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This is the script for Episode Eight of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:02:00º MUSIC º
00:01:04:20NARRATOR: A gargantuan British aircraft carrier
00:01:07:02becomes a royal pain in the ass for Dominion.
00:01:09:16BIG KRISTIAN: We’re not gonna make it.
00:01:13:15NARRATOR: Robin takes a deep dive
00:01:15:03on an underwater recovery mission.
00:01:18:00ROBIN: We’ll just keep dragging ’til we get it.
00:01:19:22NARRATOR: But how did a car
00:01:21:11wind up on the bottom of a lake?
00:01:25:05NARRATOR: And there’s nothing glamorous
00:01:27:08about the dive team’s dirty job
00:01:29:07on this 90-million dollar yacht.
00:01:31:18KRISTIAN: There’s your good stuff right there.
00:01:32:20Good on toast, eh?
00:01:34:02NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:35:16this family’s built a business
00:01:37:11where nobody else dares.
00:01:41:15and resurrecting anything
00:01:43:13in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:45:21This is their world.
00:01:48:17Salt water in their blood
00:01:50:15come hell and high water.
00:01:52:15MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:53:17Do or die.
00:01:54:15º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:23:24º MUSIC º
00:02:27:05NARRATOR: Halifax in the summertime
00:02:29:07and the harbour is bumping.
00:02:31:08But there’s no holiday for the Dominion crew.
00:02:34:13It’s peak business season
00:02:35:24and Matt’s feeling the heat.
00:02:37:10MATT: So it’s quite a busy situation
00:02:39:13that’s going on in the harbour.
00:02:41:11We got a couple container ships.
00:02:42:24We got a car carrier.
00:02:44:14Right now, we got almost our entire tug fleet
00:02:47:21out servicing the different areas of the harbour.
00:02:51:16At this moment,
00:02:52:10we’re all hands and then some on deck.
00:02:58:17NARRATOR: HMS Queen Elizabeth,
00:03:00:13the world’s newest aircraft carrier,
00:03:02:15has just landed in Halifax Harbour.
00:03:05:12MATT: This aircraft carrier is super cool.
00:03:07:12On a scale of one to 10,
00:03:08:22every time I hear there’s an aircraft carrier
00:03:10:08coming to the harbour, I’m at about a 12.
00:03:14:03NARRATOR: The Queen Elizabeth is the first
00:03:15:17in a new class of super carriers
00:03:17:23and the biggest ship the Royal Navy has ever built.
00:03:22:09It rises 39 meters above the water line,
00:03:25:23taller than most cruise ships.
00:03:28:11It’s as long as four Boeing 747s,
00:03:32:14nearly 300 meters in total length.
00:03:36:13And it can carry up to 60 fighter jets.
00:03:42:04As HMS Queen Elizabeth proudly enters the harbour,
00:03:45:08nearly 1,000 crew members aboard
00:03:48:00flank the flight deck like match-sticks.
00:03:50:21A symbolic gesture to show this ship has come in peace.
00:03:55:22This is HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first port of call
00:03:58:16on this side of the pond.
00:04:00:08It was supposed to be tied up at the Canadian Navy dock,
00:04:03:20but it was too big.
00:04:05:09MATT: The reason why you see the aircraft carrier
00:04:08:01out in the middle of the harbour,
00:04:09:06is basically the length of it, the overall sheer size.
00:04:13:07We don’t have a dock that’s equipped for the length of it.
00:04:16:17Most of our Naval docks protrude outward,
00:04:18:15they’re fingers,
00:04:19:21so you have something that’s a thousand feet
00:04:22:07or 1100 feet sticking out into the harbour,
00:04:24:16you’d basically cut the harbour off.
00:04:29:07NARRATOR: Dominion’s been hired to help re-supply it.
00:04:33:13Matt couldn’t be happier.
00:04:36:01MATT: These things just rock out.
00:04:39:00They need lots of services,
00:04:40:16and they need lots of personnel,
00:04:42:24equipment, supplies.
00:04:44:10They’re a lot of fun anyway,
00:04:45:11just because they look really neat.
00:04:47:07You can see them off in different horizons,
00:04:49:00you can see them in different areas of the city,
00:04:50:15that normally you can’t see what’s in the harbour.
00:04:52:15Just the grandness of it is impressive.
00:04:55:07That we’re able to house these here
00:04:56:22and provide them with all the services they need.
00:05:07:07NARRATOR: Over at Duck Rock,
00:05:08:18Robin and Shawn scramble to prepare for this royal visit.
00:05:13:14It looks like a scene from out back
00:05:15:01of your local grocery store.
00:05:18:24Right now, they’re unloading a barge-worth of fresh produce.
00:05:23:13Fresh fruit and fresh veggies are hard to come by out at sea,
00:05:27:11but Dominion’s re-stocking the shelves
00:05:29:15of this noble traveller.
00:05:31:19ROBIN: They now need 250 tons  of water a day.
00:05:35:01They produce 30 metric cubic meters of garbage each day.
00:05:39:14There’s other things to come off the ship,
00:05:42:15and things that we have to lift on,
00:05:44:08provisions and stuff like that.
00:05:45:20This turned into a huge job.
00:05:47:18So, we’re gonna have everything we own,
00:05:49:10every barge, every boat, every person
00:05:52:03is gonna be dealing with this thing.
00:05:54:00You know, that’s what we do, we pull rabbits out of our hat
00:05:56:13and that’s what we’re gonna do again.
00:05:58:00NARRATOR: Operating a supply-chain
00:05:59:21means Dominion is solely responsible
00:06:02:11for providing food, water and sanitary services.
00:06:06:20In other words, everything these sailors eat, drink
00:06:09:18and… well, you know…
00:06:12:19For the next five nights
00:06:14:03Dominion must see to Her Majesty’s every whim.
00:06:17:16MATT: Well you need your daily essentials,
00:06:20:10like your water, your potable water,
00:06:22:03when you flush your toilet, that gotta go somewhere.
00:06:25:20When you’re out at anchorage, you’re surrounded by water
00:06:28:15so the only way to get it out there is by boat and barge.
00:06:33:10NARRATOR: But with so many jobs on the go,
00:06:35:14boat and barge are in short supply.
00:06:39:05Right now, Shawn desperately needs to free up
00:06:42:06some barge real estate.
00:06:48:19But his plan has hit a bump in the road.
00:06:53:05Okay, actually, it hit something else.
00:06:56:00SHAWN: So we have some sectional barges coming in.
00:06:58:17They’re 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, seven feet tall.
00:07:01:08They came up from Louisiana.
00:07:03:03NARRATOR: A sectional barge is a modular barge
00:07:06:02that comes in pieces the size of shipping containers,
00:07:09:03to be assembled in the water like Lego.
00:07:12:16SHAWN: One barge per truck.
00:07:14:06We’ve got eight trucks coming in.
00:07:15:15They showed up here this morning, Monday morning.
00:07:18:03Two of them made it down.
00:07:19:14One took a little shortcut at the top of the road
00:07:22:01and actually took out a power pole.
00:07:29:15SHAWN: In the middle of everything going on,
00:07:31:10it’s just added to this issue
00:07:33:10that we we’ll probably have to
00:07:34:18shut down the power to the building
00:07:36:03when they eventually come here
00:07:37:11to repair the problem up top here.
00:07:51:00NARRATOR: All eight pieces of the sectional barge
00:07:53:09have finally arrived,
00:07:55:00ready to be offloaded from the truck,
00:07:58:10craned into the water,
00:08:01:00and tied together.
00:08:04:02It’s kind of like stitching up
00:08:05:09an ultra heavy-duty quilt that floats.
00:08:09:10The completed sectional barge
00:08:11:09will be a working platform for Dominion
00:08:14:00out at the aircraft carrier.
00:08:15:20But the tugboat that was supposed to deliver it,
00:08:18:06just blew a rudder.
00:08:20:07SHAWN: The Roseway came back and we spun a rudder.
00:08:22:10She’s got two rudders, one spun around backwards.
00:08:25:05We’re just having a look now.
00:08:27:09So we’ve got to try to sort that out.
00:08:29:02That’s our main tugboat here for moving barges around.
00:08:31:07It’s the most suitable boat.
00:08:33:00It’s got the most horsepower.
00:08:34:20It’s twin screw, so the most maneuverability.
00:08:37:14So we’ve gotta get that going here now.
00:08:39:08Boats that were gonna do other stuff
00:08:41:08are gonna do some of Roseway’s work,
00:08:43:09so we gotta pick up the slack with the Roseway
00:08:45:00until that’s fixed and back in commission.
00:08:47:01And that’s either gonna be a quick fix
00:08:48:16or not a quick fix.
00:08:49:20NARRATOR: Resources are already spread razor thin,
00:08:53:05and losing their best boat
00:08:55:08is a real kick in the crown jewels.
00:08:58:16Can they get it together on time,
00:09:00:22or is the Dominion crew on a crash course for disaster?
00:09:10:05NARRATOR: It’s the busy summer season for Dominion,
00:09:13:02and the dive team is prepping for another big job.
00:09:18:05Boots tosses down gear.
00:09:21:20Jacob loads the van.
00:09:24:18And Gary scarfs down his lunch before hitting the road.
00:09:29:10They’re off to meet Robin,
00:09:30:15who’s off on a rare freshwater job.
00:09:37:07ROBIN: Well we’re going down to Porters Lake.
00:09:39:01We got a car that went through the ice this winter.
00:09:43:04NARRATOR: Porters Lake is a long narrow channel
00:09:45:12on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.
00:09:48:19And somewhere on the very murky bottom,
00:09:51:14is a wet automobile
00:09:52:24that fell through a crack in the ice.
00:09:56:16When Porters Lake is frozen over in winter,
00:09:58:24cars shortcut across the ice.
00:10:02:01It’s dumb and dangerous.
00:10:04:06The driver was lucky to escape with their life.
00:10:08:22The car’s gotta be hauled out
00:10:10:09so it doesn’t leak oil and gas into the environment.
00:10:13:23ROBIN: This is not the first car
00:10:15:07that I’ve pulled out of this part of the lake.
00:10:17:18Cars are driving up the lake.
00:10:18:22It’s safe to drive on.
00:10:21:03You know, the ice will be 12 or 18 inches thick,
00:10:24:17and then you get to this one spot where
00:10:27:06the ice is of that thickness right to the edge
00:10:29:10and in they go.
00:10:31:04It’s just right down by my house
00:10:33:02so we’ll be using my boat.
00:10:40:09So we’re going to turn this into a diving boat.
00:10:44:17NARRATOR: But there’s no getting a crane on board here.
00:10:47:05ROBIN: This thing’s old. It’s like 30…
00:10:51:07It’s like 35 years old, that old thing man.
00:10:53:12She’s been around forever.
00:10:54:18NARRATOR: So Robin’s floating another idea
00:10:57:00to bring the car to the surface.
00:10:59:06ROBIN: These are lift bags. Pretty straight forward.
00:11:01:00It’s an envelope of air that you capture underwater
00:11:05:19and the amount of water that this bag displaces,
00:11:09:19is equal to its lift that it generates.
00:11:12:06So this bag, when its full of air,
00:11:14:12will displace 2,000 pounds of water,
00:11:17:09therefore it will lift 2,000 pounds of weight.
00:11:21:02That’s just the law of buoyancy.
00:11:23:19They’re good for lifting cars.
00:11:25:07They’re good for lifting all kinds of stuff.
00:11:26:23Today they’re good for lifting cars.
00:11:29:20BOOTS: I think we’re pretty much ready to go.
00:11:31:22ROBIN: All right. If we’re ready to go,
00:11:33:07we’ll throw the lines.
00:11:37:20NARRATOR: With his pop-up dive boat complete,
00:11:39:24Robin’s ready to start hunting for a sunken car wreck.
00:11:49:07NARRATOR: Day two of the HMS Queen Elizabeth’s
00:11:51:14royal visit to Halifax Harbour
00:11:53:23and she still needs supplies.
00:11:57:23Her Majesty’s not used to waiting,
00:11:59:23but Shawn’s finally figured out
00:12:01:21how to make room on the barge
00:12:03:12to start getting them out there.
00:12:05:11SHAWN: Just getting the fenders lined up correctly on the barge.
00:12:08:05The stern of the aircraft carrier’s gonna be right here.
00:12:10:06So this goes against the carrier,
00:12:12:02and the gangway will go from here.
00:12:13:21The gangway’s gotta span because of the bumpers,
00:12:16:19so we get that gangway in there.
00:12:19:14And then all the little shuttle boats
00:12:22:10are going to come on the end,
00:12:25:07and those three wooden rafts that are up there,
00:12:27:07we’ve gotta get them in the water, get ’em pinned,
00:12:29:11they’re gonna go on the very end of the barge
00:12:32:00for some smaller stuff.
00:12:33:08NARRATOR: Out behind him, Dominion is prepping
00:12:35:24HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first water delivery.
00:12:39:05SHAWN: Donnie’s coming in
00:12:41:16with the Water Dog there now.
00:12:47:08DWAYNE: We’re getting the Water Dog
00:12:48:17moved off from anchor
00:12:51:20to take down and fill full of fresh water
00:12:53:14so that we can take it out and fill up their potable water.
00:12:55:18DONNIE: I gotta get you to back up,
00:12:58:01so we can disconnect the lines from the north buoy
00:13:01:12and transfer them over to the barge.
00:13:03:12KRISTIAN: Okay.
00:13:04:23NARRATOR: The Water Dog is a big empty barge
00:13:07:12used to move water around.
00:13:10:16Right now, it’s sandwiched between two other barges.
00:13:14:24The Water Dog needs to be tied up to a boat,
00:13:17:17tugged away,
00:13:18:17and filled up with water for the thirsty sailors
00:13:21:16aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth.
00:13:24:02KRISTIAN: So, basically what we’re doing right now
00:13:25:23is we’re tying up to this barge
00:13:27:00and getting it ready to push over
00:13:28:07to another dock in Dartmouth here,
00:13:30:22and it’s gotta be done right
00:13:32:18so you can have control of the barge.
00:13:33:18If it’s not done right, you’re not going to have control,
00:13:35:20and that’s not a good situation.
00:13:38:19NARRATOR: Unfortunately, the best boat for the job
00:13:41:05is out of commission.
00:13:42:15KRISTIAN: Yeah, Roseway had rudder issues this morning,
00:13:46:18so we’re gonna use this boat instead.
00:13:50:02The Roseway’s better for it, but it’s…
00:13:51:22like I said, it’s not an option right now.
00:13:54:10NARRATOR: The Roseway packs a one-two punch
00:13:56:21of power and maneuverability,
00:13:59:12thanks to twin propellers, called screws,
00:14:02:16and twin rudders.
00:14:05:16It can turn on the spot
00:14:06:22and move in relatively tight quarters.
00:14:10:02By contrast, the boat they’re using, the Bearcat,
00:14:13:14has one screw and one rudder,
00:14:15:12so it needs to cut a wide arc to make its turns.
00:14:20:15Long-time Dominion employee Donnie,
00:14:23:00has a real love affair with the Roseway.
00:14:26:11DONNIE: The Roseway has 500 horsepower,
00:14:28:13that’s number one.
00:14:29:20One of the main aspects of the Roseway is,
00:14:32:08it is twin engined and twin ruddered.
00:14:34:22So I can make a turn very quick
00:14:36:21getting it into tight little spots.
00:14:39:06DONNIE: So, long way around.
00:14:40:15KRISTIAN: Okay, yeah.
00:14:41:11NARRATOR: Donnie drives it so much,
00:14:43:01that around Dominion they call it “Donnie’s boat”.
00:14:46:00DONNIE: The Roseway belongs to Dominion Diving.
00:14:48:12I just drive it most of the time.
00:14:52:05NARRATOR: But Big Kristian’s learning
00:14:53:11that when Donny’s not at the helm,
00:14:55:11he’s a real backseat driver.
00:14:57:13DONNIE: Gotta get you to back up,
00:14:59:08so we can disconnect the lines from the north buoy,
00:15:02:16transfer them over to the barge.
00:15:04:23KRISTIAN: Okay.
00:15:06:02NARRATOR: Big Kristian and Donnie
00:15:07:09just aren’t speaking the same language.
00:15:10:01DONNIE: Hit hard onto her.
00:15:12:01Hit hard. Power.
00:15:14:11KRISTIAN: What’s he saying?
00:15:16:05NARRATOR: Let’s just say things are getting a little…
00:15:19:12KRISTIAN: We’re not going to make it.
00:15:25:20[SCRAPING SOUND]
00:15:27:10KRISTIAN: I don’t know, man.
00:15:28:19This is way more difficult than it needs to be.
00:15:32:11I’ve never seen it this hard to tie up a barge.
00:15:35:15Everything’s last minute and rushed and chaos…
00:15:38:08DONNIE: Just give it a little power, hard to port.
00:15:40:08KRISTIAN: Little power, hard to port. All right.
00:15:43:02NARRATOR: Shawn can sense the frustration from shore.
00:15:45:10SHAWN: There’s a lot of yelling out there.
00:15:49:10NARRATOR: This obviously isn’t going well.
00:15:52:06They’re supposed to be maneuvering dockside
00:15:54:16to retrieve a pump that’ll hook up to the aircraft carrier,
00:15:58:01but they’re struggling to bring it in.
00:16:01:02SHAWN: I thought they were coming in for their water pump.
00:16:03:06Now I don’t know if they’re coming in
00:16:05:00or just going to go straight down and start filling up.
00:16:07:24NARRATOR: The Roseway would be a big help right about now.
00:16:10:12DONNIE: Stay hard to port. Right hard to port,
00:16:12:17make that big long turn again.  KRISTIAN: Okay.
00:16:15:02NARRATOR: They’re falling behind schedule,
00:16:16:17so Shawn re-routes this mission
00:16:19:04in an attempt to get things back on track.
00:16:21:14SHAWN: Donnie, if she’s too tight
00:16:23:05to get ‘er in with that boat,
00:16:24:13you guys can just go down and fill her with water.
00:16:26:05I mean we can move the pump down later on
00:16:28:01on the boat or something.
00:16:29:10Yeah, okay, well let’s move it down to the IEL dock
00:16:32:00and we’ll get the water on the go.
00:16:34:06KRISTIAN: Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:16:36:11HALIFAX TRAFFIC: Dominion Bearcat, Halifax Traffic.
00:16:38:21KRISTIAN: Yes, we’re departing Dartmouth Cove
00:16:41:11pushing a 90-foot barge and heading to IEL.
00:16:45:04NARRATOR: With the HMS Queen Elizabeth waiting for water,
00:16:48:14it’s a fight against wind, tide, and time.
00:16:52:05SHAWN: Yeah, so I see the boys struggling out there
00:16:53:24with the boat a little bit,
00:16:55:00the wind’s got ’em and they’re spinning around.
00:16:56:23Although it’s a tugboat,
00:16:58:13it’s not the twin-screw tugboat,
00:17:01:09so it’s a single screw and it’s a bit higher
00:17:03:14so it’s catching a bit of wind.
00:17:04:18It’s an aluminum boat
00:17:06:15so you can see them out there.
00:17:07:16It’s a tight spot in here. We got high tide,
00:17:10:06a bunch of rebar over on the other side.
00:17:12:04With this barge, you know,
00:17:13:17we lost another 40 feet up here in our little cut,
00:17:16:06pretty tricky getting it in.
00:17:17:20So I just got the boys to head down
00:17:19:11to the big dock down there
00:17:21:06and start filling up with water,
00:17:22:21and we’ll move the pump just on the boat.
00:17:25:19NARRATOR: The Water Dog’s off to get filled,
00:17:28:03but Big Kristian,
00:17:29:06he’s already had his fill for the day.
00:17:32:03KRISTIAN: Oh man, I’m never doing this again, ever.
00:17:34:04This is fuckin’ stupid is what this is.
00:17:43:14NARRATOR: While the Queen Elizabeth
00:17:44:09is waiting for her water delivery,
00:17:48:06Robin and his improvised dive boat
00:17:50:03are on a search and recovery mission for a sunken sedan
00:17:53:11somewhere at the bottom of this lake.
00:17:59:10NARRATOR: Robin’s got the GPS co-ordinates
00:18:01:17from the Fire Department,
00:18:03:16but the marker buoys are nowhere to be found.
00:18:06:10ROBIN: I think we want to try dragging for it a little bit.
00:18:09:21BOOTS: The anchor’s right here.
00:18:11:15ROBIN: Yeah. Maybe just put it off the bow,
00:18:13:20and I’ll just go up ahead
00:18:16:21and then just drop it down to the bottom.
00:18:19:01We’ll drift down on it a couple times,
00:18:21:06see if we get into something.
00:18:23:00Yeah, just gonna drag for it and get it with the anchor.
00:18:30:07Just drop it down ’til it touches and then
00:18:32:08pull up on it a little bit.
00:18:37:00They had a couple of anchor buoys on it
00:18:38:04and people come and take the buoys away.
00:18:40:21So we’re just trying to drag for it,
00:18:42:07and catch it with an anchor so we can
00:18:44:13not waste any time, we just want to dive on it.
00:18:46:13We can go right down put slings on it
00:18:47:24and Bob’s your uncle.
00:18:52:20NARRATOR: They’re going to use the anchor
00:18:54:02like a big fish hook,
00:18:56:00dragging it across the bottom
00:18:57:15to see if they can catch the car.
00:19:00:08It’s angling for automobiles.
00:19:02:23GARY: Fishing for cars.
00:19:04:14NARRATOR: But their prized catch ain’t biting.
00:19:07:14ROBIN: You’ve gotta be patient with this stuff, right?
00:19:09:20It takes a minute.
00:19:11:05Catching anything there, buddy?
00:19:12:22BOOTS: No, nothing yet, just skipping across the rock.
00:19:15:08GARY: And we’ve drifted past that round rock.
00:19:17:06ROBIN: Yeah, well we’ll just keep dragging
00:19:18:11until we get it, right?
00:19:21:03It didn’t get itself out of the lake.
00:19:27:07NARRATOR: They can find it on Google,
00:19:29:03but it’s nowhere in reality.
00:19:31:16Is this car gonna be the big one that got away?
00:19:39:00NARRATOR: Out on the harbour,
00:19:40:04Big Kristian and Donnie
00:19:41:23are on their way to fill up the Water Dog.
00:19:45:01It’s been a testy morning,
00:19:47:07but they’re finally on track to re-fill
00:19:49:08HMS Queen Elizabeth’s water supply.
00:19:52:13KRISTIAN: Right now, we’re taking this
00:19:53:2090-foot water barge
00:19:55:15to Irving Equipment dock in Woodside,
00:19:57:23and we’re gonna fill it up with water.
00:19:59:23It’s gonna be bound for the aircraft carrier.
00:20:07:17NARRATOR: It’s been a tough day for Donnie
00:20:09:01without his favourite boat.
00:20:11:10As they begin the pumping process,
00:20:13:05there’s good news.
00:20:15:19KRISTIAN: Donnie, just talking to Shawn there,
00:20:18:14Roseway is fixed.
00:20:19:19As soon as we’re situated here,
00:20:21:14he wants to get you back to Duck Rock.
00:20:23:10NARRATOR: Now it’s up to Dwayne and Dwayne alone
00:20:25:20to fill up the Water Dog,
00:20:27:12which is just fine by him.
00:20:29:10DWAYNE: Let’s do the whole work smarter not harder
00:20:30:23fuckin’ aspect of this shit show.
00:20:32:21NARRATOR: Left all alone, Dwayne can do things his way.
00:20:38:02DWAYNE: See? And now
00:20:39:21I can control shutting water on and off here
00:20:41:20as opposed to going way the hell up there.
00:20:44:01NARRATOR: Dwayne will be babysitting this barge
00:20:46:01until it’s filled to the brim.
00:20:49:22NARRATOR: In the meantime,
00:20:50:24the Roseway’s rudder is fixed.
00:20:53:01And the sectional barge is finally on its way
00:20:55:24out to the HMS Queen Elizabeth.
00:21:05:04NARRATOR: Back at Porters Lake,
00:21:06:22Robin’s switching strategies to try to retrieve a sunken car.
00:21:12:00ROBIN: We’re dragging anchors,
00:21:13:01doing drag lines across
00:21:14:17the two sets of coordinates that we have,
00:21:17:01and we’re not hooking anything.
00:21:20:04So we have a set of coordinates from the Fire Department
00:21:22:10of the hole that was in the ice,
00:21:25:05so we’re gonna drop a marker buoy
00:21:26:23on those set of coordinates, and we’re gonna dive on it
00:21:30:09to see if we can manually find this thing underwater.
00:21:36:09NARRATOR: Diver Jacob suits up.
00:21:38:20JACOB: Right now, I’m really
00:21:40:02hot getting dressed  and can’t wait to get in the water,
00:21:43:05and find this car finally.
00:21:45:10NARRATOR: But the clock’s ticking.
00:21:46:19They only have one air tank.
00:21:49:09If they don’t find the car soon,
00:21:51:02there won’t be enough dive time to fish it out.
00:21:53:18BOOTS: You got two and half hours
00:21:54:17if you’re on a 40-foot table, okay?
00:21:56:00JACOB: I should be able to find something.
00:21:57:15BOOTS: So anything over 30 foot is a 40-foot table.
00:22:02:05NARRATOR: There’s little time, and underwater,
00:22:04:13even less visibility.
00:22:08:00It’s like trying to dive
00:22:09:10in a chocolate milkshake down there.
00:22:11:11GARY: Not sure if we got the right bait for it.
00:22:17:15NARRATOR: It’s taking way longer than expected.
00:22:20:23Robin’s neighbours, whose son sunk the car,
00:22:23:23are wondering what’s up.
00:22:25:10ROBIN: Well I went back to
00:22:26:07the Fire Department’s coordinates
00:22:28:01on the ice and dropped a buoy there.
00:22:30:17We’re gonna do a search on that,
00:22:33:01’cause maybe the anchor’s not hooking it.
00:22:35:13Like, we’re not getting anything,
00:22:36:21but it’s here.
00:22:37:23GARY: So right now, we just dropped a marker buoy…
00:22:42:13so, that’s our life jacket, with some weights,
00:22:44:21that’s just going straight down.
00:22:45:19So that was on GPS coordinates that were taken
00:22:47:24from the Fire Department when they had ice on the lake.
00:22:51:04So we just used that and we sent the diver down
00:22:53:07with a line on it, so he could do a circle search.
00:22:57:01NARRATOR: To find something lost in murky waters,
00:22:59:18they first drop a buoy where they think it might be.
00:23:03:08And then a diver hitches a rope on
00:23:06:00and begins swimming in concentric circles,
00:23:08:16getting bigger and bigger,
00:23:11:11until they find what they’re looking for,
00:23:14:10or they run out of rope.
00:23:18:15All they can do is wait.
00:23:20:19And these fishermen are at the end of their rope.
00:23:24:14Every second spent looking for the car
00:23:26:19is time they won’t have to retrieve it.
00:23:29:17BOOTS: Did you find it?
00:23:37:13NARRATOR: Robin’s reached the end of his tether.
00:23:40:04ROBIN: Well, today’s kinda fucked.
00:23:42:01We came out to… what the plan was
00:23:44:11was to have the car be marked with a buoy.
00:23:48:08So we had everything sort of set up to perform a dive,
00:23:51:13put lift bags on and follow a process to do that.
00:23:54:13We had to, right away, switch gears
00:23:56:14to start searching for the car,
00:23:59:15because it wasn’t in the location that it was…
00:24:01:23the coordinates that we had from the Fire Department,
00:24:04:01it wasn’t there.
00:24:04:22GARY: Hold that ladder.
00:24:06:07NARRATOR: Robin’s calling it a day.
00:24:08:09You don’t catch something every time you go out fishing.
00:24:12:00ROBIN: Even if we were able to find the car today,
00:24:14:12it would put the kibosh on the ability to recover it,
00:24:18:07because we need a couple of cycles of diving
00:24:20:09to get the bags on it and get it floated to surface.
00:24:24:00NARRATOR: But it’s not all bad.
00:24:26:14ROBIN: It’s sunny out. Nice day on the lake.
00:24:28:05It’s a good day for a cold beer, but we don’t have any, so.
00:24:30:21NARRATOR: No beers, and no car either.
00:24:40:09NARRATOR: Now they’ve gotta head out and dismantle
00:24:41:24this makeshift dive pontoon.
00:24:44:22But first, an update for the car’s owners.
00:24:48:05ROBIN: I’ll explain to them what it cost
00:24:50:00to come up and do what we did here today
00:24:51:21and all that, and do a report.
00:24:56:10Just to know there’s no oil or sign of anything,
00:24:59:05that kinda stuff.
00:25:01:00And the damage that you’ll do pulling this thing out
00:25:04:00far exceeds the damage being done
00:25:06:03by leaving it down there,
00:25:07:15letting the fish live in it.
00:25:09:14Anyway, we’ll come up with something
00:25:11:05and we’ll make it better.
00:25:12:23NEIGHBOURS: Thanks.
00:25:13:20ROBIN: No problem, any time. Take care.
00:25:19:20NARRATOR: Day three of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s stay
00:25:22:04in the Halifax Harbour,
00:25:24:10and Shawn and Robin are up at the crack of dawn.
00:25:27:08A queen-sized grocery order’s just come in
00:25:30:23for the aircraft carrier,
00:25:32:2450 pallets of fresh produce,
00:25:35:18and the clock is ticking to deliver the goods.
00:25:40:11But how do you deliver
00:25:41:11thousands of pounds of fresh groceries
00:25:44:01to an aircraft carrier the size of a floating city?
00:25:48:03SHAWN: We gotta get ’em loaded
00:25:49:10and get ’em out alongside the ship
00:25:51:04before the sun gets at ’em
00:25:52:10and everything starts to wilt.
00:25:53:24So it’s a bit of a rush right now.
00:25:58:02NARRATOR: Her Majesty’s ship is hungry,
00:26:00:16and they need to fill every square inch
00:26:02:13of the Mercury barge to feed her.
00:26:05:15DONNIE: We have no place to really put it here
00:26:07:02to get turned around and everything.
00:26:08:16ROBIN: Yeah, We’ll figure it out.
00:26:09:24NARRATOR: Robin’s gotta clear some space on this barge,
00:26:12:06and do it fast.
00:26:15:00And he’s not afraid to rise to the occasion.
00:26:18:05SHAWN: Bit of chaos in here like it always is.
00:26:20:15Always short on people and short on boats and barges.
00:26:24:05But we seem to squeak by.
00:26:25:20ROBIN: Can you boom up?
00:26:27:21NARRATOR: They’re making space,
00:26:29:05but the view from above reveals the next problem.
00:26:32:23The grocery barge is pinned between the dock
00:26:35:04and another barge.
00:26:37:01ROBIN: Why don’t we just get a boat,
00:26:39:09hook onto it,
00:26:40:24go out and get her anchored,
00:26:43:11hang off the anchor…
00:26:48:13NARRATOR: Robin and Shawn rush aboard the Roseway.
00:26:51:15ROBIN: We’re gonna move this anchor barge here,
00:26:54:09we got one anchor out.
00:26:56:07We gotta pick that up.
00:26:58:04So we gotta move this barge
00:26:59:07for Donnie to get the grocery barge out of there, right?
00:27:01:21NARRATOR: But just as they’re getting underway,
00:27:04:12Shawn gets a call.
00:27:07:01NARRATOR: HMS Queen Elizabeth needs to
00:27:08:15empty its slop bucket.
00:27:10:11SHAWN: They want now, the slop oil barge,
00:27:12:10so we’re scrambling down here to get that together
00:27:14:13for alongside for 9:30.
00:27:16:12NARRATOR: Now they gotta load up these containment units
00:27:19:14to store slop oil,
00:27:21:07the contaminant created by operating
00:27:23:19the massive cogs and gears of this ship.
00:27:26:17MATT: When they do oil changes
00:27:28:03or bilge water,
00:27:29:12something that can’t be treated at sea,
00:27:31:07can’t be disposed of at sea,
00:27:33:06they store it on board
00:27:34:05to be environmentally friendly.
00:27:35:16We then take that off in certified containers,
00:27:38:09then we transport it to the facility
00:27:40:17to be processed properly.
00:27:43:00NARRATOR: And they want the slop oil barge
00:27:45:00at the same time as the groceries.
00:27:47:19SHAWN: I need the slop oil barge for 9:30,
00:27:49:19and I need the food out there for 9:30.
00:27:52:07NARRATOR: This morning couldn’t get any busier.
00:27:54:13Time is tight.
00:27:55:23This Queen waits for no man.
00:28:04:00NARRATOR: Across the harbour,
00:28:05:08Dominion’s got another high-class client to deal with.
00:28:10:09A mega yacht.
00:28:12:15It’s 70 meters long,
00:28:15:13weighs in at over 1500 tonnes,
00:28:19:09and it could be yours for just $90-million.
00:28:24:05This yacht’s on a summertime cruise up the Atlantic coast
00:28:27:11from its home port in Bermuda,
00:28:29:21and it’s collected a lot of grime along the way.
00:28:34:05OLLIE: So today we’re getting ready to
00:28:36:03go over for a hull scrub over in Halifax.
00:28:37:20We’re gonna be  glorified cleaning  ladies for the day.
00:28:39:16We gotta mobe up the Bearcat,
00:28:41:00get it already to go and then go over to Halifax
00:28:43:11and find this mega yacht we’re supposed to clean.
00:28:51:17NARRATOR: It might not be royalty,
00:28:53:00but this luxury craft is fit for a king.
00:28:57:10OLLIE: It’s a pretty nice boat.
00:28:58:08Definitely rather be having beers on the deck
00:28:59:21than scrubbing the hull in the water,
00:29:01:14but I don’t know, looks like a nice boat.
00:29:03:03It’s a nice day so it’s good day to go diving.
00:29:06:03JACOB: This boat’s incredible.
00:29:08:00I don’t know if I’m ever gonna
00:29:09:08own one in my lifetime,
00:29:10:20or two of my lifetimes,
00:29:12:00but I get a chance to clean it.
00:29:17:02NARRATOR: The hull may look clean from this angle,
00:29:19:06but down below the waterline
00:29:21:20is a corrosive cocktail of barnacles, algae and salt.
00:29:26:13But that doesn’t mean they can scratch up the paint.
00:29:31:02Good thing they brought along an armory
00:29:32:24of cleaning supplies.
00:29:35:06OLLIE: The big guns today are outdoor scrub brush.
00:29:39:03This is the weapon of choice when we do these kind of jobs.
00:29:42:16Another thing is the old Brillo pad.
00:29:45:04It’s another thing we use.
00:29:46:09It fuckin’ does great, gets all the stuff off the hull.
00:29:51:00And then, we also got a toilet brush
00:29:55:00and an ice scraper.
00:29:57:13This is great for hulls
00:29:58:16’cause it doesn’t scratch the finish,
00:30:00:21inexpensive and it gets barnacles off real good.
00:30:09:02NARRATOR: Ollie’s ready, and Jacob’s right behind him.
00:30:14:11It comes down to elbow grease and grit.
00:30:18:12As the divers clean,
00:30:19:24Big Kristian is happy to supervise from the deck.
00:30:23:14KRISTIAN: You guys are doing a bang-up job there, man.
00:30:26:06That’s awesome.
00:30:27:24OLLIE & JACOB: [LAUGH]
00:30:31:02KRISTIAN: I couldn’t do it any better myself.
00:30:35:13NARRATOR: It may look like a simple scrape-down,
00:30:38:08but there’s a lot more involved
00:30:39:21than just putting your muscle into it.
00:30:42:07OLLIE: Well, the hard thing about scrubbing,
00:30:43:18like people who scrub their cars
00:30:45:11like you’re standing on solid ground,
00:30:46:21so you kinda have something to brace yourself on.
00:30:48:15When you’re in the water, you don’t.
00:30:50:05So every bit of elbow grease or force
00:30:53:00you put onto this hull of the boat, it pushes you off,
00:30:55:07so you need to counteract that with swimming.
00:31:03:02NARRATOR: They’ve barely cleaned off a meter of grime.
00:31:05:20OLLIE: We’ve been at it, I think,
00:31:06:23a little bit over two hours now.
00:31:08:07There’s a whole bunch of soft sea growth.
00:31:10:00It’s just sticky, it just doesn’t like coming off.
00:31:11:24So if you want to do a good thorough job
00:31:13:20you’ve just gotta put a bit elbow grease into it.
00:31:15:18Kind of like grind and grind,
00:31:17:02and then you’re finally done.
00:31:18:17NARRATOR: Big Kristian’s impatience
00:31:20:15is getting the best of him.
00:31:21:20KRISTIAN: It’s not going as well as planned,
00:31:23:16kinda like eating soup with a fork.
00:31:26:03So thy’re gonna be here a lot longer than we thought.
00:31:28:12It’s a shitty job trying to paddle in the water
00:31:30:22hold onto a scrub brush
00:31:32:02and scrub mussels off the side of a yacht.
00:31:34:07So it’s not desirable work,
00:31:36:11and we’re probably going to be here all day.
00:31:38:12So we thought it would be a couple hours,
00:31:40:00but we’re gonna be here all day so,
00:31:41:15good thing I brought a lunch.
00:31:52:23NARRATOR: Out in the middle of Halifax Harbour,
00:31:54:24there’s also a lot of hungry crew members to feed,
00:31:57:15nearly a thousand.
00:31:59:07Luckily, Queen Elizabeth’s grocery order has arrived.
00:32:03:14SHAWN: So, we loaded 50 pallets of groceries.
00:32:05:19They’re out there.
00:32:07:03I was just out there alongside the carrier
00:32:08:17and they’re doing quite well.
00:32:10:24We had to mobilize our slop-oil barge this morning.
00:32:13:11Put our double containment tanks
00:32:15:04on one of our other barges.
00:32:17:09It’s always an interesting process.
00:32:21:01NARRATOR: This isn’t Dominion’s first aircraft carrier,
00:32:23:15but it’s always a monster challenge
00:32:26:05ROBIN: This is a big one.
00:32:27:10They’re pretty interesting vessels.
00:32:28:23They’re difficult to interface with,
00:32:32:00because of the shape of them,
00:32:33:11and the overhang of the flight deck and things like that.
00:32:36:18Even the tugs and things that have have to handle them,
00:32:38:22if they’re not configured for handling aircraft carriers,
00:32:41:12then they have appendages and things like that
00:32:43:15that are in the way, like masts and antennae and stuff.
00:32:46:19It’s familiar to us, but it’s definitely a difficult beast.
00:32:49:12And this thing doesn’t stop.
00:32:50:16It’s producing garbage, it’s needing water,
00:32:53:03all these things are happening.
00:32:54:21NARRATOR: Dominion’s not just the aircraft carrier’s grocer,
00:32:58:00they’re the garbage men too.
00:33:01:00How do you get nearly one thousand people’s trash
00:33:03:13off this towering titan?
00:33:09:20NARRATOR: Dumpsters.
00:33:11:07SHAWN: So, this is our first garbage bin that has arrived.
00:33:13:02I was getting a little bit worried
00:33:13:23that we weren’t gonna have any.
00:33:15:14There’s a shortage in town because of the cruise ships
00:33:17:08and everything on the go.
00:33:18:19Right now, it’s really difficult to get bins.
00:33:20:13NARRATOR: With the weekend coming,
00:33:22:09Shawn is desperately trying to hoard
00:33:24:15as many dumpsters as he can get his hands on.
00:33:27:05SHAWN: If you had a couple of empties
00:33:28:06and were coming back, I’d definitely take ’em.
00:33:30:02What we’ve come up with is,
00:33:31:18they are gonna empty the bins
00:33:33:02and take the bins back to us.
00:33:34:06So it’s a bit of a process,
00:33:35:18but I have to try to maintain
00:33:38:01the bins that we have,
00:33:39:08especially on the weekend.
00:33:40:21NARRATOR: The weekend may be on the horizon,
00:33:43:02but if Shawn doesn’t stock up on bins,
00:33:45:18TGIF is gonna stand for,
00:33:48:06this garbage is full.
00:33:53:20NARRATOR: Back across the harbour,
00:33:55:05divers Ollie and Jacob
00:33:57:00are still scrubbing down the mega yacht.
00:33:59:11But supervisor Kristian has come up with a plan
00:34:03:00to speed things up.
00:34:10:00KRISTIAN: As we talked about earlier,
00:34:11:05this is taking way longer
00:34:12:05than we thought it was going to,
00:34:13:15and I’m going to try to
00:34:14:20do what I can to help these guys.
00:34:15:17I’m gonna screw this on the end of this pole
00:34:17:20and go along the side of the boat where I can reach,
00:34:19:15and do some of the scrubbing for them.
00:34:21:06And that’ll help speed the process up a little bit.
00:34:24:14º MUSIC º
00:34:32:04KRISTIAN: Oh yeah.
00:34:33:00There’s your good stuff right there.
00:34:34:13Good on toast, eh?
00:34:38:16NARRATOR: But he can’t really get anything done
00:34:40:09without getting wet.
00:34:42:00KRISTIAN: I’m actually gonna put on a diving suit on
00:34:43:13and jump in too.
00:34:45:10The more the merrier, right?
00:34:49:10NARRATOR: But Big Kristian isn’t exactly suited for diving.
00:35:02:00NARRATOR: He’s about to get a taste
00:35:03:18of what the divers go through every day.
00:35:08:05OLLIE: I feel like I’m going to flip upside down.
00:35:23:15This thing’s right buoyant.
00:35:30:10NARRATOR: The next part of this job
00:35:32:00is an underwater inspection,
00:35:33:23so Ollie’s pulling double duty.
00:35:36:06Diver and underwater cameraman.
00:35:39:05OLLIE: I’m gonna go in and do
00:35:40:10an inspection of the turning gear.
00:35:42:00They just basically want to see
00:35:43:00what it looks like and the condition it’s in.
00:35:44:14Then after that, then we’re gonna continue on
00:35:47:17and clean the rest of the hull.
00:35:58:07NARRATOR: It’s not as pretty when you’re looking at it
00:35:59:22from underneath,
00:36:01:07but Ollie gives it the A-OK.
00:36:16:15NARRATOR: After eight hours of scrubbing,
00:36:18:05Ollie’s brush with luxury, doesn’t feel so fabulous.
00:36:22:10OLLIE: I was definitely glad to get outta the water.
00:36:24:20I was pretty tired.
00:36:26:03Kinda felt like when I was swimming over to the ladder
00:36:28:05that I wasn’t going to be able to crawl up.
00:36:31:10OLLIE: Thanks, boys.
00:36:32:13JACOB: That’s kinda tight there.
00:36:33:17OLLIE: Yeah. Fuckin’ had my beard pinched
00:36:35:21between the toilet seat the whole time,
00:36:37:02I couldn’t move my face.
00:36:39:15OLLIE: Decided I need to shave.
00:36:41:15KRISTIAN: Had you by the short and curlies.
00:36:42:09OLLIE: I know, right?
00:36:43:18OLLIE: Definitely glad to get out and call it a day.
00:36:46:16NARRATOR: But Ollie’s not the only one who’s gassed.
00:36:48:20KRISTIAN: I have a lot more fuckin’ appreciation
00:36:50:05for what you guys do.
00:36:51:10OLLIE: It’s hard, eh? KRISTIAN: Yeah.
00:36:54:24Just keeping yourself from flipping over.
00:36:58:04NARRATOR: Let’s just say it was a humbling experience
00:37:00:08for everyone.
00:37:01:20JACOB: I was cleaning a yacht  with a toilet brush
00:37:04:07that you get at the dollar store.
00:37:13:00NARRATOR: The boys bid adieu to the belle of the ball,
00:37:17:05but back at Duck Rock, Shawn’s dealing with
00:37:20:03another high maintenance client.
00:37:22:24His collection of dumpsters has arrived,
00:37:25:20resting in reserve for Her Royal Highness
00:37:28:10out in the harbour.
00:37:33:23NARRATOR: It’s HMS Queen Elizabeth’s last day
00:37:36:02in Halifax Harbour
00:37:37:12and Matt’s on his way out to see the big ship off.
00:37:41:09MATT: Halifax Traffic, this is the Dominion Bearcat
00:37:43:10departing Duck Rock, Dartmouth Cove,
00:37:45:20heading to anchorage number one.
00:37:47:18NARRATOR: Out in the harbour,
00:37:49:03speed boats buzz around the aircraft carrier
00:37:51:16like bees buzzing around their queen.
00:37:54:01MATT: Right now, we can see…
00:37:55:21it’s a FRC, fast rescue craft,
00:37:58:00or fast response craft.
00:38:00:12They carry a few of those onboard
00:38:02:12just for quick deployment.
00:38:04:11NARRATOR: The HMS Queen Elizabeth is packing up,
00:38:07:03and so is Dominion.
00:38:09:12MATT: Now, where  the vessel is getting ready to leave,
00:38:12:20the Roseway is hooking onto
00:38:14:21the back of the Poseidon barge,
00:38:17:00to then be able to take her,
00:38:18:18take it off the back of the Queen Elizabeth
00:38:22:17and put it back at Duck Rock.
00:38:23:20NARRATOR: Matt’s doing one last spot check.
00:38:26:22MATT: We just did a 360 around it
00:38:29:07just to make sure and confirm
00:38:30:17we didn’t leave no ropes hanging off for a quick tie-up.
00:38:34:04It is all clear.
00:38:35:15NARRATOR: Loaded with supplies to keep her at sea
00:38:38:06for the next 14 days,
00:38:40:11HMS Queen Elizabeth is ready to set sail
00:38:43:21down the Eastern seaboard.
00:38:46:03The next stop on this tour of duty
00:38:48:00will be off the coast of the United States,
00:38:50:17where the HMS Queen Elizabeth crew
00:38:53:04will conduct aircraft compatibility trials.
00:38:58:06But for Matt, this stately port of call
00:39:00:20has been a reminder of the long tradition
00:39:03:07of Royal Navy vessels seeking refuge in these waters.
00:39:07:11MATT: Halifax has a long history of being a service port,
00:39:10:10way back from the war times of World War II.
00:39:13:17And it goes back before that, World War I.
00:39:16:11It goes back to the 17 and 1800s.
00:39:19:01We are a port of refuge,
00:39:20:20we’re a port of services.
00:39:23:15NARRATOR: For Robin, the HMS Queen Elizabeth’s visit
00:39:26:12is a reminder that both Halifax and Dominion Diving
00:39:30:00are defined by this harbour.
00:39:32:12ROBIN: Halifax is an attractive port
00:39:34:12for these aircraft carriers, I believe,
00:39:36:09for several reasons.
00:39:38:02One is the availability of service,
00:39:39:21the size of the harbour, the depth of the harbour.
00:39:42:20Plus the largest Navy base in Canada
00:39:45:00is right here in Halifax.
00:39:45:24I think the crew enjoys their shore leave.
00:39:48:23That’s what this city has always been, a port city.
00:39:51:23So yeah, they keep coming back so something’s right.
00:39:55:20MATT: It’s cool when people come here
00:39:57:17and they say about how friendly East Coast Canadians are.
00:40:00:11And we brush off on everybody.
00:40:03:01º MUSIC º
00:40:08:13NARRATOR: The aircraft carrier is taking off,
00:40:11:11and the Royal family is satisfied.
00:40:15:04But now Matt’s got one last job,
00:40:17:05and this one is all about his family.
00:40:22:03It’s time for a road trip with his mother, Pat.
00:40:25:09MATT: Here, let me get that door for you, Mom.
00:40:27:10PAT: Okay, love.
00:40:29:03MATT: Let’s rock and roll.
00:40:30:10NARRATOR: All the Lohnes children have conspired
00:40:32:01to put together a big surprise for her.
00:40:34:14PATRICIA: See you, Cathy. Thank you. Bye bye.
00:40:37:00NARRATOR: And everyone’s in on it,
00:40:38:13except for Mama Lohnes herself.
00:40:41:08With mom safely loaded into the passenger seat,
00:40:44:09Matt hits the road.
00:40:46:14But to keep this secret under wraps,
00:40:48:24Matt needs a cover story.
00:40:50:21MATT: Well, today we’re going up to Northern New Brunswick.
00:40:53:03It’s about a four hour drive,
00:40:55:10to look at a piece of kit for Dominion Diving,
00:40:58:14and if I’m happy with it I’m gonna buy it on-site.
00:41:02:03NARRATOR: Matt’s fictional piece of kit
00:41:03:19is a generator in another province,
00:41:06:10but Mama Lohnes has no idea this road trip
00:41:09:19is all about her.
00:41:12:05PATRICIA: And I like going with the boys.
00:41:13:19I went to Costa Rica with Robin.
00:41:16:18Plus I’ve been on vacations with all of them.
00:41:19:04I said even if they were the neighbor’s children,
00:41:21:14I would say, My golly,  they’re nice.
00:41:23:13I like being with them.
00:41:26:20MATT: What’s your dream vehicle?
00:41:28:09PATRICIA: I been looking at a couple,
00:41:29:15because this one now is 13 year old
00:41:31:13and it’s getting on there.
00:41:33:05NARRATOR: Mama Lohnes wants a new car,
00:41:35:03and Matt’s “generator” just so happens
00:41:38:03to be at a car dealership.
00:41:40:03MATT: So it’s a generator from an old RV unit or something.
00:41:42:13PATRICIA: Oh, okay.
00:41:44:09MATT: So, I guess.
00:41:48:00PATRICIA: What’s this crossover right here?
00:41:50:01MATT: That’s a Hyundai sport.
00:41:51:05PATRICIA: Okay.
00:41:52:09NARRATOR: And, since they’re already here,
00:41:54:17there’s no harm in window shopping, right?
00:41:57:19MATT: You like that one, Mom?
00:41:59:02PATRICIA: Well I like that.
00:42:00:01That is not that Mazda red though.
00:42:02:04MATT: Okay.
00:42:03:08PATRICIA: And I don’t like the dark interior.
00:42:04:20MATT: Ahhh.
00:42:06:00SALESMAN: This vehicle here has beige,
00:42:07:23like a light coloured interior.
00:42:09:06PATRICIA: It’s gorgeous inside.
00:42:10:15SALESMAN: I’ve got the keys if you want to have a look.
00:42:11:15PATRICIA: Oh, no, it’s okay.
00:42:12:24SALESMAN: Just have a look. See what you think of it.
00:42:14:07PATRICIA: Well I can see. It’s beautiful.
00:42:16:24MATT: Well Mom, I’m going to be going out back
00:42:18:22to take a look at the generator.
00:42:19:24Take it for a blast, Mom.
00:42:21:17PATRICIA: My golly, Matthew.
00:42:23:19NARRATOR: Mama Lohnes wasn’t expecting a test drive today,
00:42:26:17but somehow the dealer managed to twist her rubber arm.
00:42:30:15SALESMAN: Well you enjoy.
00:42:33:20PATRICIA: Oh, isn’t it nice.
00:42:38:23I don’t like driving other people’s vehicles.
00:42:41:16I’m nervous to drive even a rented car.
00:42:47:05Okay, I’ll take the road just past the parking lot.
00:42:50:17Like I said, if a car like this
00:42:53:16comes up two years from now,
00:42:55:05of this type, I probably can afford it then.
00:42:59:16I can’t now.
00:43:01:13I drive a little more risky when I’m driving my own vehicle,
00:43:04:05but not this one.
00:43:05:19I wouldn’t dare.
00:43:07:09Well it certainly is a lovely vehicle.
00:43:11:00Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:43:12:15So nice.
00:43:15:10Oh my.
00:43:17:02Well, she’s a beauty, that’s for sure.
00:43:19:15She’s a beauty.
00:43:22:08It’s a lovely car, isn’t it?
00:43:23:19SALESMAN: Nice, eh?
00:43:24:09PATRICIA: Yeah, it’s nice. I said, now I know,
00:43:26:14rather than just read on my iPad,
00:43:28:22what the different cars are,
00:43:31:12I now have something physically to compare to it.
00:43:34:20MATT: So, the generator’s good to go?
00:43:36:14SALESMAN: Ready to go.
00:43:37:03It’s right outside if you want to come out.
00:43:38:13MATT: Let’s go take a look.
00:43:39:23PATRICIA: All right.
00:43:40:14MATT: Let’s go outside.
00:43:41:06PATRICIA: I’ll follow you.
00:43:42:09MATT: Yup.
00:43:46:03It’s over here beside the truck.
00:43:48:08Can you give us a hand?
00:43:49:17PATRICIA: What?
00:43:50:19I can’t lift anything!
00:43:52:24MATT: Yeah.
00:43:53:13There’s one thing he’s got to give you though,
00:43:54:16to help lift it.
00:43:55:15PATRICIA: What?
00:43:57:06SALESMAN: These are for you, Mrs. Lohnes.
00:44:00:16PATRICIA: No.
00:44:01:09SALESMAN: Yes, they’re for you.
00:44:02:20PATRICIA: I can’t afford that, Matt.
00:44:05:16I told you I can’t afford a car that new!
00:44:08:20MATT: It’s already done and paid for, Mom.
00:44:10:17PATRICIA: Noooo.
00:44:12:04MATT: That’s from your kids.
00:44:13:03PATRICIA: Noooo. [CRYING]
00:44:18:21MATT: Love you Mom.
00:44:25:21You always said you wanted a red one, right?
00:44:27:00PATRICIA: Ohhhhh. Yes. [CRYING]
00:44:30:05Oh my golly.
00:44:33:10MATT: Me, Robin, Carol and Karla.
00:44:36:08PATRICIA: Oh my dear sweethearts.
00:44:39:10Ohhh. [CRYING]
00:44:43:24MATT: That’s a generator.
00:44:46:21PATRICIA: Really?
00:44:48:10MATT: That’s it.
00:44:49:16PATRICIA: Oh my golly.
00:44:51:04NARRATOR: The cat’s outta the bag,
00:44:53:19and Mama Lohnes has got the keys.
00:44:56:21º THEME MUSIC º
00:44:59:15NARRATOR: The Dominion team is a family.
00:45:03:05And just like any family, they fight.
00:45:06:10KRISTIAN: It is what it is, brother.
00:45:07:22MATT: Halifax Traffic, Halifax Traffic, Dominion Bearcat.
00:45:11:09NARRATOR: But they’re always at your service.
00:45:13:21And rest assured,
00:45:14:24no matter who visits next,
00:45:17:19they’ll be treated like royalty
00:45:20:01by the Lords of the Ocean.
00:45:21:23º THEME MUSIC º