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This is the script for Episode Nine of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:02:00º MUSIC º
00:01:03:00NARRATOR: These little squirts
00:01:04:14cause a huge problem
00:01:06:02on an underwater clean-up mission.
00:01:10:10DAVE: Looks awful.
00:01:11:19OLLIE: Yeah, it looks awful.
00:01:13:01NARRATOR: Bone-chilling weather
00:01:14:06and gruelling labour make life hell,
00:01:17:13pushing Dominion’s divers right over the edge.
00:01:23:15NARRATOR: And one diver’s career
00:01:26:06could be cut-off at the knees.
00:01:27:22OLLIE: I’m in a lot of pain.
00:01:29:06SHAWN: Grab the truck.
00:01:31:07NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:32:19this family’s built a business
00:01:34:14where nobody else dares.
00:01:38:18and resurrecting anything
00:01:40:16in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:42:24This is their world.
00:01:45:20Salt water in their blood
00:01:47:18come hell and high water.
00:01:49:17MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:50:20Do or die.
00:01:51:18º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:22:15NARRATOR: Winter’s got the North Atlantic
00:02:24:09in its icy grasp,
00:02:26:09but Halifax Harbour never freezes,
00:02:28:20and hell will freeze over
00:02:30:20before the work stops at Dominion Diving.
00:02:34:24Working outside is going to be cold and miserable,
00:02:37:16and today’s job is one Christian and Ollie
00:02:39:21have never done before.
00:02:41:15OLLIE: We’re gearing up for a hull scrub.
00:02:43:01A hull scrub can be pretty exciting ’cause this is
00:02:45:00mine and Christian’s first time doing a hull scrub,
00:02:47:00and from what I’ve been hearing from Boots and Shawn
00:02:49:15and the boys in the shops and the older dogs,
00:02:51:09is the hull scrubbing gear can kick your ass a little bit
00:02:54:00if you don’t know how to use it.
00:02:58:18NARRATOR: Dominion Diving has been hired
00:03:00:04to clean the hull of the Earl Grey,
00:03:03:01an essential Canadian Coast Guard vessel.
00:03:06:08The Earl Grey is a 35 year old light ice breaker,
00:03:10:10built for working in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.
00:03:13:20It’s nearly 70 meters long
00:03:16:10and displaces nearly 3,000 tonnes.
00:03:20:23It’s got a flat bottom and a reinforced hull
00:03:23:11for smashing through ice
00:03:25:05more than half a meter thick.
00:03:27:04It also has a large powerful crane
00:03:29:16that’s been used in some high-profile
00:03:31:20heavy rescue and recovery jobs.
00:03:38:06Scrubbing a ship isn’t as easy
00:03:39:11as going through a car wash.
00:03:41:17Dominion’s divers are going to scour every inch
00:03:44:11with steel power scrubbers.
00:03:46:24But the equipment presents dangers of its own.
00:03:50:01OLLIE: The biggest thing is making sure
00:03:51:21your umbilical is free and clear
00:03:53:16and not getting it snagged up in any of the gear
00:03:55:10’cause some of the gear we’re using
00:03:57:10is pretty gnarly like this metal.
00:03:59:05Basically, your cleaning the hull with these discs
00:04:02:01and they’re spinning a mile a minute kind of thing.
00:04:04:00So if you get your fingers or your face
00:04:06:08or your umbilical snagged up in there
00:04:07:24it’s not gonna feel too good at all.
00:04:10:00That’ll hurt quite a bit.
00:04:15:00NARRATOR: It’s the crack of dawn
00:04:16:09and Dave is leading the operation,
00:04:18:02hoping to get it done on a tight schedule.
00:04:21:01DAVE: I wouldn’t quite say this is a two-day job,
00:04:23:20but it’s probably,
00:04:26:01it could be more than a one-day job.
00:04:28:05But we have one day to do it.
00:04:29:23So hopefully everything works fine,
00:04:31:14’cause we don’t really have time for problems.
00:04:34:05So we have to get there, do a pre-inspection of the boat,
00:04:37:07then we’ll get started cleaning the boat.
00:04:39:12And once we’re finished that,
00:04:41:18we have to do a full in-water inspection
00:04:44:15on the vessel as well.
00:04:46:15So it’s a big day.
00:04:50:05NARRATOR: And it’s off to a bumpy start.
00:04:53:20DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:04:55:16Good morning. We are now departing
00:04:57:09Dartmouth Cove for BIO.
00:05:01:08HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Dominion Bearcat, Halifax Traffic.
00:05:02:23Roger. Dartmouth Cove for BIO. Over.
00:05:07:08NARRATOR: Luckily, the Coast Guard station
00:05:09:08is only a few kilometers away by boat.
00:05:17:00OLLIE: This is the Earl Grey right here.
00:05:18:16This is the vessel we will be hull scrubbing.
00:05:21:04We’re gonna tie up, hop in the water
00:05:23:14and give this bad boy a scrub.
00:05:30:14DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:05:32:06We are now secure at BIO.
00:05:36:13NARRATOR: The Earl Grey is 40 meters across
00:05:38:22and about half its 17 meter draft sits below water.
00:05:43:20Over time, everything below water
00:05:46:14gets encrusted with marine life.
00:05:48:22Mussels, kelp,
00:05:50:17and tube-like creatures called sea squirts.
00:05:56:15Every second counts in a rescue,
00:05:58:19and the living carpet on the ship’s hull,
00:06:00:23could slow it down by as much as 10 percent.
00:06:05:16It’s all gotta come off.
00:06:14:17NARRATOR: If Dave wants to get this done today,
00:06:17:03everything is gonna have to go like clockwork.
00:06:20:20But nothing’s gonna be easy on this job.
00:06:25:05[TAP TAP TAP]
00:06:27:05OLLIE: [GRUNTING]
00:06:31:02OLLIE: [GRUNTING]
00:06:33:00CHRISTIAN: There we go.
00:06:38:10OLLIE: Just making sure everything’s tight
00:06:39:15and one of those discs doesn’t fly off
00:06:40:20and smoke somebody in the face.
00:06:43:04NARRATOR: There’s already trouble.
00:06:45:19High winds and snow.
00:06:50:24It makes everything take longer.
00:06:59:05OLLIE: This is for the compressor
00:07:00:22for the hull scrubber.
00:07:02:17It takes a lot to start in the cold.
00:07:06:08NARRATOR: Dave is anxious to get the divers underwater.
00:07:11:09The compressor finally starts…
00:07:13:00OLLIE: There you go.
00:07:14:00NARRATOR: …then immediately breaks down.
00:07:15:24BOOTS: You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me.
00:07:20:00It fuckin’ squirted all over my leg.
00:07:24:18NARRATOR: The bitter cold makes the rubber hoses brittle.
00:07:28:02OLLIE: Holy fuck.
00:07:30:01OLLIE: One of our hydraulic hoses kinda let go
00:07:32:03and kinda exploded everywhere.
00:07:33:09Our fitting split in half.
00:07:35:12It’s just gonna slow us down a little bit.
00:07:37:09DAVE: Anyway, we’ll switch hoses.
00:07:39:00Are you interested in going diving today? Right now?
00:07:42:14CHRISTIAN: I guess.
00:07:43:13DAVE: That’s fantastic.
00:07:44:22Let’s just get ourselves geared up and go diving.
00:07:47:18NARRATOR: Dave sends Christian in to inspect
00:07:49:05the marine growth around the hull,
00:07:51:08while Boots and Ollie try to get the hull scrubber
00:07:53:15up and running.
00:07:55:02DAVE: You know it’s typical that we find problems,
00:07:58:09especially when it’s cold out.
00:08:00:00In this particular instance,
00:08:01:02we’ve got a fitting that’s got a crack in it,
00:08:03:23so we had to switch out the lines.
00:08:05:21Not a huge deal,
00:08:07:03but already we’re starting to see some,
00:08:09:05you know, just gear issues.
00:08:11:23So hopefully that’s just our little one
00:08:14:00that we get out of the way,
00:08:15:01and then we can continue on and have no other
00:08:17:09major problems throughout the day.
00:08:20:00CHRISTIAN: I’ve heard all the horror stories from Boots.
00:08:22:15DAVE: You’re gonna love it.
00:08:23:15CHRISTIAN: I’ve been mentally dreading this day,
00:08:25:05but the time has come.
00:08:27:10OLLIE: Christian hasn’t used this machine before.
00:08:28:10Both me and Christian are new to it.
00:08:30:05We’ve heard lots of horror stories
00:08:31:03about it just beating the shit out of guys,
00:08:32:17basically chewing you up and spitting you out.
00:08:35:20So yeah.
00:08:36:22As you can see, Christian’s super stoked.
00:08:38:03Face of a champion, eye of the tiger.
00:08:40:04He’s fuckin’ ready to get in the water
00:08:41:06and fuckin’ go kill some sea life.
00:08:44:11OLLIE: What pack you want, big guy?
00:08:49:01NARRATOR: As the mercury plummets,
00:08:50:12so does the morale of the crew.
00:08:56:22OLLIE: As you can see the joys of winter diving,
00:08:58:13all our gear is frozen stiff.
00:09:00:15Everything freezes.
00:09:03:08Your fingers feel like they are gonna fall off
00:09:05:03and you hate your life.
00:09:06:23As soon as Christian gets out of the water,
00:09:08:05we’re basically racing against time
00:09:09:05to get him out of the pack,
00:09:10:12before he’s frozen into it,
00:09:12:02and we gotta put him in a trailer
00:09:13:11and basically thaw him out again
00:09:14:22before he can get out of the gear.
00:09:19:08NARRATOR: It’s 10 degrees below freezing.
00:09:21:20The wind makes it feel a lot colder,
00:09:24:02but it’s even worse in the water.
00:09:27:00OLLIE: So the water’s probably around one to two degrees.
00:09:29:24The only problem with that is it sucks heat a lot faster
00:09:32:03than the air does.
00:09:33:14So it might sound warmer,
00:09:35:08but in reality it’s fuckin’ hell in there.
00:09:38:15DAVE: Do you want to tell us
00:09:39:15what you’re looking at there, Christian?
00:09:41:05NARRATOR: Through the helmet cam,
00:09:43:02they see the build-up of marine life
00:09:45:05is worse than anyone expected.
00:09:47:24CHRISTIAN: Port side of the bow.
00:09:49:12As you can see we have some
00:09:51:09marine growth on the side here.
00:09:53:10I’d say probably…
00:09:58:04DAVE: Looks awful.
00:09:59:18OLLIE: Yeah, it looks fuckin’ awful.
00:10:01:16NARRATOR: Dave’s one-day job is turning out
00:10:04:05to be a hell of a lot bigger than he expected.
00:10:14:21NARRATOR: Millions of marine creatures
00:10:16:04glued to the bottom of this Coast Guard ship
00:10:18:12make the job of cleaning it bigger and more difficult
00:10:21:24than Dave expected.
00:10:27:06CHRISTIAN: Still appears to be a hundred percent coverage.
00:10:29:06DAVE: She’s pretty hairy.
00:10:30:00Got quite a bit of marine growth on it.
00:10:33:04Mostly soft marine growth from what we can see right now.
00:10:35:23CHRISTIAN: It looks like roughly around five centimetres,
00:10:40:12from the waterline right down to the keel,
00:10:43:00from what I can see.
00:10:44:07DAVE: It looks like this boat,
00:10:46:04from what’s growing on it,
00:10:47:08has been stationary for a while.
00:10:49:09And when you get down a little bit more,
00:10:51:03like a few feet underwater,
00:10:52:14we’re into these soft sea squirts.
00:10:55:22It sounds like soft marine growth is not a bad thing,
00:10:58:06but it can be worse
00:10:59:20because it just sort of smushes around
00:11:01:11rather than just comes right off,
00:11:03:00and it gums up your stuff,
00:11:04:07your equipment, your brushes.
00:11:06:17OLLIE: I’ve done lots of pressure washing,
00:11:08:00and I know sea squirts are fuckin’ shitty.
00:11:10:10DAVE: Yeah, they don’t want to come off.  OLLIE: No.
00:11:12:12DAVE: A lot of times when we do a hull cleaning,
00:11:14:14there’ll be like a little bit of stuff on the sides
00:11:16:09and then some patches where there’s
00:11:18:20stuff that needs to be cleaned.
00:11:20:03This is a hundred percent coverage.
00:11:23:05CHRISTIAN: It’s even thicker down here now.
00:11:25:00DAVE: So if these boats are driving around,
00:11:27:07if they’ve got four inches of this soft marine growth on it,
00:11:31:16it’s a huge amount of drag and resistance.
00:11:35:12CHRISTIAN: …about four or five inches.
00:11:38:09NARRATOR: Because the Earl Grey is 70 meters long
00:11:41:00and 40 meters wide,
00:11:42:19this job is gonna be like scrubbing five inches of rubber
00:11:46:09off an area more than half an acre.
00:11:50:01DAVE: We’re gonna have to clean every square inch of it.
00:11:54:10Okay, copy that. Thank you.
00:11:56:07So this will conclude our before look at the hull.
00:12:00:02So, yeah, I guess we’ll give you the machine
00:12:02:10and see if that takes ’em off.
00:12:05:00NARRATOR: Here comes the scrubber.
00:12:15:10DAVE: Are they spinning? CHRISTIAN: Yeah.
00:12:16:20DAVE: Okay, good. So just leave it running,
00:12:18:16flip that thing sideways and stick it on.
00:12:22:15You’re in the business.
00:12:24:10You’re scrubbing.
00:12:25:15OLLIE: [LAUGHS] That’s fuckin’ wicked!
00:12:29:01CHRISTIAN: It’s some good, I will say.
00:12:30:18DAVE: Yeah.
00:12:33:07NARRATOR: The hull scrubber is a gas-powered
00:12:34:23hydraulic power tool
00:12:36:20and has a bad reputation for tossing divers around.
00:12:41:00OLLIE: Looks like he’s figuring it out.
00:12:42:16He’s not getting fuckin’ eaten alive by it.
00:12:45:00That’s a good thing.
00:12:46:07If it was a new guy it’d be a different story,
00:12:47:22but Christian’s a good guy,
00:12:49:01I don’t want to see him get his ass kicked
00:12:50:04by a fuckin’ hull scrubber.
00:12:53:16NARRATOR: Sea squirts get their name from their ability
00:12:55:17to contract their bodies and squirt water.
00:12:58:11They’re fascinating creatures,
00:13:00:05but they don’t need your sympathy.
00:13:04:20Besides being a nuisance for the marine industry,
00:13:07:01they’re also an invasive species
00:13:09:03that hitch rides on boats
00:13:11:00and choke out native ocean life.
00:13:16:01Sea squirts start out life as tiny tadpole-like creatures
00:13:19:18with a primitive spinal cord and brain,
00:13:22:09until they find something to anchor onto.
00:13:26:06Then they digest their own brains and nervous system
00:13:29:01and grow into these tubes that feed
00:13:31:00by filtering microscopic creatures out of the water.
00:13:36:20So by the time they’re being scrubbed off
00:13:38:13the bottom of a boat,
00:13:39:22they’re not capable of feeling any pain.
00:13:43:15CHRISTIAN: Groovy.
00:13:47:22NARRATOR: The hull scrubber’s throwing lots of debris
00:13:50:12into the water, but Dave isn’t convinced
00:13:53:01it’s actually getting down to the metal.
00:13:56:13DAVE: A lot of times when it’s thick like this,
00:13:58:12you’ll get some stuff off but it’s not clean enough,
00:14:01:07so you end up going over everything twice,
00:14:04:10which is kind of a drag.
00:14:07:12So we’ll make our plan as we go.
00:14:11:20So this will be the moment of truth then,
00:14:13:11when you go back over what you just did
00:14:15:00and see if it actually took it off.
00:14:19:10NARRATOR: Finally, Christian’s scrubbing
00:14:20:20reveals the Coast Guard’s signature red paint,
00:14:23:17in a few spots anyway.
00:14:25:19CHRISTIAN: Ah, a little bit. I mean, it’s not great.
00:14:29:18NARRATOR: It’s just not working fast enough.
00:14:33:10CHRISTIAN: Fuck sakes.
00:14:35:20I’ll do a second pass on the fuckin’ sea squirts.
00:14:39:00DAVE: Yeah, are they coming off at all?
00:14:40:10CHRISTIAN: No.
00:14:46:00DAVE: We just did a couple passes over them
00:14:47:18with the brushes,
00:14:48:21and it doesn’t seem to do anything
00:14:50:04so, we could be…
00:14:52:07we could be looking at just cleaning up the waterline
00:14:54:17with our brush carts and
00:14:57:00possibly having to hand scrape all the rest of it,
00:14:59:23which takes a lot of time.
00:15:02:17Very labour intensive.
00:15:05:20DAVE: Yeah, they just don’t come off.
00:15:08:00CHRISTIAN: Unfortunately not. I can try a third pass.
00:15:10:16DAVE: No, we’re going to have to change our tactic
00:15:12:17for those sea squirts.
00:15:13:20CHRISTIAN: Okay.
00:15:18:20OLLIE: So basically
00:15:20:17the hull scrubber’s not taking
00:15:22:00the sea squirts off the bottom,
00:15:25:15so we’re going back to old faithful.
00:15:27:13We’re just going to hand scrape the bottom
00:15:29:00and hopefully haul it all off with that.
00:15:33:10NARRATOR: Let’s hope old faithful delivers the goods.
00:15:38:15So it’s out with the high tech,
00:15:40:09and in goes the low tech.
00:15:45:21It’s a sidewalk scraper
00:15:47:17for removing ice in the Canadian winter,
00:15:50:10and it’s pretty good dealing with sea squirts.
00:15:53:00But, it’s not fast.
00:15:54:22DAVE: This will slow things up considerably,
00:15:57:07but there’s no real quick solutions.
00:15:59:16We just gotta sorta do it.
00:16:03:24NARRATOR: But at this rate, this one-day contract
00:16:06:05is gonna take at least three days to finish.
00:16:11:15After that, the Earl Grey has gotta leave port
00:16:14:09for its next Arctic patrol.
00:16:17:09Delays come out of Dominion’s bottom line.
00:16:20:06Worse than that,
00:16:21:04they piss off an important customer.
00:16:24:04They gotta get this done before the Earl Grey ships out.
00:16:30:09Dave decides to put extra manpower on the job,
00:16:32:24so Ollie’s gearing up to join Christian in the water.
00:16:39:02At these temperatures divers wear dry suits.
00:16:41:21But Ollie’s dry suit is out for repair
00:16:44:21and the spare is full of holes.
00:16:48:00OLLIE: We’ve been super busy for the last couple of months
00:16:49:19and we’ve been running crazy,
00:16:52:02so I had a couple small holes in my suit
00:16:54:06that essentially turned into wizard sleeves.
00:16:56:18So I’m wearing Boots’ wetsuit underneath,
00:17:00:01which if you’ve ever seen Boots compared to me,
00:17:02:10he’s a about maybe a foot shorter than I am
00:17:04:06and I probably got a hundred pounds of gut on Boots.
00:17:06:15I’m definitely a bigger boy than he is.
00:17:08:10So I can’t even zip his wet suit up.
00:17:10:18And then I’m fuckin’ cramming
00:17:12:03a dry suit on top of that,
00:17:14:00and I gotta get Boots to basically zip me into it.
00:17:17:00NARRATOR: With that beard, Ollie looks like
00:17:19:08a salty old sailor, but he’s only 27.
00:17:22:15He’s been a commercial diver less than two years.
00:17:31:22NARRATOR: This is his dream job,
00:17:33:19even if it means being crammed into a wetsuit
00:17:36:13two sizes too small,
00:17:38:09with a leaky dry suit stretched over top.
00:17:45:23NARRATOR: Not the most graceful entrance,
00:17:48:00but at least he’s having fun for now.
00:17:51:11But once the water gets in, fun time’s over.
00:17:54:10He might as well be naked in temperatures
00:17:57:00two degrees above freezing.
00:18:01:10NARRATOR: Ollie’s own dry suit is out for repairs
00:18:04:10and you can’t get that done at just any old tailor.
00:18:07:22They’re custom-made requiring specialized skills,
00:18:11:04tools and materials.
00:18:15:06Luckily, one of the world’s top manufacturers
00:18:17:24is located right in Dominion’s own back yard.
00:18:21:08Abyss Diving Suits has been building and repairing
00:18:24:05commercial dive gear for 25 years.
00:18:28:21They’re putting Ollie’s gear together again
00:18:30:19one piece at a time.
00:18:58:11NARRATOR: Gim George used to be a commercial diver himself,
00:19:01:17so keeping divers warm
00:19:03:09is near and “dear” to his heart.
00:19:41:05NARRATOR: A wetsuit fits skin-tight and lets in
00:19:44:01a thin film of water that’s warmed up by body heat.
00:19:49:00In colder temperatures, you need a dry suit.
00:19:51:19It’s totally water-tight and is cut loose
00:19:54:21to make room for insulating layers underneath.
00:20:19:06GIM: Hi Denise. I got you another one.
00:20:47:15GIM: Find a place to rest the suit.
00:20:53:07NARRATOR: Back at the Coast Guard wharf,
00:20:56:10Boots is getting ready to relieve Christian,
00:20:58:11who’s been scraping sea squirts
00:21:00:16for four hours straight.
00:21:09:19DAVE: So those, where we found there was
00:21:11:15like a little bit of algae or something underneath…
00:21:15:13NARRATOR: And Dave has to relay some bad news
00:21:17:13to head office.
00:21:19:16DAVE: …but the rest of it, we have to scrape it.
00:21:23:20So it’s, you know,
00:21:25:12it’s gonna take a while.
00:21:29:00CHRISTIAN: It’s like, four hours of shovelling wet snow
00:21:31:01with no breaks,
00:21:32:06and you can’t drink water in between.
00:21:33:19You get salt water in your mouth,
00:21:34:19so it just makes you more thirsty.
00:21:37:10DAVE: In my estimate, it’s gonna take
00:21:39:24more than just today to get it done.
00:21:42:03Yeah, so we’ll just keep doing it
00:21:43:21and I’ll let you know how we’re making out
00:21:46:02but, we’re not, you know,
00:21:48:07we’re not halfway done yet
00:21:49:19and it’s already after 12:30.
00:21:52:00º MUSIC º
00:21:58:15NARRATOR: Boots joins Ollie in the water.
00:22:01:04There’s still 50 meters of Canadian Coast Guard vessel
00:22:03:18left to scrape clean.
00:22:11:07DAVE: It’s already almost 1:00
00:22:13:16and we’ve got less than half of it done.
00:22:17:00So probably like, I don’t know,
00:22:20:00a third of it done maybe.
00:22:25:05DAVE: So, Oliver’s been in there
00:22:26:23almost getting up on three hours now,
00:22:29:17so that’s a lot of time just, you know,
00:22:32:02swimming and scraping. Very tiring work.
00:22:34:15You use your whole body.
00:22:35:22So he’ll be pretty exhausted.
00:22:38:03Yeah, so we’re gonna get him out
00:22:40:02and as soon as he gets out and gets clear,
00:22:42:05I’ll get geared up. I can hop in.
00:22:44:16It’s gonna be awesome.
00:22:54:23NARRATOR: But something’s gone wrong.
00:22:57:02After three hours in freezing water
00:22:59:24and patchwork dive gear,
00:23:02:13Ollie’s in deep trouble.
00:23:06:00OLLIE: I’m basically just trying to
00:23:06:15swim back to the boat,
00:23:07:19but both of my legs just lock up, cramped.
00:23:10:08It literally just felt like somebody was taking a hot knive
00:23:12:11and justs shoving it in both my hamstrings.
00:23:13:24And my suit’s so small that I can’t bend over
00:23:17:15and get rid of my cramps or whatever,
00:23:19:06so it’s just an absolute nightmare.
00:23:21:04NARRATOR: The freezing water and leaky drysuit
00:23:23:15have taken a toll.
00:23:25:15OLLIE: So I come over the coms
00:23:27:05like, Dave, I need to get out of the water now.
00:23:30:00NARRATOR: He can’t climb the ladder.
00:23:31:22OLLIE: My fins are not coming off.
00:23:33:05They can’t come off.
00:23:34:18DAVE: Boots is going to come over and take
00:23:35:22your fins off for you, pal.
00:23:37:11OLLIE: Okay.
00:23:47:07DAVE: Did you say you want a rope?
00:23:48:24OLLIE: Yes.
00:23:55:23NARRATOR: Ollie hands off his gear.
00:23:58:10He can barely haul himself onboard.
00:24:09:10DAVE: What is going on here?
00:24:11:05OLLIE: Owwww!
00:24:19:24Oh fuck!
00:24:24:10OLLIE: Honestly, it was fuckin’ pretty excruciating.
00:24:26:06I get worked up sometimes,
00:24:27:19but it’s always like a good mood kind of thing.
00:24:29:14So for me to actually be like that upset
00:24:31:20and that kind of like worked up,
00:24:33:17that doesn’t happen too often.
00:24:36:20I was definitely fired up.
00:24:43:17DAVE: You’re working working hard
00:24:44:24and then you gotta come back and climb a ladder.
00:24:46:17It’s cold and it’s hard on your body so,
00:24:50:00yeah, we got him back on board.
00:24:52:10That’s a good thing.
00:24:55:10OLLIE: When I’m in the water,
00:24:56:02I can’t really move or anything.
00:24:57:11I can’t really get to any of my straps
00:24:58:24so it’s just a fuckin’…
00:25:00:12it’s a battle in there right now,
00:25:02:07until I get my suit back from Gim
00:25:03:20and the boys at Abyss suit me up and get me nice and dry.
00:25:09:05NARRATOR: The bosses at Dominion have sent their niece, LaRae,
00:25:11:17down to see how the job’s going.
00:25:18:13She gets put to work right away.
00:25:21:10CHRISTIAN: All right, LaRae, get over here.
00:25:22:16It takes two for the legs.
00:25:24:23LARAE: You gotta lay down.
00:25:26:07CHRISTIAN: LaRae, I need your help.
00:25:30:16NARRATOR: LaRae grew up around divers,
00:25:32:13and she’s an experienced ROV pilot
00:25:34:18who’s spent years at sea,
00:25:36:05so she’s seen it all.
00:25:42:24OLLIE: Thank you. CHRISTIAN: You’re welcome.
00:25:44:11LARAE: How many suits do you have on?
00:25:45:13CHRISTIAN: Too many.
00:25:47:02OLLIE: As many as it takes.
00:25:48:05LARAE: And that’s Boots’? OLLIE: Yeah.
00:25:53:10NARRATOR: Dave has run through all his divers,
00:25:55:02so now it’s his turn to take the icy plunge
00:25:58:03and do battle with the sea squirts.
00:26:02:08But the temperature is dropping,
00:26:03:18they’re burning daylight,
00:26:05:11and the job’s nowhere close to being finished.
00:26:08:02º MUSIC º
00:26:28:05NARRATOR: After three hours of non-stop sea squirt scraping,
00:26:31:24Dave finally surfaces.
00:26:41:24º MUSIC º
00:26:47:05DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:26:49:01We’ve now completed our diving operations at BIO.
00:26:53:15DAVE: We figure we’re about a third of the way done.
00:26:56:07So we’re going to have to
00:26:58:22come back at it again another day.
00:27:01:11NARRATOR: Today’s score card…
00:27:03:00sea squirts one, divers zero.
00:27:09:20GARY: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:27:11:13NARRATOR: Sunrise on Halifax Harbour.
00:27:15:10GARY: Yes, good morning.
00:27:16:03We are departing Dartmouth Cove…
00:27:18:01NARRATOR: Day two of the big job scouring the hull
00:27:20:00of the Coast Guard ship, Earl Grey.
00:27:24:17Today, Gary’s leading the operation with divers
00:27:27:07Boots, Guillaume, and Christian.
00:27:31:17The Coast Guard ship is heading out
00:27:33:00on a patrol tomorrow night.
00:27:35:20Scrubbing it clean will make it faster and more efficient,
00:27:39:00and could shave off crucial seconds
00:27:41:10in a rescue mission or a recovery operation.
00:27:45:24Like when the Earl Grey salvaged a sunken oil tanker,
00:27:48:20the Irving Whale.
00:27:51:16Or hauling up airplane wreckage
00:27:53:03from the tragic Swiss Air Flight 111,
00:27:56:07a passenger jet that crashed in 1998,
00:27:59:11killing all 229 people aboard.
00:28:05:00GARY: Generally speaking,
00:28:06:03these Coast Guard vessels,
00:28:08:00they need to be ready to go
00:28:09:13and they need to be able to operate at peak efficiencies.
00:28:13:20So with all these sea squirts on it, it slows down the vessel
00:28:16:03and it also causes vibration as well.
00:28:19:12The vessels are designed to be smooth
00:28:20:22and cut through the water, but with this,
00:28:22:21it’s like trying to drag a shag carpet
00:28:24:10through the water, right?
00:28:25:17It’s going to create a lot of drag.
00:28:31:01NARRATOR: After all the difficulties
00:28:32:03and delays yesterday,
00:28:33:19Gary’s trying to speed things up.
00:28:36:16Nobody wants to come back for a third day
00:28:39:02of scraping sea squirts.
00:28:42:04GARY: Yeah, so we have two divers in the water
00:28:43:18just to try to speed up the process
00:28:46:03because it’s a slow process,
00:28:47:20you just gotta keep scraping.
00:28:48:24So you can have one guy at the bow,
00:28:50:17one guy at the stern and just let them
00:28:53:11keep on keepin’ on.
00:29:02:00GARY: All right Boots, you’ve been in for three hours,
00:29:03:22so you can make your way out.
00:29:06:02º MUSIC º
00:29:15:22NARRATOR: Out with one diver and in with another.
00:29:18:13No time to lose.
00:29:24:08GARY: I’m just giving this scraper a touch up.
00:29:26:06[GRINDER ON METAL]
00:29:28:18Makes life easier if she’s sharp.
00:29:30:15[GRINDER ON METAL]
00:29:32:20It’s just kind of like a razor, right,
00:29:34:13you’re just trying to give the boat a haircut.
00:29:51:00NARRATOR: After many hours of scrub-a-dub-dub,
00:29:53:17it still doesn’t look good.
00:29:59:05GARY: So Christian’s coming up.
00:30:00:21We’re doing what’s called a repetitive dive right now.
00:30:03:12NARRATOR: Seven hours into day two.
00:30:05:18The vessel is still
00:30:06:19covered in a thick carpet of sea squirts.
00:30:09:00Boots is being sent back in for a second go.
00:30:13:06GARY: It’s cold out right now and it kinda sucks
00:30:15:01putting your wet gear back on, but you know,
00:30:19:00the office wants to get this job done,
00:30:20:23so we just gotta keep on
00:30:23:00scraping away until it gets clean.
00:30:26:10This is one of our harder jobs, hull scraping.
00:30:28:24It’s a very physical job.
00:30:31:15Just takes a lot out of ya.
00:30:33:18It’s like digging a hole for four hours straight.
00:30:37:00I don’t think there’s any divers that like it.
00:30:42:20GARY: I think there is still a lot of material on here,
00:30:45:21so I don’t think we’re gonna be able
00:30:47:00to complete this today, unfortunately.
00:30:55:23NARRATOR: Already a day over schedule,
00:30:57:22and the Dominion team will have to come back again
00:31:00:06to finish the job.
00:31:02:15GARY: Are we ready to fly outta here?
00:31:16:00NARRATOR: Ollie’s part of tomorrow’s dive crew,
00:31:18:17but at least he won’t have to do it
00:31:20:00in a borrowed dive suit again.
00:31:24:20OLLIE: Gim, you here?
00:31:25:21GIM: Oh, hello, Ollie.
00:31:27:09OLLIE: Hey, how’s it going?
00:31:28:08I heard you’ve got my suit ready.
00:31:29:08GIM: Glad to see you.
00:31:30:12OLLIE: It’s good to see you again. How’s it going?
00:31:31:24GIM: Well, it was a challenge to fix.
00:31:33:24We found a couple of holes here and there,
00:31:35:09nothing important.
00:31:36:11Your boots are still good.
00:31:38:08Put a brand new zipper, that was the problem.
00:31:40:11We put brand new wrist seals in.
00:31:42:17OLLIE: Perfect. I’ve had this suit
00:31:43:19for two years now, and I’ve put over 500 hours,
00:31:45:22working hours on it.
00:31:47:22So I’ve been underwater 500 hours in this thing,
00:31:50:11and I couldn’t be happier with it. I absolutely love it.
00:31:52:07I view it as an investment, right?
00:31:53:22A suit’s a good thing if you wanna keep diving
00:31:56:01and be happy in the water, and I’ve been diving in a suit
00:31:58:01that hasn’t necessarily been the best right now,
00:32:00:00and I’ve been miserable at work.
00:32:01:11So now that I have a suit that I’m comfortable
00:32:02:19in the water again and I’m happy
00:32:04:02and actually fits me and I can touch my toes,
00:32:05:21I can take my fins off, I can do whatever.
00:32:07:14Like, that’s huge.
00:32:08:18That’s definitely what I’m looking for, so yeah.
00:32:10:24Thank you. GIM: Okay.
00:32:12:08OLLIE: I can’t thank you enough, Gim.
00:32:12:23GIM: Have a good dive.
00:32:14:01OLLIE: You’re the best. Thank you. I will.
00:32:19:02º MUSIC º
00:32:23:23NARRATOR: The next morning, Ollie’s looking forward
00:32:26:02to diving with his newly repaired dive suit,
00:32:28:23and he and Christian start gearing up
00:32:30:11for the day’s work.
00:32:32:16OLLIE: What fuckin’ grinder’s that?
00:32:34:09CHRISTIAN: I don’t know. I like the blade on it.
00:32:36:13OLLIE: Yeah, I like the look of it.
00:32:38:11NARRATOR: They need to sharpen up the scrapers
00:32:39:23before they head out.
00:32:41:14Better to do it here in a heated shop,
00:32:43:16than out there freezing on the boat.
00:32:49:04Ollie’s had a frustrating, painful week,
00:32:52:02but things are about to get a lot worse.
00:32:56:08OLLIE: She’s a little salty.
00:32:58:19OLLIE: [YELLS IN PAIN]
00:33:00:10CHRISTIAN: Oh shit, dude.
00:33:01:20OLLIE: Ohhhh!
00:33:02:10CHRISTIAN: Oh dude, is that you’re leg?
00:33:03:15OLLIE: Yeah, it is. Can you just get me
00:33:04:20to sit down in the truck.
00:33:08:00CHRISTIAN: We need a first aid kit.
00:33:18:00GUILLAUME: That grinder just exploded on Ollie.
00:33:22:10I’m in a lot of fuckin’ pain.
00:33:24:14NARRATOR: When the grinder wheel snapped off,
00:33:26:12it sliced open a gash in Ollie’s leg.
00:33:28:20SHAWN: Yeah, I just need some…
00:33:29:20OLLIE: Yeah, it fuckin’ hit my knee.
00:33:32:16It hit my leg and bounced into my knee, yeah.
00:33:35:02CHRISTIAN: That fuckin’ exploded man.
00:33:38:13It didn’t even touch anything,
00:33:40:02it just went fuckin’ boom.
00:33:41:05SHAWN: We’ll take Ollie down.
00:33:42:00We’ll just have a look at it before you go, Ollie.
00:33:43:15OLLIE: Yeah, you can cut it open if you want.
00:33:44:15I don’t really give a fuck, just go at it.
00:33:48:13Actually, let me do it.
00:33:53:00Oh yeah, she got me fuckin’ real good.
00:33:54:05SHAWN: Oh yeah.
00:33:56:05CHRISTIAN: Fuck!
00:33:57:12GUILLAUME: Oh, Jesus!
00:34:01:09NARRATOR: It looks bad.
00:34:03:08SHAWN: I’ll bring up the truck.
00:34:04:17NARRATOR: Christian’s gotta rush Ollie
00:34:06:00to the emergency room.
00:34:14:17The nearest hospital is only three kilometers away,
00:34:18:05but every second is agony for Ollie.
00:34:20:17OLLIE: Ohhh, fuck! I hate that grinder.
00:34:30:17OLLIE: Well it’s good my toes aren’t numb or anything,
00:34:32:09so that’s a fuckin’ good sign.
00:34:35:15NARRATOR: Christian works with Ollie every day.
00:34:38:13They trust each other with their lives on every dive,
00:34:41:22and now Christian helps Ollie each step of the way.
00:34:54:00NARRATOR: Nobody says it,
00:34:55:02but they both know an accident like this
00:34:57:07could end Ollie’s dive career.
00:35:08:00CHRISTIAN: Ollie’s, he’s got a good,
00:35:09:21good chunk of flesh missing there.
00:35:15:02Yeah, I didn’t want to look at it too much.
00:35:16:10I feel sick to my stomach but,
00:35:20:09yeah, he got it right in the knee,
00:35:21:09right in the kneecap.
00:35:23:06So I mean…
00:35:25:08not very good.
00:35:35:15NARRATOR: Back at the shop,
00:35:36:17an accident this serious requires immediate investigation
00:35:40:01by Shawn and Robin.
00:35:42:00ROBIN: We take safety very seriously.
00:35:43:20We feel bad when somebody gets injured.
00:35:46:10We don’t know if it’s our fault
00:35:48:07from something that we did, or you know,
00:35:50:09something that we didn’t do
00:35:52:02that could have prevented it
00:35:53:16or something like that.
00:35:55:05CHRISTIAN: Yeah, it’s still plugged in there.
00:35:57:08ROBIN: Lots of potential for injury at all times,
00:36:00:02for all employees working with
00:36:01:21every piece of equipment that we have.
00:36:03:19So there’s lots of controls that you put in place
00:36:05:18to minimize even the potential for the events.
00:36:08:16That being said, when something does happen,
00:36:10:10you’ve got to just constantly be super reactive with it.
00:36:16:05Following that, action is required
00:36:17:17to eliminate whatever caused the accident.
00:36:23:09NARRATOR: A loose bolt caused the grinder wheel
00:36:25:02to wobble.
00:36:26:16It made contact with the housing
00:36:28:12and exploded.
00:36:30:00Ollie was on the wrong end of that explosion.
00:36:34:03ROBIN: Once the nut gets slightly loose,
00:36:36:05you’ll get movement in a disc.
00:36:37:18And when the disc is spinning up
00:36:39:06a few thousand RPMs,
00:36:41:07it goes out of balance and it looses its integrity
00:36:43:18and it comes apart.
00:36:48:06CHRISTIAN: Ollie’s… yeah.
00:36:50:10Hopefully the x-rays come back good
00:36:51:11and everything’s good on that side.
00:36:56:00In the meantime, I’m just lubing everything up
00:36:58:07and doing what maintenance we can
00:37:00:16to try and prevent that from happening again.
00:37:04:11NARRATOR: But the work has got to go on.
00:37:06:12They’ve gotta finish the job
00:37:07:22of cleaning that Coast Guard ship.
00:37:10:14The Earl Grey is set to ship out today.
00:37:18:14Christian is aboard the dive boat,
00:37:20:08but he’s keeping an eye on his phone
00:37:21:18for any word from Ollie.
00:37:34:01GARY: Diver  in the water.
00:37:36:05º MUSIC º
00:37:44:20GARY: This boat’s kinda deceptive
00:37:46:10because it’s got 25 foot straight sides
00:37:49:02and then a huge flat bottom
00:37:51:06and then the bow is really thick as well.
00:37:53:10So, it was a little more than we thought.
00:37:58:07The guys have been hard at ‘er the whole time
00:38:00:16and we’re just finishing up the starboard side
00:38:03:16and should be done in the next couple of hours.
00:38:05:20º MUSIC º
00:38:14:09We’re getting there. Getting close.
00:38:27:23NARRATOR: Still no word from Ollie.
00:38:29:05[GRINDER ON METAL]
00:38:31:10Christian’s worried about him,
00:38:33:08but he’s got to stay focused,
00:38:34:13even as he uses a grinder just like the one
00:38:36:23that sent his buddy to the hospital.
00:38:48:15GARY: All right, so you can see Boots there.
00:38:50:16It looks like we’re down to our final patch.
00:38:53:24All right, so it looks like you guys
00:38:54:21are starting to meet up there,
00:38:56:23so she must be getting close to the end of it.
00:39:00:08GUILLAUME: Oh yeah, bud, I think so.
00:39:03:07GARY: So that must feel good.
00:39:05:06GUILLAUME: Yeah, it does for sure.
00:39:11:17NARRATOR: After three days of scrubbing,
00:39:13:06scraping, and screaming,
00:39:15:06this is the last leg in the battle
00:39:18:00against the sea squirts.
00:39:22:00GARY: [CHUCKLES]
00:39:23:05He took his glove off too, he’s crazy.
00:39:27:15So that’s it, is it?
00:39:28:20GUILLAUME: Yeah.
00:39:30:13GARY: All right, if I could get you guys to
00:39:31:23just do a quick little zigzag,
00:39:34:05just to make sure we didn’t miss anything,
00:39:36:00and then we’ll get you out and do the final inspection.
00:39:41:11NARRATOR: Finally, no more sea squirts,
00:39:43:14algae, or mussels,
00:39:45:23just the cold steel of the Earl Grey’s hull.
00:39:49:15GARY: That’s it. We won.
00:39:52:15Just in time too.
00:39:54:18It was right down to the wire and we got ‘er done.
00:39:57:14The boat was just about to leave
00:39:58:24in like two or three hours.
00:40:02:09They’ll be happy with their speed
00:40:03:15and fuel efficiency improvement.
00:40:09:07GARY: So the job is now a hundred percent complete.
00:40:11:19We finally finished cleaning off the Earl Grey.
00:40:14:22The marine growth there was 100% coverage
00:40:17:05and it wasn’t easy coming off.
00:40:18:10We couldn’t use our automatic machines,
00:40:20:00which speeds up the process by at least four times.
00:40:23:14So unfortunately we just had to do it by hand,
00:40:25:18but sometimes that’s just the cards you’re dealt,
00:40:27:20so you just gotta put your head down
00:40:29:03and keep at it until you get ‘er clean again.
00:40:31:23It’s a hard, miserable job no one enjoys.
00:40:35:22This is one of the worst dirty jobs of diving that we have.
00:40:42:10GARY: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:40:44:20HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Dominion Bearcat, Halifax Traffic,
00:40:47:07go ahead.
00:40:48:11GARY: Yes, we have completed diving operations
00:40:50:19off of the Earl Grey located at BIO
00:40:53:20and we are now departing for Dartmouth Cove.
00:40:57:17NARRATOR: With the sea squirts completely eradicated,
00:41:00:00the Earl Grey is ready for its next Arctic patrol.
00:41:05:03Dominion has kept itself in the Coast Guard’s good books.
00:41:15:10NARRATOR: With one job complete,
00:41:17:13Christian immediately starts prepping for the next one,
00:41:20:19and without Ollie, it’s twice as much work.
00:41:28:20CHRISTIAN: No way, dude!
00:41:29:23OLLIE: Dude, what’s up? Ahhh.
00:41:32:18NARRATOR: On his way home,
00:41:34:01Ollie stops by to let everyone know he’s okay.
00:41:36:20CHRISTIAN: No way.
00:41:38:15I’m glad you’re doing all right, man.
00:41:40:05OLLIE: Good to see you, buddy. Yeah.
00:41:41:05CHRISTIAN: What’s the doctor saying?
00:41:42:13OLLIE: I got super fuckin’ lucky apparently.
00:41:43:23The grinding disk fuckin’ hit my leg,
00:41:46:16took a bit of a chunk of my leg with me,
00:41:48:00and then bounced off my bone,
00:41:49:12and then kind of dug into my knee
00:41:51:00and basically just stuck into my kneecap like right there.
00:41:53:05CHRISTIAN: Fuck man.
00:41:53:22OLLIE: Yeah. The fuckin’ crazy thing is
00:41:55:16there’s a whole shitload of tendons right there
00:41:57:14that keep your kneecap in place,
00:41:58:18and the doctor was like,
00:42:00:01he kept shaking his head and scratching his head
00:42:01:10and lookin’ at me.
00:42:02:18It’s like a fuckin’ miracle your kneecap’s still on.
00:42:04:18He basically said if it was any lower or whatever,
00:42:06:20all my tendons would be gone,
00:42:07:22and either be fuckin’ losing my leg,
00:42:09:06or I wouldn’t be able to move my legs or something.
00:42:11:18I’d be like fucked up for life pretty much.
00:42:13:06CHRISTIAN: You’re a machine.
00:42:14:08You handled it like a champ though.
00:42:16:10You’re tough as nails.
00:42:20:10OLLIE: I almost passed out.
00:42:22:03Fuckin’  not gonna lie.
00:42:23:08I was struggling to stay awake there for a minute.
00:42:25:20Honestly worst case scenario,
00:42:27:00I was sitting there in the hospital
00:42:28:03and I kinda thought I was gonna have some
00:42:30:03serious knee problems, or at the very least like,
00:42:32:15I don’t know, maybe lose my knee or something.
00:42:34:09And not knowing, is that your career down the tubes,
00:42:36:18is that your diving career over with,
00:42:38:12and all that jazz is kinda a little nerve-racking.
00:42:42:15OLLIE: You can’t really get any luckier than this, you know?
00:42:44:05CHRISTIAN: Yeah. Another thing too,
00:42:45:09you’re really lucky the blade shot down into your knee
00:42:47:22and not up on your face.
00:42:48:24OLLIE: I know.
00:42:50:05Well let’s be honest here,
00:42:51:12I’m no male model anyway, so like,
00:42:53:07you know what I mean, a grinding disc to the face
00:42:55:00definitely wouldn’t help matters at all.
00:42:56:18CHRISTIAN: You’d have an eye patch, a sailboat.
00:42:59:01OLLIE: Yeah, and then I’d be a fuckin’ full blown pirate.
00:43:00:20CHRISTIAN: Yeah.
00:43:07:00ROBIN: Oliver, he’s a good-spirited fellow.
00:43:09:13He just wanted to stop in and make sure that
00:43:11:09we knew that he was in good spirits.
00:43:13:20So we appreciated that.
00:43:15:10It ended up being real good
00:43:16:11that he had the safety equipment on and things like that.
00:43:19:10All the same, it could have been a helluva lot worse.
00:43:22:15So it’s triggered some re-evaluation
00:43:24:18of some of the procedures using grinders, starting them up,
00:43:27:05testing them, installing wheels and things like that.
00:43:30:00Hopefully with this one here,
00:43:32:01it was a very unlikely event,
00:43:34:22and with a few controls we put in place,
00:43:36:18it’s an event that we won’t see happen ever again.
00:43:42:12NARRATOR: Ollie can come back to work in a few weeks.
00:43:45:07But he still needs to be medically cleared
00:43:47:11to put on his newly repaired dive suit.
00:43:51:24OLLIE: The main issue with my knee right now,
00:43:53:07is gonna be nitrogen bubbles getting caught
00:43:54:22in the scar tissue and getting a bend.
00:43:56:16So I just want to let as much of the scab
00:43:59:02and as much of the scar tissue
00:44:00:04kind of get worked out before I go back to diving.
00:44:02:05So I’m hoping end of this week,
00:44:04:01maybe the beginning of next week I’ll be back in the water.
00:44:06:15Fingers crossed.
00:44:07:22ROBIN: Happy to have him back as soon as he’s healed up
00:44:10:16and ready to come back.
00:44:20:06º THEME MUSIC º
00:44:26:21NARRATOR: The life of a diver on the North Atlantic
00:44:29:01ain’t easy.
00:44:33:00The days are long,
00:44:34:24the water’s cold,
00:44:36:06it’s gruelling physical work.
00:44:41:16But there’s something about
00:44:43:01staring death in the face every day,
00:44:46:01that builds a bond between people.
00:44:50:00They count on each other,
00:44:52:09and when things go wrong,
00:44:53:10they’ve got each other’s back.
00:44:55:16º THEME MUSIC º
00:44:59:10º THEME MUSIC º
00:45:02:00They’re a tough breed,
00:45:03:11but they take care of each other too.
00:45:06:07º THEME MUSIC º
00:45:12:10And they live to dive another day.
00:45:15:17º THEME MUSIC º
00:45:20:00The Lords of the Ocean.
00:45:21:22º THEME MUSIC º