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This is the script for Episode Six of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

Find us Saturday mornings at 8:00am AT on History Channel.

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00:01:02:00º MUSIC º
00:01:04:24NARRATOR: Dominion’s getting ready for a big celebration,
00:01:07:20but a last-minute job overseas
00:01:09:13takes Matt off the guest list.
00:01:12:15MATT: I’m now going to miss our 50th Anniversary Gala.
00:01:16:08NARRATOR: How do you survive fire,
00:01:19:05helicopter crashes,
00:01:20:12and disasters at sea?
00:01:22:20MATT: The perfect storm for disaster.
00:01:27:13ROBIN: When it doesn’t go right, people die
00:01:29:00and sometimes a lot of people.
00:01:31:17NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:33:05this family’s built a business
00:01:35:00where nobody else dares.
00:01:39:03and resurrecting anything
00:01:41:01in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:43:10This is their world.
00:01:46:07Salt water in their blood
00:01:48:05come hell and high water.
00:01:50:00MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:51:07Do or die.
00:01:52:05º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:24:08NARRATOR: It’s mid-summer in Halifax Harbour
00:02:27:01and Dominion Diving’s flat out,
00:02:29:14working on a half dozen big jobs all at once.
00:02:34:08DAVE: Yeah, you should have mains there.
00:02:35:09Give ‘er a check.
00:02:37:01NARRATOR: A crew’s just headed out
00:02:38:11to do inspection work on an underwater sewage pipe.
00:02:42:08GARY: It looks like it’s broke off.
00:02:46:08OLLIE: Great job, Gary.
00:02:47:15GARY: I’ve smelled worse.
00:02:50:08NARRATOR: It’s the height of the cruise ship season
00:02:52:01with Dominion providing ship-to-shore service
00:02:54:16and waste removal.
00:02:57:08BILLY: It’s still coming in.
00:03:00:24NARRATOR: Dive crews are out every day
00:03:02:24building and inspecting
00:03:04:14on underwater construction sites.
00:03:08:20Then there’s all the day-to-day work
00:03:10:23of repairing the gear, fabricating parts,
00:03:13:19and keeping their equipment ship-shape
00:03:16:03and ready for action.
00:03:19:06And on top of everything else,
00:03:21:16Matt gets a call about another big job.
00:03:25:17MATT: My next question was
00:03:27:00where is Azerbaijan?
00:03:29:20NARRATOR: Azerbaijan is on the other side of the world.
00:03:34:14The job is operating an ROV
00:03:36:15off a ship in the Caspian Sea.
00:03:41:04Matt’s the only one who can go.
00:03:44:19Everyone else is tied up with other work.
00:03:49:16Matt’s no stranger to working far from home
00:03:52:09but it couldn’t have come at a worse time.
00:03:56:11It’s not every day the newspaper
00:03:58:11sends a photographer
00:03:59:21to snap pictures of these roughnecks.
00:04:01:23ROBIN: Feel free to snap a few pictures.
00:04:06:00NARRATOR: But this is Dominion’s 50th anniversary,
00:04:09:03and it’s a big deal.
00:04:12:16MATT: We got media involved.
00:04:13:20We got the news networks.
00:04:16:08Everybody is feeling this energy
00:04:18:20of a local company
00:04:19:22that has grown into a world player.
00:04:21:21NARRATOR: Robin and Matt are planning a big event
00:04:24:05for the staff and clients
00:04:26:05to celebrate their fathers’ founding of the company.
00:04:30:08ROBIN: There’s big shoes to fill
00:04:32:00when you’re trying to step into
00:04:33:09the shoes of my old man.
00:04:35:05MATT: If you went back 50 years ago,
00:04:37:07they wouldn’t tell you that we were going to become
00:04:38:23Canada’s largest diving and construction,
00:04:41:05and ROV company…
00:04:42:12ROBIN: A fleet of ROV’s, a fleet of tugboats,
00:04:45:08research vessels, barges, cranes.
00:04:47:21MATT: …with ties all around the world.
00:04:50:10They didn’t know that.
00:04:54:15NARRATOR: The international scale of the business,
00:04:56:01means never turning down any job
00:04:58:21anywhere in the world,
00:05:01:00even if that means missing out on the big celebration.
00:05:05:14MATT: Right now, I’m kinda torn on this one,
00:05:08:16because this is a great opportunity
00:05:11:05in a new market for Dominion Diving,
00:05:14:12we’re going to put our best foot forward.
00:05:17:00But at the same time,
00:05:18:17I’m now going to miss our 50th anniversary gala.
00:05:22:15NARRATOR: They’ve been working out the details
00:05:23:20of the party for months.
00:05:26:08It’s Matt and Robin’s shining moment
00:05:28:13and a chance to thank the people
00:05:29:23who helped the company grow.
00:05:33:19Now Matt’s got to find the right time
00:05:35:13to tell big brother Robin
00:05:37:00that he’s going to miss the celebration.
00:05:40:06MATT: I’ve got to travel to Azerbhaijan now,
00:05:42:00on an ROV project in the Caspian Sea.
00:05:44:07The problem with that is,
00:05:46:00they need me there next week.
00:05:47:22MATT: Azerbaijan’s looking for an ROV guy.
00:05:50:10ROBIN: Yeah, Barry said that.
00:05:55:00MATT: I might have to go do the Azerbaijan one.
00:05:57:10ROBIN: Yup. Well you better get
00:05:59:23your certificates geared up.
00:06:01:15MATT: Yup.
00:06:02:18ROBIN: Yup. There won’t be any problem.
00:06:05:03MATT: That’s the only person we can offer right now.
00:06:07:10So I guess I’ll be going.
00:06:09:04ROBIN: Cool.
00:06:09:20MATT: I’m going to miss my gala.
00:06:11:07I’m going to miss the 50th anniversary.
00:06:13:03I’m going to miss seeing all the people
00:06:16:08that have known me since before I was born.
00:06:20:14NARRATOR: If Matt was expecting Robin
00:06:21:20to be upset about him missing the big party,
00:06:24:10he’s dead wrong.
00:06:27:02ROBIN: Matthew did what I would expect Matthew to do.
00:06:29:17That’s what we do.
00:06:30:20That’s how the company operates.
00:06:32:16You jump into action,
00:06:33:22when it’s time to go it’s time to go.
00:06:36:20NARRATOR: The job in Azerbaijan
00:06:38:09is for a tech on remotely operated vehicles, or ROV’s,
00:06:42:13on a ship working in oil exploration.
00:06:47:10It’s technical, specialized work,
00:06:50:10and it’s a new client Dominion’s eager to please.
00:06:54:16The only one who can pull this off is Matt.
00:06:59:24But working out at sea
00:07:01:06requires training to survive a host of hazards
00:07:04:00including crashes, fires, and disasters.
00:07:08:04ROBIN: Oh yeah, ocean disasters,
00:07:09:05I mean they go on,
00:07:11:11I don’t want to say every day,
00:07:12:15but they’re not something in the past.
00:07:14:10They’re things that happen still.
00:07:17:20NARRATOR: Just getting to the jobsite is risky.
00:07:21:22Matt’s got to fly out to the ship
00:07:23:14hundreds of kilometers over the open ocean
00:07:25:12in a helicopter.
00:07:28:05ROBIN: Helicopters crash.
00:07:30:07There’s a ratio there.
00:07:31:24When they have engine trouble
00:07:33:17they drop out of the sky.
00:07:35:16Helicopters have the engines up on top,
00:07:37:11so when a helicopter crashes, they roll over.
00:07:40:15It scares people when you say that.
00:07:43:03NARRATOR: And then there’s the horrific possibility
00:07:45:02of a fire at sea.
00:07:47:22ROBIN: A fire is the worst thing ever.
00:07:50:17ON RADIO: The boat has had a fire.
00:07:53:14All the crew and everybody’s out on the deck right now.
00:07:55:22ROBIN: Fires happen very quick.
00:07:57:13You’re in major trouble.
00:07:59:10HERBIE: If you’re on a boat, or an oil rig,
00:08:02:05you can’t just phone the fire department
00:08:04:20to get ’em to come put out the fire.
00:08:06:10You are the fire department.
00:08:07:22ROBIN: You have to know what to do
00:08:09:00and you have to act very, very quickly.
00:08:13:19NARRATOR: At sea, one problem quickly leads to another,
00:08:17:00a cascading series of disasters
00:08:19:08like what happened on the Deepwater Horizon
00:08:21:13in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
00:08:26:22An eruption of methane gas from the ocean floor ignited,
00:08:30:09setting off a series of explosions,
00:08:34:18and a firestorm that consumed the entire platform.
00:08:39:16Eleven workers were killed,
00:08:41:15but another 115 were saved
00:08:44:03using their disaster training.
00:08:47:14MATT: Deepwater Horizon
00:08:49:08was a chain reaction of events.
00:08:54:20It created the perfect storm
00:08:56:13for a disaster.
00:08:58:04Everything that could go wrong was going wrong
00:09:00:17faster than anyone could think
00:09:02:11it would ever possibly go wrong,
00:09:06:00and yet a lot of people come out of that alive.
00:09:11:10They had gas leaking.
00:09:14:09They had explosions. They had fires.
00:09:16:05They had ships sinking.
00:09:17:07They had thruster runoff.
00:09:19:00They had failure of mechanical equipment.
00:09:22:01They had everything possible thrown at them,
00:09:24:11so why didn’t everybody die?
00:09:28:15While things were blowing up.
00:09:30:01While things were sinking.
00:09:31:00While the vessel was running off location.
00:09:33:15Because of the survival training is why.
00:09:36:17ROBIN: Training is key on it all.
00:09:38:03Doesn’t matter what you’re doing.
00:09:39:22This is serious. People die.
00:09:41:15When it doesn’t go right, people die,
00:09:43:10and sometimes a lot of people.
00:09:45:17NARRATOR: Every person working offshore
00:09:47:04needs to be trained to survive a helicopter crash
00:09:49:23and to work as a firefighter if everything goes to hell.
00:09:54:20MATT: Everybody onboard that rig
00:09:56:22was trained so heavily in survival.
00:10:01:10NARRATOR: Matt’s got to prove he can survive
00:10:02:20helicopter crashes and fires at sea.
00:10:08:00Where do you learn skills like that?
00:10:15:20NARRATOR: This is the place where offshore workers
00:10:17:24get put through hell on dry land.
00:10:22:00RelyOn Nutec creates the worst imaginable disasters,
00:10:26:00in carefully controlled simulations,
00:10:29:00right in Dominion’s home port
00:10:31:06of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
00:10:34:02MATT: RelyOn Nutec is a full-on
00:10:36:16safety training in all areas,
00:10:38:10all aspects company.
00:10:40:20DAVID: Basically, a simulation theater
00:10:42:00is a specialized type of pool.
00:10:44:16It has the ability to create waves.
00:10:46:15It has wind fans that can generate
00:10:47:23about 80 knots at the mouth.
00:10:49:12We can turn the lights off.
00:10:50:11We can create sound,
00:10:51:15for example the sound of an overhead helicopter.
00:10:53:17And we try to mimic the ocean environment at its worst,
00:10:57:11as best we can for somebody in training.
00:11:00:00NARRATOR: The company’s been working
00:11:01:06with Dominion for years.
00:11:03:01They provide the training
00:11:05:06and Dominion provides the boats.
00:11:07:15ROBIN: We’ve done operations with them
00:11:08:18where we’ve had rescue helicopters
00:11:10:24come down and attach cables to our boat
00:11:13:15and actually rappel down
00:11:15:14and recover casualties, mock casualties
00:11:18:23and take them back up on the helicopter.
00:11:21:14DAVID: Great relationship with those guys.
00:11:23:04We work with them hand-in-hand
00:11:24:08every day that we’re on the water.
00:11:30:04INSTRUCTOR: So welcome to the STST,
00:11:32:03Survival Training Simulation Theatre.
00:11:33:16NARRATOR: Because of their long history together,
00:11:36:02they manage to squeeze in Matt’s training
00:11:38:21on just a few day’s notice.
00:11:41:00MATT: Time is under the gun now.
00:11:42:06Let’s see if we can pull this together.
00:11:44:21NARRATOR: They call this the Dunk Tank.
00:11:49:18It’s a robotic roller coaster from hell,
00:11:52:03simulating a helicopter crashing and rolling
00:11:55:01in the open ocean.
00:11:59:00How long can YOU hold your breath?
00:12:02:05Now imagine freeing yourself from a seatbelt,
00:12:04:13busting out of a chopper,
00:12:06:01and swimming to the surface in icy water.
00:12:09:03MATT: Yeah, that’s when the shit hits the fan.
00:12:10:24Now you got to perform to save your life.
00:12:14:11NARRATOR: Without training, it’s certain death.
00:12:17:01MATT: Your training gives you the best advantage
00:12:20:09to staying alive. You don’t want to fail.
00:12:25:22NARRATOR: But before Matt gets thrown in and tossed around,
00:12:28:10he has to prepare for a different kind of nightmare.
00:12:32:19A fire at sea.
00:12:36:03MATT: The first aspect of our training,
00:12:38:05is to identify that fire.
00:12:40:20Identify what type of extinguisher you need.
00:12:43:21Put that fire out.
00:12:45:17DAVID: We’re not training them to
00:12:46:23get on a hose team and attack,
00:12:49:01outside of the rig.
00:12:50:10What we’re training them to do
00:12:51:12is recognize a small type of fire offshore,
00:12:53:12select the correct extinguisher, and put it out.
00:12:56:03INSTRUCTOR: It’s going to tell you
00:12:56:19what kind of range you’ve got.
00:12:58:05So with this one, it’s got a four metre range.
00:13:01:10Here it’s also telling you
00:13:02:19what class of fire it’s going to tackle.
00:13:06:15So this is an A and a B class fire.
00:13:08:20MATT: You got your A fire,
00:13:10:05your B fire and your C class fire.
00:13:13:10NARRATOR: The type of fire
00:13:14:10determines the type of extinguisher.
00:13:17:10A-class is for wood and paper.
00:13:20:01B-class is for grease fires
00:13:22:21or gasoline and oil blazes.
00:13:25:00And if you’re battling an electrical fire,
00:13:27:09you need a C-class extinguisher.
00:13:30:02Use the wrong extinguisher
00:13:32:07and it only makes a fire worse.
00:13:36:06MATT: If you have an oil and gas fire
00:13:38:24and you grab a water fire extinguisher,
00:13:42:05well then all you’re going to do
00:13:43:21is blow that fire all over the place.
00:13:49:22INSTRUCTOR: So if you want to go light that up.
00:13:51:20Approach. Fire! Fire! Fire! Diesel fire!
00:13:55:24MATT: A fire extinguisher gives you a limited amount
00:13:57:15of firefighting capability,
00:13:59:09but it gives you something.
00:14:00:21You might just need that fire extinguisher
00:14:03:18to get yourself to safety.
00:14:05:14MATT: Fire! Fire! Fire! Diesel fire!
00:14:08:06MATT: You’re not going to put out the fire,
00:14:09:14but you’re going to make an exit passageway
00:14:12:14for you to then to get to the next area.
00:14:15:00INSTRUCTOR: Squeeze and sweep.
00:14:19:18INSTRUCTOR: Good job. Back away.
00:14:22:00Fire’s out.
00:14:23:05Nicely done.
00:14:27:23NARRATOR: In an emergency, one blast of the extinguisher
00:14:30:21could be the difference between life and death.
00:14:35:15MATT: There’s two stages of the safety training.
00:14:37:16There’s your fire fighting and your spatial awareness,
00:14:40:07your different ways of communicating
00:14:42:12in zero visibility.
00:14:46:09NARRATOR: It’s not just knowing what to do,
00:14:48:13it’s the ability to do it all
00:14:50:13when the heat is on.
00:14:53:10MATT: Then you got the next aspect of fire fighting
00:14:55:20which is zero visibility.
00:14:57:19Smoke environment is what it’s supposed to mimic.
00:15:00:17You’ve got to be able to make passage
00:15:02:20through a certain area, identify fire zones
00:15:06:17so that you don’t open a door up with zero visibility
00:15:09:11and walk right into a fire.
00:15:11:03INSTRUCTOR: There’s a lot of corridors
00:15:12:00where you guys are working,
00:15:13:11so you would have to find your way out, potentially.
00:15:15:17Now if you guys were trapped inside
00:15:17:15down in the accommodation,
00:15:18:23then there’s a good potential for all the smoke
00:15:20:22to perhaps become a smoke-filled environment,
00:15:22:23and this will be the only way out.
00:15:24:06MATT: You’ve got to be able to guide yourself through,
00:15:27:16without seeing anything.
00:15:29:09MATT: Feels like a door. Watertight door.
00:15:33:07MATT: Identify the fire…
00:15:35:05MATT: It opens outward.
00:15:38:03MATT: …and go past it to a safe haven.
00:15:40:20INSTRUCTOR: This would be what you would need to do 
00:15:42:07to get out.
00:15:43:03Now if there was a lot of smoke in here,
00:15:44:15then you’d be lower down as well.
00:15:47:11MATT: Feels like a door.
00:15:48:20INSTRUCTOR: It’s a door. What do you know about the door?
00:15:50:23MATT: Can’t feel hinges or the handle.
00:15:53:00INSTRUCTOR: Okay.
00:15:54:15MATT: Found a handle.
00:15:55:20INSTRUCTOR: Which way does it open?
00:15:56:20MATT: Indicates it swings outward.
00:15:58:15And a light switch.
00:16:00:00MATT: Identify your surroundings
00:16:02:08and make your way out.
00:16:04:08MATT: I’m going to touch… the bottom’s cool.
00:16:06:11INSTRUCTOR: That’s it.
00:16:07:10MATT: Put my arm here, brace myself,
00:16:09:03let it out slowly.
00:16:10:10INSTRUCTOR: Yeah.
00:16:12:04And we’re good.
00:16:13:10Head out now. Good job guys.
00:16:15:11That was great.
00:16:17:20MATT: Yeah.
00:16:22:20NARRATOR: While Matt’s learning to survive a fire,
00:16:24:20things are heating up and getting creative
00:16:27:05over at headquarters,
00:16:28:08as they prepare for Dominion’s 50th birthday bash.
00:16:33:05ROBIN: Diver’s really like mermaids,
00:16:35:09and mermaids really like divers.
00:16:38:12NARRATOR: Robin’s hooked on a fishy idea
00:16:40:05to land a mermaid for the event.
00:16:43:10ROBIN: So we figured we’d continue the legend
00:16:46:01and put a mermaid in over there.
00:16:48:20NARRATOR: But the pool he got
00:16:50:00is barely bigger than a goldfish bowl.
00:16:53:04SHAWN: We just picked up the mermaid tank.
00:16:55:09It’s not quite what we expected,
00:16:57:01it’s got some legs on it.
00:16:58:15ROBIN: It’s an idea, an artistic flare to it,
00:17:01:11just a bit of fun,
00:17:02:11give some people something to talk about.
00:17:05:01SHAWN: No. It makes it quite tippy.
00:17:07:10All that does is…
00:17:08:18ROBIN: It’s going to be less than impressive but…
00:17:10:10SHAWN: So, like everything else, we’ll end up modifying it
00:17:13:10and making it fit our purpose.
00:17:15:08It’ll be good on the day.
00:17:16:20So, it’s a good thing we picked it up a couple days early.
00:17:22:10ROBIN: With Matthew missing, I needed a bit more backup.
00:17:25:03Some more man or woman power.
00:17:28:03NARRATOR: Without Matt to help,
00:17:29:14Robin’s swamped at the office.
00:17:31:17CAROLYN: We’re coming lookin’ for ya.
00:17:33:00NARRATOR: So, he’s called in their big sister.
00:17:35:10CAROLYN: I’m going to come for ya.
00:17:36:10I know where you live, and I seen where ya sleep.
00:17:39:20NARRATOR: Carolyn’s a salty character,
00:17:41:15more comfortable at sea than behind a desk.
00:17:46:10CAROLYN: I am a cook on the boat,
00:17:47:15the head cook on the boat.
00:17:49:09Now, in the last two days,
00:17:53:00these are what I’ve been doing.
00:17:55:15These are calls that I’ve made,
00:17:57:03all of these are calls that I’ve made and made.
00:18:01:10NARRATOR: She’s managing the last-minute details
00:18:04:02and the all-important guest list.
00:18:07:02CAROLYN: Everyone on that list
00:18:08:15is important to every part of Dominion.
00:18:11:05Nobody gets left off the list, is what we don’t want.
00:18:15:02Again, I’m a cook on the boat
00:18:16:17and I’m in here reviewing a list
00:18:18:20that these people I’ve known for a long, long time.
00:18:21:01So, there’s layers to the onion.
00:18:23:24[LAUGHS] There’s a cookin’ term.
00:18:29:15NARRATOR: Back at his disaster training,
00:18:31:09Matt’s suiting up to test his skills
00:18:33:01at surviving at sea.
00:18:37:02Submersion survival suits are waterproof dry suits,
00:18:40:05designed to protect offshore workers
00:18:42:15from hypothermia while waiting to be rescued.
00:18:46:05INSTRUCTOR: The seals on these suits
00:18:47:12are what make these suits so good.
00:18:50:02And then all he’s going to do,
00:18:51:03he’s just going to take a big breath,
00:18:52:17and he’s going to pull it down,
00:18:53:20one nice fluid motion.
00:18:55:12Now it slides on really nicely,
00:18:57:00because that’s like parachute material.
00:18:58:12NARRATOR: If everything else goes to hell,
00:19:01:00this suit could be the difference between
00:19:03:07life and death.
00:19:05:00INSTRUCTOR: It’s important to make sure
00:19:06:00it’s docked fully against that.
00:19:08:00Matt, you’ve obviously done dry suits before, right?
00:19:10:10So, if it’s not docked, it’s going to leak.
00:19:12:10And then he’s got a waist strap
00:19:14:00and he’s got a crotch strap to do up.
00:19:15:19If that isn’t snapped on, this can work its way open.
00:19:18:00It could do that over the five years you work offshore,
00:19:20:22you would never know about it.
00:19:22:00The one time that you need your bottle,
00:19:25:00it falls out, because you’re upside down.
00:19:27:10Now you’re ready to fly.
00:19:32:07NARRATOR: The survival suits are buoyant.
00:19:37:01This drill prepares Matt
00:19:38:04in case he’s stuck in the hold of a ship
00:19:40:11and has to pull himself along to find his way out.
00:19:44:15Otherwise, he’d just pop up like a cork
00:19:47:02and get stuck.
00:19:51:05If this were a real emergency,
00:19:52:22Matt might have to survive in this lifeboat
00:19:55:07for days, even weeks.
00:20:02:20This flimsy canopy could be the only thing
00:20:05:03that keeps the weather out.
00:20:08:00A thin membrane between life
00:20:11:00and death.
00:20:19:06NARRATOR: The next simulation won’t be so simple.
00:20:22:00This is the big one.
00:20:25:23Surviving a helicopter crash in the open ocean.
00:20:29:15They’re going to fire up the dunk tank,
00:20:32:06crank the storm simulator to 11,
00:20:36:00and throw Matt straight into the deep end.
00:20:44:05NARRATOR: Today, Dominion Diving
00:20:45:22has a fleet of eight ships,
00:20:47:10barges, robotic ROV’s,
00:20:50:09and dozens of employees.
00:20:53:14It’s an internationally competitive
00:20:55:24multi-million dollar operation,
00:20:58:02all run out of one warehouse in Halifax Harbour.
00:21:02:24But it wasn’t always like this.
00:21:07:00ROBIN: Dominion Diving was started in 1969.
00:21:10:11A slow, rough, gruelling start.
00:21:13:24HERBIE: There was only like
00:21:15:15four or five employees at that time.
00:21:19:01ROBIN: We attracted people that would not really
00:21:21:22fit in to the rest of society all that well,
00:21:24:13but were a perfect fit down here.
00:21:26:21They were rough guys,
00:21:28:07smart guys, tough guys.
00:21:31:20NARRATOR: To finance his company,
00:21:33:06Matt & Robin’s dad, Barry Lohnes,
00:21:35:20didn’t go to the bank for a loan,
00:21:38:06he went out to sea for sunken treasure.
00:21:46:10MATT: Sable Island is about 120 miles
00:21:49:05off the coast of Halifax,
00:21:51:15out in the Atlantic Ocean.
00:21:53:22It’s a long narrow sand bar basically,
00:21:56:01in the middle of nothing.
00:21:58:17It’s also known as
00:22:00:05the Graveyard of the Atlantic,
00:22:03:04because there are so many shipwrecks
00:22:05:24all around this island,
00:22:08:05and it’s still happening to this day.
00:22:11:10MATT: My father found,
00:22:13:06discovered this one shipwreck in particular,
00:22:15:05that caught his eye.
00:22:16:09BARRY: There’s nobody on this planet
00:22:18:05has dove more on Sable Island than me.
00:22:21:10There is no rocks out on Sable. Nothing.
00:22:24:06The only thing to get your cable caught on
00:22:26:15is wreckage.
00:22:27:20MATT: He was out doing another project,
00:22:29:20and happened to see this vessel
00:22:31:05and took down the name
00:22:33:02and did some research on it.
00:22:37:04MATT: The vessel’s name was “The Independence Hull”.
00:22:39:00BARRY: It sank in 1942
00:22:41:09and it was carrying war material for cargo.
00:22:45:17MATT: Tons and tons and tons of brass.
00:22:48:08Scrap brass. Plates.
00:22:50:18PATRICIA: That’s when it became, Holy shoot!
00:22:54:15I think we got something here.
00:22:58:20MATT: That’s where everything got fun.
00:23:01:10PATRICIA: Hallelujah!
00:23:02:12We’re pulling in the motherload.
00:23:05:00Oh, my golly,
00:23:05:22and they worked and worked and worked,
00:23:08:23because they didn’t want to leave one penny
00:23:10:20on the bottom down there.
00:23:12:13ROBIN: It was polished right up. It was sparkling.
00:23:14:10It was polished right up from the sand,
00:23:15:20like sandblasted.
00:23:17:03HERBIE: So we had a boat there
00:23:19:13that had a two-tonne winch on it
00:23:22:10and we would lift it up
00:23:25:10two tonnes at a time.
00:23:28:18NARRATOR: It took a lot of brass
00:23:29:23to build the company from nothing.
00:23:33:05Over five years,
00:23:34:19Barry Lohnes kept going back
00:23:36:18and pulling more scrap metal from the bottom.
00:23:39:13MATT: In total, it was about a million dollars,
00:23:42:23in the early ’70’s, a million dollars.
00:23:46:10Today, that would equate to
00:23:49:00close to 15 to 20 million.
00:23:51:12It was so much brass
00:23:54:15that it actually changed the value of brass
00:23:56:24on the stock market when they cashed it in.
00:23:59:04ROBIN: They bought boats, diving equipment,
00:24:01:19auxiliary equipment, winches
00:24:03:07and things for the boats,
00:24:04:20and they just kept going on that.
00:24:07:11BARBARA: Some people mistook that for treasure hunting.
00:24:10:15Barry said, We don’t speculate.
00:24:12:20We are salvagers.
00:24:14:12BARRY: If you said it was brass ingots,
00:24:18:10we’d be in debtor’s prison,
00:24:21:00but if you said it was scrap brass,
00:24:23:17then there’s no duty on brass.
00:24:27:09ROBIN: The materials that they took off there,
00:24:29:05classified as scrap
00:24:31:11and not classified as raw materials,
00:24:33:15because it was raw materials and it had become scrap,
00:24:36:11once it becomes a shipwreck.
00:24:39:00HERBIE: If you tried to do that today,
00:24:42:00there’s so many rules and regulations
00:24:44:00that you have to…
00:24:45:05permits that you have to get and this and that.
00:24:49:05The government takes all the fun out of it.
00:24:54:07NARRATOR: But the sea gives, and the sea takes.
00:24:57:15It’s cold and it’s cruel.
00:25:00:08Matt’s about to learn a tough lesson
00:25:02:07about the sea’s unforgiving power,
00:25:06:15and what to do when everything goes under.
00:25:19:05NARRATOR: Matt’s over halfway through
00:25:20:23his intense survival training
00:25:22:05for working offshore,
00:25:24:09but the most harrowing part is just about to begin.
00:25:28:20Learning to escape a helicopter that’s crashed,
00:25:31:12flipped over and underwater.
00:25:35:22Matt’s gearing up for the absolute worst
00:25:38:05the simulator can throw at him.
00:25:41:19He’s got to do it in the survival suit,
00:25:43:20with just a tiny bottle
00:25:45:03carrying three minutes of oxygen
00:25:47:13in case he gets stuck.
00:25:48:15INSTRUCTOR: We’re all good.
00:25:50:21NARRATOR: As though a helicopter crash alone isn’t enough,
00:25:55:10the dunk tank’s also designed to mimic
00:25:57:10the conditions of a hurricane,
00:25:59:14where winds can blast at 250 kilometres per hour.
00:26:05:11For Matt’s test, they’re going to dial it up
00:26:07:22to its absolute maximum.
00:26:11:17MATT: Picture being on the inside of a washer machine,
00:26:14:00put it on spin, and now get out.
00:26:18:21MATT: Yeah, baby.
00:26:20:22MATT: So the more you do it…
00:26:22:03MATT: All work, no play.
00:26:24:14MATT: …the more you get used to that situation,
00:26:27:11that scenario.
00:26:29:15NARRATOR: In the last decade,
00:26:30:2033 offshore workers have died
00:26:33:09in helicopter crashes at sea.
00:26:36:11Sixty-five others have had to be rescued.
00:26:39:00MATT: I’ve known people that have
00:26:39:24had to bail out of helicopters
00:26:41:15over the years.
00:26:42:24I’ve known people that didn’t
00:26:44:00bail out of helicopters over the years.
00:26:46:21Death is part of it.
00:26:48:10We try to leave death checked in at the door.
00:26:51:00I ain’t signing into him yet.
00:26:52:10Davey Jones ain’t getting me,
00:26:54:09and the water’s not taking me out.
00:27:00:00It gives you a really hands-on feeling
00:27:03:12of an actual helicopter dunking.
00:27:05:15You’re sitting in
00:27:06:20as close to real as possible simulator.
00:27:10:10NARRATOR: With Matt strapped in,
00:27:11:19they kick up the wave machine,
00:27:14:16an artificial tempest in an oversized teapot.
00:27:20:18There’s a very real chance of things going wrong
00:27:23:01so rescue divers are on hand
00:27:25:00to keep this simulated emergency
00:27:27:03from becoming an actual life and death struggle.
00:27:30:23INSTRUCTOR: We’re going down.
00:27:35:06NARRATOR: But if he needs to be rescued,
00:27:37:01Matt will have to dry off,
00:27:38:15get back in and try it all over again
00:27:41:18or else lose the job offshore.
00:27:46:22Besides the tiny air bottle and the survival suit,
00:27:49:15there is no external air supply.
00:27:55:00Once Matt hits the water,
00:27:56:18he’ll be holding his breath
00:27:57:23until he can escape and make it to the surface.
00:28:07:20NARRATOR: Matt’s suited up, 
00:28:09:02strapped in and braced for impact.
00:28:15:02Does he have what it takes to survive a helicopter crash?
00:28:21:13He has to get unbuckled,
00:28:22:20push out a window
00:28:24:06and make it to the surface
00:28:25:15all on one breath.
00:28:28:08º MUSIC º
00:28:35:10NARRATOR: Matt’s got to stay calm.
00:28:37:10A moment of panic could be fatal.
00:28:44:05The difference between life and death
00:28:45:20is preparation, focus and concentration.
00:28:54:00Can Matt find a way out of this underwater hell
00:28:58:00and survive?
00:29:02:22º MUSIC º
00:29:05:10NARRATOR: This just looks like a warehouse
00:29:07:10from the outside.
00:29:10:06But inside, a full force hurricane is underway
00:29:13:12with Matt in the middle.
00:29:17:00Once it floods, a real helicopter sinks
00:29:19:10at a rate of three metres per second.
00:29:24:00Matt’s got to wait for the helicopter to stop rolling
00:29:27:05then try to escape immediately.
00:29:29:18º MUSIC º
00:29:42:09NARRATOR: Matt’s been under for for 35 seconds now.
00:29:44:23º MUSIC º
00:29:51:00NARRATOR: Matt’s got to muster
00:29:52:05all his years of experience to keep calm.
00:30:00:00He’s unstrapped and heading for the window.
00:30:03:10Matt’s disoriented at first,
00:30:05:21but the buoyant foam liner in his helmet
00:30:07:19lets him know which way is up.
00:30:18:10It’s not a guarantee of survival
00:30:20:20but now if something goes horribly wrong
00:30:23:06at least Matt has a fighting chance.
00:30:25:10º MUSIC º
00:30:33:12MATT: It gets the adrenaline going.
00:30:34:17It definitely gets the adrenaline going,
00:30:35:24even though you know what’s going to go on,
00:30:37:14you’re still like, Okay, right? But…
00:30:40:19Yeah, the risk is always there, but it’s always fun.
00:30:45:17NARRATOR: The safe escape means he’s passed
00:30:47:06all the tests with flying colours.
00:30:51:05Matt’s now fully certified and qualified
00:30:53:20to take the job in Azerbaijan.
00:30:56:20MATT: [LAUGHING]
00:31:02:05NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back at Dominion’s shop,
00:31:04:17the minutes are ticking down to the big celebration.
00:31:09:13ROBIN: These are some watches that we have.
00:31:12:16We were trying to just come up with something
00:31:14:01for some of these people
00:31:16:12that haven’t been here in a while,
00:31:18:23and just something that,
00:31:21:09won’t get put in the junk drawer at home.
00:31:25:04NARRATOR: As a token of thanks,
00:31:26:19Robin’s sprung for some gear.
00:31:30:00ROBIN: We got some of these personalized watches.
00:31:31:13They’re all serial numbered.
00:31:33:11They got 50 Year Anniversary on them
00:31:36:11and things like that.
00:31:37:21CAROLYN: They’re gorgeous.
00:31:38:21ROBIN: Kinda cool, eh?
00:31:40:00SHAWN: They’re really, really cool, yeah.
00:31:41:10ROBIN: The face on them is green.
00:31:42:16Green is Dominion’s signature color.
00:31:44:16CAROLYN: To be here to see that,
00:31:47:08and it say 50 years,
00:31:48:15it’s just really, really special.
00:31:51:11ROBIN: They’re all serial numbered
00:31:52:15from one to a hundred,
00:31:53:19and then there’s names engraved on them
00:31:55:16of 20 of the people that I could think of
00:31:58:16that had the most effect on the company,
00:32:00:14one of them being my father.
00:32:02:20He’s the guy that started all this trouble,
00:32:05:10so I figured we should give him a watch.
00:32:07:15SHAWN: To come up with something that you can give to people
00:32:10:00that means something that…
00:32:10:20CAROLYN: They will keep.
00:32:11:20SHAWN: …that they’ll keep and appreciate.
00:32:14:12CAROLYN: And it warrants even passing down,
00:32:17:00you know, sort of thing.
00:32:18:03Like it’s not just a drawer kind of a thing.
00:32:21:05ROBIN: Yeah, no. For sure.
00:32:22:13CAROLYN: Beautiful, beautiful.
00:32:25:13NARRATOR: While Robin packs up the gifts,
00:32:26:21Matt’s rushing to pack his bags for the trip.
00:32:31:03MATT: It’s go time.
00:32:33:10NARRATOR: Organizing a last-minute trip
00:32:34:22to the other side of the planet
00:32:35:24takes special skills…
00:32:39:00MATT: Time to do some packing.
00:32:42:14NARRATOR: …but careful packing
00:32:43:24isn’t one of them.
00:32:50:00MATT: There.
00:32:51:00That’s all my clothes, pretty much,
00:32:52:05from last time I went away.
00:32:57:00Speedo pack.
00:32:59:05That’s why I know exactly what’s there,
00:33:00:17because it’s all from last time.
00:33:06:13MATT: My daughters,
00:33:08:00they don’t know I’m going away yet,
00:33:10:15so I’ll break that news to them tonight.
00:33:13:15So, it’s one of them…
00:33:22:00MATT: So, you know, I’m leaving tonight, right?
00:33:25:21LILLYANA: Mm hmm.
00:33:26:19MATT: I’m going to be gone for a few sleeps though.
00:33:28:03LILLYANA: How many?
00:33:29:18MATT: Thirty.
00:33:31:20Which is three times ten.
00:33:37:04LILLYANA: Wow.
00:33:38:05MATT: When I come back, we’re going to go camping?
00:33:40:01LILLYANA: Yeah.
00:33:41:07MATT: Do you girls like camping?
00:33:42:05LILLYANA: Mm-hmm.
00:33:43:05MATT: Or do you like boating?
00:33:44:15LILLYANA: Boating.
00:33:45:12MATT: Boating? Okay.
00:33:47:16Well girls, we’ve got to go out in the truck now, okay?
00:33:49:05SEAENNA: Yeah.
00:33:50:05MATT: All right, let’s go.
00:33:53:15MATT: Lilly, are you going to grab my shirts?
00:33:58:15C’mon, baby girl.
00:34:04:15MATT: You first.
00:34:07:03MATT: This is one of the things
00:34:08:23I try to do with my baby girls
00:34:10:05before I go away, the day I go away,
00:34:12:05just to make them feel extra special to me.
00:34:15:16I make sure they’re the centre of my day,
00:34:17:15and they love it. So, and I love it.
00:34:21:20I’m just happy to…
00:34:22:14I’m glad they’re not in school today,
00:34:24:07’cause it’s summer holiday.
00:34:29:05ROBIN: I’m proud of Matt for agreeing to do that,
00:34:31:20because there’s nobody else that we could send
00:34:34:23at that time to do that, and…
00:34:39:20that’s what Matt’s supposed to do.
00:34:41:10Like I say, he’s not going to get a round of applause
00:34:43:00from me, I’m hard to impress that way but,
00:34:47:11that’s what he’s supposed to do.
00:34:49:18So, when he does what he’s supposed to do,
00:34:53:06I’m proud of him for that,
00:34:55:06and that’s just a good thing.
00:34:57:05If I was in the same position,
00:34:59:10I would do the exact same thing.
00:35:02:20NARRATOR: Matt’s worked his entire life
00:35:04:11to help build this company.
00:35:07:20Working on the road
00:35:08:21meant missing a lot of kids’ birthday parties,
00:35:10:24first days of school.
00:35:14:04Dominion’s 50th is just one more milestone
00:35:17:03he won’t be around for.
00:35:22:23NARRATOR: After weeks of preparation,
00:35:24:12the day everyone has been working towards
00:35:26:15has finally arrived.
00:35:29:05Dominion’s 50th anniversary celebration is tonight.
00:35:34:07With his brother Matt, in Azerbaijan,
00:35:36:24Robin is responsible for all the last-minute details.
00:35:40:07ROBIN: We got a bit of recognition going on here.
00:35:42:13It’s kinda cool.
00:35:45:01NARRATOR: The Dominion crew even made the front page.
00:35:47:16Not bad for a bunch of roughnecks.
00:35:50:13ROBIN: Here’s the whole team, most of them anyway,
00:35:52:08the ones that aren’t out making money.
00:35:54:13A lot of history here. That’s surreal.
00:35:56:24I don’t know what else to say.
00:36:01:10NARRATOR: Over at the venue,
00:36:02:09they’ve trucked in some Lohnes family treasures
00:36:05:11to make the place feel a little more like home.
00:36:10:05Everything’s got to be ship-shape,
00:36:12:11from dŽcor to catering.
00:36:18:20Robin can’t wait to get this party started.
00:36:22:20And he’s finally got his mermaid.
00:36:29:12For one night only,
00:36:30:23every one of Dominion’s divers,
00:36:33:00sailors and crew
00:36:35:17are out of the water and up on dry land.
00:36:41:20All except one.
00:36:46:20Mama Lohnes is on a last minute
00:36:48:18mission of mercy.
00:36:52:22She got a text in the middle of the night.
00:36:57:01Things fell apart in Azerbaijan.
00:37:19:15MATT: Surprise!
00:37:27:20PATRICIA: You know what shocked me
00:37:29:09was when I got your text
00:37:30:16that said you were coming home.
00:37:32:03I said, what the heck happened?
00:37:33:10MATT: The ship blew up. The motor.
00:37:36:15I swear I didn’t fuckin’ blow the engine up.
00:37:38:20It wasn’t my fault.
00:37:42:07MATT: Once it was all… they decided, okay,
00:37:45:06they’re going to actually send everybody home…
00:37:47:04PATRICIA: Yes.
00:37:48:00MATT: …but they’re going to bring us back later,
00:37:50:16I was like, This is perfect.
00:37:52:20MATT: The only person that seems to be happy,
00:37:55:15is me.
00:37:56:17MATT: We flew from Azerbaijan to Doha, Qatar…
00:38:00:03PATRICIA: Yes.
00:38:00:20MATT: …then Doha, Qatar to London,
00:38:02:04and then London to Halifax.
00:38:03:07PATRICIA: So, that’s two back-to-back long, long trips.
00:38:05:15MATT: Yeah.
00:38:07:10NARRATOR: Matt might make it to the party,
00:38:09:03but he’s got to get cleaned up and suited up
00:38:11:12in just a few hours,
00:38:12:15if he wants to get there before it’s all over.
00:38:15:05MATT: How are you doing, man?
00:38:16:10TAILOR: I’m good, how are you doing?
00:38:17:20MATT: Not bad. Busy. Travelling lots.
00:38:20:07MATT: I wasn’t expected to be home for any of this,
00:38:23:05so why would I buy a tuxedo or plan for anything?
00:38:26:06TAILOR: You look like you’re ready to go to bed.
00:38:28:10MATT: I don’t know if anyone
00:38:29:10could ever get a tuxedo in one day,
00:38:31:15let alone a couple hours.
00:38:35:05MATT: [CHUCKLING]
00:38:37:00TAILOR: All right, man,
00:38:38:05step on up for me for a moment.
00:38:39:18MATT: All right.
00:38:42:02TAILOR: The jacket is going to fit you like a glove.
00:38:44:00MATT: Awesome.
00:38:47:15NARRATOR: The jacket might fit,
00:38:49:05but the pants need alterations.
00:38:52:00More delays.
00:38:58:10MATT: Just right in the back.
00:38:59:19Also, I need a pair of socks.
00:39:06:10MATT: Anything at all.
00:39:07:20SALESPERSON: Sailboats are fun.
00:39:08:15MATT: Sure. Here we go.
00:39:11:18MATT: I got to get myself back through traffic,
00:39:14:10down to Pier 21.
00:39:16:10Great! This is perfect.
00:39:18:20MATT: This day is shaping up to be
00:39:21:18just full-on in every direction.
00:39:23:19Mom just dropped me off to pick up my truck.
00:39:26:09The flight got in at 2:30.
00:39:27:20As you can see it’s 4:40
00:39:30:06and the event starts at 6:00.
00:39:35:19Oh my God!
00:39:37:14Are you kidding me?!
00:39:39:16Traffic, detours.
00:39:40:20Look at the detour in front of us.
00:39:42:10Look! It’s crazy!
00:39:45:17Fuck! Now, I’m going backwards.
00:39:48:12I’m going in the exact opposite direction
00:39:50:11I was just driving because… this.
00:39:54:02This is fucked!
00:39:58:15Go figure. Fuckin’ bus.
00:40:01:03[LAUGHS] Ohhhh!
00:40:04:00I want to go fast
00:40:05:00to get the hell where I’ve got to go,
00:40:06:23and the police pull out.
00:40:08:03Sure, and the police are in front of me.
00:40:12:21Well, on a scale of one to 10,
00:40:14:07the stress level is at about 30.
00:40:18:01MC: Robin Lohnes.
00:40:24:20ROBIN: It’s absolutely fantastic to see
00:40:27:01this many friends, family…
00:40:29:03MATT: Ten minutes to six.
00:40:32:04If I drew a map out of
00:40:33:20exactly where we just had to go through,
00:40:35:11during traffic hours,
00:40:37:14you’d think we had a helicopter.
00:40:39:15ROBIN: Thank you all for coming
00:40:41:09to share our half century milestone.
00:40:43:01MATT: Here we are, Pier 21.
00:40:45:16We made it.
00:40:46:23Is there a bathroom over here? Here we go.
00:40:50:02All right. Oh yeah.
00:40:52:11This is where I go in ugly and come out beautiful.
00:40:55:07ROBIN: 1969 was an important year.
00:40:57:17The Bowing 747 took its first flight,
00:41:00:23Woodstock happened.
00:41:02:14The Pontiac Trans-Am was introduced.
00:41:04:21Nixon took office.
00:41:06:22And the Americans put a man on the moon.
00:41:08:16MATT: Pink sailboats.
00:41:14:20I can build a ROV but I can’t put suspenders on.
00:41:19:09ROBIN: There’s also several generations of divers,
00:41:21:12I can’t list everybody,
00:41:23:00but I’m just going to go down through.
00:41:25:06People like Billy Linamen,
00:41:27:02people know him as Herb.
00:41:35:01Now, Herb’s the man,
00:41:36:23I’m just going to tell you that.
00:41:39:08MATT: Can get you to do that up
00:41:41:10on the back of the damn pants?
00:41:44:03There’s your two buttons it hooks onto.
00:41:47:07ROBIN: Shawn MacPhail, another good one.
00:41:52:13º MUSIC º
00:42:01:20MATT: Okay.
00:42:03:01ROBIN: Doing it right since 1969
00:42:04:19didn’t come easy.
00:42:06:00Can I please have a huge round of applause
00:42:08:11for all of you again.
00:42:12:23º MUSIC º
00:42:22:00MATT: Surprise!
00:42:23:00ROBIN: Hey boss!
00:42:25:00MATT: Hey boss!
00:42:27:09ROBIN: You made it.
00:42:28:08How the hell did you get here?
00:42:30:05MATT: We’ve got to speak about that.
00:42:31:15ROBIN: Yeah.
00:42:32:05MATT: I need a helicopter.
00:42:35:10MATT: Hey sir, how are you doing?
00:42:37:06Good to see you. I’ve got to go.
00:42:39:10MATT: Hey sir, how are you doing?
00:42:42:11MC: President of Dominion Diving
00:42:44:14and master of ROV’s to say a few words.
00:42:48:18MATT: I have nothing prepared for this.
00:42:51:21MATT: I actually never really planned a speech
00:42:54:02for all this,
00:42:55:18because two days ago I was over in Azerbaijan.
00:42:58:18So right now, we’re going to play the video
00:43:00:22that we had prepared
00:43:02:21in place of me being here,
00:43:04:09because I wasn’t planning on being here.
00:43:08:10So, right now we’ll cue the video.
00:43:10:14º MUSIC º
00:43:24:05MATT: What you see there is my passion.
00:43:27:04Passion for my family,
00:43:28:23passion for my company,
00:43:30:14passion for our clients,
00:43:32:21passion for my team at Dominion Diving,
00:43:35:11which is family.
00:43:38:10NARRATOR: It’s been 50 years.
00:43:42:00Every day a new challenge,
00:43:44:18a tougher job,
00:43:45:24a tighter deadline,
00:43:47:13a deeper dive.
00:43:50:02ROBIN: The legacy at Dominion
00:43:51:23is to build and build and build this company,
00:43:55:16until it’s as big as we can possibly make it.
00:43:59:22I’m good to go. I don’t give up on anything.
00:44:01:22I’m ready to rock and roll
00:44:03:12until my days are done.
00:44:07:08NARRATOR: Since day one,
00:44:08:15Dominion Diving’s had disaster in its DNA.
00:44:12:16Born on the back of a shipwreck.
00:44:16:05Bootstrapped by sunken treasure.
00:44:19:15Growing to an international operation,
00:44:22:14using multi-million dollar equipment.
00:44:25:20HERBIE: When I first started,
00:44:27:10I never thought I’d be there for 50 years
00:44:29:21or 40 years or whatever.
00:44:33:03So, for me it was quite an adventure.
00:44:38:17PATRICIA: Your dream is always
00:44:39:17to have an opportunity and run with it,
00:44:43:19and the boys when they took it over,
00:44:46:17they had a whole different other vision
00:44:48:19of it going even bigger.
00:44:51:23And I never doubted them for a minute.
00:44:53:20Never doubted it.
00:44:56:19MATT: It could have went wrong
00:44:58:05in the worst kind of way.
00:45:00:24Could it go right?
00:45:02:09Obviously it did,
00:45:03:21’cause we’re here today,
00:45:06:1650 years later.
00:45:10:15NARRATOR: Times change, but the game remains the same.
00:45:16:00Making things right
00:45:17:16when everything goes wrong out at sea.
00:45:22:15The domain of
00:45:24:16The Lords of the Ocean.
00:45:28:14[SHIP’S HORN]