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This is the script for Episode Two of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:02:00º MUSIC º
00:01:04:04NARRATOR: Dominion Diving’s landed a top secret job
00:01:06:20with a tight timeline.
00:01:08:06SHAWN: This is a military installation.
00:01:09:14Some of it’s classified.
00:01:13:08NARRATOR: Shawn’s got the reigns,
00:01:15:03but it’s a logistical nightmare.
00:01:17:08In freezing water,
00:01:18:24on top of a shipwreck,
00:01:21:03in the middle of a busy shipping lane.
00:01:23:21And before they even get started,
00:01:26:03a piece of military hardware
00:01:27:15goes missing on the ocean floor.
00:01:31:06For 50 years this family’s built a business
00:01:34:13where nobody else dares,
00:01:38:17and resurrecting anything
00:01:40:16in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:43:00This is their world.
00:01:45:21Saltwater in their blood,
00:01:47:18come hell and high water.
00:01:49:21MATT: It’s go time. Do or die.
00:01:51:19º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:22:16NARRATOR: It’s the middle of March,
00:02:24:17the coldest and most unpredictable month
00:02:27:00on the North Atlantic.
00:02:28:14SHAWN: In the last couple of days out on site,
00:02:30:19flat calm, mirror seas,
00:02:33:03to half an hour later, a snowstorm,
00:02:34:10zero visibility.
00:02:37:09GARY: It’s just starting to snow here,
00:02:38:14but the wind’s still down,
00:02:39:09so we’re just going to continue working through it.
00:02:42:05NARRATOR: On a reconnaissance dive
00:02:43:15for a big job with the Navy,
00:02:45:18the Dominion dive team is battling the elements.
00:02:48:17SHAWN: Divers are going to go down.
00:02:49:15They’re looking to see any damage
00:02:51:07to any of the structures that are there,
00:02:53:17before we can get too far down the job.
00:02:58:08NARRATOR: The divers are searching
00:03:00:06for a series of underwater pedestals
00:03:02:05belonging to the Navy.
00:03:03:12Once they’re located,
00:03:05:02Dominion’s mission is to install
00:03:07:10high-tech sensors on top of them.
00:03:09:23When Navy ships pass overhead,
00:03:13:02the sensors test the equipment on board
00:03:15:08that protects them from explosive mines.
00:03:19:01DIVER: I’m heading out on my line.
00:03:20:14CHRISTIAN: So do you see any pedestals
00:03:21:23close by to where you are?
00:03:22:21DIVER: I see just
00:03:26:08silt bottom.
00:03:27:15GARY: The pedestals had like a sensor array
00:03:29:12that have all been removed.
00:03:30:22They have the installation there,
00:03:32:07so they’re just repurposing it.
00:03:34:00NARRATOR: Before they can install the new sensors,
00:03:36:00they’ve got to find and tag 16 concrete pedestals
00:03:39:18in frigid waters, at dangerous depths.
00:03:44:09CHRISTIAN: He’s at 80 feet so he’s got
00:03:45:13about 25 minutes bottom time.
00:03:48:20CHRISTIAN: He’s got the sixth one done.
00:03:49:23He’s moving on to the seventh one.
00:03:51:12If he doesn’t get all 16 done here,
00:03:53:20we’re going to have to pull him up.
00:03:55:11Ollie will go in and tag the rest of these up.
00:03:58:14CHRISTIAN: Get that zip-tie on,
00:03:59:24and I’ll get you to leave bottom now.
00:04:07:15GARY: Roger. Diver left surface at 12:24.
00:04:10:00DIVER: Roger that.
00:04:11:15GARY: Yeah, if you want to just check the distance,
00:04:13:08like if there was another pedestal.
00:04:15:14You got lots of slack,
00:04:16:10it’s just you’re going to have to pull.
00:04:17:13The tide is pulling you a little bit.
00:04:21:15NARRATOR: They’re looking for the last of the 16 pedestals.
00:04:24:22OLLIE: In the marine industry,
00:04:25:21nothing stays the same.
00:04:26:16You always have wind, you always have waves.
00:04:28:02There’s always forces acting on the stuff
00:04:29:07that you put there. That’s why the military
00:04:31:05got us in there to go down and have a look.
00:04:35:21GARY: And between 5 and 4 it’s roughly 15 feet?
00:04:38:15DIVER: Yup.
00:04:39:19NARRATOR: If they can’t find it
00:04:41:12within the 25-minute dive limit,
00:04:43:22the entire mission could be scrubbed.
00:04:46:10GARY: That’s dropped right off.
00:04:53:03GARY: And so that’s double the distance
00:04:54:11of all the other pedestals.
00:04:56:07CHRISTIAN: All right, it’s to time,
00:04:57:23I’ll get you to leave bottom now.
00:04:59:14You can do a free ascent
00:05:00:09or we can get you to climb your umbilical.
00:05:02:00NARRATOR: They’ve run out of bottom time
00:05:04:01and have to come up one pedestal short.
00:05:07:23It’s to deep and too cold to risk it.
00:05:10:22SHAWN: We’re dealing with a hundred feet of water,
00:05:12:05at the coldest time of the year.
00:05:13:17After 15 minutes, the divers are starting
00:05:15:10to lose dexterity in their hands.
00:05:17:22GARY: You can swim across.
00:05:18:23We’ll start coming up on your umbilical.
00:05:20:21Just come up nice and slow.
00:05:24:13We have to go back to the engineers
00:05:26:01and see what they want to do.
00:05:29:19CREW: There you go, buddy.
00:05:30:23OLLIE: Thanks, buds.
00:05:35:17NARRATOR: The 10-day job is off to a murky start,
00:05:38:12and the whole project is cloaked in mystery.
00:05:41:10SHAWN: This is a military installation.
00:05:42:21Some of it’s classified.
00:05:44:18I don’t have to know what it does.
00:05:47:11We’ll go down, we’ll do the grunt work,
00:05:49:20and then where it goes from there, who knows.
00:05:52:08NARRATOR: The sensor array’s exact location
00:05:55:02is a military secret.
00:05:57:12Dominion’s got to install it
00:05:59:11and connect it to a monitoring station on shore.
00:06:02:13It’s like plugging in a million dollar extension cord
00:06:05:20a mile long at the bottom of the ocean.
00:06:09:08To make it more difficult,
00:06:11:02the job site is in the middle of a busy shipping lane,
00:06:15:04and there’s a jagged, mangled shipwreck
00:06:18:11on the bottom that could snag the cable.
00:06:21:05SHAWN: If we damage this cable,
00:06:22:04it could be 18 to 24 months away for replacement.
00:06:27:01NARRATOR: They’re doing this job with a brand new
00:06:29:10unproven ship.
00:06:31:13The Dominion Warrior.
00:06:34:08It’s called a Multicat,
00:06:35:23a self-propelled, floating platform
00:06:37:23that can be outfitted for any job.
00:06:40:14SHAWN: Anything we purchase,
00:06:42:06it has to be multi-use, multi-task.
00:06:43:24The Warrior is a Swiss army knife,
00:06:46:16because it has so many functionalities.
00:06:48:08Can’t wait to get it out on its first job
00:06:51:15and start making some money and paying some bills with it.
00:06:56:20NARRATOR: The bosses, Matt and Robin,
00:06:58:16are going out of town.
00:07:00:05Shawn will be alone at the helm.
00:07:02:00ROBIN: Shawn is the voice of reason.
00:07:04:11MATT: Shawn’s kind of like the glue
00:07:06:11that keeps everything together
00:07:07:19and keeps everything running as smoothly as it is.
00:07:10:00ROBIN: It’s very hard to get ahead of Shawn.
00:07:13:21When you’re trying to think ahead,
00:07:15:07he’s usually thinking
00:07:17:00quite a few steps ahead of most people.
00:07:20:09NARRATOR: Shawn has only got 10 days to finish the job.
00:07:23:12SHAWN: That’s a drop dead date
00:07:25:15where everything has to be up and running.
00:07:27:08We’ve made a commitment contractually
00:07:29:04to have this in and up and running for our client.
00:07:31:07NARRATOR: Everyday over 10 days
00:07:34:02will cost them thousands of dollars.
00:07:38:12NARRATOR: In just one day,
00:07:40:08they’ve already discovered two big problems.
00:07:44:04SHAWN: Okay, you tell me your stuff
00:07:45:13and then I’ll tell you my stuff.
00:07:46:15NARRATOR: First, the divers break the news
00:07:49:03about the missing pedestal.
00:07:50:16GARY: It’s not 16 that was knocked off.
00:07:52:10SHAWN: 16…
00:07:53:04GARY: Is there. SHAWN: …is there.
00:07:55:05GARY: Yeah. Number 2 that’s actually missing.
00:07:57:08SHAWN: Okay, so we know 2 is missing.
00:07:59:05We’ve got a hole in the mattress for number 2.
00:08:01:08NARRATOR: Finding the missing pedestal is crucial,
00:08:03:23but locating the shipwreck directly in their path,
00:08:07:04is more pressing.
00:08:08:03SHAWN: This is another chart of the harbour.
00:08:11:03This one is actually made for fishing.
00:08:14:06The shipwreck appears in a different location.
00:08:17:10That other one just shows a big area down there.
00:08:19:18I think it’s going to be prudent,
00:08:21:07before we set our mooring system,
00:08:22:15that we go out and find the exact location of this wreck.
00:08:26:13NARRATOR: The pedestal can wait.
00:08:28:06They need to know where that wreck is
00:08:30:11before they do anything else.
00:08:36:06º MUSIC º
00:08:43:01GARY: You ready to get ready to go on this magic cruise?
00:08:48:17SHAWN: Fibre optic cable,
00:08:50:01although it’s coated, at the end of the day
00:08:52:13it’s a piece of glass.
00:08:53:17We don’t want to be responsible for damaging that.
00:08:57:04GARY: The danger for us, we want to make sure
00:08:58:13that it’s not going to get on top of it
00:09:00:11and start chafing and then cut.
00:09:02:02That’s why we’re going to have a look.
00:09:04:12CREW: Okay buddy. Be careful.
00:09:09:18NARRATOR: To find the shipwreck, the dive team
00:09:11:11will do a grid search of the ocean floor,
00:09:13:19in deep icy water.
00:09:16:04GARY: This is Dominion Diving.
00:09:17:04We’re just diving on a known shipwreck, The Good Hope.
00:09:21:02Today’s diver is Oliver Van Golic.
00:09:24:23Okay, go ahead Oliver. What do you see?
00:09:26:15OLLIE: Well right now I’m just making my way
00:09:28:06down the downline.
00:09:30:00I’ll check back in with you guys in a second
00:09:32:01when I have  a visual on the wreck.
00:09:35:15SHAWN: Until we find the exact location of this shipwreck
00:09:37:19we’re kind of all stop,
00:09:38:21because there’s high value
00:09:40:11in the cable that we’re going to be laying.
00:09:42:11We don’t want to get billed back for this cable.
00:09:46:21º MUSIC º
00:09:49:13NARRATOR: At the Dominion dock,
00:09:51:00it’s all hands on deck for the big Navy job.
00:09:54:24Shawn’s got to get the two kilometer long
00:09:57:19million dollar fibre optic cable,
00:10:00:02spooled onto a massive reel.
00:10:04:13There are three sections of cable
00:10:06:11that have to be put on the reel.
00:10:08:17A short one that connects to land,
00:10:11:18a 1600 meter main section,
00:10:14:04and a third section that connects to the sensors.
00:10:18:23Fibre optic cable allows data to travel as light.
00:10:22:18It’s made from thousands of individual glass threads,
00:10:25:24cocooned in a protective sleeve.
00:10:28:14It’s flexible enough to be rolled onto the spool,
00:10:31:18but any sharp bends or breaks
00:10:33:12and the whole thing’s screwed.
00:10:41:05NARRATOR: Back with the dive team…
00:10:42:11OLLIE: Do you want the good news first, Gary,
00:10:45:07or the bad news first?
00:10:46:21NARRATOR: The good news is, they found the wreck.
00:10:50:17OLLIE: Yeah, we found it.
00:10:52:01NARRATOR: The bad news is…
00:10:53:16OLLIE: It’s a fucking clusterfuck though.
00:10:55:16GARY: Yeah, so we might have to reposition
00:10:58:02to avoid this wreck.
00:10:59:17OLLIE: Basically it’s a nice cutting machine down here.
00:11:03:05NARRATOR: The jagged metal
00:11:04:06could slice through the fibre optics.
00:11:06:11GARY: Okay. Roger that.
00:11:08:03NARRATOR: So they’ll have to work around it
00:11:10:00when they lay the cable.
00:11:15:01CREW: Welcome back.
00:11:16:01º MUSIC º
00:11:18:12NARRATOR: Back at the shop,
00:11:19:13there’s more equipment to be tuned up for the big job.
00:11:23:21The dive site is cold, deep and dangerous,
00:11:26:16so they may need to send in machines
00:11:28:13with a little help from LaRae.
00:11:31:24LARAE: Matt and Robin are my uncles.
00:11:34:11They would be my mother’s youngest brothers.
00:11:37:18NARRATOR: LaRae is in charge of Dominion’s fleet
00:11:39:15of remotely operated vehicles, called ROVs.
00:11:45:02An ROV is an underwater drone
00:11:47:04that can survive longer and deeper,
00:11:48:19than a human diver can.
00:11:51:04They’re equipped with propellors for thrust,
00:11:53:15cameras as eyes,
00:11:55:04and the bigger ones have hydraulic arms
00:11:57:01for heavy lifting.
00:11:59:10LARAE: I learned to do this,
00:12:01:05basically by trial and error.
00:12:05:01This is the big one, MRV.
00:12:08:13Basically I learned a lot of my stuff on the job.
00:12:10:22I started off doing pipeline surveys,
00:12:12:12which is just a straight line.
00:12:14:17And you’ve got your boom arms,
00:12:15:15you basically just look for rocks
00:12:17:09and fly straight down the pipe.
00:12:19:18And then I just gradually started doing
00:12:21:22more difficult tasks.
00:12:23:22And now I love it.
00:12:25:22I’m pretty good at it.
00:12:27:20This is the Chinook, it’s fairly new to us.
00:12:32:01I’ve flown it a few times.
00:12:33:06It’s a really nice ROV for its size.
00:12:36:16It’s very responsive.
00:12:39:18It’s quite heavy.
00:12:41:20There’s different ROV’S for different jobs.
00:12:43:17The smaller ones we have,
00:12:44:24we can fit down in some pretty small areas.
00:12:49:14And here we have a smaller one,
00:12:52:09and this one we call the Interceptor.
00:12:57:06I don’t go under the water.
00:12:58:11I actually prefer to stay above the water,
00:13:01:06unlike some of the people here.
00:13:02:23º MUSIC º
00:13:06:23NARRATOR: Out in the yard,
00:13:09:10it’s finally time to prep the Warrior for battle.
00:13:12:07º MUSIC º
00:13:15:04CREW:  Yeah good.
00:13:18:01SHAWN: We have a deck plan
00:13:19:10that’s all scaled out.
00:13:21:01It’s like playing Tetris here in the office.
00:13:22:11What if we put this here and put that there.
00:13:25:05SHAWN: You wanna come this way some?
00:13:26:17CREW: You gotta come this way.
00:13:28:09SHAWN: And then we come down to the loading day,
00:13:31:10and it just gets smaller and smaller and smaller.
00:13:33:14CREW: That’s not very good.
00:13:34:20SHAWN: That’s not very good.
00:13:35:22NARRATOR: Up first, that massive reel,
00:13:38:22spooled with a million dollars worth of fibre-optic cable.
00:13:41:15SHAWN: Is it possible to spin that the other way?
00:13:43:16That container?
00:13:44:20NARRATOR: For this job, the Warrior’s primary function
00:13:47:11is as a dive platform.
00:13:50:00They’re long, deep dives,
00:13:51:18so they’re loading on a decompression chamber
00:13:54:22inside this shipping container.
00:14:02:07NARRATOR: Divers will use the chamber
00:14:03:16to maximize their dive time,
00:14:05:18and reduce the risk of decompression illness.
00:14:08:15That can be fatal.
00:14:13:10SHAWN: So with this type of diving
00:14:14:14that we’re going to be doing,
00:14:15:17in this depth of water,
00:14:16:12when the diver comes up,
00:14:18:14we put him in the chamber
00:14:19:15and he does his decompression
00:14:20:18on the deck.
00:14:22:07So we don’t run into any decompression issues or bends.
00:14:24:22We don’t want to hurt or injure anybody.
00:14:26:17SHAWN: So this is our quad of O2,
00:14:28:2216 bottles of medical grade oxygen.
00:14:32:03This is what the divers are going to breathe
00:14:34:19when they’re doing their decompression in the chamber.
00:14:37:06Ahhhhh, I guess that’ll work.
00:14:40:10What about our door?
00:14:42:00Our door is not going to close, right?
00:14:43:14[SOUND OF GRINDER]
00:14:46:13NARRATOR: To keep the rest of the crew safe,
00:14:48:04they weld every component onto the deck,
00:14:50:15to keep them secure.
00:14:53:10CREW: When the boat starts rocking,
00:14:54:20all this equipment can just slide
00:14:56:13and cause some real damage.
00:15:00:22SHAWN: That’s starting to get a little bit tighter.
00:15:04:20We’ll see what kind of space I have up front to stick it.
00:15:11:16We need an extension.
00:15:13:00CREW:  Yeah!
00:15:14:00NARRATOR: With almost 15 tonnes of gear aboard,
00:15:17:00it’s a tight squeeze.
00:15:18:15And they’ll need room for this
00:15:20:05precious high-tech cargo.
00:15:22:02These are the sensors that are being plugged in,
00:15:25:00at the bottom of the ocean.
00:15:30:08This array of sensors is worth more money
00:15:32:21than the Warrior, the cable,
00:15:34:15and all the other equipment aboard.
00:15:37:10SHAWN: The cable gets connected to this unit,
00:15:41:03and then it’s going to be lowered down
00:15:42:16on the ocean floor,
00:15:44:05and it’s going to stay on the ocean floor.
00:15:45:17And then we’ll go around
00:15:47:22and start picking up all these units,
00:15:49:24and we’ll be placing them on the pedestal.
00:15:53:24So we’ll have a couple of guys in the water
00:15:55:09when we’re doing this,
00:15:56:20and we’ll be placing them on the respective tabletops.
00:16:01:00NARRATOR: The barge, the sensors
00:16:02:15and the million dollar cable,
00:16:04:03are all good to go.
00:16:08:06But not before the dive team figures out
00:16:10:13how all this gets connected to shore.
00:16:20:07OLLIE: Those two gentlemen up there
00:16:21:14are going to give us a hand.
00:16:23:01What they’ve done is fed a line down.
00:16:24:20They fed a line down
00:16:26:07that I’m going to go retrieve basically,
00:16:28:02and tie off to this.
00:16:31:15CREW: Be careful.
00:16:36:22NARRATOR: To help connect the cable to shore,
00:16:38:14the dive team are looking for a line
00:16:41:10to pull their guide rope
00:16:42:15through an underwater conduit.
00:17:00:21GARY: You don’t see any yellow rope around there at all?
00:17:12:00GARY: Yeah, roger.
00:17:13:08GARY: You don’t see anything around that, just coming out?
00:17:24:21GARY: Yeah, roger.
00:17:30:15GARY: Hey, how’s it going?
00:17:31:19We don’t see anything, unfortunately, on our end.
00:17:34:09I don’t know if maybe
00:17:35:10if you’re getting fetched up on something.
00:17:40:20GARY: We didn’t win.
00:17:43:18Chances are with the tide going up and down,
00:17:45:16and it’s been so cold,
00:17:47:04it’s probably a build-up of ice inside the conduit.
00:17:51:00OLLIE: Now we’re going to go back to the drawing board
00:17:52:20and try and figure out  how we’re going to  get rid of that ice,
00:17:54:10or whatever the fuck’s blocking the conduit,
00:17:56:05so we can get a pull rope through.
00:17:57:09Because that’s huge for our job.
00:17:58:20Without that, we’re kind of fucked.
00:18:04:20º MUSIC º
00:18:07:00NARRATOR: It’s day 5 of the 10 day Navy job,
00:18:10:08but Dominion hasn’t found the last of the 16 pedestals
00:18:13:15that are the platform for the high-tech sensor installation.
00:18:17:20SHAWN: These pedestals missing is a real mystery,
00:18:20:24like somebody would pluck a flower out of a garden.
00:18:24:18NARRATOR: Enter ROV tech, LaRae.
00:18:27:12Master of finding lost things
00:18:29:05in the vast, underwater garden.
00:18:34:19She’s got a tool to help with their search.
00:18:37:09LARAE: This is FMV-40.
00:18:39:04I’ve actually had a lot of flying time with this ROV.
00:18:42:00The big green thing that you see on the top,
00:18:43:15that’s the buoyancy, and without that
00:18:45:18this thing would just sink to the bottom.
00:18:47:00We’ve got our colour camera,
00:18:48:11we’ve got our SIT camera, which is for low light,
00:18:50:12and a port thruster and a starboard thruster.
00:18:53:21We have to replace these Kort nozzles here.
00:18:55:16They’ve taken quite a bit of damage.
00:18:58:23NARRATOR: Collisions with underwater hazards,
00:19:00:16like rocks and debris,
00:19:02:11have left this unit battered and bruised.
00:19:05:16LARAE: We’re going to remove the arm, the manipulator,
00:19:07:18new bushings, try to tighten things up with that.
00:19:11:04Put some new hydraulic fluid in it.
00:19:12:18We’re kind of on a tight schedule here too.
00:19:14:07So yeah, usually I’d have a hand here,
00:19:16:19but everybody’s kind of busy with the cable-laying job.
00:19:20:22NARRATOR: The completion of the Navy job
00:19:22:03hinges on finding that missing pedestal.
00:19:24:18But to do that, LaRae has to get this ROV
00:19:28:18in ship shape.
00:19:31:04LARAE: And she’s off.
00:19:34:04So yeah, we’ll be taking this all apart.
00:19:35:16There’s some broke pins on it.
00:19:37:05The bushings need replacing.
00:19:45:10NARRATOR: Across the harbour,
00:19:46:22that frozen conduit threatens to put
00:19:48:19Dominion Diving’s big Navy job on ice.
00:19:52:06They can’t connect the fibre optic cable
00:19:54:13to the monitoring station until the conduit is cleared.
00:19:58:00So Shawn’s called in an outside contractor.
00:20:01:23SHAWN: It may be small, but it’s going to set us back
00:20:04:05another half a day or three-quarters of a day,
00:20:06:16and that sets the schedule back.
00:20:08:15And the schedule is so weather-dependent,
00:20:10:10it could be another week before we get weather again.
00:20:14:00There’s an ice block in the tidal zone.
00:20:17:15CREW: We think it’s about 80 feet in.
00:20:20:01SHAWN: We’re not able to pass anything through this conduit.
00:20:23:04So we have a company here,
00:20:24:13they’re going to put high pressure hot water
00:20:25:22down the conduit.
00:20:28:01That’s going to free up any ice that’s in there.
00:20:30:06And the theory behind this is
00:20:32:23that should allow us
00:20:33:20to establish our pull line through,
00:20:35:16and then we can start getting our cable.
00:20:42:00CREW: The delay is unfortunate, but much better
00:20:43:24than risking the project.
00:20:50:13DIVER: So I’m just coming up to the conduit here now.
00:20:54:22All right, we got a snake through here.
00:20:58:10GARY: Okay, eureka. We have success.
00:21:01:15DIVER: Right on.
00:21:09:04NARRATOR: On the tail of a small victory,
00:21:11:00a winter storm rolls in,
00:21:13:07making the ocean too rough to lay the cable.
00:21:17:00SHAWN: With the weather delays
00:21:18:20and the storms we’ve had,
00:21:20:00that has pushed us back.
00:21:28:00NARRATOR: By the time the weather clears,
00:21:30:06Dominion’s only got three days left to finish the job.
00:21:35:00SHAWN: Hopefully the wind will stay away,
00:21:37:00and we can get out there and lay the cable and get diving.
00:21:41:10DAVE: We just finalized our plan,
00:21:43:01so we’re going to go  and talk to the people  on the Warrior
00:21:44:15and make sure everyone’s on page.
00:21:46:06And then we’ll just get her going.
00:21:49:20Get in the water.
00:21:51:15Start hauling cable.
00:21:52:23DIVER: Okay. I can see the rope going up.
00:21:57:09NARRATOR: With the ice cleared from the conduit,
00:21:59:16the fibre optic cable is pulled through…
00:22:03:00CREW: That’s it.
00:22:04:05NARRATOR: …and connected to shore.
00:22:06:12SHAWN: The cable is sub-sea.
00:22:08:16ON RADIO: Okay, copy that.
00:22:11:15SHAWN: So the dive vessel is just moving out of the way.
00:22:13:22They’re going to come around the bow of us,
00:22:15:15and grab the marker buoy.
00:22:16:19Once that’s out of our way, we’re going to spin around
00:22:18:22and we’re going to start paying out cable
00:22:20:05and moving to the next location.
00:22:22:21NARRATOR: Now that the first section of cable
00:22:24:10is connected to shore,
00:22:26:10the Warrior will spool out the longer main piece
00:22:29:04that takes them all the way to the underwater pedestals.
00:22:32:19The final location of the high tech sensors.
00:22:38:15NARRATOR: On the dive boat,
00:22:39:17the team are searching for that location.
00:22:42:24Over a mile from shore,
00:22:44:07where the cable will connect to the sensors.
00:22:47:24DAVE: We want to go right here.
00:22:49:18We’ll set our marker here,
00:22:51:08and this is the intended location for the sled.
00:22:54:02DAVE: Yeah
00:22:55:18[KNOCKS ON WINDOW]
00:22:57:13Recoil the hose.
00:22:58:23Yup, we’re holding the hose.
00:23:03:13DAVE: Looks like he’s found the range.
00:23:07:05That’s your guy.
00:23:08:00So you want to just put that to your left.
00:23:13:19DAVE: You’ve got a good solid five minutes.
00:23:15:13NARRATOR: At these depths and temperatures,
00:23:17:15bottom time is limited.
00:23:21:24The divers have marked where the cable will end,
00:23:24:10and connect to the sensors.
00:23:27:04But back on the Warrior,
00:23:28:10Shawn still needs the go-ahead from the engineers.
00:23:31:15SHAWN: Time of day is getting on.
00:23:32:18It’s 1300, 1:00 o’clock now.
00:23:35:08I was hoping to be further out.
00:23:36:08I was hoping to be laying cable by now.
00:23:43:13NARRATOR: Shawn’s waiting for the engineers
00:23:45:06to secure the cable on shore,
00:23:47:11before the Warrior can resume spooling it out.
00:23:50:05ON RADIO: We kind of jerry-rigged it
00:23:52:13tying in the cable off to an anchor point
00:23:54:12down in the pit.
00:23:55:20But we’re hoping you could pull this off
00:23:57:05without any strain on the cable.
00:23:59:00SHAWN: Yeah, we’ll get it out there
00:24:01:03and get it attached to the anchors.
00:24:02:20ON RADIO: Roger.
00:24:03:15We believe we’re ready for you to go.
00:24:05:16NARRATOR: They finally get the green light.
00:24:08:07SHAWN: Ready to go. Start the show.
00:24:10:22NARRATOR: But they have to proceed with caution.
00:24:13:22SHAWN: So they have the end of the cable
00:24:15:13secured in the building with a rope.
00:24:17:05So it’s not on a proper cable grip,
00:24:20:06which means I can’t put any strain on it at all,
00:24:23:04or I’ll pull it out.
00:24:25:02NARRATOR: Too fast could rip the cable
00:24:26:18from the shore connection,
00:24:28:11too slow could cause a tangle.
00:24:31:00SHAWN: We’re just paying out cable,
00:24:32:01making sure it’s going nice and even,
00:24:34:00and that we don’t give it any sudden shocks or pulls.
00:24:40:20SHAWN: We’ll be going over 1600 meters.
00:24:44:10Slow ‘er down a little bit.
00:24:45:19NARRATOR: It’s hours of work laying the cable
00:24:48:03in precise position, with winds and currents
00:24:50:24constantly blasting the Warrior off course.
00:24:54:13SHAWN: The wind has come up a little bit.
00:24:55:24It’s changed around on us now,
00:24:58:03so it’s kind of pushing us over towards the island a bit.
00:25:01:07We have a tugboat on the side,
00:25:02:21he’s pushing us back and forth,
00:25:05:09keeping us in line.
00:25:09:16NARRATOR: It’s careful work. Make or break.
00:25:12:02A million bucks of cable lowered to the seabed,
00:25:15:20bit by bit.
00:25:17:14But then, there’s a problem.
00:25:19:24SHAWN: All stop there, Jerry.
00:25:21:15The cable just went underneath the anchor.
00:25:25:00Jerry, can you come up on the anchor?
00:25:30:05ON RADIO: …so we may be going over top of it again, are we?
00:25:34:18NARRATOR: Slack in the cable has looped under the Warrior
00:25:37:06and become tangled.
00:25:39:10The wrong move could damage it,
00:25:40:23undoing days of work, and breaking the bank.
00:25:46:10SHAWN: All stop there.
00:25:50:05That’s it.
00:25:55:10Okay, if you start backing away, Jerry.
00:25:58:20We can deal with this, I think.
00:26:00:03ON RADIO: Pushing easy.
00:26:12:12ON RADIO: I’m all stopped on my engines,
00:26:13:12but we’re still moving to stern.
00:26:16:11SHAWN: That’s looking good and we can continue on.
00:26:18:08I’m happy up here. It’s all clear and free.
00:26:21:03NARRATOR: They’ve untangled the cable,
00:26:23:15but they won’t know if there’s any damage
00:26:25:08until it gets tested.
00:26:27:11SHAWN: So this is one of our paint marks
00:26:28:18going over the side, this is a measured mark.
00:26:30:21it tells us exactly how much cable is left.
00:26:33:09So we check that against the mark on the computer.
00:26:36:18NARRATOR: That mark indicates the end of a section.
00:26:40:11Time for the engineers to come aboard,
00:26:42:18connect the next piece,
00:26:44:10and test that the anchor didn’t damage the cable.
00:26:47:22SHAWN: All stop there, Cory.
00:26:52:00We’ve got our anchor down.
00:26:52:22We’re all stopped here sitting right now.
00:26:55:15ENGINEER: Okay. We’ll be right over.
00:27:08:00DAVE: We’re really just the rough tool
00:27:09:22that’s installing the cable.
00:27:12:06These guys are – they’re the tech guys.
00:27:14:21They’re going to make sure everything keeps working.
00:27:18:16NARRATOR: If the cable’s broken, it’s a million bucks,
00:27:21:19weeks of delay, and a big blow
00:27:24:06to Dominion’s reputation with the Navy,
00:27:27:00an important client.
00:27:29:06SHAWN: Just grab up here.
00:27:33:04SHAWN: So we’ve got the cable coming over the front.
00:27:36:13We’ve got a loop here.
00:27:43:15ENGINEER: Well our plan is to just pass along the side first.
00:27:45:22We’ll get it figured out on the other side.
00:27:52:00SHAWN: The sub-sea cable is fibre optic cable.
00:27:54:15It’s a delicate cable.
00:27:56:00We don’t want to be responsible for damaging it.
00:28:05:00ENGINEER: It’s not bad.
00:28:13:10ENGINEER: It’s plugged in, we’re on deck.
00:28:15:10So test it. Let us know.
00:28:19:00All right.
00:28:20:14SHAWN: This is the worst part,
00:28:21:09the hurry up and wait, we call it.
00:28:25:17You want to go, go, go and get it done,
00:28:27:00and you just – there are certain areas,
00:28:28:20certain spots where you just have to stop
00:28:31:11and follow your procedure.
00:28:37:02ENGINEER: Hi. All right. Bye.
00:28:40:08Jared says everything looks good on shore.
00:28:42:15NARRATOR: The cable gets the thumbs up…
00:28:44:22SHAWN: Thanks guys.
00:28:50:18NARRATOR: …and Shawn can see the finish line.
00:28:53:00SHAWN: I’ll have the two ends here and then you can
00:28:53:24connect it up. And then we’re only 150 meters away.
00:28:57:03I’ll flash this up and we’ll spin some cable off.
00:29:02:18NARRATOR: They have to spool off
00:29:03:14one last, short piece of cable
00:29:05:19in order to reach the site of the pedestals,
00:29:08:06where they’ll deploy the sensors,
00:29:10:16AKA the sled.
00:29:13:22SHAWN: That’s where the sled is going to go.
00:29:15:00ENGINEER: Okay.
00:29:15:23SHAWN: I’d like to get the sled down today if I can.
00:29:18:17NARRATOR: But installing the sensors
00:29:20:02will have to wait until tomorrow.
00:29:22:03They only have enough daylight
00:29:23:16to finish the cabling.
00:29:29:16º MUSIC º
00:29:33:10NARRATOR: Two days left. It’s do or die.
00:29:37:05If they don’t get this job done on schedule,
00:29:39:17it’s going to cost Dominion big time.
00:29:42:01SHAWN: The divers are coming with a truckload of gear.
00:29:43:18We’ll get that all loaded in there.
00:29:45:18Then we’re ready to go.
00:29:48:16NARRATOR: In the shop. LaRae is working hard
00:29:51:01prepping the ROV to search for the missing pedestal.
00:29:54:12But the rest of the job can’t wait.
00:29:57:00SHAWN: Today we’re going to anchor up inside the mooring.
00:30:00:15We’ll get out there and get set up.
00:30:04:20NARRATOR: They moor the Warrior in place,
00:30:06:16above the pedestals.
00:30:08:20HERBIE: Once we get the lines all running out,
00:30:10:23we’ll adjust everything up so we’re sitting right over
00:30:13:01where we’re going to work.
00:30:14:03º MUSIC º
00:30:26:09SHAWN: Don’t be catching them up in your prop.
00:30:31:21NARRATOR: The Warrior is locked into position
00:30:33:12over the job site, ready for the engineers
00:30:35:18to connect the cable to the sensors.
00:30:41:09SHAWN: Hi! Good.
00:30:44:01The cable is actually coming under the barge right now,
00:30:46:23and coming up over the bow, yup.
00:30:51:09I’ll have the divers all dressed
00:30:52:14by the time you guys are done…
00:30:53:16ENGINEER: Yes.
00:30:54:01SHAWN: …so we don’t waste any time.
00:30:59:19SHAWN: The cable gets connected to this unit,
00:31:02:06and then it’s going to be lowered down
00:31:04:05on the ocean floor.
00:31:05:21SHAWN: You guys happy with the slack?
00:31:07:20ENGINEER: We just need to finish tying things off.
00:31:10:00SHAWN: Perfect.
00:31:10:23NARRATOR: Connecting the sensors is the final step
00:31:14:09before they’re lowered down to the exact location
00:31:17:03of the underwater pedestals,
00:31:19:01where they’ll be installed by the divers.
00:31:26:17CHRISTIAN: I got main. Bailout’s off the hat.
00:31:29:04NARRATOR: From here on in, the dives are long and cold,
00:31:32:17like plunging into liquid ice for up to an hour.
00:31:38:19CREW: You got your hot water on now?
00:31:40:17SHAWN: Because of the temperature,
00:31:41:19we decided to go with a hot water suit.
00:31:43:14We pump down five gallons of hot water per minute.
00:31:47:11The divers will be nice and comfortable,
00:31:48:24toasty warm, basically, like diving in a Jacuzzi.
00:31:54:09NARRATOR: Christian is first in the water
00:31:56:00to guide the sled to the ocean floor.
00:31:59:06GARY: Hey, he wants to take a tool line down,
00:32:00:17so you want to just grab that? You got it ready?
00:32:03:20NARRATOR: The heated suits prevent hypothermia,
00:32:06:24but the biggest risk to the divers lives,
00:32:08:22is the length of the dive.
00:32:11:03That’s why they loaded this decompression chamber
00:32:14:12onto the Warrior at the beginning of the job.
00:32:17:12GARY: The advantage of this is that
00:32:18:19you get a longer bottom time.
00:32:20:22So you’ve seen that we’ve been diving
00:32:23:0090 feet to 100 feet.
00:32:25:07We’ve only had like 15 to 20 minutes.
00:32:27:09With this you can get up to 60 minutes.
00:32:29:23And now, I’m entering the inner chamber.
00:32:32:23And then there’s a bench here that can go down
00:32:35:18so it can accommodate two divers.
00:32:39:04The deeper you go,
00:32:40:05the more compressed air that you’re breathing,
00:32:42:10and then your body uses oxygen,
00:32:44:06but it doesn’t use nitrogen.
00:32:45:10So nitrogen gets absorbed into your tissues.
00:32:48:06When you have a carbonated pop,
00:32:50:03you can shake it up and nothing’s happening, right,
00:32:52:03until you open it and then you release the pressure.
00:32:54:10If you come up too fast,
00:32:55:17you start making more and more bubbles
00:32:57:19that start blocking blood vessels.
00:33:00:00And worst-case scenario,
00:33:01:08you could block your carotid arteries
00:33:04:15and then you’ll pass out and you could die.
00:33:09:00NARRATOR: To avoid these risks,
00:33:10:11the chamber puts divers under pressure,
00:33:12:12to “crush” the nitrogen bubbles,
00:33:14:24until they are small enough to be passed naturally.
00:33:21:05NARRATOR: The diver is in the water.
00:33:23:03The sled is ready to go.
00:33:26:05ENGINEER: These black things are a digital magnetometers.
00:33:29:04So there are 16 of those.
00:33:30:15I’m not sure exactly what they do
00:33:32:00and I’m not sure who’s allowed to tell you that.
00:33:34:00SHAWN: That’s secret squirrel stuff that.
00:33:35:22SHAWN: Want to check the connect in,
00:33:37:24and the test.
00:33:41:02SHAWN: So we want to get this over.
00:33:43:11It’s going down to 10 feet,
00:33:44:23for 15 minutes.
00:33:47:15And then it goes to the bottom.
00:33:50:11DAVE: We’ve got Christian in the water,
00:33:51:14he’s going to make contact with the sled.
00:33:55:19SHAWN: Ready ready? HERBIE: Ready ready.
00:33:57:07SHAWN: Ready ready.
00:34:00:08DAVE: So he’ll go up there and follow it down,
00:34:01:18basically ride it down with the crane,
00:34:04:00make sure we get a nice clear landing spot,
00:34:06:10and then we’ll set it on the seabed.
00:34:11:21NARRATOR: One final test.
00:34:15:03They won’t lower the sled all the way to the bottom,
00:34:17:15until they’re positive the components
00:34:19:16are waterproof and functioning,
00:34:21:08in case they have to haul it all back aboard.
00:34:24:14DAVE: We’re just – he’s in the water,
00:34:26:01just kind of hanging out,
00:34:27:11getting comfortable with the hot water suit,
00:34:28:18so whenever you’re ready, just let me know.
00:34:31:06SHAWN: Okay, roger.
00:34:33:10SHAWN: Ferguson’s Cove, Dominion Warrior.
00:34:41:20SHAWN: Okay, roger. Clear to proceed. Thank you.
00:34:44:17NARRATOR: It’s thumbs up from shore.
00:34:46:24The cable is connected,
00:34:48:10undamaged, and functioning perfectly.
00:34:52:07Underwater, Christian carefully guides the sled to the bottom.
00:34:56:22DAVE : So we want this to be on bottom,
00:34:59:16not on the mattress, but just to the north,
00:35:02:12off of the mattress.
00:35:08:06CHRISTIAN: Okay, all stop, all stop.
00:35:11:02DAVE: All stop, all stop.
00:35:13:06SHAWN: Roger, all stopped.
00:35:16:03DAVE: Okay, we’re all stopped there.
00:35:18:01CHRISTIAN: All right, we’re just a couple of feet
00:35:19:08off bottom here. I’m going to try and
00:35:21:01move these cables around,
00:35:22:16so we can land that in a nice clear spot.
00:35:24:23DAVE: Okay.
00:35:27:20CHRISTIAN: Okay, we’re drifting too far to the east.
00:35:30:03Anytime I move the cable, we just drift back over it.
00:35:34:13DAVE: I know, it’s just the wind is blowing us that way, man so.
00:35:37:10CHRISTIAN: No, no, I totally get it.
00:35:38:14I’m just chasing my tail down here
00:35:42:05trying to move the cable.
00:35:45:17CHRISTIAN: Swing left
00:35:48:14DAVE: Can you swing your boom to the left?
00:35:52:13SHAWN: Roger, swing left.
00:36:04:03DAVE: Okay, we want to be approximately
00:36:08:1230 feet to the north.
00:36:11:08SHAWN: 30 feet? Three zero?
00:36:13:00DAVE: Yes sir. Three zero.
00:36:16:19NARRATOR: They’re off the mark.
00:36:18:03The crane can’t reach far enough
00:36:20:19to drop the sled into the correct position.
00:36:24:19The only way to move the Warrior
00:36:26:14is by adjusting the mooring ropes.
00:36:30:01SHAWN: All right.
00:36:32:02We’ll slack off the barge and we’ll start moving.
00:36:33:20DAVE: Copy that.
00:36:34:24We’ll keep an eye on things down here.
00:36:38:11SHAWN: We’re just slacking off the rope a little bit at a time
00:36:41:23and using the wind to push us back.
00:36:44:01NARRATOR: The longer this takes,
00:36:45:10the higher the risk for Christian,
00:36:47:15the diver who’s waiting 150 feet below the surface
00:36:51:07to guide the sled into place.
00:36:53:12SHAWN: I’m anxious to get this down now.
00:37:01:08CHRISTIAN: That looks great, guys.
00:37:02:09Down easy on the wire please, down easy.
00:37:06:17SHAWN: Coming down on the wire.
00:37:09:15DAVE: Getting the sled on bottom and secured
00:37:12:12would really represent the end of
00:37:14:00the cable-laying phase,
00:37:15:20so we don’t have to put anything else down there.
00:37:25:10DAVE: So, you get that rigging off and that’ll be you.
00:37:29:02NARRATOR: The delay lowering the sled
00:37:31:06burned up Christian’s bottom time.
00:37:33:13He needs to surface
00:37:35:00He needs to surface  now.
00:37:35:20DAVE: You’re good to go with your ascent.
00:37:37:10CHRISTIAN: Roger that.
00:37:38:10NARRATOR: And the decompression clock starts ticking.
00:37:43:14SHAWN: When the diver leaves the ocean floor,
00:37:45:02he has seven minutes
00:37:46:13to get up on board our dive platform,
00:37:49:03take off his diving equipment
00:37:50:21get on 100% O2 in the decompression chamber.
00:37:53:15If we go over seven minutes,
00:37:55:02if it’s seven minutes and 10 seconds,
00:37:57:17then that’s it.
00:37:58:19CREW: Diver’s at the ladder.
00:38:00:22Alright hats, take it off.
00:38:03:12Coming to the steps, coming to the steps.
00:38:07:20CREW: Oh my god!
00:38:09:15You all right?
00:38:11:15Mains are off. Sit down.
00:38:13:00Sit down. Sit down.
00:38:14:02CHRISTIAN: Get my arm out first.
00:38:14:21CREW: Yeah.
00:38:18:01CREW: He stayed down there for an hour.
00:38:19:21So because of that,
00:38:20:22he has a lot of residual nitrogen in his body,
00:38:22:22and because he shot up really fast,
00:38:25:00it’s growing big.
00:38:26:13So we only have seven minutes to get him into the chamber
00:38:28:21and blow him back down to 40,
00:38:30:00so he can do his decompression stop.
00:38:31:10DAVE: I’ve got the door, going for a seal.
00:38:33:03We’ve got seven minutes available.
00:38:35:00Within three minutes
00:38:35:18we had him at 40 feet, on O2.
00:38:43:04NARRATOR: Christian’s out of danger…
00:38:46:13SHAWN: Roger, coming up on the crane.
00:38:48:15NARRATOR: …but the job is far from over.
00:38:52:06The sled is on the ocean floor,
00:38:54:18but Dominion has to come back tomorrow
00:38:56:15to install the sensors.
00:38:58:04SHAWN: We’ll end up packing up for the night.
00:39:00:03NARRATOR: If they can find the missing pedestal.
00:39:08:20º MUSIC º
00:39:11:10NARRATOR: It’s the last day of Dominion’s big job
00:39:14:00for the Navy.
00:39:16:09But they can’t complete the contract
00:39:17:24until someone finds the last concrete pedestal
00:39:21:22on the ocean floor.
00:39:25:08LARAE: There’s 16 of them
00:39:27:05and one, for some reason,
00:39:30:00is gone.
00:39:32:00So these pedestals are pretty big,
00:39:33:10so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.
00:39:35:23We brought our sonar today,
00:39:37:01so hopefully we can pick it up on the sonar.
00:39:39:11But who knows.
00:39:41:03It might not even be there.
00:39:44:05DAVE: We’ve got  a couple of new people  on board today.
00:39:46:06We’ve got LaRae
00:39:47:11who hasn’t been out with us yet.
00:39:49:05The boat guys will get us tied up,
00:39:50:18so everyone just sort of stay out of the way.
00:39:52:05And then when we get tied up,
00:39:53:05we’re going to transfer from this boat to the other boat.
00:40:02:10LARAE: This is our control console here.
00:40:04:21This is the lifeline.
00:40:09:17This is your jack cable.
00:40:15:10NARRATOR: LaRae’s decided on a smaller, more nimble ROV
00:40:19:12to navigate around the wreckage
00:40:21:09on the underwater job site.
00:40:34:00LARAE: I’m at a depth right now of 21 meters.
00:40:38:05We got bottom in sight.
00:40:40:15Not picking up anything yet because we’re not on the bottom.
00:40:43:15It’s very easy to get lost.
00:40:46:00NARRATOR: LaRae’s got unlimited bottom time
00:40:48:10to scour the ocean floor,
00:40:49:19using the ROV’s video and sonar.
00:40:54:05But starting the sensor installation can’t wait.
00:40:57:20DAVE: So we’ve gotten the go ahead to start
00:40:59:08deploying the sensors.
00:41:00:19So we’ll take one at a time.
00:41:02:05One diver, will pay out the cables,
00:41:03:24and the other one will go around to the pedestals
00:41:06:24and secure the sensors on the right pedestal.
00:41:09:16DAVE: So you’re going to go down the tool line.
00:41:13:20DAVE: Whenever you’ve got two divers,
00:41:15:08you’ve got two umbilicals, you’ve got two people talking,
00:41:18:03two videos, so things get a little bit more complicated.
00:41:23:00I think we’re good to go.
00:41:24:19So we’ve got Aiden, also known as Boots.
00:41:27:17He’s going to hop in first.
00:41:30:10How are you feeling Christian? You good?
00:41:32:08CHRISTIAN: Yeah, Dave, I’m good.
00:41:33:19Got my gloves on,  I’ll be jumping in.
00:41:36:10DAVE: Okay diver two, you’re good to leave surface as well.
00:41:43:04NARRATOR: The divers can start their work,
00:41:45:11but they won’t be able to finish it
00:41:47:06until LaRae can find the missing pedestal.
00:41:49:12LARAE: So we’ve got pedestal 8 right there.
00:41:54:05DAVE: Basically just doing the same thing over.
00:41:56:04We cleaned them off, drilled the holes,
00:41:58:05and now we’re installing the sensors.
00:42:01:09NARRATOR: It’s slow, methodical work.
00:42:04:19Each sensor needs to be mounted
00:42:06:19to the corresponding pedestal
00:42:08:22for the entire array to function properly.
00:42:11:05DAVE: We’re starting to get to the end of their dive time.
00:42:13:09Then we’ll try and get both divers back to the downline.
00:42:16:14So we’ve got to do the same thing.
00:42:18:10We’ve got our seven minutes,
00:42:19:13but now we’ve got to get two people in the chamber,
00:42:21:17so everybody’s really got to be on their game.
00:42:26:16DAVE: We’ve got diver two there as well.
00:42:28:02Let’s get him ungeared.
00:42:31:21NARRATOR: As each diver surfaces,
00:42:33:18they must enter the decompression chamber
00:42:36:01to remove the life threatening nitrogen bubbles
00:42:38:07that form in their blood during the long, deep, dives.
00:42:42:00DAVE: We’ve got seal.
00:42:44:15DAVE: Okay, we got both our divers
00:42:45:19successfully in the chamber,
00:42:47:22just over three minutes of our seven minutes.
00:42:52:10Divers at 40 feet.
00:43:00:12DAVE: Yeah, copy that. Slack diver one.
00:43:02:14NARRATOR: Everything’s going like clockwork
00:43:05:00for the dives.
00:43:06:12DAVE: Okay, diver two, he would like
00:43:07:16for you to hold the wrench.
00:43:12:01NARRATOR: But without that last pedestal,
00:43:14:02the final sensor can’t be installed.
00:43:17:01It’s all on LaRae.
00:43:22:05LARAE: Well, I just see a lot of rocks right now.
00:43:24:13The seabed is all pretty rocky.
00:43:26:14Making my way over.
00:43:28:13Dead ahead.
00:43:30:11You’ve definitely got to know where you’re at
00:43:32:24and like how to navigate,
00:43:34:18without using just your cameras.
00:43:36:21You’ve got to use your sonar,
00:43:38:09you’ve got to use your compass.
00:43:40:11Even your boat reference,
00:43:41:20you need to just keep it all in the back of your head.
00:43:43:15It’s very easy to get lost.
00:43:54:07LARAE: The visibility is pretty good
00:43:56:02down here actually, right now.
00:44:03:22NARRATOR: After two solid hours of searching,
00:44:06:11LaRae makes a find.
00:44:08:11LARAE: Oh! I got something here.
00:44:09:20CREW: Straight ahead of you. There you go.
00:44:13:16LARAE: It looks like a hard target there.
00:44:18:15This looks like it might be
00:44:20:23the missing pedestal.
00:44:23:18Let’s have a look.
00:44:24:23NARRATOR: It’s 45 feet out of position.
00:44:28:15Probably dragged by a boat anchor or fishing gear.
00:44:33:07LARAE I guess Shawn’s going to be happy to hear this.
00:44:35:08CREW: Oh yeah.
00:44:36:13LARAE: Found it.
00:44:39:00NARRATOR: It’s still close enough
00:44:40:18that the divers can complete the job.
00:44:43:21DAVE: Everything’s looking good.
00:44:44:20LaRae and the ROV crew found the missing pedestal.
00:44:47:20We should have this wrapped up today.
00:44:51:08DAVE: So you’ve got sensor number 10,
00:44:52:21and you are on your way.
00:44:56:05Boys are coming up.
00:45:02:11NARRATOR: Ten days of freezing cold weather,
00:45:05:07delays, and problem after problem.
00:45:08:05A missing pedestal, a frozen conduit,
00:45:10:15dangerous dives,
00:45:12:11and millions of dollars on the line.
00:45:15:03It’s a big win for Dominion
00:45:17:18and a huge victory for Shawn.
00:45:20:05SHAWN: Perfect.
00:45:21:03º THEME MUSIC º