ROVs for 10 years now.
00:28:40:06Crazy. Ten years kinda just flew by.
00:28:44:14NARRATOR: For this job,
00:28:45:18LaRae’s piecing together the Chinook,
00:28:47:24Dominion’s fully loaded remotely operated vehicle
00:28:50:11for underwater surveys.
00:28:53:02With two onboard cameras,
00:28:54:19four multi-directional propeller thrusters
00:28:57:12and complete sonar capabilities,
00:28:59:10it’s the right robot for the job.
00:29:02:00LARAE: This job’s just a bottom survey,
00:29:03:10so basically this is all you would need.
00:29:06:05If we find anything,
00:29:07:01the divers would go down and pick it up.
00:29:08:22This is the buoyancy on top of the ROV.
00:29:11:14Without this thing, it would just sink.
00:29:13:23And just taking this off so we have access.
00:29:16:15This is the ROV umbilical.
00:29:18:15The yellow one you see here,
00:29:20:20that connects the ROV up to the top of the boat,
00:29:23:09180 metres in this spool of neutrally buoyant
00:29:26:24ROV umbilical.
00:29:29:01I’ll secure this kellems grip,
00:29:31:19it’s basically like a Chinese finger trap,
00:29:33:19so it gets tight when it gets pulled on.
00:29:36:09When we retrieve it we have to pull it actually,
00:29:38:10out of the water.
00:29:39:15That’s where your main tether goes in.
00:29:41:19Make sure you line the pins up correctly;
00:29:44:23everything’s clean and ready to go.
00:29:48:20Yeah, this ROV’s really nice.
00:29:50:16Really easy to set up, really easy to fly.
00:29:53:06The small one that I originally started flying with,
00:29:56:00a huge difference from this one.
00:29:59:00This one’s like a Cadillac. It’s really nice.
00:30:01:24º MUSIC º
00:30:16:15NARRATOR: There’s no pleasure boats out on a day like this,
00:30:20:01but Herbie’s made his living on this harbour for 50 years,
00:30:23:06so he knows these waters like the salty seadog he is.
00:30:28:08The bad weather above the surface
00:30:30:08won’t affect visibility for the ROV.
00:30:33:02Getting there’s the hard part,
00:30:34:21with all the snow and fog,
00:30:36:24it’s like piloting through a pane of frosted glass.
00:30:40:14But there’s no missing this thing,
00:30:42:05the big rig, awaiting the results of this survey,
00:30:46:01so it can get out of Halifax
00:30:47:18and back to making money for its owners.
00:30:53:00It’s a half hour at full steam
00:30:55:05to get to the mouth of the harbour.
00:30:59:00Once they get over the jobsite,
00:31:01:00it’s time to drop anchor so they can get to work.
00:31:05:15The survey will take most of the day,
00:31:07:18in freezing weather.
00:31:09:14A slow, thorough, and systematic inspection,
00:31:13:05starting the moment the Chinook hits the water.
00:31:18:04They’ve got a long, cold day ahead of them.
00:31:21:07º MUSIC º
00:31:22:20NARRATOR: The dive team is scouring the shoreline
00:31:25:09for a water treatment pipeline
00:31:27:15that was supposed to be in one place,
00:31:30:02but is actually nowhere to be found.
00:31:31:23For dive supervisor, Garry,
00:31:34:04it’s kinda like reliving his worst nightmare.
00:31:37:00He got bent doing this exact job five months ago.
00:31:42:22So this time, he’s stuck overseeing the operation
00:31:46:13from above the water.
00:31:47:20GARRY: Play out slack so we’re not hanging on the cable.
00:31:49:20CHRISTIAN: When you’re working with these guys every day,
00:31:51:02you definitely form some sort of bond with them,
00:31:53:19and to see someone get hurt like that, that’s scary.
00:31:57:01Especially when you know you’re the next guy
00:31:58:05to get in the water doing the exact same thing.
00:32:00:11But it’s good to see Garry,
00:32:01:22he’s back out and working with us,
00:32:03:00so that’s a bonus.
00:32:04:22It’s just one of those weird things, man,
00:32:06:17we did everything right and something still happened.
00:32:09:00So you never really know what’s going to happen.
00:32:10:24NARRATOR: But Garry isn’t the kinda guy
00:32:13:00to get bent outta shape over a bit of bad luck.
00:32:17:00Right now, his focus is on the task at hand,
00:32:20:04leading an underwater search party,
00:32:22:08and keeping a close eye on his divers’ safety.
00:32:25:22GARRY: We’ve searched this area pretty well.
00:32:28:14I mean, all you’ve gotta do is swim along the shore,
00:32:30:15you should run into the pipeline.
00:32:32:00But you don’t really get all the information you need
00:32:33:23to be able to find stuff.
00:32:35:08And you’re looking for stuff underwater.
00:32:37:00It’s always easy to find it on land.
00:32:39:03NARRATOR: They lift anchor,
00:32:40:21and as Garry pivots the Halmar,
00:32:42:24he thinks he’s found something.
00:32:45:02GARRY: That looks like it, right?
00:32:46:18‘Cause there’s a pile of stuff,
00:32:48:03and then there’s rocks coming out here.
00:32:50:02NARRATOR: Guillaume preps for round two,
00:32:52:21diving right back in.
00:32:57:21NARRATOR: Underwater, he finds the rocky mound
00:33:00:06protecting the pipeline,
00:33:02:04but then he loses track again.
00:33:04:10GARRY: It’s gotta be here.
00:33:05:10It comes out of that building, I know that.
00:33:08:00GUILLAUME: I know.
00:33:08:24GARRY: So the pile of rock ended,
00:33:10:13or did you just get dragged off of it?
00:33:12:09GARRY: It comes out for a bit, and then just disappears.
00:33:14:15NARRATOR: The longer this takes, the worse the weather gets.
00:33:18:13The winter wind rips across the water,
00:33:21:10kicking up silt down below,
00:33:23:17and throwing Guillaume off course.
00:33:29:05Up above, Garry is struggling too.
00:33:31:21GARRY: Trying to get them to understand what you’re saying.
00:33:37:05NARRATOR: Finally he calls it.
00:33:39:12GARRY: I don’t know.
00:33:41:00New guys.
00:33:42:12We’ll just try another diver and see if he can find it.
00:33:47:24NARRATOR: It’s Christian’s turn to get suited up.
00:33:50:18Garry needs a veteran diver,
00:33:53:05and Christian’s had experience with sewage outfalls before.
00:33:57:16OLLIE: So Christian’s plan now is to hop in the water,
00:33:59:11battle through the waves, the current and the wind,
00:34:01:20and hopefully land on the pipeline.
00:34:05:14NARRATOR: Below water, Christian searches
00:34:07:10for the rocky mound covering the pipeline.
00:34:10:00CHRISTIAN: It’s really hard to tell.
00:34:12:19There’s nothing really defined.
00:34:15:02It just looks like a bow in a flat muddy bottom.
00:34:17:24I went back again and I couldn’t see
00:34:21:03which direction it was trying to take.
00:34:23:20I guess I can kind of see some ridges on this berm.
00:34:28:04Yeah, dude, I’d say this is it, man.
00:34:30:04GARRY: Yeah. Yeah.
00:34:31:07You’re right in line with that manhole right now.
00:34:33:15So can you tell if it doglegs there at all?
00:34:37:09NARRATOR: Turns out the pipeline takes a sharp right angle
00:34:41:00at the about the halfway point.
00:34:43:00Given the silt and rock below,
00:34:45:07and with no GPS coordinates,
00:34:47:19it’s no surprise Guillaume missed it.
00:34:50:05GARRY: It’s hard, down there, to track stuff.
00:34:52:07Like over time you get a lot of marine growth,
00:34:54:06you get silt and everything,
00:34:55:20and it just starts burying stuff.
00:34:57:09NARRATOR: But now they’re on the right spot,
00:34:59:10and the inspection can begin.
00:35:01:07CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I’m ready when you are.
00:35:02:15GARRY: All right. I’m gonna start her up.
00:35:04:01NARRATOR: After following the pipeline out,
00:35:06:16Christian finally finds the outfall diffusers.
00:35:10:09CHRISTIAN: Look what I found, Garry.
00:35:11:18GARRY: Diffusers.
00:35:13:05NARRATOR: There’s 48 in total down here,
00:35:15:00and he needs to survey each one,
00:35:17:11ensuring it’s adequately fastened in place…
00:35:20:00CHRISTIAN: And let’s start up the vis,
00:35:21:12there’s four bolts present.
00:35:22:23NARRATOR: …and that the outfall flow is consistent.
00:35:26:13CHRISTIAN: Flow feels consistent and good,
00:35:28:12same as the last one.
00:35:29:19NARRATOR: These diffusers may seem gross to the divers,
00:35:33:03but marine life love them.
00:35:38:10Once Christian’s done with the inspection,
00:35:40:15Garry’s got one more job for his dive team.
00:35:43:10GARRY: We gotta drop some buoys.
00:35:44:16Should make this much easier.
00:35:46:05NARRATOR: The weather is downright unbearable
00:35:48:24as Ollie suits up for the last part of the job.
00:35:51:16But Garry knows it’s always best to leave the job site
00:35:54:13better than the way you found it.
00:35:56:11After all, the next time they’re here,
00:35:58:16Garry may be fully recovered
00:36:00:15and then he’ll be the one diving into the deep end.
00:36:07:07NARRATOR: The dive squad may be calling it a day,
00:36:09:23but out at the entrance to the Harbour,
00:36:12:08LaRae, Chinook, and the rest of the ROV team
00:36:15:14are just getting warmed up.
00:36:18:07They’ve completed three of the nine ROV flights
00:36:21:09to map the area where the big rig will land.
00:36:24:17They’ve been at it for three hours,
00:36:26:09in winds that make it feel like 20 degrees below freezing.
00:36:30:10LARAE: Ooo, it’s cold.
00:36:32:08NARRATOR: Each flight of the ROV follows the same sequence.
00:36:35:14Corey works the winch,
00:36:37:10raising the anchor off the seabed.
00:36:39:22Herbie navigates Dominion’s boat into position.
00:36:43:10LaRae tosses Chinook into the water,
00:36:46:13and the next phase of the inspection begins.
00:36:51:20So far, they haven’t found anything.
00:36:54:22And that’s exactly what everyone is hoping for,
00:36:57:23a clean foothold for the big rig’s spud cans.
00:37:01:16LARAE: We haven’t found anything.
00:37:03:19That’s good.
00:37:05:07Makes for a boring survey.
00:37:07:04We’re not done though so…
00:37:09:05…I don’t wanna jinx it.
00:37:12:10NARRATOR: They’ve only surveyed one third
00:37:13:22of the total area so far.
00:37:16:00It’s tedious work in sub-zero conditions,
00:37:19:06with wind and snow tearing across the deck of the boat.
00:37:23:00LARAE: Oh my god, it’s cold.
00:37:24:23NARRATOR: As Chinook surfaces from its fourth dive,
00:37:28:00LaRae can see it’s struggling.
00:37:33:08LARAE: Oh, way over there. Whoa.
00:37:36:01Why am I all the way over there?
00:37:40:09NARRATOR: Being an ROV pilot means fixing them on the fly,
00:37:43:10and LaRae’s had plenty of practice.
00:37:50:02LARAE: Get off there.
00:37:52:10NARRATOR: One of the propellers
00:37:53:19is fouled up with seaweed.
00:37:55:23A clogged prop isn’t usually an emergency,
00:37:58:05but they’re on a tight schedule
00:38:00:18and nobody wants to be out in the cold
00:38:02:09any longer than necessary.
00:38:06:04LaRae’s got Chinook ready to go back into the water,
00:38:09:02but they’re running out of time.
00:38:17:00NARRATOR: While LaRae controls the ROV,
00:38:19:00Jake provides a running commentary
00:38:21:07to interpret what they’re seeing.
00:38:23:10JAKE: The ROV is on location at position 5.
00:38:26:15Currently facing northwest.
00:38:28:21NARRATOR: The narrated video inspection,
00:38:31:02is one part of the final report
00:38:33:01to the big rig’s owners.
00:38:35:02The other part of the report
00:38:36:21is a complete sonar scan of the area.
00:38:39:10JAKE: We’ll be doing a scan with the sonar
00:38:41:11out to a hundred meters for the bottom hazard survey
00:38:43:18for the NRA at anchorage number 2.
00:38:47:16NARRATOR: Chinook’s sonar works by sending sound waves
00:38:50:03100 meters out into the water.
00:38:53:04Anything in their way bounces those sound waves back.
00:38:57:21By measuring the speed and frequency of those echoes,
00:39:00:17the sonar can determine the distance
00:39:02:17of any objects in its path.
00:39:05:15The Chinook’s computer uses those findings
00:39:08:02to create a virtual map of the ocean floor,
00:39:12:05and sends that data back up to Jake and LaRae.
00:39:16:18It’s pretty smooth down here,
00:39:18:08so any debris would stand out.
00:39:20:17JAKE: No signs of any anomalies or debris
00:39:24:01that need to be investigated.
00:39:25:13We’ll just give the sonar a chance to scan one more round.
00:39:28:20And everything does appear to be clear
00:39:30:15at position 5 facing northwest.
00:39:33:20NARRATOR: Now they’ve gotta repeat the process
00:39:35:22three more times
00:39:37:08for a complete 360 scan of this location.
00:39:42:20But on Chinook’s way up to the surface,
00:39:45:10it hits a major snag.
00:39:48:00JAKE: Click over.
00:39:49:17LARAE: Whoa! My umbilical’s wrapped around
00:39:51:12where the two ropes are tied together.
00:39:55:05NARRATOR: The umbilical is the master cord
00:39:57:13that provides power to Chinook,
00:39:59:14and sends information back to Jake and LaRae.
00:40:02:19It’s sensitive, fragile and expensive,
00:40:05:22with fibre optic and electrical cables bundled inside.
00:40:09:22And right now, it’s all tangled up.
00:40:13:02LARAE: Sometimes you just don’t see where you’re going.
00:40:16:05NARRATOR: LaRae works the joysticks
00:40:17:18like an old school arcade wizard.
00:40:20:09She’s gotta pilot Chinook
00:40:21:20through a mess of wires and rope.
00:40:24:02And any damage she does to the cord,
00:40:26:04could leave Chinook powerless
00:40:28:10and lost on the ocean floor.
00:40:34:12Finally, LaRae manages to pilot her ROV
00:40:37:05back to the surface.
00:40:40:00Jake and Corey fish it out from there.
00:40:43:01But the umbilical’s still tangled up.
00:40:46:12LARAE: No, he’s got it.
00:40:48:22I’m not untanging that anyway.
00:40:50:15Look at that mess.
00:40:54:20NARRATOR: It takes half an hour,
00:40:56:12but they finally get Chinook untangled,
00:40:58:17and back in the water.
00:41:04:18They just lost more valuable time.
00:41:07:15Nobody’s going home early tonight.
00:41:10:10LARAE: Hi. I have an appointment today at 5:30
00:41:12:20and I was wondering if there was anything later available?
00:41:19:01º MUSIC º
00:41:24:18NARRATOR: This towering, 40,000 tonne drilling rig,
00:41:28:18the Noble Regina Allen,
00:41:30:10is sitting idle
00:41:31:24until Dominion Diving can give the all clear
00:41:34:24on an anchorage spot near the mouth of Halifax Harbour.
00:41:39:04Jake and LaRae have been working in the freezing cold all day,
00:41:42:11with Herbie at the wheel.
00:41:44:08This is the ninth and final inspection
00:41:47:00for the big rig’s next move.
00:41:48:15HERBIE: This is where we went. So we done this one.
00:41:51:20Then we came over here and did this one.
00:41:54:17NARRATOR: They’re casting a wide net,
00:41:56:05surveying an area about double the size of the rig.
00:41:59:10HERBIE: That’s what they want though,
00:42:00:14in case they’re not exactly in position,
00:42:03:10they don’t have to worry about being
00:42:05:08over a little bit, right?
00:42:06:22So somewhere within this,
00:42:09:13it could sit down probably in any one of them.
00:42:13:14JAKE: The ROV is now in location at position 9
00:42:15:17of the NRA bottom hazard survey
00:42:17:20at anchorage number 2.
00:42:19:16It’s currently sitting at a depth of 23 metres.
00:42:22:05No signs of any debris or anomalous features
00:42:24:20in the camera.
00:42:25:21We’ll just look at the sonar screen,
00:42:27:07ranged out to a hundred metres.
00:42:29:03NARRATOR: It’s sandy, smooth, and no scrap metal
00:42:32:01anywhere to be found,
00:42:33:19just what everyone was hoping for.
00:42:36:18JAKE: There does not appear to be any anomalous features
00:42:38:05on the sonar out to a hundred metres,
00:42:40:08so this will conclude the final position
00:42:43:00at location 9.
00:42:45:10That’s all she wrote.
00:42:48:05NARRATOR: Herbie gets the all clear
00:42:49:19to head back to Duck Rock.
00:42:51:17HERBIE: Halifax Traffic, Halmar.
00:42:53:14HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Halmar, Halifax Traffic.
00:42:54:16HERBIE: ROV operations here at anchorage 2 are complete
00:42:58:07and we’ll be proceeding back to Dartmouth Cove.
00:43:00:10HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Halmar, Halifax Traffic, roger,
00:43:01:20proceeding back to Dartmouth Cove.
00:43:03:04HERBIE: Are you  good to go? JAKE: Yeah.
00:43:10:10NARRATOR: The seabed scan is complete.
00:43:12:14Dominion’s crew can head home.
00:43:15:02And as soon as LaRae finishes the report,
00:43:18:05the rig can shove off from the repair dock.
00:43:21:00LARAE: Because of that survey that we just did,
00:43:22:15that rig is now able to make its move
00:43:25:06to anchorage number 2.
00:43:27:09We’re not too sure when it’s going to be leaving.
00:43:29:20It could be as little as 24 hour notice.
00:43:33:10NARRATOR: Turns out, it’s even less than that.
00:43:35:24SHAWN: The client just emailed looking for the report.
00:43:38:12Wanted a time frame on the delivery.
00:43:40:17NARRATOR: They want the report right away.
00:43:43:12The rig can’t leave the dock until they get it.
00:43:47:05LaRae’s long day is turning into a late night.
00:43:51:05LARAE: So I’m just going to need a little
00:43:52:17hand putting it all together.
00:43:54:00JAKE: What we’ll do is we’ll get you
00:43:54:16on the computer over there.
00:43:55:21The first thing you’re going to do is go through the video.
00:43:58:02We’ll have to label the video for each location that we did.
00:44:01:04We didn’t have any anomalies
00:44:02:18so we don’t have to take screen shots of anything
00:44:04:16and label what it is or the size of it or anything.
00:44:06:16So that’s pretty easy.
00:44:07:16Then we’ll get typing up the report.
00:44:10:01Where we were, what we were doing,
00:44:11:15what we accomplished. LARAE: Right.
00:44:13:01JAKE: And that’s it. LARAE: Okay.
00:44:14:15º MUSIC º
00:44:26:09SHAWN: I just received the report from LaRae,
00:44:28:10the bottom survey that her and Jake did
00:44:29:24with the ROV at number 2 anchorage.
00:44:32:04Everything looks fine.
00:44:33:05We’ll get it off to the client,
00:44:34:04and just in the nick of time.
00:44:35:14NARRATOR: With the report delivered,
00:44:37:19the big rig starts moving out the next morning.
00:44:40:21It’s going to the spot they cleared
00:44:42:24while it waits on a tow to its next job.
00:44:45:12SHAWN: There’s a lot of factors when it’s inside the harbour.
00:44:47:15If they can get outside the harbour,
00:44:48:21then they control more of those factors.
00:44:51:08The rig company is not making any money
00:44:52:10when the rig’s in the harbour here.
00:44:53:20NARRATOR: This big rig is heading for warmer waters,
00:44:56:18oil exploration off the coast of Venezuela.
00:45:00:05It doesn’t matter how big the job is,
00:45:02:22or how hard.
00:45:04:06Getting it done
00:45:05:24means finding creative solutions
00:45:08:04to new problems,
00:45:12:20For the men and women
00:45:14:05who work on this harbour,
00:45:15:24from the days of rust,
00:45:17:24to the days of robots,
00:45:20:02doing whatever it takes
00:45:22:19is what it takes
00:45:24:13to call yourselves
00:45:25:15The Lords of the Ocean.