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This is the script for Episode Three of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:03:00NARRATOR: A great white shark makes a crappy job
00:01:05:20even harder to stomach.
00:01:07:08SHAWN: It’s a bit concerning.
00:01:08:17DIVER: Holy shit, Dave, what was that?
00:01:10:06NARRATOR: Matt sunk a small fortune
00:01:11:24into this huge machine.
00:01:13:20MATT: Everything about this is heavy duty.
00:01:16:00NARRATOR: He’s gotta make the money back…
00:01:18:19MATT: WHOA!!
00:01:20:02NARRATOR: …or go deeper in the hole.
00:01:22:06MATT: So, right now it’s just dangling down there.
00:01:24:03DR. PESTELL: We’ve got a 41-year old male…
00:01:26:07NARRATOR: And the pressure pushes a diver
00:01:28:03to the brink.
00:01:29:13DR. PESTELL: He may never dive again.
00:01:31:06NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:32:19this family’s built a business
00:01:34:17where nobody else dares.
00:01:38:18and resurrecting anything
00:01:40:16in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:42:24This is their world.
00:01:45:20Salt water in their blood,
00:01:47:18come hell and high water.
00:01:49:20MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:50:20Do or die.
00:01:51:18º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:21:02º MUSIC º
00:02:23:14NARRATOR: That swagger in Matt’s step
00:02:25:05is because today…
00:02:26:15MATT: Come on back.
00:02:27:24NARRATOR: …he gets to christen his million dollar baby.
00:02:30:18MATT: I love my kids. I love my family.
00:02:32:04I love ROV’s.
00:02:34:00Well this is it. This is the MRV4.
00:02:36:08Lots of grunt force push, thrust, pull.
00:02:39:04Sometimes you need to actually physically
00:02:40:21use this ROV as an underwater tugboat.
00:02:43:17º MUSIC º
00:02:47:04MATT: Today we’re gonna be moving the ROV.
00:02:49:16We’re going to be running a full systems check,
00:02:51:03make sure everything’s good.
00:02:53:19Hopefully we don’t fuck shit up on the way out.
00:02:58:00NAll right, keep coming.
00:02:59:15NARRATOR: This big machine has been sitting on the shelf
00:03:01:20since Matt bought it on an impulse six years ago.
00:03:05:00MATT: Inside my head,
00:03:06:05the little hamster was jumping around
00:03:07:18and Homer Simpson was going, “Woohoo!”
00:03:09:12DWAYNE: Straight ahead, Ollie.
00:03:11:06NARRATOR: Not everyone thinks it was such a great idea.
00:03:14:14MATT: Right now, we’re into this ROV
00:03:16:14well over a million dollars.
00:03:18:15DWAYNE: We’ll shove the front end forward,
00:03:20:03and then we’ll drift ‘er back.
00:03:21:17MATT: Is there people around the office or the shop
00:03:24:06that think it’s a bad idea?
00:03:25:24Of course there is.
00:03:26:22DWAYNE: Yeah, we’re good, Ollie.
00:03:28:04ROBIN: Yeah, I’m quite concerned.
00:03:30:05It’s been here since 2014 and no, we haven’t had it
00:03:33:05deployed on a job to date.
00:03:36:05So that’s a problem.
00:03:40:21DWAYNE: Come straight forward.
00:03:42:01MATT: So, it’s up to me now, and my team,
00:03:44:04to make sure we get this ROV
00:03:46:11up and ready for the next job,
00:03:48:02and out on the next job.
00:03:51:13DWAYNE: He’s really optimistic
00:03:53:00on getting it up and running.
00:03:54:07We just don’t think
00:03:56:07we’re as close to getting that to it
00:03:58:13as what Matt thinks it is.
00:03:59:19NARRATOR: ROV’s, aka Remotely Operated Vehicles
00:04:04:02are a critical part of Dominion Diving’s fleet.
00:04:06:23They’re mechanical minions that do jobs
00:04:10:04too deep and too dangerous for a human diver.
00:04:13:05DWAYNE: Prevents human life from being put at risk.
00:04:16:03We can throw an ROV in the water to do work,
00:04:18:10and if something happens to it,
00:04:19:16we bring it up, we fix it.
00:04:21:01It’s not a human life.
00:04:23:08NARRATOR: When this ROV, named the MRV, was made,
00:04:27:04it was the biggest and most advanced ever built,
00:04:30:14but Dominion hasn’t found a way to use it yet.
00:04:36:15DWAYNE: That’s good.
00:04:37:21NARRATOR: Today, after six years,
00:04:39:21Matt’s finally found a big job
00:04:42:00to start covering his costs.
00:04:46:16It’s doing deepwater inspections
00:04:48:07on an offshore oil platform
00:04:50:16in the frigid North Atlantic.
00:04:53:14Matt’s only got two weeks
00:04:55:22to get the ROV ready.
00:04:58:15º MUSIC º
00:05:02:20NARRATOR: Two weeks might seem like plenty of time…
00:05:05:06MATT: Right now, we’re mobilized on a barge.
00:05:07:13NARRATOR: …but there’s also 15 tonnes
00:05:09:17of support gear to be assembled,
00:05:13:14and tested at the extreme depths it will face offshore.
00:05:18:00MATT: If we put the winch right here,
00:05:19:07then we hook this to the winch, that to the winch,
00:05:21:23then this here powers up from the generator.
00:05:24:17º MUSIC º
00:05:32:00MATT: Let go, under the gun.
00:05:33:21NARRATOR: The MRV is the heart of the operation,
00:05:36:12but to launch it there are a lot of moving parts.
00:05:40:01The A-frame,
00:05:41:08the crane that hoists the MRV onboard,
00:05:44:00connects it to the tether management system,
00:05:46:12which spools out the umbilical cord
00:05:48:10connecting it with the critical hydraulic
00:05:50:13and electrical systems.
00:05:52:08The brain of the operation is the control van
00:05:55:07where the pilot guides the MRV on its mission.
00:05:58:10MATT: We’re gonna mobilize,
00:06:00:18put the control van over on this side of the barge.
00:06:03:19All we have to do is connect them on,
00:06:06:08get this in the water
00:06:07:11and run it through its paces.
00:06:08:20I can’t wait!
00:06:14:10NARRATOR: The next morning Shawn’s got to get
00:06:16:05everyone going on a new job
00:06:18:04for Dominion’s human dive team,
00:06:20:11but they might have some unexpected company.
00:06:23:22SHAWN: Great white sharks?
00:06:25:02CREW: Yeah.
00:06:27:00NARRATOR: Scientists tag great white sharks
00:06:28:18with GPS units to track them for research.
00:06:32:05There could be sharks in the harbour every day,
00:06:34:21but thanks to the tags, they know for sure
00:06:37:16that a great white named Jane,
00:06:39:11just swam right past Dominion’s next job site.
00:06:44:10SHAWN: So I’m just looking up, we’ve had a shark
00:06:46:13ping here this morning,
00:06:48:05just off… or inside Halifax.
00:06:51:16It’s a bit concerning.
00:06:52:18We have divers going to be diving in the harbour today.
00:06:58:12SHAWN: So all this shark talk
00:07:00:05sometimes we say it jokingly and that,
00:07:02:10but we do take it serious.
00:07:04:01Amongst the guys, we joke a lot about it,
00:07:06:11but we don’t want to put anybody in harm’s way.
00:07:08:14SHAWN: So we’re close enough, we won’t need the Zodiac,
00:07:10:07we’ll just do the boat, probably the train wheel.
00:07:13:04DAVE: All right. Well that sounds cool.
00:07:15:13Let’s do it.
00:07:21:15DWAYNE: So we’re pretty much getting cut of that,
00:07:22:19is that right?
00:07:25:05Kinda seems that way.
00:07:26:16OLLIE: It’s caused a bit of a stir,
00:07:27:21there’s a 10-foot great white shark
00:07:29:06that they tracked
00:07:30:04just off McNab’s Island out there.
00:07:31:24NARRATOR: Sharks aren’t the only thing
00:07:34:06they need to worry about in the water.
00:07:37:01OLLIE: As you can see it’s kinda
00:07:38:08pretty full of holes
00:07:39:24which isn’t a good thing ’cause
00:07:41:10we’re gonna be diving in shit today.
00:07:43:05MATT: The guys are going over to Halifax
00:07:44:20to the sewer outfall, the shit outfall,
00:07:47:00whatever you want to call it.
00:07:48:00NARRATOR: The Dominion team are headed out
00:07:49:22to inspect the pipe that dumps wastewater
00:07:52:01from the sewage treatment plant into the harbour.
00:07:55:07MATT: It just makes you want to get sick instantly.
00:07:58:00But, somebody’s gotta do it.
00:08:00:03DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:08:01:16We’re now departing Dartmouth Cove.
00:08:03:23We’re gonna be anchoring just offshore
00:08:06:21of the water treatment plant.
00:08:18:05NARRATOR: Back at the Dominion dock…
00:08:22:00the team is shoving off
00:08:23:16to go test Matt’s million dollar ROV.
00:08:27:15DWAYNE: Roger that. We’ll cut lines here now.
00:08:29:10I’m just going to grab a lifejacket
00:08:30:17and then we’ll go from there, dude.
00:08:32:00NARRATOR: Before it can be shipped offshore
00:08:34:03for its first ever paying job,
00:08:35:23it needs to pass a critical deepwater pressure test.
00:08:39:09MATT: Right now we have a lot riding on MRV’s success,
00:08:42:16so I can’t have a hiccup,
00:08:45:05because that’s all
00:08:46:01everybody’s ever gonna remember is that hiccup.
00:08:51:02DWAYNE: Typical. Every time you mobe an ROV
00:08:52:23or demobe an ROV, it feckin’ rains.
00:08:55:14All right, I think that’s us.
00:08:57:11NARRATOR: Matt’s got his mind on his money
00:08:59:11and proving that his impulse purchase can pay off.
00:09:03:19MATT: This system here is designed to be launched
00:09:05:23in up to six-metre seas.
00:09:08:14Everything about this is heavy duty.
00:09:11:10Everything about this is big.
00:09:13:02I could retire.
00:09:14:11I’ll just put it that way.
00:09:15:10I could retire with what I got into this ROV.
00:09:18:17But, it’s one of them things
00:09:20:02where they told me that we couldn’t
00:09:22:10so I’m going to prove them wrong.
00:09:24:09DWAYNE: Wanna get me a couple of cable ties?
00:09:26:24Thank you, sir.
00:09:28:17MATT: The biggest catastrophe that could happen
00:09:30:08is we get water into the telemetry
00:09:33:05or the computer of the ROV.
00:09:35:01I don’t want the damn thing to blow up.
00:09:36:20I don’t want it to flood out.
00:09:38:11That makes for a very bad day.
00:09:40:15DWAYNE: Nothing like high voltage and water.
00:09:42:16Two of my favorite things in the world.
00:09:45:12NARRATOR: The only way to make sure the ROV is ready
00:09:47:22is lowering it into the deepest part of the harbour.
00:09:50:23A do or die test
00:09:52:09to see if it can survive the oppressive water pressure
00:09:55:09at typical working depth.
00:10:01:12MATT: All right, so now what we’re gonna do
00:10:03:06is we’re gonna lift up the ROV,
00:10:05:23start swinging it out over
00:10:08:01and then lower it down to depth.
00:10:09:15DWAYNE: Ready? MATT: Ready.
00:10:17:01MATT: So many electrical connections coming together
00:10:19:16that those are areas where water can
00:10:22:22ingress into the system.
00:10:24:20Short out the circuit,
00:10:26:00blow the transformers, can blow components.
00:10:28:19So right now,
00:10:30:09that’s why it’s an important test for us.
00:10:46:06DWAYNE: So it’s just a matter of watching it
00:10:47:09and coming out carefully, right?
00:10:54:10NARRATOR: They’ll monitor the depth of the ROV
00:10:56:06by counting cable wraps spooling off the winch.
00:10:59:08MATT: We’re gonna go down approximately eight wraps.
00:11:01:22That’ll give us about 200 feet.
00:11:03:17DWAYNE: That’s one? Roger.
00:11:06:11GLEN: Wrap two.
00:11:11:18GLEN: Okay, we’re getting close to number four.
00:11:15:19MATT: Every extra foot is adding more pressure.
00:11:17:22You just think of all the weight
00:11:19:11of all that water above you.
00:11:25:15MATT: You’re at about 225,
00:11:27:08or nine and a half wraps.
00:11:30:22NARRATOR: The ROV has plummeted
00:11:32:04to more than 60 metres below the boat.
00:11:35:04The pressure at that depth
00:11:37:04is seven times what it is at the surface.
00:11:40:05MATT: We’re gonna turn on the hydraulics.
00:11:41:22We’re gonna bring everything online,
00:11:43:19function it.
00:11:45:11Probably in the water for about a half an hour,
00:11:47:0445 minutes.
00:11:55:07NARRATOR: Back with the dive team…
00:11:56:24DAVE: You can see the birds,
00:11:58:07we’re getting closer to the birds.
00:11:59:15NARRATOR: …you can’t see it from the surface,
00:12:01:05but some Maritime wisdom leads Dominion
00:12:04:19to the exact location of the sewage pipe.
00:12:07:14DAVE: In this particular location,
00:12:09:14you basically just look for a whole bunch of seagulls
00:12:13:01that are floating on the surface,
00:12:14:11because they’re right above where the diffusers diffuse.
00:12:18:07Maybe there’s some leftover snacks there,
00:12:20:03or the water’s a little warmer and the fish like it.
00:12:26:11DAVE: So we’re gonna put the training wheel down first?
00:12:29:10CHRISTIAN: It’s hot out today.
00:12:31:01Can’t wait to get in there.
00:12:33:21NARRATOR: The pipe is as long as four football fields.
00:12:36:14The mission is to inspect the whole thing
00:12:39:04for leaks or damage.
00:12:40:20They’ll start at the treatment plant
00:12:42:14and work their way offshore to the diffusers.
00:12:45:19The diffusers are a series of duckbill valves
00:12:48:15that slowly dilute treated sewage into the harbour,
00:12:52:07keeping pollutants below environmental levels.
00:12:55:09They can get smashed up by boats and storms,
00:12:58:02which lets all the wastewater
00:13:00:01just flow into the harbour unrestricted,
00:13:04:03shutting down local beaches
00:13:06:05and impacting marine life
00:13:07:21like seals or even great white sharks. 
00:13:15:01NARRATOR: Without treatment plants
00:13:16:09and properly functioning pipelines,
00:13:18:01over 200 million litres of raw sewage
00:13:21:12would end up in the harbour every day.
00:13:24:07That’s enough to fill 25 Olympic-size swimming pools.
00:13:28:08DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:13:29:21HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Dominion Bearcat, Halifax Traffic.
00:13:31:04DAVE: We’re gonna be getting set up here
00:13:32:23and we will be conducting diving operations.
00:13:35:14We’re taking a look at the out valve
00:13:37:09that runs from our position,
00:13:39:09to the Halifax water plant onshore.
00:13:42:19HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Roger.
00:13:44:10OLLIE: All right, ready to drop.
00:13:47:00I’ve got the ladder.
00:13:52:10DAVE: The diver’s name is Christian Sewell
00:13:54:08and he’s going to continue following the rock berm.
00:13:58:13Go ahead, Christian.
00:14:00:03CHRISTIAN: The visibility’s a little bit cloudy down here.
00:14:03:03I can see maybe 10 or 15 feet.
00:14:07:12NARRATOR: Christian can barely see the pipe in front of him.
00:14:10:12CHRISTIAN: It’s a maze down here, man.
00:14:12:23NARRATOR: Or whether there’s a great white shark
00:14:14:20in the water behind him.
00:14:22:06CHRISTIAN: I believe I’m turned around now,
00:14:23:11because that came to an end that way.
00:14:27:04So I’m just trying to
00:14:31:09figure out what’s what here.
00:14:37:15Oh fuck, did you guys see that?
00:14:39:04There’s something swimming down here.
00:14:44:21What the fuck is that?!
00:14:54:05NARRATOR: Over in the deepest part of the harbour,
00:14:56:05an electrical problem shuts down the ROV test.
00:15:01:19MATT: WHOA!!
00:15:13:02MATT: That was the noise I heard.
00:15:18:20GLEN: Where’d you think it was coming from?
00:15:19:20MATT: It’s coming from in there.
00:15:21:04DWAYNE: We’re shut down right now, yeah?
00:15:24:00You bring it up and you tell me
00:15:25:05when you’re ready to fuckin’ flash ‘er.
00:15:26:21GLEN: Well, d’you want a headset on?
00:15:29:00DWAYNE: Yeah.
00:15:30:22NARRATOR: The electronics are shorting out,
00:15:32:18and Matt’s million dollar baby is dangling stranded
00:15:35:2160 metres below the surface.
00:15:45:08DWAYNE: Shut it off, shut it off.
00:15:46:22MATT: Oh, it’s arcing big time.
00:15:49:01GLEN: On the umbilical?
00:15:50:00MATT: On the armoured umbilical coming in, the orange.
00:15:52:07GLEN: Right.
00:15:54:15MATT: Oh fuck yes, it melted itself.
00:15:58:20MATT: Right now, we got the ROV sitting down
00:16:01:12about 10 feet from the sea bottom
00:16:04:07and it had a bit of an electrical shorting,
00:16:07:15which tripped the system.
00:16:09:13NARRATOR: Until the team can repair the electronics
00:16:12:07and rescue it, Matt’s precious ROV
00:16:15:02is the world’s most expensive boat anchor.
00:16:18:02MATT: So right now it’s just dangling down there.
00:16:26:09NARRATOR: Back with the dive team…
00:16:30:14underwater Christian’s trying to regain his composure
00:16:34:00after a close encounter with marine life.
00:16:38:15CHRISTIAN: Holy shit, Dave. Did you see that?
00:16:42:09There’s a fucking seal down here.
00:16:44:03DAVE: It’s not a great white shark.
00:16:45:18CHRISTIAN: I’ve got to come out and change my dry suit, Dave,
00:16:47:18he scared me.
00:16:49:08DAVE: That’s funny. Was he right in your face?
00:16:50:11CHRISTIAN: Oh man, not like right in my face,
00:16:52:00but I could see him out of the corner of my eye.
00:16:54:20DAVE: Is he gone now?
00:16:55:19CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I think he’s gone.
00:16:58:10He doesn’t want to mess with this metre stick, boy!
00:17:04:00CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I’m done. I’m fucking done!
00:17:06:10NARRATOR: It may have only been a seal
00:17:08:14but all this shark talk has everyone on edge.
00:17:12:02OLLIE: I didn’t even know it was going down.
00:17:13:18DAVE: It was amazing.
00:17:15:19It scared Christian a little bit, I think.
00:17:18:01OLLIE: I would say.
00:17:19:04They’re fuckin’ scary, man.
00:17:20:17When you’re not expecting it.
00:17:22:15DAVE: When you’re worried about great white sharks showing up,
00:17:24:15and then some big thing swims by you
00:17:26:22in your periphery.
00:17:29:00I could see it.
00:17:30:05CHRISTIAN: It was weird. I was like staring into his eyes.
00:17:32:19He was just like, checking me out.
00:17:34:00DAVE: Did you punch it?
00:17:34:24CHRISTIAN: No. I had my metre stick ready though.
00:17:39:05NARRATOR: The next piece of shark bait will be Gary.
00:17:41:20DAVE: Yeah, you should have mains there. Give her a check.
00:17:43:10NARRATOR: But he doesn’t scare easily.
00:17:46:20DAVE: Can you hear me all right in there?
00:17:47:22GARY: Yeah.
00:17:48:18NARRATOR: Sharks aside,
00:17:49:22this should be a routine dive for Gary,
00:17:52:13a 10-year veteran with over 500 dives under his belt.
00:18:02:00GARY: I’m going to stay on the starboard side
00:18:03:20of the diffuser.
00:18:05:05DAVE: Yeah, sounds good.
00:18:06:04Because I’ve got you at 48 feet.
00:18:08:05GARY: Ah, there you go.
00:18:09:06So I’ve got 75 minutes.
00:18:11:05Not that I memorize tables.
00:18:13:11NARRATOR: Every dive has risks.
00:18:15:23The team will follow strict time limits on how deep
00:18:18:13and how long Gary can go.
00:18:21:10DAVE: We’re gonna be conducting a visual inspection
00:18:24:01of the sewage treatment plant outfall.
00:18:27:10Our divers name is Gary Grundy.
00:18:29:13GARY: This one is laying over on its side.
00:18:32:05It looks like it’s broke off.
00:18:34:24You can see it’s kind of jagged
00:18:38:12where it’s broke.
00:18:41:08DAVE: So, yeah, we’re gonna want to
00:18:42:06put that marker and that weight
00:18:44:04right beside the diffuser that’s fallen over,
00:18:46:07’cause that’ll represent the offshore end,
00:18:48:10plus also an area that is damaged.
00:18:50:18GARY: So this is the second diffuser
00:18:54:00from the offshore end.
00:18:55:01DAVE: Yeah, roger.
00:18:56:13GARY: The first one was broken,
00:18:58:06and this one appears to be intact and secure.
00:19:02:04NARRATOR: With limited bottom time,
00:19:03:12Gary’s under pressure
00:19:04:22to inspect as much pipe as possible.
00:19:07:10GARY: So, that was number five.
00:19:09:15DAVE: Yup, so we’ll head into number six.
00:19:12:14GARY: It’s got good flow again.
00:19:14:07Appears to be the same as all the others.
00:19:16:05DAVE: You got a little bit of time,
00:19:17:20so give you enough time to get back here
00:19:19:13and this will be it for you.
00:19:21:10So, we’ll just switch out divers.
00:19:23:00GARY: All right.
00:19:25:04OLLIE: Great job, Gary.
00:19:26:08GARY: I’ve smelled worse.
00:19:28:06NARRATOR: Boots is in the water next,
00:19:29:23to finish the job.
00:19:33:00OLLIE: Good to go.
00:19:40:05DAVE: So whenever you’re ready, let me know
00:19:41:09and we’ll get the video going again.
00:19:44:07BOOTS: How far are we at?
00:19:45:24DAVE: This will be number 18.
00:19:49:05Just check ‘er out and make sure everything’s good.
00:19:51:05NARRATOR: Under the water the job is going as planned,
00:19:53:14with no sign of sharks.
00:19:55:10But up on deck, there’s real danger.
00:19:59:22Something’s wrong with Gary.
00:20:04:00BOOTS: Do you want me to go back and get the buoy?
00:20:05:20DAVE: No, just come on back.
00:20:09:00I’m going to bring Boots up.
00:20:13:09I know, but Gary’s up here, he’s not feeling good now,
00:20:16:02so we’re going to pull you out
00:20:16:23and we’re going to go back and see what’s going on.
00:20:18:12BOOTS: Okay.
00:20:19:06DAVE: We were doing some stuff on deck,
00:20:20:21and then he started getting dizzy.
00:20:22:09He’s just breathing some O2 right now,
00:20:24:22and we’ll get back into shore
00:20:26:04and get someone else to take a look.
00:20:30:01NARRATOR: Gary needs emergency attention,
00:20:32:01but before they can return him to shore,
00:20:34:05they have to get Boots safely out of the water.
00:20:41:10NARRATOR: Across the harbour, back onboard the barge…
00:20:44:16MATT: The boys will bring this around.
00:20:46:18DWAYNE: See if there’s any nicks.
00:20:48:24CREW: But it looks like it arced right…
00:20:51:00DWAYNE: Yeah, right there.
00:20:52:06CREW: …right there.
00:20:53:05NARRATOR: An electrical meltdown
00:20:54:15has left Matt’s million dollar ROV in deep trouble.
00:20:58:08DWAYNE: That’s a knife mark in the insulation.
00:21:00:07NARRATOR: One flick of a knife may have cost
00:21:02:11Matt a million dollar piece of equipment,
00:21:04:24a big money construction contract,
00:21:07:08and his reputation.
00:21:09:00MATT: And it all starts from a nick from a knife.
00:21:12:15NARRATOR: Until the team can rebuild the charred umbilical,
00:21:15:16the deep water test
00:21:17:03has shifted to a deep water rescue.
00:21:19:15MATT: Right now, the ROV is 250 feet
00:21:21:09below where we’re standing.
00:21:23:17So real fast
00:21:26:00we have to do a work-around.
00:21:29:05Is it the best way of doing it?
00:21:32:00Will it get us home?
00:21:39:05NARRATOR: They need to get power to the MRV,
00:21:41:15in order to get it safely back onboard.
00:21:44:05MATT: They’re gonna flash it up now.
00:21:47:00Okay, don’t look right at it guys.
00:21:53:00DWAYNE: Silence is good.
00:22:02:04MATT: Silence is good, but it’s scary.
00:22:10:15DWAYNE: Telemetry’s good. Coming up on sub motor.
00:22:12:15Everybody stand clear, please.
00:22:14:00MATT: Okay.
00:22:17:15This is the test right now.
00:22:20:14NARRATOR: There’s a million bucks hanging on a cable,
00:22:22:16held together by electrical tape,
00:22:24:16ingenuity and wishful thinking.
00:22:30:11MATT: That’s her.
00:22:32:00That’s the power up and running.
00:22:34:19The ROV is up and running.
00:22:37:20MATT: It’s on an idle, so it’s only sitting at
00:22:39:10five amps right now.
00:22:40:16We’ll check to make sure that it comes out now.
00:22:44:20MATT: [LAUGHING]
00:22:47:16Alrighty, see? It’s all good.
00:22:53:05NARRATOR: With the system up and running,
00:22:54:15now the ROV can be recovered.
00:22:56:21MATT: There it is. Start to see the glow.
00:22:59:06DWAYNE: There’s your TMS.
00:23:00:19MATT: There it is. Break surface.
00:23:05:07NARRATOR: Retrieving the ROV may feel like success,
00:23:08:03but ultimately the test was a failure.
00:23:11:07MATT: That’s her. We’re heading back to Duck Rock.
00:23:14:04NARRATOR: The team will race home to repair the ROV,
00:23:16:16before they can ship it offshore
00:23:18:11for the big money construction contract.
00:23:25:10NARRATOR: Back on the dive boat…
00:23:27:03DAVE: Yeah, he just sorta started getting
00:23:29:01almost a vertigo-y type thing.
00:23:30:20So I just put him on O2
00:23:32:15and I’m pulling Boots out of the water,
00:23:34:09and we’re going to come back in,
00:23:36:04and just see what’s going on.
00:23:39:21His actual was about 52 feet,
00:23:41:22and he was 50 minutes.
00:23:44:22NARRATOR: Every symptom is pointing to
00:23:47:00decompression sickness, aka, the bends.
00:23:51:09When a diver is down deep, the pressure squeezes
00:23:54:04tiny bubbles of gas in their blood stream.
00:23:57:04As they come back up, the pressure decreases
00:23:59:15and the bubbles get bigger.
00:24:01:14Come up too fast,
00:24:02:19and the bubbles saturate the blood and muscles,
00:24:05:06causing excruciating pain, neurological problems,
00:24:08:15strokes, even death.
00:24:10:05GARY: Let’s focus on getting our anchors up 
00:24:11:24and getting ourselves on the move.
00:24:15:10NARRATOR: But, it doesn’t make sense.
00:24:17:01Gary wasn’t down deep enough or long enough,
00:24:19:18for this sort of problem.
00:24:21:01They took every precaution.
00:24:23:11Still, Dave’s not taking any chances.
00:24:26:20OLLIE: What I’m just doing is just keeping an eye on him,
00:24:28:03making sure he’s okay.
00:24:29:01And then if anything changes,
00:24:31:00like he starts to seizure or whatever,
00:24:32:06I’ll be right here and I can do anything he needs basically.
00:24:35:06DAVE: With diving related things,
00:24:36:24we always treat everything as a big deal
00:24:38:13because it’s possible that it is.
00:24:40:13OLLIE: Can I borrow your wrist real quick,
00:24:42:00take your pulse.
00:24:43:19NARRATOR: This is a diver’s worst nightmare.
00:24:46:11Every second of the trip back to base
00:24:49:02feels like an eternity.
00:24:52:23During the trip, Gary takes a turn for the worse.
00:25:02:00GARY: I’ll keep my eyes closed.
00:25:03:20ROBIN: Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
00:25:08:20GARY: It’s like basically a crazy feeling of…
00:25:14:15SHAWN: Just keep a hold of him.
00:25:15:15OLLIE: Yeah, I got him.
00:25:16:12CREW: Now you’re crossing across the boat.
00:25:18:00ROBIN: Step up, step up.
00:25:19:00CREW: No, no, he’s okay, he’s okay.
00:25:21:21There you go.
00:25:23:00NARRATOR: Dave decides Gary needs to go
00:25:24:17straight to the hospital.
00:25:42:03NARRATOR: Even with a sick friend,
00:25:43:09and sharks in the water,
00:25:45:05Dominion’s gotta finish what they started.
00:25:47:11The rest of the dive crew
00:25:48:18needs to get back to work on the sewage pipe.
00:25:55:14DAVE: We’re basically back where we left off.
00:25:59:17And we’re right back at it.
00:26:02:04We delivered Gary to shore,
00:26:03:21and as far as what we can do for him,
00:26:06:10that’s about it, right?
00:26:08:06We transferred him to good hands.
00:26:09:22So, he’ll get looked at.
00:26:11:19NARRATOR: But, across town…
00:26:13:15DR. PESTELL: …a 41-year old male.
00:26:14:19Fifteen minutes after coming to the surface at the dive site,
00:26:17:06he started to stagger around and became ataxic.
00:26:19:24NARRATOR: Gary’s been rushed to the hyper-baric medicine unit.
00:26:23:05DR. PESTELL: Put him in head first,
00:26:25:12and we’ll get him in the chamber.
00:26:26:21We’re looking at a Type 2
00:26:28:10neurologic decompression sickness here.
00:26:30:11I need to find out if he’s ataxic.
00:26:32:05Sit up for us.
00:26:33:20That’s good.
00:26:35:12There you go.
00:26:36:20All right, I’m going to put you through a couple of tests,
00:26:38:12but we’re going to protect you
00:26:39:18and make sure that you’re all right.
00:26:41:00He’s never had an episode of decompression sickness
00:26:42:11in the past.
00:26:43:20We’re going to take your oxygen off
00:26:44:17and we’ll get you into the chamber.
00:26:45:24And it’s most comfortable for you
00:26:47:06when you’ve got your eyes closed.
00:26:48:21Heather, you’ll be on the chamber.
00:26:50:02NARRATOR: The chamber replicates the pressure from a deep dive,
00:26:53:00crushing those bubbles in the blood stream
00:26:55:04back down to size,
00:26:56:15where they can slowly be passed naturally.
00:26:59:18DR. PESTELL: We believe right now,
00:27:00:23that Gary’s had what’s called an episode
00:27:02:11of vestibular decompression sickness.
00:27:10:24DR. PESTELL: We’ve taken Gary to a depth in the chamber,
00:27:13:10of 60 feet seawater.
00:27:15:00We’ve crushed the bubbles
00:27:16:15that are in his inner ear.
00:27:19:01If we can’t get him better,
00:27:21:13he may never drive again, let alone dive.
00:27:28:24º MUSIC º
00:27:38:12NARRATOR: It’s been nearly a week since the ROV
00:27:40:10was stranded at the sea bottom,
00:27:41:24and the whole crew has been under pressure
00:27:44:04to fix it ever since.
00:27:46:11DWAYNE: I have the pilot console
00:27:48:09for the sub.
00:27:50:11This is the main device used to fly the ROV.
00:27:55:17DWAYNE: Basically,
00:27:56:11the system that is used to navigate,
00:28:00:11fly, turn stuff on and off,
00:28:02:11make this ROV work.
00:28:05:20º MUSIC º
00:28:08:15NARRATOR: Since one exposed wire
00:28:10:01caused the electrical meltdown,
00:28:11:24over the last few days, Dwayne has ripped apart,
00:28:15:03re-soldered and rewired the entire brain of the ROV.
00:28:20:07DWAYNE: So hopefully that’s been remedied
00:28:22:02and we’ll go from there.
00:28:26:07There was a lot of wires,
00:28:27:18and a lot of finicky stuff on it, that’s for sure.
00:28:30:08NARRATOR: Everyone’s busting their asses
00:28:31:20to get this done on time.
00:28:33:23º MUSIC º
00:28:39:09The ROV needs to be shipped offshore
00:28:41:10for the construction contract in a week.
00:28:43:24Everything’s gotta be reconnected
00:28:46:02and run through its paces.
00:28:48:17CREW: Get them to run it right through the whole function
00:28:50:07so everything fills full of oil.
00:28:51:15DWAYNE: I’m at 150 bar.
00:28:56:02CREW: Okay, he’s got 155 bars, Len.
00:28:58:16NARRATOR: Before they can risk putting the ROV
00:29:00:10back in the water
00:29:01:19to reattempt the failed deepwater test,
00:29:04:04they need to make sure everything will hold up.
00:29:07:03DWAYNE: We’re not seeing any leaks or anything, eh?
00:29:10:05LEN: No.
00:29:13:06LEN: Yeah, do every function.
00:29:14:17All the way, full stroke everything.
00:29:17:02NARRATOR: They put the brain back onboard.
00:29:19:16They’re testing the robotic arm.
00:29:22:07LEN: I’m just watching the hoses in here.
00:29:25:24LEN: All right, go ahead.
00:29:28:01Yeah, cycle it all the way.
00:29:38:00NARRATOR: Every propeller’s gotta fire exactly on cue
00:29:41:06and work together in perfect synchronicity.
00:29:44:05DWAYNE: Yeah, that’s fine.
00:29:49:10NARRATOR: After a week of intensive
00:29:50:17high pressure medical treatment,
00:29:52:10Gary is finally surfacing.
00:29:54:22But still no explanation
00:29:56:24as to why he got bent.
00:29:59:03DR. PESTELL: Most divers who suffer from
00:30:00:20decompression sickness, will get better
00:30:02:17with two or three treatments.
00:30:04:03Many even just one.
00:30:06:10Gary required repetitive  deep tables
00:30:09:18for seven days straight.
00:30:12:13We’re still investigating why this happened to him,
00:30:15:03because he was diving well within
00:30:18:01the decompression limits.
00:30:19:12Dominion Diving and Gary did nothing wrong.
00:30:23:10It was, you know, for this to happen,
00:30:25:10they’re very safe divers.
00:30:26:22TECHNICIAN: So, I’ll just get you to confirm
00:30:28:02your birthday for me.
00:30:29:03GARY: July 28th, 1977.
00:30:31:06TECHNICIAN: So, Gary I’m going to be using
00:30:32:19these electrodes here.
00:30:34:04They’re kind of like little sensors,
00:30:35:07they pick up your heart signals.
00:30:37:02And you won’t feel anything from this test.
00:30:39:03It’s very non-invasive.
00:30:40:14As I mentioned, they’re just little sensors.
00:30:42:16GARY: If you get to a chamber
00:30:43:20with decompression illness,
00:30:45:02usually it relieves the symptoms right away.
00:30:48:10But I went in and I didn’t really get any relief.
00:30:51:15So, then I was like, well, this sucks.
00:30:53:14TECHNICIAN: All right, so just keep your arms and legs
00:30:55:24nice and still and relaxed.
00:30:58:20GARY: Right now I am a mystery,
00:31:00:01because the dive we did,
00:31:01:1052 feet, we were on a 60 foot table.
00:31:03:22We left right at 50 minutes.
00:31:06:00They just want to see what’s going on.
00:31:09:03DOCTOR: I just have a few questions for you.
00:31:10:23Any remote history of syncope,
00:31:13:05as in like fainting or passing out or anything.
00:31:15:05GARY: Yeah, when I was younger
00:31:16:13I fainted a couple of times.
00:31:18:16DOCTOR: Shortness of breath or anything?
00:31:19:23GARY: No.
00:31:22:15DR. PESTELL: Gary’s gainfully employed
00:31:24:08until we can make a final decision.
00:31:27:00He just can’t go back to work in the water.
00:31:41:00NARRATOR: Back at Dominion, it’s down to the wire
00:31:43:04to repair Matt’s money pit of an ROV,
00:31:46:14before it can be shipped offshore
00:31:48:08to finally make some cash.
00:31:50:12MATT: What’s that noise?
00:31:52:10LEN: It’s probably just a little back pressure on it.
00:31:54:01NARRATOR: They’ve just barely recovered
00:31:55:24from the electrical meltdown
00:31:57:16and now the hydraulics have Matt worried.
00:32:00:17MATT: Something’s leaking somewhere.
00:32:02:11LEN: Ah, it’s probably just depressing that,
00:32:04:05it’s compressing, right?
00:32:05:17MATT: Yeah. Sounds like it’s dripping though.
00:32:07:15LEN: Yeah, but I know…
00:32:08:13NARRATOR: Faulty wiring caused
00:32:10:07the deep water test catastrophe,
00:32:12:14but there’s no way Dwayne’s gonna put MRV
00:32:15:10back in the water, if the hydraulics leak.
00:32:21:09DWAYNE: Can’t put an oil-based system in the water
00:32:23:07if it’s pissing oil all over the place.
00:32:25:05Environment doesn’t really like that.
00:32:27:00As long as everything holds pressure.
00:32:31:08We’re gonna work on getting the TMS,
00:32:32:16bring that down, put that on the skid.
00:32:37:10NARRATOR: The tether management system
00:32:38:11gets connected to the ROV
00:32:40:13and takes care of spooling out the umbilical cable
00:32:43:06that supports it during an underwater mission.
00:32:52:07LEN: Looks like you got ‘er.
00:32:53:10DWAYNE: Okay. I’m gonna swing the A-frame towards us.
00:32:55:17LEN: Hold it, hold it.
00:32:58:04DWAYNE: Are we sure that’s water?
00:32:59:10LEN: We’re not sure.
00:33:07:19DWAYNE: Hey Len…
00:33:09:00LEN: Yes.
00:33:09:18DWAYNE: …you wanna
00:33:11:05toss me up some nappies?
00:33:15:24LEN: Some what?
00:33:16:24DWAYNE: Some nappies.
00:33:18:16I’ll need a few.
00:33:20:01LEN: Was that water you’re sopping up, right in the…
00:33:22:00DWAYNE: No, there’s a mixture of water and oil.
00:33:28:00DWAYNE: Where the flyin’ feck is that coming from?
00:33:30:20NARRATOR: An oil leak now would scrub the second test.
00:33:34:18DWAYNE: Do me a favour,
00:33:36:21turn on the hydraulic power pack,
00:33:46:04NARRATOR: At this point, a leak would cost them
00:33:48:00days of work and potentially
00:33:50:01the offshore construction contract.
00:33:52:15DWAYNE: If you have a hydraulic leak,
00:33:54:09that ROV doesn’t go anywhere near the water.
00:33:58:15DWAYNE: Found it!
00:34:00:19Oh yeah, she’s bleeding good.
00:34:02:21Found it.
00:34:04:09We’ve got a motor problem.
00:34:16:11NARRATOR: Across town at the hospital…
00:34:21:04DR. STEWART: Good morning. GARY: Good morning.
00:34:22:12NARRATOR: Gary’s been sent to Cardiology
00:34:24:17to try to figure out what caused him to get sick
00:34:27:20on a routine dive.
00:34:29:15DR. STEWART:  So, Dr. Pestell, she sent you along
00:34:32:03to kind of look at what had happened because of
00:34:35:10this episode of a vestibular decompression Type 2.
00:34:38:20GARY: Yeah. DR. STEWART: Yeah.
00:34:40:18So the dive you had that led to this,
00:34:43:24was not out of keeping with
00:34:45:10something you might have…
00:34:46:04GARY: No,  it was a pretty…
00:34:47:11DR. STEWART: Pretty standard.
00:34:48:16GARY: …well I call it just a nothing dive, right?
00:34:50:01DR. STEWART: Yeah.
00:34:51:00GARY: It was well within the tables.
00:34:52:21Nothing too strenuous. It was just an inspection dive.
00:34:55:05DR. STEWART: So at this stage I should
00:34:57:06have a listen to your heart,
00:34:58:13so if you can come over for a second.
00:35:02:19NARRATOR: After a week of decompression and testing,
00:35:05:03Gary finally discovers why he got sick
00:35:07:20on a carefully executed routine dive.
00:35:15:01GARY: I got a hole in my heart.
00:35:17:05There’s bubbles that’ll go through my heart
00:35:19:05instead of going through my lungs,
00:35:20:11so that causes the issue.
00:35:25:10So, it means I’m not diving anymore.
00:35:29:20Still have to do an EKG and a couple other tests,
00:35:32:00but, that’s it for now.
00:35:36:18NARRATOR: It’s not life threatening
00:35:38:03but it could be fatal for his diving career.
00:35:41:03DR. STEWART: To do this high risk of diving
00:35:43:09without correcting his heart condition,
00:35:45:06would be too high a risk
00:35:47:10and he shouldn’t be diving anymore.
00:35:50:02GARY: It might get repaired, it might not.
00:35:51:12I don’t really know right now.
00:35:57:15NARRATOR: After nearly two weeks of work
00:35:59:13and a boatload of resources,
00:36:01:14Matt thinks his ROV might be ship-shape at last.
00:36:06:05DWAYNE: So that’s going to your gauge.
00:36:07:11I don’t know why that’s pissin’ oil.
00:36:09:05We should almost replace that hose.
00:36:13:19NARRATOR: The Dominion team has worked around the clock
00:36:15:19to repair and refit the entire hydraulic system.
00:36:19:10DWAYNE: There’s thousands of hydraulic connections
00:36:20:21on that system.
00:36:22:01So it’s systematically
00:36:23:11going through each individual
00:36:25:20part of a hydraulic system,
00:36:26:24and just making sure that all the fittings,
00:36:29:08all the hoses, all the O-rings,
00:36:30:17all the seals, are all good.
00:36:32:22DWAYNE: Every line’s been taken off and been redone
00:36:35:16and tweaked, so there’s a lot of fittings in here.
00:36:38:01You’ve got to double check to make sure that
00:36:39:07they all got tightened.
00:36:40:01LEN: Which we all did in the shop.
00:36:41:00DWAYNE: Yes.
00:36:43:15NARRATOR: But to triple check,
00:36:45:01they’ll need to bring out MRV,
00:36:47:07connect it to the launch system,
00:36:48:20and then submerge it
00:36:49:24in the shallow water off the dock.
00:36:54:15LEN: Okay!
00:36:55:20MATT: So, here we are with the ROV onboard,
00:36:58:24the TMS in place, everything’s hooked up.
00:37:01:07We want to be able to make sure
00:37:03:03that the hydraulic systems
00:37:04:05are cleaned and ready to rock and roll.
00:37:07:13DWAYNE: I’ll stop before we hit the water,
00:37:08:21that way we can go in on the stick.
00:37:12:01GLEN: As long as you can see the top,
00:37:13:07which you can.
00:37:20:18NARRATOR: As MRV’s lowered,
00:37:21:22there’s one thing they’re watching for,
00:37:24:04but don’t want to see.
00:37:25:23DWAYNE: You put an ROV that’s got oil all over it,
00:37:27:15in the water,
00:37:28:17and you literally have a rainbow in the water,
00:37:32:15showing that you’ve got an oil leak.
00:37:35:19NARRATOR: With only two days remaining
00:37:37:05before MRV needs to be shipped off
00:37:39:14to the construction contract,
00:37:40:23more leaks are something they can’t afford.
00:37:44:11DWAYNE: If a client sees that rainbow,
00:37:46:05they will get on the horn and they will tell you
00:37:47:14to get that ROV out of the water, in a heartbeat.
00:37:49:20GLEN: See what it looks like inside.
00:37:51:23MATT: We put it in the water.
00:37:53:06Things are starting to smooth out,
00:37:54:14work better, function.
00:37:55:16So now they’re in there basically
00:37:57:08pushing the blood through the system.
00:37:58:24Making sure those arms operate,
00:38:00:09to see if there’s any water ingress in our pods,
00:38:02:22and any hydraulic fluid leak.
00:38:04:21There was none.
00:38:05:15We were happy with that.
00:38:06:24So, we called it done.
00:38:09:05MATT: It’s a little bit of a milestone,
00:38:10:12a little bit of an achievement.
00:38:11:23GLEN: Well, I would say that’s good enough.
00:38:13:12Just leave it at that, yeah?
00:38:18:06NARRATOR: The real test will be the squeeze tomorrow,
00:38:20:16under high pressure, in 60 metres of water.
00:38:24:00They’ve only got two days left.
00:38:30:12º MUSIC º
00:38:40:05NARRATOR: At Dominion…
00:38:43:02…the work never stops.
00:38:46:17Unless you’re a diver with a recently diagnosed
00:38:49:14hole in your heart.
00:38:51:10GARY: I can’t get in the water
00:38:52:22until this either gets fixed,
00:38:55:06or the doctor says it’s okay
00:38:56:20for me to get in the water,
00:38:57:18which I don’t foresee.
00:38:59:09GARY: So, yeah, I have a defect in my heart.
00:39:02:09But it’s gonna be longer
00:39:04:23before I’ll be able to dive again.
00:39:06:19SHAWN: That’s, I want to say surprising.
00:39:09:02It’s surprising to me because,
00:39:11:13just of all the diving.
00:39:12:23GARY: It’s a small one, that’s why.
00:39:14:23Even they said it’s small.
00:39:16:00So that’s why it just happened to be this time.
00:39:18:13SHAWN: That’s why it wasn’t picked up on any medicals?
00:39:20:00GARY: Yeah. So, we’ll see.
00:39:21:23SHAWN: Okay. Thanks, Gary.
00:39:23:21GARY: No problem.
00:39:25:11NARRATOR: Luckily Gary’s found a place
00:39:26:22in the hearts of his bosses.
00:39:28:21They’re keeping him working at Dominion
00:39:30:18while he waits.
00:39:32:16ROBIN: Gary is a talented guy.
00:39:35:06We depend heavily on our supervisors,
00:39:37:08and Gary’s a Senior Supervisor here.
00:39:39:11Gary has the ability
00:39:40:16to repair diving equipment properly.
00:39:43:06He’s putting his full effort in
00:39:45:02to make himself continue to be valuable
00:39:48:18while he gets this figured out.
00:39:52:02GARY: All before this I was super healthy,
00:39:53:19and now I have to deal with this.
00:39:56:04SHAWN: These people are my family.
00:39:58:18It’s a support system really.
00:40:00:04You have to rally around everybody
00:40:01:13and put your trust in the doctors
00:40:04:02and hope that they can fix him.
00:40:06:04He’s young and healthy
00:40:07:02and hopefully he can continue on
00:40:09:11with his career.
00:40:11:04GARY: I talked to the doctor
00:40:12:20and she was just being realistic, just like,
00:40:15:10Oh, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to dive again.
00:40:17:15NARRATOR: Gary has a long road ahead of him.
00:40:19:08He’ll need heart surgery
00:40:20:17if he ever wants to dive again.
00:40:22:22GARY: I’m not ready to give up diving yet.
00:40:26:00If I could get it fixed,
00:40:27:05I would like to get it fixed.
00:40:32:00So, right now I’m a tech monkey.
00:40:41:00NARRATOR: The next morning in the harbour…
00:40:42:10GLEN: So we have a little bit of space in the bottom.
00:40:44:12That shows us that the oil’s pretty happy.
00:40:48:08Yeah, that might be between the gasket,
00:40:50:17and then we’ll open it and we’ll see.
00:40:54:13NARRATOR: Matt’s only got one day left
00:40:55:18to prove his ROV is sea-worthy.
00:40:58:20Will the third time be the charm?
00:41:01:15Or will he be three times denied?
00:41:04:15The first time, this happened…
00:41:06:20MATT: WHOA!!!
00:41:10:11NARRATOR: The second time they tested it,
00:41:11:22the hydraulics sprung a leak.
00:41:14:24LEN: Hold it, hold it!
00:41:16:05Was that water you’re sopping up?
00:41:17:24DWAYNE: No. There’s a mixture of water and oil.
00:41:21:16MATT: See an ROV is electric,
00:41:23:04but there’s also oil, aka hydraulics,
00:41:26:10which acts like the blood of the system.
00:41:28:19If you put oil and water and electricity together,
00:41:30:23well now you just got a nightmare.
00:41:35:03NARRATOR: If the ROV fails this test,
00:41:37:02they’ll lose the contract offshore.
00:41:39:11Tens of thousands of dollars,
00:41:41:06and sink further in the hole
00:41:42:18on the million dollar machine.
00:41:45:18MATT: Everything looks good.
00:41:47:22I don’t see oil, which is nice.
00:41:51:16So, it’s not leaking. That’s a good thing.
00:41:54:11DWAYNE: All right, there’s HBU.
00:41:59:15All right, Donnie, we’re just getting ready to
00:42:01:05lift off here and drive her in.
00:42:04:15What we’ll do is we’ll count, and we’ll go down
00:42:06:05and before we hit the water, we’ll count.
00:42:15:16MATT: We’re gonna drop her right down to the depth,
00:42:18:02hold it there,
00:42:19:02we’re gonna flash up the hydraulics,
00:42:20:20start functioning some of the servos,
00:42:22:19and that way there the system
00:42:25:08is getting a good working stress.
00:42:27:15It’s getting put under pressure.
00:42:29:04NARRATOR: With the MRV submerged and under pressure,
00:42:32:12Dwayne readies himself for the moment of truth.
00:42:39:05Flipping the switch to power up the ROV
00:42:41:08at the end of the tether.
00:42:47:00CAMERAMAN: What do you think?
00:42:48:00It’s going to work out this time or not?
00:42:49:19DWAYNE: I hope so.
00:42:50:17I hope it was just a shorted phase on the motor.
00:42:52:12Hopefully it wasn’t anything else.
00:42:53:24NARRATOR: So far, so good.
00:42:55:20MATT: As soon as we put the ROV in the water,
00:42:57:15and we go to flash up the power.
00:42:58:23Of course it’s gonna happen at that time.
00:43:03:24NARRATOR: But everyone’s nerves are frayed.
00:43:09:02DWAYNE: Once everything’s flashed back up
00:43:10:12and powered up, and you see that it’s actually working,
00:43:12:01it’s like, Oh wow, I can give myself a pat on the back.
00:43:13:24It’s fantastic.
00:43:15:02MATT: How’s she going?
00:43:16:09DWAYNE: Yeah, we’re at
00:43:18:2441 metres.
00:43:20:15MATT: 41 metres, what’s that in feet?
00:43:23:22DWAYNE: 134, 135 feet.
00:43:28:20DWAYNE: Do we want to look over at the T16?
00:43:30:22NARRATOR: They’ve got power to the ROV,
00:43:33:00but now the hydraulics have to pass the test.
00:43:36:24DWAYNE: You watch your oil temp and motor temp,
00:43:39:14and I will watch your current.
00:43:41:03MATT: First thing I did though,
00:43:42:15was see our alarms
00:43:44:00to see if there’s any water ingress
00:43:45:16in our pods, and any hydraulic fluid leak.
00:43:48:02DWAYNE: How does our oil look?
00:43:52:14MATT: 81. The oil temperature just went up.
00:43:55:20DWAYNE: It’s a bit of a squeeze.
00:43:59:00MATT: There was none.
00:43:59:21We were quite happy with that.
00:44:01:07DWAYNE: So we are just over 10 amps.
00:44:03:05We’re sitting at about 12.
00:44:04:13Oil temp looks good.
00:44:07:00Motor temp looks good.
00:44:08:15MATT: All the auxiliary hydraulic circuits moved.
00:44:11:03All the arms worked.
00:44:13:05It’s a full working circuit now.
00:44:14:21From top to bottom,
00:44:16:02that ROV is a hundred percent right now.
00:44:18:15Now we know what we have to offer our clients,
00:44:21:11and it’s a mean, mean machine.
00:44:25:15DWAYNE: It’s been a long road, it’s been a bumpy road,
00:44:27:10we’ve had our ups and downs
00:44:28:10but, that’s in the past.
00:44:30:00We have nothing but the future to look forward to now.
00:44:35:00MATT: There it is. Start to see the glow.
00:44:36:20DWAYNE: It’s a huge sigh of relief
00:44:38:02for a lot of people in this company.
00:44:39:05Myself included.
00:44:40:10MATT: There it is. Break surface.
00:44:42:00ROBIN: They have a completed task and a rebuilt sub,
00:44:44:11this is how we can present it to
00:44:46:06a potential client that’s gonna charter it,
00:44:49:07or a potential buyer that would be interested
00:44:51:23in purchasing the vehicle.
00:44:54:12MATT: So now we’re bringing her back on,
00:44:55:24setting her down on deck,
00:44:58:00and that’s her. We’re heading back
00:44:59:00to Duck Rock.
00:45:00:05NARRATOR: It’s been years in the making,
00:45:02:21but in these last few weeks
00:45:04:06Matt and his team have brought
00:45:05:21his million dollar MRV back to life.
00:45:08:04GLEN: Coming in.
00:45:09:05NARRATOR: Just in time to be shipped offshore
00:45:11:06for its first big money contract.
00:45:13:00MATT: It pretty much is work ready.
00:45:15:10We’re good to go.
00:45:16:20Send it out the door.
00:45:17:23MATT: Hey Donnie, that’s good for us,
00:45:19:09we can start heading in there, dude.
00:45:20:21We’re going back home.
00:45:22:06We’re done baby.
00:45:24:24º THEME MUSIC º