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This is the script for Episode Five of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

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00:01:02:00º MUSIC º
00:01:03:11NARRATOR: In the middle of Dominion’s
00:01:04:18dirty and dangerous dig,
00:01:07:01a block of concrete weighing as much as three elephants,
00:01:09:21just disappears.
00:01:13:07OLLIE: He’s basically just having a lot of rock
00:01:14:18fall down back on him when he’s working.
00:01:19:05NARRATOR: A pricey piece of gear
00:01:20:15gets absolutely thrashed on the jobsite.
00:01:23:10MATT: Divers break everything.
00:01:25:16CHRISTIAN: This is horrible.
00:01:27:15NARRATOR: Dominion’s scraping, sucking and pumping
00:01:30:14on some of the filthiest jobs in the harbour.
00:01:33:07BILLY: Another shitty day.
00:01:34:21NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:36:10this family’s built a business
00:01:38:05where nobody else dares.
00:01:40:00Recovering, repairing,
00:01:42:09resurrecting anything
00:01:44:07in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:46:15This is their world.
00:01:49:11Saltwater in their blood
00:01:51:09come hell and high water.
00:01:53:10MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:54:11Do or die.
00:01:55:09º THEME SONG º
00:02:26:12NARRATOR: Six a.m. and the workday’s already begun
00:02:28:20on Halifax Harbour.
00:02:31:21Dominion’s dive crew is gearing up.
00:02:35:10There’s just enough time to get caffeinated
00:02:37:21before a tricky job with Dave at the helm.
00:02:44:10DAVE: So now we’re loading on the Nitrox quad.
00:02:48:05For this job we need special air.
00:02:53:14NARRATOR: Today’s mission is to help update
00:02:55:09the Port of Halifax’s
00:02:56:20south end container terminal.
00:02:59:18Halifax is Eastern Canada’s largest terminal.
00:03:02:13Twelve thousand people work here,
00:03:05:00and it pumps $500 million into the local economy.
00:03:11:10But they could lose all of that
00:03:13:17if they don’t keep up with the global industry
00:03:16:05where bigger is better.
00:03:18:12Sixty percent of the world’s cargo moves by container.
00:03:22:19It’s a $12 trillion industry.
00:03:25:24To cut costs and stay afloat,
00:03:27:22shipping companies keep making bigger boats.
00:03:31:04The largest ships
00:03:32:18are now the length of four football fields.
00:03:35:09MATT: These ships are gigantic.
00:03:37:18They’re more efficient, faster.
00:03:40:09These vessels can move small cities in one run
00:03:43:24and they’re now going to be coming to Halifax.
00:03:45:24So we’re gonna position ourselves
00:03:47:14in such a way,
00:03:49:01we’re able to support them for a long time.
00:03:51:10NARRATOR: Port authorities worldwide
00:03:53:12are racing to keep up and the Port of Halifax
00:03:56:10is scrambling to expand their container piers
00:03:59:09before the behemoth boats arrive.
00:04:05:00DAVE: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat,
00:04:06:15we are now departing Dartmouth Cove for Pier 4-2.
00:04:11:15NARRATOR: Pier 42,
00:04:13:03Halifax’s south end container terminal,
00:04:15:24currently undergoing a two year, $35 million
00:04:19:17expansion to accommodate these new
00:04:21:15Ultra Class container ships.
00:04:25:03Dominion Diving has a three day contract
00:04:28:01to do some nitty gritty, down and dirty work,
00:04:31:13digging the underwater footings on this project.
00:04:34:15DAVE: We’ve got a full crew of divers here.
00:04:37:00We’ve got some Nitrox onboard.
00:04:39:16NARRATOR: Dave ties up to the existing dock
00:04:42:12to wait for the construction barge
00:04:44:04that’ll be the surface platform for his diving work.
00:04:47:20DAVE: This is the guys.
00:04:49:11Looks like they still got the keys still onboard.
00:04:53:04NARRATOR: Once the barge is manoeuvered into position
00:04:55:07and anchored,
00:04:56:07Dave ties up to it.
00:04:59:00Now, they can finally get started.
00:05:03:14Five pre-cast concrete caissons
00:05:06:01have been placed at the end of the existing Pier 42.
00:05:11:18Caissons are big concrete boxes
00:05:13:21that are the skeletons for the new, larger piers.
00:05:17:22They were built across the harbour
00:05:19:15and floated to their new home
00:05:21:18by partially flooding them so they wouldn’t tip over.
00:05:25:16The seabed was levelled.
00:05:27:06Once they were in place they were flooded,
00:05:30:04so when the tide went out,
00:05:31:15the caissons settled on the bottom.
00:05:36:14Then the caissons were filled with gravel.
00:05:42:04OLLIE: They’re tied. DAVE: Wicked.
00:05:43:11NARRATOR: Now, Dominion’s been hired to help
00:05:45:10anchor all the caissons together.
00:05:48:09OLLIE: So, those are basically the slabs
00:05:50:09they’re putting into place.
00:05:52:00NARRATOR: Dominion’s job is to dig the footings
00:05:54:08for these mammoth 20-tonne slabs of concrete
00:05:57:24called keys,
00:05:59:18and help put them in place underwater.
00:06:02:14The caissons are 18 metres deep,
00:06:04:20so two nine metre slabs,
00:06:06:18one on top of each other,
00:06:08:10need to be placed in the narrow gap between caissons.
00:06:11:22It’s such a narrow workspace,
00:06:13:22they can’t get any machinery down there.
00:06:17:05All the work has to be done by hand.
00:06:20:09It’s like playing Tetris
00:06:22:07with pieces that weigh as much as three elephants.
00:06:25:20Once the three gaps are filled,
00:06:28:02the caissons will be locked together into a uniform pier.
00:06:33:05The bottom slab extends into a narrow block
00:06:36:21that must be buried to the seabed to anchor it.
00:06:40:14DAVE: Do you want to go in first?
00:06:42:19NARRATOR: The first diver in the water will be Guillaume.
00:06:46:06Dominion’s divers are serving as underwater ditch diggers,
00:06:50:16diving down 18 metres
00:06:52:16and digging out a hole to put the end of the key in.
00:06:57:05They’ve gotta dig three holes for footings
00:07:00:01and place three sets of keys in,
00:07:02:18and they’ve got three days to do it.
00:07:05:11DAVE: Listen, this is the key
00:07:06:18that we’re trying to put in here,
00:07:07:20this is the bottom end of it.
00:07:09:06NARRATOR: Dave’s got some special instructions
00:07:10:21for Guillaume.
00:07:12:07DAVE: So, it’s gotta go down this far…
00:07:14:03GUILLAUME: Yeah.
00:07:15:07DAVE: …but it’s got to go in this far.
00:07:17:20GUILLAUME: Oh, okay.
00:07:18:20DAVE: I brought this too..,
00:07:20:18NARRATOR: Dave has one other low-tech tool
00:07:22:17for the diver to take down with him.
00:07:25:02DAVE: I basically have like, a hole,
00:07:27:10but then you’ve gotta like
00:07:28:20get the stuff up out of the hole,
00:07:30:17but if you have a thing that you could
00:07:32:10take the stuff out of the hole with…
00:07:34:00OLLIE: Which is a pot.
00:07:34:22DAVE: …it may change your life.
00:07:39:00GUILLAUME: Diver’s in the water.
00:07:40:05DAVE: Copy that, diver in the water.
00:07:41:05So you’re heading to the right.
00:07:43:10NARRATOR: Guillaume’s diving in,
00:07:44:18and Dave sees everything he sees
00:07:47:03through his helmet cam.
00:07:49:05He’s got a pot, a ruler
00:07:50:24and a hose to follow down to the bottom.
00:07:53:24DAVE: So, we’ve got a water pump,
00:07:55:12a three-inch pump,
00:07:56:09and we’ve got a kind of fireman’s nozzle
00:07:58:22on the end of it.
00:08:00:00That just pumps water through
00:08:02:09and helps them move the smaller stuff out of the way,
00:08:04:07and loosen up the rocks.
00:08:09:05NARRATOR: Christian starts the pump,
00:08:10:18but when Guillaume reaches bottom,
00:08:13:00he’s lost track of the hose.
00:08:14:20GUILLAUME: Can they reposition the hose?
00:08:18:20DAVE: I do not know.
00:08:20:05Did you see the hose on your way down?
00:08:21:17GUILLAUME: I had it but it just kinda
00:08:23:21slipped away somewhere.
00:08:25:20DAVE: Oh, there you go.
00:08:30:15GUILLAUME: Oh no!
00:08:33:21MATT: Divers break everything.
00:08:37:00Give them a pry bar, it’ll come back round.
00:08:40:15NARRATOR: Back at Dominion Diving headquarters,
00:08:42:23LaRae is hauling in
00:08:44:03a remotely operated vehicle
00:08:46:03that’s come back from a job site
00:08:48:02tagged “NFG”.
00:08:50:00LARAE: Wait ’til you see the shape of this, Dwayne.
00:08:51:13MATT: We have a red tag,
00:08:53:24green tag system here.
00:08:55:22I get really mad when on the description
00:08:58:15it just says “NFG”, no fucking good.
00:09:01:15If that’s all they put on it,
00:09:02:21that doesn’t explain anything of why it’s no good.
00:09:05:20NARRATOR: Remotely operated vehicles
00:09:08:04are made to plunge in on jobs
00:09:10:04too dangerous for human divers.
00:09:12:20They cost big bucks to purchase
00:09:14:18and even more in upkeep and maintenance.
00:09:17:04MATT: This is the biggest
00:09:18:01Canadian-owned work class ROV.
00:09:21:15NARRATOR: This one was out on a job
00:09:23:00laying undersea electrical cable.
00:09:25:22But LaRae’s shocked at the condition it’s come back in.
00:09:28:07LARAE: So we have some problems.
00:09:29:14NARRATOR: The big boss is mad as hell.
00:09:32:17MATT: The ROV’s are like my babies, my toys,
00:09:36:17my pieces of equipment.
00:09:39:07MATT: Hey-o, what’s up?
00:09:41:05LARAE: That’s your thruster..
00:09:43:07or your props there.
00:09:45:04MATT: That’s the four-bladed prop.
00:09:48:04MATT: I got my little baby back and it’s hurt.
00:09:50:15So, as a parent, I’m actually hurt myself
00:09:54:05and angered.
00:09:55:06MATT: What else is wrong with it?
00:09:56:14LARAE: I would say somebody was trying to tighten it
00:09:58:06with a pair of channellocks and crushed it.
00:10:01:11NARRATOR: The underwater robot isn’t just
00:10:03:08beat up and bashed up,
00:10:05:01it’s all sliced up too.
00:10:07:10MATT: And that’s someone going along with a knife…
00:10:09:00LARAE: And cutting it.
00:10:09:15MATT: …and cutting the cable tie,
00:10:10:20and slicing into the cable.
00:10:12:10Yeah, that’s it.
00:10:13:09NARRATOR: It’s just sloppy work,
00:10:15:05but it cost Matt big bucks.
00:10:17:17MATT: This ROV is probably the size of two milk crates
00:10:20:09and you’re talking a couple hundred thousand dollars.
00:10:24:07LARAE: This is a fairly new ROV too.
00:10:28:10MATT: Right now, I’m guesstimating
00:10:30:13from this job here,
00:10:32:17there’s approximately $9,000 in damage.
00:10:35:23The job before this that we let the divers
00:10:37:21operate this exact same ROV,
00:10:40:03there was probably $4,000 in damage.
00:10:43:04LARAE: We’re going to fix all the problems that we’ve seen,
00:10:46:00and we’re gonna put some new props on it
00:10:48:12and take it down to Duck Rock
00:10:51:03and throw it in the water, sink it to the bottom.
00:10:53:11MATT: Give ‘er a test run.
00:10:54:19NARRATOR: They’ve only got a few days
00:10:56:00to do all the repairs
00:10:57:11before the ROV has to go out on another job.
00:11:02:24NARRATOR: Back over on the wharf expansion,
00:11:04:22there’s no high-tech robotic gear.
00:11:07:10Just a pot and a stick,
00:11:10:03and now that they’ve fixed it,
00:11:11:21a hose to help move the muck on the bottom.
00:11:17:02The diver is back in business
00:11:19:01doing messy, murky work,
00:11:21:10digging out rock to anchor the key.
00:11:25:22DAVE: What we’re doing down there,
00:11:27:00you don’t have much visibility.
00:11:28:07It stirs up all the sediment
00:11:31:07and you basically can’t really see anything
00:11:32:22the whole time.
00:11:36:18You just sort of feel around
00:11:38:12and use your other senses.
00:11:40:20OLLIE: It’s basically like you’re working
00:11:42:00in chocolate milk.
00:11:43:00Everything’s kicking up.
00:11:44:23I don’t know if you’ve ever been a kid
00:11:45:24playing in the water before
00:11:47:07and you stir up the bottom and it blacks everything out,
00:11:49:09you can’t really see.
00:11:52:07GUILLAUME: That little pot does wonders.
00:11:54:19DAVE: I told you you’d learn to love it.
00:11:56:09GUILLAUME: Oh yeah.
00:11:59:01NARRATOR: It’s low tech down deep and dirty,
00:12:02:04but worst of all, it’s slow.
00:12:06:16They’ve got to dig three holes
00:12:08:13and get the keys in place,
00:12:10:14and they’ve only got three days
00:12:12:22to finish the whole job.
00:12:19:09NARRATOR: Dominion Diving’s home port of Halifax
00:12:21:18is a super highway of commerce for Eastern Canada,
00:12:25:15and it’s not just container ships.
00:12:28:22One hundred and fifty cruise ships
00:12:30:11call at the port each year.
00:12:34:10Today, there are two ships docked already
00:12:37:14and a third one is on its way.
00:12:40:15How do you tie up a ship the size of a shopping mall?
00:12:44:22Dominion’s been hired to help provide
00:12:46:08some ship-to-shore service
00:12:48:04for a uxury liner arriving tomorrow.
00:12:51:13The first part is installing fenders
00:12:54:08to keep the cruise ship from bashing into the wharf.
00:12:57:22GARY: So according to this, this first one
00:13:00:16should just go
00:13:02:01basically right where that bollard is.
00:13:04:15DONNIE: Okay, we’ll put you up on the wharf, Gary.
00:13:07:00GARY: Sounds good.
00:13:08:06º MUSIC º
00:13:22:18GARY: C’mon little doggie.
00:13:25:21NARRATOR: Installing these fenders
00:13:27:11is the easy part of the job.
00:13:29:21The next part, once the ship’s arrived,
00:13:32:06is pretty crappy.
00:13:36:03Today’s biggest cruise ships can now hold 6,000 people,
00:13:40:01and everyone of those people uses the toilet.
00:13:42:08When it arrives,
00:13:44:00the next part of Dominion’s job 
00:13:45:20is getting all that stinky stuff,
00:13:48:0220 dumpsters worth,
00:13:49:19off the cruise ship and to the treatment plant.
00:13:57:08NARRATOR: Back on the wharf expansion,
00:13:58:24on the surface,
00:14:00:00all the crew can do is wait.
00:14:04:00After an hour,
00:14:05:04Guillaume’s getting sick of scooping up rocks
00:14:07:24in cramped quarters,
00:14:09:21and then watching the hole fill back in again.
00:14:13:00GUILLAUME: It just keeps refilling itself.
00:14:16:10DAVE: It’s kinda like if you’re at the beach
00:14:19:05and you’re trying to dig a hole
00:14:20:16with the water coming in
00:14:21:24and it just keeps filling back in.
00:14:23:06NARRATOR: Half an hour later,
00:14:25:09Guillaume thinks he’s dug deep enough to hit the mark
00:14:27:20on Dave’s magic measuring stick.
00:14:30:15GUILLAUME: Alright, Dave.
00:14:31:16NARRATOR: Dave lets the crew on the barge know they’re ready.
00:14:35:05DAVE: Okay guys,
00:14:35:24so we think we’ve got our hole deep enough,
00:14:37:17so if you want to get in the crane,
00:14:39:03we’ll start to lower it down to the diver.
00:14:44:06NARRATOR: With 20 tonnes of concrete suspended in the air,
00:14:46:22communication between the surface workers
00:14:48:24and the diver 18 metres below,
00:14:51:22is a matter of life and death.
00:14:54:20DAVE: Okay, it is in the water and it is on its way down.
00:14:57:24GUILLAUME: Okay, roger.
00:15:00:19DAVE: So I’d like you to collect your stuff out of the hole
00:15:03:13and get on the outside.
00:15:06:07OLLIE: You can work yourself underneath the block,
00:15:08:06I don’t know how many tonne block of concrete
00:15:10:05hanging over your head,
00:15:12:17and then if that falls, you’re one flat diver.
00:15:16:00NARRATOR: Guillaume needs to be close enough
00:15:17:14to direct the key into place,
00:15:19:09but not so close he gets crushed.
00:15:22:16It’s a tough call when you can barely see your hand
00:15:24:19in front of your face.
00:15:26:15DAVE: Do you see it?
00:15:28:00GUILLAUME: Copy. I feel it.
00:15:31:09NARRATOR: The key should drop neatly
00:15:33:00into the hole Guillaume dug.
00:15:35:01DAVE: Yeah, so is it sitting down far enough?
00:15:37:00GUILLAUME: The beam is like six inches out at the bottom.
00:15:39:14DAVE: So it’s not dug far enough then.
00:15:41:11NARRATOR: So much for that idea.
00:15:44:09Now Dave has to jiggle the key a little,
00:15:46:11to try to wiggle it in.
00:15:48:23Not easy when the key is three stories high.
00:15:52:01DAVE: So if I get him to pick it up and move it to the left,
00:15:54:11and set it back down again, it’ll be down far enough?
00:15:56:16GUILLAUME: Yeah.
00:15:57:20DAVE: Okay.
00:16:00:11DAVE: He lifted it up and swung to the left a little bit.
00:16:02:07Did it do anything?
00:16:03:20GUILLAUME: That did make a difference.
00:16:05:16GARY: Okay, where are we at now?
00:16:07:17GUILLAUME: Four inches.
00:16:09:09GARY: Yeah, okay. I think that’s pretty good, man.
00:16:11:20GUILLAUME: Yeah.
00:16:13:09GARY: Yeah. Let’s tighten that strongback up.
00:16:15:17GUILLAUME: All right.
00:16:18:10NARRATOR: The first key slab has a piece of steel I-beam
00:16:21:03bolted to the bottom of if.
00:16:22:22It’s called a strongback.
00:16:25:07Once the bottom slab is properly placed,
00:16:28:00the strongback is rotated ninety degrees
00:16:31:07and tightened against the caisson edges.
00:16:35:10GUILLAUME: All right, that one looks pretty good.
00:16:37:05GARY: Okay, that’s good. Come up to the top one.
00:16:39:23GUILLAUME: Roger.
00:16:41:16NARRATOR: Then the top strongback
00:16:42:23has to be lowered down.
00:16:44:22GARY: Okay, that other I-beam
00:16:45:22is just leaving the surface now.
00:16:50:03GUILLAUME: Yeah, I see it.
00:16:51:19NARRATOR: It’s bolted to the top of the concrete key slab
00:16:54:24and tightened against the caissons.
00:17:03:19While Guillaume works underwater,
00:17:06:04Christian and Ollie make sure
00:17:07:09his breathing hose doesn’t get tangled.
00:17:10:05At these depths,
00:17:11:03breathing regular air would give Guillaume
00:17:13:2330 minutes before dangerous nitrogen bubbles
00:17:16:01form in his system.
00:17:18:04CHRISTIAN: When you’re breathing air,
00:17:19:17you normally breathe in 21 percent oxygen,
00:17:22:2479 percent nitrogen.
00:17:24:23So we make Nitrox.
00:17:26:15We bump the 02 percentage up to 40 percent
00:17:29:04so you’ve got less nitrogen coming into your system,
00:17:31:05so that means you can stay at depth longer.
00:17:32:16So, it definitely helps for jobs like this.
00:17:35:24NARRATOR: Guillaume has been in the water
00:17:37:00for over two hours.
00:17:38:21Dave tells him to come up.
00:17:41:09GUILLAUME: You want me to come up now?
00:17:42:16GARY: Yeah, yeah, you’re all good, buddy.
00:17:43:17Come one back.
00:17:45:09GUILLAUME: All right. Thanks.
00:17:47:01NARRATOR: As Christian prepares for his turn in the water…
00:17:50:01CHRISTIAN: Just gotta shake out my drysuit here.
00:17:52:12NARRATOR: …a backhoe drops thousands of kilograms
00:17:55:10of rock and mud to hold the key in position.
00:18:02:03They’re halfway through day one
00:18:03:21and the team is making good progress,
00:18:05:24but before long, their luck will run out.
00:18:09:15CHRISTIAN: This is horrible.
00:18:15:07NARRATOR: When Christian dives in,
00:18:16:16he realizes the truckload of dirt and rock
00:18:19:03they’ve dumped in,
00:18:20:09made the water even harder to see through.
00:18:23:10But they gotta keep going.
00:18:26:16CHRISTIAN: I’m just trying to orient myself here.
00:18:29:00I can’t see anything.
00:18:30:06NARRATOR: Above water,
00:18:31:21the top key is preparing for placement.
00:18:34:07Down below, Christian is mounting a strongback
00:18:37:18in near zero visibility.
00:18:40:11CHRISTIAN: All right, Dave, that I-beam is in place.
00:18:43:00DAVE: Right on. Nice work.
00:18:46:01NARRATOR: The top key is lowered down to Christian,
00:18:48:18stacking one on top of the other lengthwise.
00:18:51:07CHRISTIAN: All stop, all stop.
00:18:52:20DAVE: Okay, we’re all stopped.
00:18:54:15CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I’m gonna have to pull
00:18:55:16this I-beam out, I think.
00:18:56:15DAVE: Okay.
00:18:57:20CHRISTIAN: We’ll slide this in and start to tighten it up
00:18:59:05and hopefully that pulls it towards us.
00:19:01:00DAVE: Okay.
00:19:01:23NARRATOR: It’s not easy to try and pull in the bottom end
00:19:04:01of a 20 tonne slab of concrete,
00:19:06:04when you’re a 70 kilogram diver
00:19:08:14floating in the water.
00:19:10:20CHRISTIAN: I’m trying to push it in when it comes out,
00:19:13:00and tighten that up before it goes back.
00:19:15:07DAVE: I got ya.
00:19:16:10CHRISTIAN: This mid-water stuff sucks.
00:19:18:00You can never get any leverage on anything,
00:19:19:22because it always just throws you the other way.
00:19:21:19NARRATOR: Christian’s persistence pays off.
00:19:24:12The keys seem to be aligned.
00:19:26:21DAVE: Think she might go now?
00:19:28:02CHRISTIAN: I think so.
00:19:29:02It looks to be nice and tight up there.
00:19:30:22DAVE: Yeah, okay.
00:19:31:16CHRISTIAN: Yeah, let’s come down easy.
00:19:33:00DAVE: Okay.
00:19:33:23NARRATOR: But, there’s still something wrong.
00:19:38:19The key should be level with the caissons now,
00:19:42:00but it’s not.
00:19:43:11DAVE: Okay. Let’s…
00:19:45:06…they say it’s sitting up too high,
00:19:46:10so let’s go take a look and make sure,
00:19:48:05see what it looks like down below.
00:19:49:15CHRISTIAN: Okay, roger.
00:19:50:24DAVE: And those are seated together there nice, right?
00:19:54:06CHRISTIAN: Yeah, there’s maybe about half an inch.
00:19:56:20DAVE: So they’re not tight together there?
00:19:59:00CHRISTIAN: No.
00:20:00:18DAVE: Okay. Let’s go down a little more.
00:20:02:03CHRISTIAN: Yes. Going down.
00:20:04:16NARRATOR: When Christian dives down to the bottom,
00:20:06:13he sees something fishy.
00:20:08:23CHRISTIAN: Holy crap.
00:20:10:10NARRATOR: The key isn’t all the way in the hole.
00:20:13:08CHRISTIAN: Dave, I can’t even feel the footer.
00:20:15:03There’s still some shit to be moved out of here.
00:20:17:19DAVE: Really?
00:20:18:18CHRISTIAN: I’m digging around with my hand
00:20:19:19on the other side, and I’m just pulling out rocks.
00:20:22:21Yeah, I don’t know, man, to get this to sit down,
00:20:26:12if they want it right,
00:20:28:04we’re gonna have to pull these out again,
00:20:29:21get the pump back in and just redo it all.
00:20:34:00NARRATOR: Right back to square one.
00:20:39:15OLLIE: So basically, what’s going on now
00:20:41:06is Dave’s hopping in the water.
00:20:42:21Turns out we didn’t dredge quite far enough.
00:20:47:13NARRATOR: They pull the top key all the way out
00:20:49:03but to save time,
00:20:50:15they only lift the bottom one about a meter.
00:20:53:01OLLIE: Now Dave’s jumping in and fuckin’…
00:20:56:15man of the hour is going to get in
00:20:57:15and fix all of our problems.
00:20:59:15NARRATOR: Twenty tonnes of concrete
00:21:01:20just dangling in the water.
00:21:03:22Dave’s gonna dive down under it,
00:21:05:20and try to scrape out enough mud and rocks
00:21:08:19to let the key settle into the hole properly.
00:21:13:13But all Dave digs up from the bottom
00:21:15:10is more frustration.
00:21:17:00OLLIE: He’s basically just having a lot of rock
00:21:18:23fall down back on him when he’s working.
00:21:21:04So it’s just getting that last six inches of rock
00:21:23:12so we can get the key to fit in
00:21:25:00is just proving pretty difficult.
00:21:28:04NARRATOR: Dave’s got no choice but to tell the crane
00:21:30:09to pull the bottom slab out too.
00:21:32:17OLLIE: So basically Dave’s coming out of the water now.
00:21:35:11He ran out of bottom time.
00:21:37:20The job wasn’t successful.
00:21:39:08We don’t have the key in place yet,
00:21:41:17but the job’s done.
00:21:43:00Dave can’t stay down there any longer.
00:21:46:06NARRATOR: They got nothing done,
00:21:47:19and when Dave gets to the surface,
00:21:49:11he’s so pissed off he can’t even talk about it.
00:21:52:23The day has been a write-off.
00:21:55:21Both key slabs are back on the barge
00:21:58:15where they started.
00:22:02:15By the time they head home,
00:22:03:24Dave’s trying to be philosophical
00:22:05:23about the whole thing.
00:22:08:02DAVE: Well, that was disappointing.
00:22:10:18OLLIE: Yeah, not a good day.
00:22:11:15DAVE: Yeah.
00:22:13:00Oh well. Win some, lose some.
00:22:14:14OLLIE: Yeah. Story of my life.
00:22:16:20Losin’ some.
00:22:20:23NARRATOR: They’ve only got two days left
00:22:22:19to do three days of work.
00:22:30:15NARRATOR: First thing the next morning,
00:22:32:09Dave’s got a new battle plan,
00:22:34:14and they’re bringing in the big guns.
00:22:37:15Ollie jerry-rigged some extra firepower
00:22:40:12to help clear the rock at the bottom.
00:22:43:19OLLIE: So we’re doing little bit of blasting
00:22:45:10and jetting today.
00:22:47:00This will be our weapon of choice.
00:22:49:01It looks a little ugly,
00:22:50:05but when you’re blasting underwater,
00:22:51:22you’re kinda buoyant anyways,
00:22:53:22so you’re always kinda floating a little bit,
00:22:55:18so as soon as you get a hose
00:22:56:23that’s shooting water out one end,
00:22:58:10it has a tendency to push you away.
00:23:01:15So I put a little weight on our nozzle,
00:23:05:02and I’ve also put a handle down there
00:23:06:06so the diver can aim.
00:23:08:13Looks a little crappy but,
00:23:09:09if it looks stupid but it works,
00:23:11:15it ain’t stupid.
00:23:15:23NARRATOR: Dominion’s divers only have two days
00:23:18:12to do a three day job on the container pier expansion.
00:23:22:07And they’re starting over from scratch.
00:23:30:00NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Gary and his crew
00:23:32:04are heading over to the cruise ship pier.
00:23:34:24They’re bringing the Honey Barge
00:23:36:18which is a sweet name for a ship with a stinky job.
00:23:40:15They’ve got to drain the contents
00:23:41:21of the cruise ships’ sewage tanks
00:23:44:10called the black water.
00:23:45:21DONNIE: Black water
00:23:47:14is the water that goes down your toilet.
00:23:49:14Gray water
00:23:51:07is the water that goes down your shower.
00:23:54:11NARRATOR: Before they can start pumping all that poop,
00:23:56:20they gotta tie up the Honey Barge to the cruise ship.
00:24:01:21Now they can get down to the dirty work.
00:24:07:10They’ve got to make a connection here,
00:24:09:22the business end of the ship’s sewage system.
00:24:13:03Dominion brought a bunch of adapters
00:24:14:24because each ship’s a little different
00:24:18:16and this is a job you wanna get right the first time.
00:24:23:03DONNIE: If a hose blows,
00:24:24:07then it turns really bad.
00:24:27:03BILLY: Ready. You can flush your toilet.
00:24:30:09NARRATOR: It requires patience and a strong stomach
00:24:32:23but somehow Billy has managed to keep his appetite.
00:24:37:01BILLY: Maybe we’ll get out of here by suppertime.
00:24:39:07NARRATOR: But if that hose blows,
00:24:41:05the literal poop is going to hit the proverbial fan.
00:24:49:15NARRATOR: When Dominion Diving arrives at the job site
00:24:52:01for day two of the three day wharf expansion,
00:24:54:23Dave’s got an idea to make up for lost time
00:24:58:03in yesterday’s screw up.
00:25:00:12He’s called in back-up to help with the digging.
00:25:03:22DAVE: Okay so, listen,
00:25:05:11what we’ve decided with the McNally’s guys
00:25:07:17is that they brought over a smaller clam bucket,
00:25:11:02and they’re able to dredge and remove
00:25:13:07a little bit of material from in front of the keyways.
00:25:15:05It’s not removing it from the exact spot
00:25:17:06that we need to remove it,
00:25:18:03because it’s too tight in there,
00:25:19:21but they’re at least giving us a hole out front
00:25:22:04so that we can blow the material somewhere,
00:25:24:13rather than trying to push it up a hill, right?
00:25:26:15OLLIE: This stuff’s unexpected.
00:25:27:22We didn’t expect this kind of issue
00:25:29:05when we were coming here.
00:25:31:15NARRATOR: So, they’ve got a new plan.
00:25:34:06They’ve got a little help moving rock,
00:25:36:01and they’ve got a more powerful hose.
00:25:37:24OLLIE: The keyway should fit in nice and smooth
00:25:39:24first go, and it’s not all this kind of fartin’ around,
00:25:42:09wondering if it’s going to fit.
00:25:43:13It’s just going to go in smooth first time
00:25:45:01and be good.
00:25:46:09NARRATOR: It’s a lot of preparation on the surface
00:25:48:12but the real work comes down to the divers
00:25:50:20working blind and by hand.
00:25:53:12DAVE: You got that measuring tool?
00:25:55:15GUILLAUME: Yeah.
00:25:56:17DAVE: Okay.
00:25:58:00You got the pot? GUILLAUME: Right here.
00:26:00:09DAVE: You guys are good to go.
00:26:01:22Good luck.
00:26:07:00So when we hit bottom
00:26:08:06we’ll take a little look around
00:26:09:14and see what we see.
00:26:11:11GUILLAUME: Roger.
00:26:15:14Diver’s on bottom.
00:26:18:17DAVE: So does it look like they removed
00:26:20:10some material for us?
00:26:22:03GUILLAUME: Oh yeah, they did that.
00:26:23:15There’s a big hole there.
00:26:24:18DAVE: Okay, good.
00:26:27:00NARRATOR: As soon as Guillaume starts digging,
00:26:28:17he finds a whole new problem.
00:26:31:23A precarious and dangerous pile of rocks
00:26:34:08that could bury him any time.
00:26:38:13It’s a nine metre mountain of backfill
00:26:40:15that was dumped in to hold the key in place yesterday.
00:26:43:21It could topple as Guillaume works
00:26:46:19in the narrow passage between caissons.
00:26:49:12Like playing Jenga 18 metres under the water
00:26:52:22with rocks,
00:26:54:03and Guillaume’s the bottom block.
00:26:56:06DAVE: Let me know when you want us to fire up that pump.
00:26:58:13GUILLAUME: Okay. Right now you don’t need to send
00:27:00:13the lines yet. I’ll just get rid of those big rocks.
00:27:03:15DAVE: Yeah. You just do what you’ve gotta do, bud.
00:27:05:13GUILLAUME: Roger.
00:27:10:20NARRATOR: Even with the blend of nitrogen and oxygen
00:27:13:10pumping through this hose,
00:27:15:00Guillaume’s got to come up
00:27:17:01with plenty of work left to do.
00:27:22:00Christian jumps in to complete the job,
00:27:27:03and right away he sees exactly
00:27:28:20what Guillaume’s been complaining about.
00:27:31:24CHRISTIAN: It’s definitely deep enough,
00:27:34:00but it’ll take a little time to get it down enough.
00:27:37:00DAVE: Yeah.
00:27:38:00CHRISTIAN: Holy shit.
00:27:39:21DAVE: Yeah, a big mountain there.
00:27:42:07CHRISTIAN: All right. Let’s…
00:27:43:16DAVE: Want us to fire that up?
00:27:44:19CHRISTIAN: Yeah, let’s start it up.
00:27:45:23DAVE: Okay. CHRISTIAN: Going to town on ‘er.
00:27:47:12DAVE: Make ‘er nice.
00:27:49:12NARRATOR: Christian continues to dig,
00:27:51:21but every inch gained comes at a cost.
00:27:54:08CHRISTIAN: I don’t know how much more
00:27:55:14this rock wall can take.
00:27:57:10It’s starting to kind of dump back in on my head,
00:27:59:17which I’m not really a fan of.
00:28:01:05All this was clear.
00:28:02:18It started to cave in on me,
00:28:04:06so I had to stop.
00:28:06:19It’s going to be great though, Dave.
00:28:08:07DAVE: Right on, bud. I can’t wait to see it.
00:28:11:02CHRISTIAN: We’re really close. We’re like, maybe this far.
00:28:13:11NARRATOR: Finally, they think they’ve dug it deep enough.
00:28:17:09The construction crew is eager to try
00:28:19:00dropping the bottom key in place again.
00:28:22:15Dave wants to be sure to get it right this time.
00:28:28:11DAVE: Just be careful when you get close to the bottom
00:28:30:04because we didn’t clear too far back, right?
00:28:33:20Awesome, man.
00:28:34:20NARRATOR: The key is lowered
00:28:36:14and Christian is there to guide it into place.
00:28:39:05CHRISTIAN: All right. There it is.
00:28:42:00DAVE: Is there any way we can see
00:28:44:18the concrete pad where they’re touching there?
00:28:48:00CHRISTIAN: Okay, so this is the footer
00:28:50:04that we dug down to in the bottom.
00:28:51:22This here is the rubber.
00:28:54:03The rubber’s about a finger width away,
00:28:57:06and the concrete is about one finger from touching.
00:29:02:10DAVE: Yeah. I think they’re happy with that.
00:29:04:00CHRISTIAN: Okay.
00:29:05:00NARRATOR: It looks promising,
00:29:06:24but after yesterday’s mistakes,
00:29:08:16they need to be certain.
00:29:11:05CHRISTIAN: All right, Dave, my end of the tape is in place.
00:29:13:10DAVE: Okay.
00:29:14:08CHRISTIAN: Right on the money.
00:29:15:10DAVE: Good, we’ll take it.
00:29:16:20NARRATOR: They’re good to go.
00:29:19:01Christian tightens the strongbacks,
00:29:20:23and the dredger backfills the key.
00:29:24:10This is the way things should have gone yesterday.
00:29:28:12Now, it’s underwater Tetris again
00:29:31:17lowering the top key into place.
00:29:33:10DAVE: Coming down.
00:29:34:22CHRISTIAN: Roger, coming down.
00:29:36:21DAVE: So, he’s got about half the weight now.
00:29:38:20NARRATOR: One final check.
00:29:41:06The crane operator stops
00:29:42:14just as half the slab’s enormous weight
00:29:45:00is resting on the bottom key.
00:29:47:12He holds the other half with the crane for safety.
00:29:50:13DAVE: Just take a look to see if it’s seated right
00:29:52:06in that slot there.
00:29:53:22CHRISTIAN: It looks like he might be up on top of
00:29:56:21the tooth on the bottom key.
00:29:59:00DAVE: Yeah. Let’s come up a little bit
00:30:00:24until he’s got the weight of it,
00:30:03:03and then we’ll tighten that up.
00:30:04:00CHRISTIAN: Okay. Sounds good.
00:30:05:09NARRATOR: More adjustments.
00:30:07:09Inches that make the difference.
00:30:09:09They raise the key just a little,
00:30:11:08as Christian tightens the strongbacks
00:30:13:11to pull the key against the caisson edges.
00:30:16:09CHRISTIAN: It’s bouncing out roughly an inch,
00:30:18:11maybe two inches.
00:30:19:11DAVE: Okay.
00:30:20:07CHRISTIAN: What’s happening is that the top
00:30:21:22of the bottom slab we put in is twisted a little bit.
00:30:25:00NARRATOR: Everything is off by just a fraction of a degree,
00:30:28:11but that’s all it takes to screw up this whole job.
00:30:32:02DAVE: Can you let ‘er right down ’til you just
00:30:34:08barely have any of the weight.
00:30:36:15NARRATOR: Dave wants the crane to wiggle it
00:30:38:00just a little bit.
00:30:39:05DAVE: See if it sort of bounces itself into place.
00:30:41:14NARRATOR: Dave finally catches a break.
00:30:44:10CHRISTIAN: There we go.
00:30:46:11DAVE: Is she closed up there?
00:30:48:20CHRISTIAN: All right.
00:30:49:23Well I guess they’re pretty well even.
00:30:51:08On the right side it’s looking like also a one inch gap.
00:30:54:03DAVE: Okay. Yeah, so they’re just going to
00:30:55:24put their top bracket on.
00:30:57:10NARRATOR: Now for the top strongback.
00:31:03:10They’re so close,
00:31:04:20but it’s still not quite a perfect fit.
00:31:10:00So, they’re gonna bash it in old school.
00:31:14:06A hammer, wedges
00:31:16:10and a bigger wrench.
00:31:23:15DAVE: That looks pretty tight.
00:31:25:13CHRISTIAN: I fuckin’ hope so.
00:31:27:17I cranked my heart and soul into that one.
00:31:32:22NARRATOR: After two hours of breathing through this hose,
00:31:35:22dive time’s up for Christian.
00:31:39:00CHRISTIAN: I was digging with both hands, both feet,
00:31:40:17had the pot going,
00:31:41:18and the jet going.
00:31:44:22NARRATOR: They’re celebrating but…
00:31:47:00it’s taken two days to get one of three keys into place.
00:31:52:04CHRISTIAN: Yeah. I’m gad we finally got
00:31:53:05that piece in there, finally got it done.
00:31:55:09And yeah, I’m happy with that.
00:31:57:15DAVE: Anyway, great job, guys.
00:31:59:14As a reward, we get to go and do it again immediately.
00:32:03:00CHRISTIAN: Over there? DAVE: Yeah.
00:32:04:04CHRISTIAN: Not going home right now?
00:32:05:04DAVE: No. Absolutely not. I know.
00:32:07:02NARRATOR: Nobody’s going home early tonight.
00:32:13:10NARRATOR: While the guys struggle
00:32:14:20with the wharf expansion on one side of the harbour,
00:32:17:19over at the shop,
00:32:19:08LaRae thinks she’s got her busted ROV
00:32:22:02back in ship shape.
00:32:25:01This remotely operated vehicle
00:32:27:00came back from a job offshore labelled NFG.
00:32:30:18No effin good.
00:32:32:10It was beat up and sliced up,
00:32:34:19and had all its propellers broken.
00:32:37:00LARAE: So we have some problems.
00:32:38:05NARRATOR: They replaced four propellers,
00:32:40:01patched the umbilical,
00:32:41:10repaired the sonar,
00:32:42:19and cleaned all the connections.
00:32:45:00Now, it’s gotta be tested right away
00:32:47:23so it can go back out on another job.
00:32:50:20They’re going to put it through its paces
00:32:52:21off Duck Rock, right in Dominion’s own back yard.
00:32:56:10LaRae and Dwayne are both ROV pilots,
00:32:59:21but they spend most of their time fixing them.
00:33:02:13LARAE: So, we’re gonna put it in the water now,
00:33:04:10sink it to the bottom,
00:33:05:09make sure the cameras work, lights work,
00:33:07:10all the thrusters work.
00:33:08:17You don’t need any training really to fly it.
00:33:10:15I mean it’s pretty simple
00:33:11:22but, it’s hooking it up and…
00:33:14:01DWAYNE: It’s just the general overall maintenance.
00:33:15:12LARAE: Yeah.
00:33:16:24NARRATOR: LaRae and Dwayne took this ROV apart
00:33:19:13and rebuilt the whole system from the ground up.
00:33:23:00They’ve tuned up the motors,
00:33:24:15replaced the propellers…
00:33:26:02DWAYNE: Check your thrusters.
00:33:26:20LARAE: Thrusting.
00:33:28:15DWAYNE: Yup.
00:33:29:08NARRATOR: …they’ve gotta check the cameras…
00:33:31:00DWAYNE: And back up.
00:33:33:13NARRATOR: …computer circuitry
00:33:34:23and electricity.
00:33:36:19So, Dwayne and LaRae gotta know a bit about everything.
00:33:40:14LARAE: What about the lasers?
00:33:41:16DWAYNE: The lasers have been fired.
00:33:44:06LARAE: All right. That’s good.
00:33:46:00Chuck ‘er in.
00:33:47:02DWAYNE: Yup.
00:33:49:00NARRATOR: Now for the real test…
00:33:50:15DWAYNE: Okay, going in.
00:33:54:16NARRATOR: …sink or swim?
00:33:57:01If the repairs don’t hold,
00:33:59:13it’ll flood and short out.
00:34:06:18There’s good news right away.
00:34:08:24It’s water-tight.
00:34:10:13LARAE: Okay, I’m on bottom.
00:34:12:02DWAYNE: Roger.
00:34:13:10NARRATOR: They had to replace four out of
00:34:15:05the six propellers on the ROV,
00:34:16:19and they’re all functioning exactly as expected now.
00:34:19:22LARAE: Yeah, everything seems to be working great so far.
00:34:24:15NARRATOR: The repaired camera’s looking good too.
00:34:28:08LARAE: It’s handling nice.
00:34:30:15DWAYNE: This is all right?
00:34:31:18LARAE: Yeah, it’s really good actually.
00:34:33:04NARRATOR: They had to patch a gash in the umbilical,
00:34:35:14the cable carrying all of the electricity,
00:34:37:15camera signal and computer commands.
00:34:42:01LARAE: All right. That’s good.
00:34:43:10DWAYNE: All right.
00:34:45:00NARRATOR: With the test complete,
00:34:46:09the machine is good to go.
00:34:48:14Ready for its next job.
00:34:51:16Hopefully, they treat the ROV with a little more TLC,
00:34:55:06so it doesn’t wind up NFG all over again.
00:35:00:11NARRATOR: Over at the container pier,
00:35:02:22Dave’s dive crew is trying to make up for lost time.
00:35:08:01Now they really gotta haul ass.
00:35:10:09They’ve gotta get two more keys in place
00:35:12:21by end of day tomorrow
00:35:14:18and Dave’s worried the workday could be cut short.
00:35:17:15The forecast is calling for a storm to roll in
00:35:20:08around suppertime.
00:35:22:20The crane barge is moved on to the next keyway.
00:35:27:03The dredger starts filling in the first key
00:35:29:07and Ollie starts suiting up,
00:35:31:13but his gear is a patchwork.
00:35:34:04CHRISTIAN: Okay, check your pins.
00:35:36:11NARRATOR: Dry suits are supposed to keep a diver
00:35:37:24from getting wet.
00:35:39:15Ollie’s dry suit is in for repairs,
00:35:41:17so he’s using a trashed one he found in the shop.
00:35:45:05It’s full of holes, so he’s wearing
00:35:46:19a borrowed wetsuit underneath.
00:35:53:15NARRATOR: Ollie’s moving rock around the clock.
00:35:56:15Two straight hours of small scale, human powered dredging,
00:36:00:10taking out one saucepan worth of rock at a time.
00:36:06:05It goes quicker this time,
00:36:08:13but Ollie’s been freezing his butt off
00:36:10:08in water that’s only eight degrees Celsius,
00:36:12:2146 degrees Fahrenheit.
00:36:16:09OLLIE: The wet suit and the dry suit worked perfect.
00:36:18:08Except my upper body was frozen.
00:36:21:05My legs were great,
00:36:22:20everything else, not so much.
00:36:27:20NARRATOR: Over at the cruise ship pier,
00:36:29:18the boys have been pumping poop for hours,
00:36:31:24and it just keeps coming.
00:36:34:05BILLY: Well, we’re not sure how much they’ve got left,
00:36:36:06but it’s certainly still coming in.
00:36:38:21NARRATOR: The Honey Barge holds about
00:36:40:1130,000 kilograms of sewage,
00:36:42:15which Dominion will ferry over to a sewage treatment plant
00:36:45:05further in the harbour.
00:36:47:05BILLY: They’re eating good up there, I guess.
00:36:50:05Oh, that’s finished, okay.
00:36:52:13NARRATOR: The crew is getting sick of waiting
00:36:54:05and from the smell…
00:36:55:14BILLY: Still heavy.
00:36:59:10NARRATOR: …so they try and help the process along.
00:37:02:19They hoist the hose up to let gravity
00:37:04:13do a bit more of the job.
00:37:08:00BILLY: I don’t think it’s going anywhere.
00:37:14:02BILLY: Be careful, you old goat.
00:37:17:10Oh yeah, it’s nice and light now.
00:37:19:20NARRATOR: That’s the last drop.
00:37:22:05BILLY: Yeah.
00:37:23:04NARRATOR: The hose held up and now Dominion
00:37:25:08can finish up and deal with the paperwork.
00:37:27:10DONNIE: Can someone sign our paperwork?
00:37:28:20You can sign the paper?
00:37:32:05We need a ship stamp too.
00:37:35:00BILLY: All clear. Yeah, it went pretty good.
00:37:38:00I mean, we didn’t spill any. Nobody got it on them.
00:37:40:20Another shitty day.
00:37:44:00NARRATOR: Over at the container pier,
00:37:45:21Dave’s pushing hard to make up for lost time.
00:37:49:20They’re ready to install another concrete slab.
00:37:54:07The barge team prepares to lower the bottom key,
00:37:57:04and Christian dives in to guide it into place.
00:38:01:23But some problems are beyond their control.
00:38:05:16The weather starts to turn.
00:38:07:21The wind picks up,
00:38:09:16the water gets choppy.
00:38:11:18Christian can feel the storm coming
00:38:13:13even 60 feet below.
00:38:16:00CHRISTIAN: Is it rough out there or something.
00:38:17:20DAVE: Shit is crazy, pal.
00:38:19:05CHRISTIAN: Is it?
00:38:21:04Yeah, this thing’s just going wild.
00:38:23:17DAVE: Are you scared?
00:38:25:17CHRISTIAN: I’m not calm.
00:38:30:09NARRATOR: They manage to lower the top part
00:38:31:19of the second key just before the storm rolls in.
00:38:37:05They’ve got two keys in place.
00:38:39:09They’ve only got one day left to put in the last key.
00:38:50:12NARRATOR: The next morning, the dive team is up early
00:38:52:12to finish the job.
00:38:54:07DAVE: All right. We should leave.
00:38:59:24NARRATOR: Dave’s feeling confident,
00:39:01:20but if they make any mistakes,
00:39:03:20they’ll be out of time and lose the contract.
00:39:07:00They’ve brought extra manpower, Boots,
00:39:10:03an experienced diver.
00:39:15:04DAVE: So today we’re moving onto the third keyhole.
00:39:19:19This one’s like twice as hard as the last one.
00:39:22:14Twice as much material.
00:39:24:05NARRATOR: While Christian suits up,
00:39:25:18Dave talks to the site foreman about the plan for the day.
00:39:29:05DAVE: You want to do this one,
00:39:30:07obviously get this one done,
00:39:31:17and then you want to do this hundred percent?
00:39:33:01FOREMAN: Yeah.
00:39:34:05DAVE: And then…
00:39:35:18NARRATOR: He gets a nasty surprise.
00:39:38:06FOREMAN: And then, before the end of the day,
00:39:40:05we want to just check out visually,
00:39:42:07how bad that one is there.
00:39:45:00NARRATOR: The top slab of key number one,
00:39:46:24a 20-tonne block of concrete,
00:39:49:04has disappeared.
00:39:51:20This means trouble.
00:39:56:15NARRATOR: Before Dave even gets started
00:39:58:05on the last day of expanding this container pier,
00:40:01:04one of the massive slabs they already laid,
00:40:03:18somehow vanished.
00:40:06:21DAVE: The key that we already put in,
00:40:09:09now they can’t see it,
00:40:10:09so we can only assume that something has failed.
00:40:13:05NARRATOR: Dave decides to tackle this new problem right away.
00:40:17:15He moves Dominions boat to be closer to the fallen key.
00:40:21:02DAVE: Now once again, it’s kind of like
00:40:22:17two steps forward, three steps backward kind of thing so.
00:40:28:15We’ll see how it goes.
00:40:30:21NARRATOR: Everybody’s pissed off.
00:40:33:10Nobody was expecting this.
00:40:36:00OLLIE: Basically, we’re almost back to square one.
00:40:38:00That’s what it feels like anyway.
00:40:39:09So, it’s just disappointing to say the least.
00:40:44:12NARRATOR: They’ve got no choice but to dive in and look for it.
00:40:48:12Dave’s still struggling to figure out what happened.
00:40:51:09DAVE: If you can’t see it, you can only assume…
00:40:53:09it can’t fall this way
00:40:54:19because there’s concrete in the way,
00:40:56:09so it must have fallen back like this.
00:40:58:11So hopefully we can get back onto it and pull it upright,
00:41:01:06and then backfill behind it
00:41:02:24so that it doesn’t fall down again.
00:41:05:03DAVE: All right so,
00:41:06:13my guys getting dressed there right now.
00:41:08:01We’re going to hop in and do that.
00:41:16:00CHRISTIAN: Diver’s in the water.
00:41:18:05DAVE: Copy that. Diver in the water.
00:41:24:15NARRATOR: It doesn’t take Christian long
00:41:26:08to find the bottom of the key,
00:41:27:21but where is the other 20-tonne concrete slab?
00:41:32:10CHRISTIAN: Lots of big rocks like they were dumping
00:41:34:07and stuff in here.
00:41:35:23So that pile of rocks is starting to go downhill…
00:41:38:11NARRATOR: Christian follows a trail of debris
00:41:40:20until he finds it.
00:41:42:19CHRISTIAN: All right, I found the fallen key.
00:41:47:00The rubbers are facing up, so yeah,
00:41:49:03it fell inwards and back down the hill.
00:41:51:17DAVE: So it’s like you said…
00:41:53:24and slid down the bank upside down.
00:41:56:05CHRISTIAN: So it looks like that’s the bottom hole
00:41:59:08where the anchor was set, is completely gone.
00:42:01:23DAVE: Okay. So the bottom anchor is missing.
00:42:04:07CHRISTIAN: Yeah, roger.
00:42:06:08NARRATOR: The storm’s high wind and waves overnight
00:42:08:12causes the strongbacks to fail and the key fell.
00:42:13:06Finding the nine metre concrete slab wasn’t hard…
00:42:16:09CHRISTIAN: Looks like the bottom lifting eye
00:42:18:07is free and clear for a hook-up if we need it.
00:42:20:23NARRATOR: …but they’re gonna need a crane
00:42:22:07to hoist it up off the bottom.
00:42:27:00But, the crane’s over on the other job site,
00:42:30:15so it’s back to what they originally planned for today.
00:42:34:05Digging another ditch to drop the third key into.
00:42:37:20DAVE: Where are you right now?
00:42:39:12CHRISTIAN: Yeah, I’m pretty close.
00:42:40:12Maybe another half hour tops.
00:42:42:24DAVE: Yeah, okay. Cool.
00:42:46:10NARRATOR: Twenty-seven minutes later
00:42:47:20the barge crew is ready,
00:42:49:10and so is Christian.
00:42:50:20CHRISTIAN: All right, Dave, let’s do this.
00:42:59:14DAVE: Coming down now.
00:43:00:14CHRISTIAN: Roger, coming down.
00:43:04:00CHRISTIAN: Looks like it’s touching on the inside
00:43:05:17pretty good. We got good coverage there.
00:43:08:15DAVE: Okay, so I’d say that’s a win.
00:43:10:17NARRATOR: It’s a perfect fit.
00:43:13:12Now it’s tighten up the strongbacks,
00:43:15:16backfill, and drop in the top key.
00:43:18:11Tighten more strongbacks,
00:43:20:12more backfill,
00:43:21:20and that’s part two complete.
00:43:24:05They’re running out of daylight.
00:43:28:00They reposition the barge and hoist the fallen key
00:43:30:23from the bottom.
00:43:34:00Christian’s day is done.
00:43:36:05CHRISTIAN: Aw man, I’m fuckin’ gassed.
00:43:39:18NARRATOR: All that’s left is to refit the fallen slab.
00:43:42:14A repair is done to the strongback,
00:43:44:22and Boots goes in to finish the job.
00:43:48:10BOOTS: All right, you ready for this?
00:43:49:24OLLIE: Yup.
00:43:55:15NARRATOR: Twenty tonnes of concrete
00:43:57:00is dangling in the air,
00:43:59:01but Boots needs to clear some debris
00:44:00:15from the top of the bottom key.
00:44:03:20DAVE: Is that some rocks on top of that, or what?
00:44:05:05BOOTS: Yeah, from when they were dumping it.
00:44:10:24DAVE: She’s coming down there now.
00:44:12:13BOOTS: Okay. I think I got eyes on the prize.
00:44:15:21DAVE: Okay.
00:44:18:05NARRATOR: Dave keeps his fingers crossed
00:44:19:18as the two keys meet.
00:44:21:19BOOTS: Okay, so we’re in the right place here.
00:44:23:24DAVE: Yeah.
00:44:25:10BOOTS: I think he has to boom up,
00:44:27:03because he’s not quite on this alignment piece.
00:44:30:24NARRATOR: It takes a delicate touch on the crane’s controls
00:44:34:06to just nudge the 20-tonne slab.
00:44:39:05BOOTS: There she goes.
00:44:40:16NARRATOR: The finishing touch for the Dominion crew
00:44:43:02is strongbacks.
00:44:47:00Boots cranks the last few turns of the wrench.
00:44:51:05DAVE: Okay pal, that’s it. We nailed it, we killed it.
00:44:53:08We did everything.
00:44:56:17NARRATOR: Boots comes aboard,
00:45:01:07and the Dominion crew casts off.
00:45:03:19They got the job done and just in the nick of time.
00:45:10:13As the world gets smaller, the boats become bigger,
00:45:13:21but no matter how massive they get,
00:45:15:08there’s still nitty gritty, down and dirty
00:45:17:18jobs to be done
00:45:19:11by the Lords of the Ocean.
00:45:22:20º THEME MUSIC º