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This is the script for Episode Thirteen of Lords of the Ocean is a reality TV show that follows Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage, diving and marine service business.

The Lohnes brothers have also maintained a family legacy; their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable.

00:01:03:01NARRATOR: Dominion’s on a hunt
00:01:04:05for a Nazi submarine and its final victim.
00:01:07:24MATT: You’re trying to find a needle
00:01:09:11in the Atlantic Ocean.
00:01:10:20Is that a tank?
00:01:12:04That’s a tank.
00:01:13:10Right there.
00:01:14:12NARRATOR: But everything’s going off the rails.
00:01:17:13LARAE: We don’t have it any more.
00:01:18:22MATT: We don’t got an anchor.
00:01:20:02NARRATOR: And Garry and the dive team
00:01:21:22are dodging yachts at a local marina.
00:01:24:05GARRY: It’s summertime
00:01:24:23so everybody wants to be out on the water.
00:01:26:23We’re just kind of in a minefield right now.
00:01:29:01SHAWN: You can’t have that happening.
00:01:30:17NARRATOR: For 50 years,
00:01:32:05this family’s built a business
00:01:34:01where nobody else dares.
00:01:38:04and resurrecting anything
00:01:40:02in the world’s most dangerous waters.
00:01:42:10This is their world.
00:01:45:06Salt water in their blood
00:01:47:04come hell and high water.
00:01:49:05MATT: It’s go time.
00:01:50:06Do or die.
00:01:51:04º THEME MUSIC º
00:02:22:10NARRATOR: Another day at Dominion Diving,
00:02:24:19and business is as unusual as ever.
00:02:28:10MATT: Dominion Diving gets asked
00:02:29:22to locate and find things underwater all the time.
00:02:34:08NARRATOR: A salty shipwreck hunter
00:02:35:19brings Matt a treasure map
00:02:37:20with the whereabouts of two wrecks
00:02:40:04from the Second World War.
00:02:44:05Archie Rose is a Navy vet
00:02:46:03who’s spent his life salvaging
00:02:47:24hundreds of shipwrecks in the North Atlantic.
00:02:52:00MATT: So, Archie comes in with the treasure map
00:02:55:05of sunken ships and old secrets
00:02:59:05that I wanna know about.
00:03:00:12ROBIN: Archie Rose is a guy that knows
00:03:02:10a lot about shipwrecks.
00:03:04:08Archie’s been around for quite a while.
00:03:06:18He was in the Fleet Diving Unit
00:03:08:22involved in a lot of technical diving
00:03:11:01and a lot of shipwreck diving.
00:03:13:02He also just happens to be Matthew’s Godfather.
00:03:17:18MATT: He comes with him,
00:03:19:13a briefcase full of knowledge.
00:03:24:20ARCHIE: Nova Scotia has a lot of wrecks.
00:03:26:00They say there’s in excess
00:03:27:00of 10,000 wrecks along the coast.
00:03:29:16NARRATOR: You can’t say shipwreck around Dominion,
00:03:32:12without Shawn’s ears perking up.
00:03:34:19SHAWN: I don’t know what it is,
00:03:35:21shipwrecks excite me.
00:03:36:23I’m a shipwreck junkie.
00:03:38:06MATT: So Archie comes in,
00:03:40:07he lays out the maps.
00:03:41:20He shows me the location
00:03:43:06of two missing World War II vessels.
00:03:46:08ARCHIE: Well, I got two positions for the Esquimalt.
00:03:49:19I also got the position of U-190,
00:03:51:21the submarine that sunk her.
00:03:53:23NARRATOR: Archie’s got three potential locations
00:03:55:21for two shipwrecks.
00:03:58:17MATT: Back in the 1940’s,
00:04:00:14this harbour was a battleground.
00:04:03:15So, there’s a ton of war wrecks.
00:04:05:00Everything from supply vessels
00:04:07:09to war ships
00:04:08:12to Nazi submarines.
00:04:10:19It wouldn’t surprise me what we come across.
00:04:13:20NARRATOR: World War II.
00:04:15:00German sub U-190
00:04:17:03has been stalking Halifax Harbour for months
00:04:20:19destroying Allied convoy ships
00:04:23:21on the way to Europe.
00:04:26:13The Esquimalt, a Canadian minesweeper
00:04:30:03is assigned to hunt down the U-190.
00:04:33:06MATT: The U-190 and the Esquimalt
00:04:35:08were on a collision course from the beginning.
00:04:37:14So, here we have the U-190
00:04:41:11trying to break up the supply chain.
00:04:43:08On the other side of it,
00:04:45:05you have the Esquimalt trying to locate
00:04:48:10and blow up the U-190.
00:04:54:22NARRATOR: April 15th, 1945.
00:04:57:12In the final days of World War II,
00:05:00:22the U-190 finally gets Esquimalt in its sights.
00:05:06:09Firing a torpedo through its stern,
00:05:09:03killing nearly its entire crew.
00:05:12:20MATT: The Esquimalt was the last Canadian warship
00:05:15:20sunk during World War II.
00:05:18:09After the war,
00:05:19:21the Canadian Navy captured the U-190
00:05:24:12and sunk it at the mouth of the harbour.
00:05:27:12Neither wreck has ever been found.
00:05:30:05NARRATOR: But if anybody knows where these wrecks are hidden,
00:05:33:02it’s Archie.
00:05:34:20SHAWN: With Archie you know what you’re dealing with.
00:05:36:23You know he’s looked at where the information has come from.
00:05:40:02NARRATOR: It’s the 75th Anniversary,
00:05:42:14the sinking of Esquimalt
00:05:44:24and this Navy vet wants to find it
00:05:47:11and bring closure to the families of the victims.
00:05:50:23ARCHIE: I’m almost a hundred percent sure
00:05:52:12we’re gonna find that wreck.
00:05:53:21ROBIN: A lot of the information he’s got
00:05:56:06is information that not a lot of people have.
00:05:58:08NARRATOR: Archie doesn’t think the Esquimalt
00:06:00:11rests where it was torpedoed.
00:06:03:00He thinks it drifted on its way to the bottom.
00:06:06:04ARCHIE: When they found the mess,
00:06:07:22that’s the last known position,
00:06:09:20so that’s not where the wreck is.
00:06:11:02MATT: Mmm.
00:06:11:20ARCHIE: And now we got a tidal current
00:06:13:02along the coast here at .6 knots at times,
00:06:16:23and it depends on the weather conditions
00:06:18:09at that time that that whole mess drifted.
00:06:21:06If you want to find Esquimalt,
00:06:23:01it’s right here. 63-10.
00:06:26:16So we’ll go to the other one,
00:06:28:01the other position, 44-24.
00:06:31:14Right there.
00:06:33:03MATT: So now this B site,
00:06:34:16is that where you’re thinking the U-190 is?
00:06:37:15ARCHIE: She’s laying out there where that position there is.
00:06:40:17SHAWN: That’s a brave man that puts a mark on a chart.
00:06:43:16MATT: Archie’s pretty confident.
00:06:45:09We’re gonna see if we can put together this,
00:06:47:10and go after it.
00:06:48:13NARRATOR: Treasure map in hand,
00:06:50:13can Matt and the Dominion team
00:06:52:03uncover the two most infamous World War II wrecks
00:06:55:13on this side of the Atlantic?
00:06:59:08º MUSIC º
00:07:01:10NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back at the shop,
00:07:02:22Shawn’s got a big job for the divers.
00:07:05:13Forget battleships,
00:07:07:14this one’s all about luxury crafts.
00:07:10:09SHAWN: So, we’re heading over to a private yacht club today.
00:07:13:07They have a mooring field
00:07:14:17and a mooring field is a series of buoys and weights,
00:07:17:19a sailboat or a powerboat will come in,
00:07:20:08they tie up to the buoy which is attached to an anchor.
00:07:23:08NARRATOR: Over time,
00:07:24:08the salt water eats away at the moorings.
00:07:27:07Today the divers have 40 moorings
00:07:29:14that need to be inspected for damage.
00:07:34:16It’s gonna be a long day,
00:07:36:05with one big threat looming overhead.
00:07:41:01SHAWN: The biggest issue we have over there is safety.
00:07:44:00NARRATOR: Boats are constantly circling the marina.
00:07:48:12SHAWN: Nobody will intentionally run over a diver,
00:07:50:05they just don’t understand the concept
00:07:52:11of even if the diving boat is here,
00:07:54:18that the diver can be on his umbilical
00:07:56:19500 feet over there.
00:08:00:00NARRATOR: Underwater the divers
00:08:01:11are virtually invisible to the boaters.
00:08:04:20SHAWN: We flag that as a real high-risk situation.
00:08:07:14GARRY: And it’s summertime
00:08:09:04so everybody wants to be out on the water so,
00:08:11:15we’re just kinda in a minefield right now.
00:08:16:16NARRATOR: The Dominion dive team,
00:08:19:18and diver Aiden,
00:08:21:02arrive on site.
00:08:22:08Each mooring is comprised of a buoy, shackle,
00:08:26:03rope, another shackle and then a concrete base,
00:08:29:21all which need to be inspected.
00:08:34:13If one of those fails,
00:08:36:00say goodbye to your luxury yacht.
00:08:40:00But the stakes are even bigger for the diver in the water.
00:08:43:05CHRISTIAN: We all gotta be aware,
00:08:44:10be on our toes and be able to
00:08:46:05chase these guys away from us
00:08:47:12if they start getting too close.
00:08:49:05NARRATOR: To try and keep the diver safe,
00:08:50:21they brought a secret weapon.
00:08:53:04GARRY: We have a little Zodiac boat today
00:08:56:00so that way we can kind of
00:08:57:03keep on top of the diver
00:08:58:06and then warn people that we got a diver
00:08:59:20going across with an umbilical.
00:09:02:16NARRATOR: The dive flag is an international symbol
00:09:05:12for diver down.
00:09:08:00Every mariner should know what it means.
00:09:11:00CHRISTIAN: You can pay like fifty dollars,
00:09:12:13go online and do a little test
00:09:14:09to get your recreational boat license
00:09:16:00then just bullshit your way through the test.
00:09:17:22People just wanna get their boat ticket,
00:09:19:13hop in their boat and fuck off somewhere, right?
00:09:22:03NARRATOR: With the flag raised and the Zodiac launched,
00:09:24:23they’re ready to go.
00:09:26:16CHRISTIAN: Radio check, 1,2,1,2.
00:09:28:09NARRATOR: It’s Aiden putting himself
00:09:29:23in the line of fire today.
00:09:33:10He suits up, eyeing the surrounding boats.
00:09:37:08Once he’s in the water,
00:09:38:18it’s like crossing a highway blindfolded.
00:09:42:14If a boat gets too close,
00:09:44:20it could be a disaster.
00:09:48:18SHAWN: You can’t run that risk of that at all.
00:09:55:11º MUSIC º
00:09:57:10NARRATOR: Back at Dominion Headquarters,
00:09:59:16Matt’s got his hands on a treasure map
00:10:02:03with the locations of two lost war wrecks.
00:10:06:12The Canadian minesweeper, HMCS Esquimalt,
00:10:10:00and the Nazi submarine, U-190.
00:10:14:05MATT: The fact that Archie can come in
00:10:17:20and bring all this information with him,
00:10:19:15is something that the kid inside of me enjoys.
00:10:23:15I love adventure.
00:10:25:05This is adrenalin.
00:10:26:10This is cool.
00:10:27:19NARRATOR: Matt’s fired up
00:10:29:15and ready to go wreck hunting.
00:10:31:15MATT: Shawn’s on side with me, not a problem.
00:10:34:13Now we gotta go see Robin.
00:10:37:04He might go for it.
00:10:38:24He might not.
00:10:40:12MATT: Hey dude. ROBIN: Hey.
00:10:41:20NARRATOR: Matt may have high hopes for this hunt,
00:10:44:00but Robin’s got some concerns.
00:10:46:05ROBIN: With shipwrecks
00:10:47:20it’s locating the wreck obviously,
00:10:50:20that’s gonna be the biggest obstacle
00:10:52:02that you’re gonna run into.
00:10:53:13If we don’t know exactly where it is
00:10:56:20with one hundred percent certainty,
00:10:59:01you will not…
00:11:00:23it’s too expensive of an endeavour.
00:11:03:09We won’t land on the right target
00:11:06:04and yeah, it’s a futile attempt.
00:11:08:07Your chances are so slim.
00:11:10:15ROBIN: You wanna kinda
00:11:11:18do as much work as you can up front,
00:11:13:15talk to as many people as you can,
00:11:15:22and gather as much information as you can.
00:11:17:13Yeah there’s a bit of work that’s gotta be done there
00:11:19:12for sure, before we’re able to deploy
00:11:21:19or decide what equipment we’re gonna have.
00:11:24:07MATT: We’re looking for two needles in a haystack.
00:11:26:15So for this one, we’re gonna call in a little help.
00:11:30:00NARRATOR: They call in Vince Myers and Richard Peterson
00:11:33:18from Defense Research and Development Canada,
00:11:36:07a military intelligence agency.
00:11:39:04They’ve unearthed a treasure map of their own,
00:11:42:00hidden for over seven decades,
00:11:45:00buried at the back of an old filing cabinet
00:11:47:05inside a military archive.
00:11:49:15VINCE: In there, there were a number of
00:11:51:04old World War II documents.
00:11:52:20We looked at these and said, Wow, this is from
00:11:55:07this incident in the Second World War.
00:11:57:20NARRATOR: The newly declassified map
00:11:59:19landed on Vince’s desk.
00:12:02:00The map showed Halifax Harbour,
00:12:03:12with references to three buoys
00:12:05:22and a floating lighthouse
00:12:07:13known as a lightship.
00:12:09:12MATT: These are the original ones?
00:12:10:20VINCE: This the original master chart.
00:12:12:05RICHARD: Yeah, from World War II.
00:12:13:13NARRATOR: The lightship proved to be the smoking gun.
00:12:16:23Brand new evidence no one hunting the Esquimalt
00:12:19:24has ever had.
00:12:21:10RICHARD: When I actually saw this chart that had
00:12:24:16the lightships off of Halifax, the buoys,
00:12:27:13that actually rang a bell with me because
00:12:29:15then I recalled some of the survivor testimony
00:12:32:10from the sinking of the Esquimalt.
00:12:35:03Sort of the key piece of information was
00:12:37:16having first seen this,
00:12:39:10it was this Halifax east lightvessel.
00:12:41:23If you do any reading about the Esquimalt sinking
00:12:44:11during the war, it has survivor accounts
00:12:48:00who reference that lightvessel.
00:12:50:05So, this is what we had.
00:12:52:00So then we scanned it and then digitized it,
00:12:54:20so we’d have working copies.
00:12:58:10VINCE: There’s a bigger version of it.
00:13:00:12RICHARD: Some of the survivor accounts say that
00:13:02:08the ship was sunk within sight to shore.
00:13:05:08Survivors could actually see the coastline,
00:13:07:20they could see the lights of Halifax.
00:13:09:12Using that information, I said, 12 nautical miles,
00:13:12:23that’s about visibility, on a good day
00:13:15:02where you can see shore.
00:13:16:13So I put a line 12 nautical miles from shore.
00:13:20:18So I said, Okay, the ship probably went down
00:13:24:07inside of that line,
00:13:26:10so that’s this blue line.
00:13:27:16Other survivor accounts say that
00:13:29:14the ship went down about three nautical miles
00:13:32:04from that lightvessel.
00:13:34:00This was also found in the archives.
00:13:37:06So, we actually have  original photographs
00:13:39:04taken of the U-190…
00:13:41:04MATT: Oh yeah?!
00:13:42:08RICHARD: …when it was captured by the RCN.
00:13:44:15MATT: To think, come across the Atlantic Ocean in that.
00:13:47:15RICHARD: The U-190 surrendered at the end of the war,
00:13:50:04and then in 1947, the submarine
00:13:52:05was eventually used for target practice
00:13:55:02in the vicinity of where the Esquimalt went down.
00:13:58:00And so, not only is the Esquimalt there,
00:14:00:13but the U-boat, U-190 that had sunk her
00:14:04:11are both in approximately the same location.
00:14:08:10NARRATOR: Vince and Richard bring
00:14:09:20two more potential targets to the table,
00:14:12:13both in the same area as Archie’s three targets.
00:14:17:02ROBIN: There’s actually not one piece of data
00:14:18:15leading you away from this area.
00:14:20:05VINCE: Correct.
00:14:21:05RICHARD: Everything sort of focuses right here.
00:14:22:20VINCE: Right around here.
00:14:25:20MATT: We got five targets to locate.
00:14:28:00We’re gonna go investigate all these different targets,
00:14:30:02to see what’s at each location.
00:14:31:20MATT: No matter what, it’s not going to be
00:14:33:21an easy feat by any means.
00:14:36:00VINCE: You know how you find a needle in a haystack?
00:14:37:15MATT: Call Dominion Diving.
00:14:41:17VINCE: I wasn’t ready, was I?
00:14:42:19You had that right there.
00:14:45:15MATT: What’s down there?
00:14:46:24Not too sure.
00:14:48:09I’m hoping it’s the Esquimalt
00:14:50:11and that German U-boat, U-190.
00:14:55:02NARRATOR: They’ve got all the clues,
00:14:57:05but can they solve this 75 year old cold case?
00:15:03:12º MUSIC º
00:15:05:00NARRATOR: The Dominion dive team’s battling
00:15:07:06through a minefield for a big mooring inspection.
00:15:11:11GARRY: This mooring field is
00:15:12:17basically just a private parking lot
00:15:15:13for boats.
00:15:17:01If a mooring was to break,
00:15:18:16it’s a bad thing ’cause the boat
00:15:20:22may crash into some other boats and damage them.
00:15:26:07NARRATOR: With Aiden in the water,
00:15:27:20Christian’s patrolling for wayward mariners.
00:15:31:20SHAWN: They simply don’t know that
00:15:32:14they can’t drive their boat in between
00:15:34:00because the diver’s physically connected
00:15:35:12with his umbilical to that boat.
00:15:38:06Your camera feed, your communications,
00:15:40:00your air line.
00:15:41:18That’s your lifeline basically.
00:15:44:15NARRATOR: Diver Aiden and his umbilical
00:15:46:14are seriously exposed below.
00:15:48:19GARRY: All right. I’m gonna start you up.
00:15:52:10GARRY: Go ahead, Aiden.
00:15:54:00NARRATOR: This is the first buoy of the day
00:15:56:08and the first problem.
00:16:08:11GARRY: It’s close to land,
00:16:09:07but it’s still a part of the ocean,
00:16:11:07so this is all salt water,
00:16:12:19so the chains do corrode
00:16:17:00fairly rapidly.
00:16:33:22GARRY: So, the thimble is gone,
00:16:35:24and the rope’s been wearing through?
00:16:40:05GARRY: Yeah, don’t pull on that too much harder.
00:16:42:05We don’t want it to come free
00:16:43:24’cause there is a boat on that right now.
00:16:46:00GARRY: Thimble on this one
00:16:47:11has been totally corroded away
00:16:49:01so what’s happening is the rope is now
00:16:51:07chafing on the shackle
00:16:53:15and it’s chafed through two of the strands
00:16:55:20and it’s a three strand rope
00:16:57:04so, it’s getting ready to break.
00:16:58:20NARRATOR: The rope connecting the two shackles is worn,
00:17:02:08and the luxury yacht above
00:17:04:06is hanging on by a thread.
00:17:15:13GARRY: The diver found an excess piece of rope
00:17:18:03that was down there.
00:17:19:03It must have been used for
00:17:20:12when they were positioning the moorings.
00:17:22:21So, what we’re gonna do is
00:17:25:02take that and just try to tie it around
00:17:27:01so at least you got a fresh piece of rope there.
00:17:32:24GARRY: And I’ll let them know that
00:17:34:13yeah, that boat should be relocated
00:17:37:05to an open mooring.
00:17:38:17NARRATOR: The first mooring inspection is nearly complete.
00:17:43:14But above the waterline, disaster looms.
00:17:47:01GARRY: Yeah, so there’s a boat there.
00:17:48:11We’ve got an umbilical going straight across
00:17:50:05the mooring field right now.
00:17:51:10SHAWN: I mean, you’ve got a man in the water
00:17:52:21and it’s critical, that boat can’t
00:17:54:05pass over that diver.
00:17:56:00GARRY: You might get your umbilical caught there.
00:17:58:17SHAWN: You can’t have that happening.
00:18:00:23AIDEN: Some asshole’s fucking riding over my umbilical.
00:18:06:19NARRATOR: Christian frantically waves the dive flag.
00:18:13:05NARRATOR: Back at Headquarters,
00:18:14:10Dominion’s top brass,
00:18:16:09Matt, Robin and Shawn,
00:18:18:08are hunting down the location
00:18:20:01of two lost World War II wrecks.
00:18:23:04The five wreck targets
00:18:24:17are all outside the mouth of the harbour,
00:18:27:00in an area with an average depth of 90 meters.
00:18:30:20It’s too deep to dive.
00:18:32:11MATT: I gotta get an ROV.
00:18:33:24No problem.
00:18:35:00The next piece of equipment is a side-scan sonar.
00:18:40:00That’s a little bit more tasking.
00:18:41:16The reason why, we gotta get it down to depth.
00:18:46:21NARRATOR: A side-scan sonar takes a digital picture
00:18:49:05of the seabed,
00:18:50:20and needs a heavy-duty cable
00:18:52:13to feed that information back to the boat.
00:18:55:15The rule of thumb,
00:18:57:09you need three times as much cable as your maximum depth.
00:19:01:15MATT: I need approximately 800 feet
00:19:04:13to get that unit down at the proper depth.
00:19:08:02NARRATOR: Finding cable at Dominion shouldn’t be hard.
00:19:11:20But finding the right cable, not so easy.
00:19:15:05MATT: So, there’s an umbilical
00:19:16:24that we use for the ROV’s.
00:19:19:00This is a bigger one obviously,
00:19:20:12so this is the wrong size diameter.
00:19:22:14We need something a lot smaller than that
00:19:24:05so you’re getting a less current effect on it.
00:19:28:10That yellow one up there in the corner,
00:19:30:05something tells me that might…
00:19:33:05that might do it.
00:19:34:10We need to get it down right now.
00:19:36:13Time’s of the essence because
00:19:38:10it might be good, it might not be.
00:19:41:01Once they get it down, we take a look at it,
00:19:43:21it might work.
00:19:45:19This is the question.
00:19:52:10NARRATOR: With the cable down,
00:19:53:15it’s on to Dwayne to figure out if it’s gonna work.
00:19:58:22DWAYNE: That is old ROV umbilical
00:20:02:14and it has mini co-ax,
00:20:05:10which is no fucking good.
00:20:07:20What the fuck is this shit?
00:20:09:08No co-ax in that, that’s no good.
00:20:11:24I’m not going to make a Frankenstein in order to
00:20:14:14create this cable.
00:20:15:24No, I won’t use any of that.
00:20:18:12That’s not going to give you the best image.
00:20:21:06So he’s going to have to get a new one.
00:20:24:13MATT: Plan B.
00:20:26:05Running out of time.
00:20:27:15I gotta get another cable.
00:20:33:11NARRATOR: Back at the private yacht club,
00:20:34:16diver Aiden’s still got all of his limbs
00:20:37:14and six moorings left to inspect.
00:20:40:06GARRY: All right, the diver’s moved to the next buoy
00:20:41:24in this row offshore. Go ahead.
00:20:48:10GARRY: I’m taking any notes of any
00:20:49:17deficiencies that I find,
00:20:51:19and we’ll report back to the private boat club
00:20:53:24on the conditions of all the moorings.
00:20:58:24GARRY: And each mooring actually has a buoy on it
00:21:01:12with a number and a letter,
00:21:03:10so that way we can identify exactly which buoy it is
00:21:06:02that is having the issue.
00:21:18:01GARRY: And you’re all done this one now?
00:21:20:21GARRY: Roger. So, that concludes C8.
00:21:23:14Diver’s coming back up to surface there,
00:21:25:02so you can drag him to
00:21:27:09I guess the white one would be the next one in line.
00:21:29:09You ready to get dragged?
00:21:42:07GARRY: Normally we don’t get a Zodiac.
00:21:44:14Today we get it because it’s a safety issue,
00:21:48:16so works out for the diver,
00:21:50:20’cause now he doesn’t have to swim so hard.
00:21:52:12He can just be dragged around.
00:22:20:12GARRY: All right, so is that everything then?
00:22:23:03GARRY: Yeah, roger. So that concludes the inspection.
00:22:25:02So, we finished the mooring field.
00:22:27:10We found a couple of moorings
00:22:28:21that are a little suspect,
00:22:30:11that definitely need repairs.
00:22:32:04Made sure that our diver got back safe.
00:22:34:21Worked out well today.
00:22:38:03NARRATOR: After a long day of dodging boaters,
00:22:40:02Aiden’s safely out of the water.
00:22:44:01And these luxury yachts aren’t going anywhere.
00:22:50:05NARRATOR: Back at Dominion,
00:22:51:10Matt’s plan to go wreck hunting
00:22:53:09has come to a grinding halt.
00:22:56:00DWAYNE: No, I won’t use any of that.
00:22:57:11So he’s gonna have to get a new one.
00:22:59:08MATT: Good morning, how are you doing today?
00:23:00:17It’s Matt Lohnes calling from Dominion Diving.
00:23:02:17I’m in a little bit of a predicament.
00:23:05:12MATT: While I’m working on locating this cable
00:23:07:15and getting it shipped to Dominion Diving,
00:23:09:12we have LaRae working on the equipment,
00:23:12:01the ROV side of things.
00:23:14:02NARRATOR: The 90 meter depth of the area they’re searching
00:23:16:17is beyond the limits of normal diving operations.
00:23:21:22With Ollie’s assistance,
00:23:23:09LaRae gives the hard-working Chinook
00:23:25:22a much-needed tune-up.
00:23:27:16LARAE: So, we’re gonna be calibrating
00:23:28:18the compass today.
00:23:29:20We got the Chinook suspended from the ceiling.
00:23:32:07Compass, sonar, those are your main two main
00:23:34:19equipment that you want to use for navigating.
00:23:36:19If the compass was off,
00:23:37:21then you could be heading in a direction
00:23:39:13which you think is north,
00:23:40:24and you’re actually heading south or whatever,
00:23:42:24and you’ll never find anything that way.
00:23:44:17LARAE: All right, so in order to calibrate this,
00:23:46:13we’ve gotta come over here.
00:23:48:17So as soon as I hit enter you’re gonna start spinning it.
00:23:50:10Whatever way you want,
00:23:51:12and just take like 30 seconds to spin it
00:23:53:18in a complete circle.
00:23:54:10OLLIE: Okay, roger. LARAE: Okay?
00:23:55:10OLLIE: Not yet. Okay, ready.
00:23:56:12LARAE: One, two, three, go.
00:24:00:05OLLIE: Passing east and north.
00:24:03:20LARAE: That looks good. North is a little off.
00:24:08:00Yeah. So that’s it. It’s showing north right there?
00:24:09:20OLLIE: Yeah.
00:24:10:15LARAE: ‘Cause it’s showing me 330 right now.
00:24:12:15OLLIE: 330?
00:24:14:10I wonder if we should get another compass
00:24:15:17just to verify, ’cause this one might be off too, right?
00:24:18:12LARAE: Start it all over again.
00:24:19:20OLLIE: Yeah. LARAE: Just to make sure.
00:24:21:19Okay. So as soon as I hit enter
00:24:23:00we’re going to start spinning, okay?
00:24:24:15OLLIE: Ready.
00:24:25:09LARAE: Okay. Enter.
00:24:26:09OLLIE: Annnd she’s almost at north,
00:24:28:20almost at north,
00:24:29:20almost at north, almost at north,
00:24:31:00annnd at north.
00:24:32:24LARAE: That’s pretty close.
00:24:34:13I’m getting 350 – 2, 356.
00:24:37:19Cool. That one worked way better than the first one.
00:24:40:10Yeah. So, that’s good. That’s calibrated.
00:24:42:10OLLIE: Perfect.
00:24:43:11NARRATOR: Chinook’s ready to go,
00:24:45:09and now Matt is too.
00:24:48:06MATT: So, some good news I got this morning
00:24:50:01was the cable for the side-scan sonar
00:24:52:17arrived this morning which is good.
00:24:55:09That was pretty quick service.
00:24:57:02You see here all the different make-ups
00:24:58:16of the cable inside?
00:25:00:07You got your shielding and then you got
00:25:01:11your power conductors.
00:25:03:02Everything that’s needed.
00:25:04:08Here we have the side-scan sonar.
00:25:06:16This is the unit that we’ve used in the past
00:25:10:16to find dead bodies,
00:25:13:12to find sunken ships.
00:25:15:06So we gotta take that bundle of wires,
00:25:17:20terminate a connector that mates up with this
00:25:21:12on the tow-fish side of things.
00:25:26:10That’s what I’m gonna be getting Dwayne to do.
00:25:29:10NARRATOR: One cable is made up of nine other cables.
00:25:32:08Each carry information from the side-scan sonar.
00:25:37:05Dwayne’s gotta solder all nine wires
00:25:39:17to a new connector.
00:25:44:17DWAYNE: Shrink it down.
00:25:46:05[SOUND OF HEAT GUN]
00:25:52:00NARRATOR: But things aren’t looking good.
00:25:54:02The new side-scan cable could be a dud.
00:25:58:15He won’t know if its online until it boots up.
00:26:02:12DWAYNE: You’ll get a com error until it
00:26:03:15establishes the communications.
00:26:11:10NARRATOR: They’re in. The cable works.
00:26:15:15They got the gear,
00:26:17:09now they gotta get the gang together.
00:26:23:02and the side-scan technicians,
00:26:25:24and Jonny.
00:26:27:19LaRae tosses off the lines,
00:26:30:01and Herbie sets sail.
00:26:32:00MATT: This is exciting times.
00:26:33:02This is something really cool.
00:26:35:10Can you say epic any better way?
00:26:39:07We’re going to find shipwrecks!
00:26:42:05NARRATOR: As if finding the Esquimalt and U-190
00:26:45:06wasn’t hard enough,
00:26:46:24there’s an even bigger challenge waiting for them
00:26:48:21at the mouth of the harbour.
00:26:51:04MATT: We got a hurricane coming up the coast,
00:26:52:24so now you’re gonna get these two sets of waves,
00:26:54:18that when they come together,
00:26:56:10it’s gonna create a confused sea.
00:26:58:18It’s beautiful in here.
00:26:59:24It can be deceiving.
00:27:01:20Out there it might be a whole different story.
00:27:04:09NARRATOR: With a hurricane looming on the horizon,
00:27:06:18will the shipwreck hunters become shipwrecked?
00:27:10:20MATT: It’s a telltale of what’s to come.
00:27:17:13NARRATOR: Dominion Diving is braving the storm,
00:27:20:01and on the trail of a pair lost World War II shipwrecks.
00:27:25:10They’re out to do what no one’s done before,
00:27:28:20find the Canadian minesweeper, HMCS Esquimalt,
00:27:33:01and the German submarine, U-190.
00:27:37:03MATT: Right now we’re gonna go out to
00:27:38:16the first cluster of targets.
00:27:40:08NARRATOR: The two ships faced off
00:27:42:04during the final days of the war
00:27:44:15when U-190 sunk the Esquimalt.
00:27:47:22It was the last Canadian ship to fall
00:27:50:00during the Second World War
00:27:52:12and over seven decades ago,
00:27:54:16both vessels were sunk somewhere
00:27:56:14in this area of the open ocean.
00:27:59:05MATT: Those locations were recorded for some reason.
00:28:01:10Someone didn’t just sit down one day
00:28:03:06and make up a bunch of numbers.
00:28:04:16Something is there.
00:28:06:15NARRATOR: The wrecks rest on the seabed
00:28:08:0790 metres below.
00:28:12:00The only way to see them
00:28:13:12is to employ the side-scan sonar,
00:28:15:18which takes a digital picture of the seabed.
00:28:19:22If there’s any wrecks down here,
00:28:21:16they’ll show up on this screen.
00:28:24:05MATT: We’ve got waves coming from one direction,
00:28:26:19and then ya got old waves coming from another direction,
00:28:29:07and then when they combine,
00:28:30:13the energy comes up,
00:28:31:19that’s why you got a confused sea
00:28:33:06where it’s going all over the place.
00:28:35:00NARRATOR: Because of the surging sea
00:28:36:17they’ve installed a shock absorber
00:28:38:09onto the side-scan cable.
00:28:40:10JONNY: We’ve installed these springs that should…
00:28:43:10we’re hoping will dampen the waves.
00:28:46:10MATT: This is solid to the boat.
00:28:49:04This is solid down to the tow-fish.
00:28:52:13NARRATOR: It’s kinda like the shocks on your car,
00:28:55:00makes for a smoother ride.
00:28:59:00JONNY: Set that there.
00:29:00:10All right. Ready to chuck ‘er in.
00:29:06:15Okay, let her go.
00:29:11:20NARRATOR: In the wheelhouse, Jonny mans the screen.
00:29:14:16MATT: Jonny’s the man.
00:29:16:06He’s gonna be able to decipher the data
00:29:18:05that’s gonna be thrown at him from every angle,
00:29:20:12to determine whether it’s a good target,
00:29:22:11bad target, or move onto the next location.
00:29:26:10NARRATOR: On the back of the boat,
00:29:28:00Matt and Carlos struggle to pay out the cable.
00:29:32:05MATT: There. All stop.
00:29:34:01We’re almost at the end.
00:29:41:11Okay, that’s it.
00:29:43:05JONNY: When we do see something,
00:29:44:03it should be quite obvious.
00:29:45:16NARRATOR: And an image of the seabed begins to emerge.
00:29:49:20Each side of the screen
00:29:51:06represents one of the sensors.
00:29:54:05They’re in position,
00:29:55:16now flying over target number one.
00:29:58:14MATT: No one has seen the Esquimalt.
00:30:01:12The damage we’re not sure of the level of,
00:30:03:14but we’re to understand that
00:30:04:16the complete stern was blown out of her.
00:30:07:23She might have went down and sat on bottom
00:30:09:11like a nice pretty little boat.
00:30:11:00Or she could have impacted and exploded in a million pieces.
00:30:13:20JONNY: So, there’s something starting to come in.
00:30:18:00We’re starting to see
00:30:20:21some much brighter targets.
00:30:23:09So this looks like this might be it now.
00:30:27:08MATT: It definitely has potential.
00:30:32:00JONNY: Although unless that’s kinda of a mast
00:30:34:04or something sticking up.
00:30:37:23From what we understand
00:30:38:14there is a bunch of stuff down there,
00:30:42:06so this could be kinda a debris field next to it.
00:30:53:17NARRATOR: They’ve got an image,
00:30:55:04but it’s not what they wanted.
00:30:57:23JONNY: We saw something but it was not necessarily…
00:31:01:21it didn’t scream shipwreck to us.
00:31:03:19It’s possible that it was a rock ridge.
00:31:07:02That looks.. to me looks like rock.
00:31:09:20It’s so round.
00:31:13:00NARRATOR: With a rocky bottom like this,
00:31:14:23it’s easy to be fooled.
00:31:16:22MATT: It had the shape like indications of a ship,
00:31:19:11with the bow,
00:31:21:05and just the way the side-scan was hitting it,
00:31:23:20it was giving us the dimensions and the shadow
00:31:25:17that gives you the exact same as a ship.
00:31:29:17NARRATOR: Target one is a miss.
00:31:32:11They pull in the tow-fish.
00:31:34:19On to target two.
00:31:39:00JONNY: We’re just kinda flying through an area
00:31:40:23like a channel or something.
00:31:42:06Lots of rock. This is killing me.
00:31:47:10What’s your geological assessment there?
00:31:49:15HERBIE: I’m happy to say it’s very,
00:31:50:15not very interesting.
00:31:51:23JONNY: Okay! [LAUGHING]
00:31:53:07MATT: I can say that in that image though,
00:31:55:15I can see that there is a bottom.
00:31:58:00JONNY: I can officially say…
00:31:59:15HERBIE: I need some of your drugs.
00:32:01:08MATT: What you don’t see a bottom?
00:32:03:10HERBIE: I don’t see anything.
00:32:06:09NARRATOR: Two targets down.
00:32:07:24Maybe third time’s a charm.
00:32:12:20As the day wears on, the crew’s getting tired.
00:32:16:24JONNY: We’re taking our third pass now.
00:32:18:22The previous two we saw something.
00:32:21:17It’s possible that it was a rock ridge.
00:32:24:20MATT: So far, we’re not coming up with
00:32:26:22too many positive hits.
00:32:29:03JONNY: There’s a lot of big rocks that come up
00:32:31:05out of the seabed and they…
00:32:33:15in some ways they resemble a ship
00:32:36:02if you let your mind take you that way.
00:32:38:15There is nothing that is very obviously a shipwreck.
00:32:42:02MATT: Out of the five targets,
00:32:43:15we’ve searched three so far.
00:32:46:13We didn’t come up with anything.
00:32:48:01MATT: Situations like this,
00:32:49:24you’re trying to find a needle in the Atlantic Ocean.
00:32:53:03MATT: At this point,
00:32:54:19we’re gonna have to call the three targets done.
00:32:57:21But we’ve still got two more.
00:33:00:00NARRATOR: It’s been a frustrating day.
00:33:02:14With two targets left,
00:33:04:11it’s all or nothing now.
00:33:08:03JONNY: We are just approaching it now.
00:33:09:24So… a few hundred meters.
00:33:13:00MATT: Okay.
00:33:15:23JONNY: So there looks like something,
00:33:17:23some debris. 
00:33:19:12I see a big shadow.
00:33:20:17MATT: Yeah.
00:33:21:11JONNY: Oh yeah, that’s something for sure.
00:33:23:00MATT: There’s something here.
00:33:24:12It looks like a ship.
00:33:25:20JONNY: You can tell that’s kind of a manmade structure.
00:33:27:20Very square sharp objects.
00:33:31:07MATT: Hey man, we’re here.
00:33:34:20JONNY: I can see the bow perfect on that.
00:33:36:05Like the Titanic bow, whatever you want to call it.
00:33:39:06It kinda gives you a scale for the Esquimalt.
00:33:41:17MATT: It’s time for LaRae.
00:33:43:05LARAE: [CHUCKLES]
00:33:44:20NARRATOR: Target four is a bullseye.
00:33:47:18Are the Dominion team 90 metres away from solving
00:33:51:12one of World War II’s greatest mysteries?
00:33:58:20NARRATOR: Matt and the team
00:34:00:05got a World War II shipwreck in their sights.
00:34:03:14JONNY: Oh yeah, that’s something for sure.
00:34:05:08MATT: Hey man, we’re here.
00:34:06:24JONNY: So, we’re gonna bring the side-scan on deck
00:34:08:15and then put the ROV in the water.
00:34:10:14Yeah, we found something.
00:34:12:01NARRATOR: They haul in the tow-fish
00:34:13:21and bring out the Chinook.
00:34:15:05LARAE: As far back as I can get it.
00:34:18:03So we got a target on the shipwreck,
00:34:22:06and we’re gonna send the ROV down now
00:34:25:00and get a visual on it.
00:34:27:05NARRATOR: But first they gotta drop their anchor.
00:34:31:10MATT: Is it in the water?
00:34:33:00LARAE: Yeah, you’re in the water.
00:34:35:10NARRATOR: LaRae does some final checks on the ROV,
00:34:39:02and sets up the ROV command centre inside.
00:34:43:21LARAE: All right, drop me in.
00:34:50:15I’m just making it down to the bottom.
00:34:52:15I’m following the clump weight cable,
00:34:54:20just so I don’t lose reference.
00:34:57:18Deck to sea-bottom can get pretty challenging
00:35:01:06’cause you can lose your bearings very quickly.
00:35:05:06Okay, we’re on bottom.
00:35:06:20I’m gonna do some sonar sweeps
00:35:08:05and try to pick up some targets,
00:35:10:03and then I’ll head in that direction.
00:35:13:16See that right there? That little shot of yellow?
00:35:16:01That could be something.
00:35:18:00NARRATOR: They should be on top of the wreck,
00:35:20:00but they’re not seeing anything.
00:35:24:12LARAE: Are you seeing anything popping up?
00:35:29:00NARRATOR: Then, out of the darkness…
00:35:31:24LARAE: Okay, here, we got something here.
00:35:35:10I started seeing debris all over the seabed,
00:35:37:06and I knew I was close to something.
00:35:38:22Look at that. That’s pretty cool!
00:35:41:05A bunch of steel plates.
00:35:42:15We found it. There it is.
00:35:45:10So there’s something sticking up right there.
00:35:46:11I don’t want to get near.
00:35:47:11Looks like the bow maybe.
00:35:50:00Hard to say exactly what it is.
00:35:51:20MATT: you can see the rivets on the…
00:35:52:20LARAE: Yeah, look.
00:35:54:00MATT: You can see on that piece that’s sticking out.
00:35:55:20MATT: See the rivets? LARAE: Yeah.
00:35:57:17MATT: This is a wreck. This is an old wreck
00:35:59:12because you can tell by the riveted hull.
00:36:02:18Riveted hull is back how they used to make
00:36:06:00the older vessels.
00:36:08:00They never welded anything.
00:36:10:09So, that’s an indication of the era.
00:36:13:00So now, we’re gonna try to find some identifying factors
00:36:15:24to see what we can determine.
00:36:17:05LARAE: Look at this. MATT: Wow!
00:36:18:15LARAE: How did I not see that from the other side?
00:36:20:09MATT: Go up close. Check this out.
00:36:23:00LARAE: When I first swam up to it,
00:36:24:14I could only see portions of it,
00:36:26:06and then as I rotated around to the side of it,
00:36:28:07it just opened up
00:36:29:14and I could see the entire shipwreck
00:36:30:23and it was so cool.
00:36:31:21I could see all the plumbing inside,
00:36:33:07and the deck boards.
00:36:34:18You could see everything.
00:36:36:22LARAE: It’s so cooool!
00:36:38:10Can you tell I’m excited?!
00:36:41:05It’s pretty neat. That’s really cool.
00:36:42:20Not a lot of people get to see this stuff, right?
00:36:45:12MATT: So having some features, indications of the era
00:36:48:11by being riveted,
00:36:50:07but it’s not having the features of a minesweeper.
00:36:53:05NARRATOR: This wreck isn’t what they’ve been hunting.
00:36:57:00According to World War II records,
00:36:59:06this is the remains of a British tanker
00:37:01:07charged with delivering oil
00:37:02:20to fuel the Allied war effort in Europe.
00:37:06:04Sunk four months before Esquimalt,
00:37:09:08it was also the victim of a German submarine torpedo.
00:37:13:05LARAE: It looks like
00:37:14:01this might have been where it snapped,
00:37:18:17…it’s kinda like twisted and broken off,
00:37:20:14there’s nothing left on the other side.
00:37:23:15MATT: Right now we’re not finding any
00:37:25:08distinguishing features or anything.
00:37:27:05What are we looking at here?
00:37:28:15We’re not a hundred percent sure,
00:37:30:06other than… LARAE: It’s big.
00:37:32:01MATT: …it’s a big shipwreck that is old.
00:37:35:07LARAE: And there’s pieces strewn everywhere.
00:37:37:10MATT: We can verify it’s not the Esquimalt.
00:37:41:00LARAE: Too big. MATT: It’s too big.
00:37:44:00There’s no features showing like a minesweeper.
00:37:47:06So we’re gonna move on to the next location,
00:37:49:18the next target,
00:37:51:13see what we have at that area.
00:37:53:16Let’s pull her back in, get her back on deck,
00:37:56:07and move off to the next location.
00:37:59:05LARAE: Cool.
00:38:03:00LARAE: Carlos, I’m gonna come up on that anchor,
00:38:04:20so just watch yourself.
00:38:06:05So we were pulling up our train wheel,
00:38:07:13which we use for an anchor.
00:38:08:18As it was coming up to surface,
00:38:10:04we see this long object at the end of our crane wire,
00:38:12:24and we thought it was a piece of timber.
00:38:15:05HERBIE: Bring ‘er up.
00:38:16:10LARAE: We don’t have it any more!
00:38:18:10It was a piece of the boat.
00:38:21:10I couldn’t have done that if I tried.
00:38:24:10We traded our anchor for a piece of the boat.
00:38:26:15So we had actually lost our anchor,
00:38:29:03and somehow pulled up a piece of the shipwreck.
00:38:32:06MATT: Davey Jones is playing games with us.
00:38:35:03LARAE: Watch yourself with that!
00:38:36:10CARLOS: No, no, no, no.
00:38:38:05HERBIE: Every piece of metal that is down there
00:38:40:20is just like a razor blade,
00:38:42:24’cause it’s been
00:38:44:09just sitting there rusting away.
00:38:52:10MATT: Okay, Herbie, you’re clear.
00:38:54:15MATT: Right there is a twist of fate.
00:38:57:11We drop our clump weight down,
00:38:58:21we end up losing our clump weight,
00:39:02:00at the same time, hooking one of the targets.
00:39:04:24So, that there kind of pooches
00:39:07:23the rest of our day shipwreck hunting though,
00:39:11:08because we don’t got an anchor.
00:39:14:05MATT: We’re gonna lose all the steaming time
00:39:16:08to go back and grab another anchor.
00:39:19:10This is just not gonna work.
00:39:22:00NARRATOR: They’ve still got one target left
00:39:24:19but no anchor to hold the boat in position.
00:39:27:21LARAE: [CHUCKLES] I don’t know.
00:39:29:14NARRATOR: If they don’t come up with a new plan in a hurry,
00:39:32:17the search is sunk.
00:39:39:05NARRATOR: Dominion’s on the wreck hunt of a lifetime.
00:39:42:15They’ve got one last target,
00:39:44:23but they’ve got no way to park the boat.
00:39:48:06The new plan is to hover over top
00:39:50:20and hope the ROV lands right on it.
00:39:54:02A technique known as live-boating.
00:39:57:03LARAE: So, live-boating there is no anchor.
00:39:58:21So we are just drifting.
00:40:02:14MATT: I need Herbie to hold this vessel tight.
00:40:04:23He’s gonna use the thruster and the propeller
00:40:06:20to keep the boat in the close proximity
00:40:09:16of where we’re gonna launch the ROV.
00:40:12:00This is a dangerous process.
00:40:13:14HERBIE: There’s a whole lot of things that can go wrong.
00:40:19:00MATT: Now you got the cable going down to the ROV,
00:40:21:13free in the water.
00:40:23:22You got propeller blades on the vessel spinning,
00:40:26:12ready to chew that cable up with the ROV,
00:40:29:00and then we lose everything.
00:40:30:03Game over.
00:40:31:15We’re dead in the water.
00:40:33:06NARRATOR: LaRae has no anchor line to follow down.
00:40:36:18She’s flying blind.
00:40:39:00LARAE: I use my sonar to locate any large targets.
00:40:41:08There was a large target directly right in front of me,
00:40:43:05so I swam a few feet
00:40:45:09and I couldn’t actually believe what I seen.
00:40:49:19MATT: Boom. There’s the ship.
00:40:51:18The ROV…
00:40:53:07LARAE: Landed right on top.
00:40:54:05MATT: …landed right on top.
00:40:56:10She’s not in the greatest shape.
00:40:58:00LARAE: No.
00:40:58:22MATT: So, whatever took it down, took her down…
00:41:01:15is that a tank?
00:41:03:00LARAE: Kind of looks like it, eh?
00:41:03:20MATT: Is that a tank?!
00:41:06:15MATT: What the hell did we just see?
00:41:08:04MATT: That’s a tank.
00:41:10:01Right there.
00:41:13:04That’s awesome.
00:41:14:17LARAE: I’ve never ever seen anything like that before.
00:41:16:09LARAE: That’s fucking cool man!
00:41:18:10MATT: Dammit!
00:41:19:10You can see all the rollers.
00:41:22:23On the East coast it’s riddled with war wrecks.
00:41:25:24It’s not a minesweeper.
00:41:28:00It’s a war era vessel again,
00:41:32:13but minesweepers never took tanks around with them,
00:41:35:10unless they threw a tank at them,
00:41:36:24which is highly unlikely.
00:41:39:10Some things that we can cross off the list
00:41:41:18on the fifth location,
00:41:43:21is the fact that this is not the German U-boat 190.
00:41:47:10It’s not the Esquimalt.
00:41:49:00MATT: Definitely a war era vessel.
00:41:51:15There’s a tank here for frig sakes.
00:41:54:10HERBIE: They wouldn’t have a tank on the Esquimalt.
00:41:56:00That would have been some freighter or something
00:41:58:15that would have been loaded with military supplies
00:42:01:09going to Europe, right? Something like that.
00:42:04:18NARRATOR: But suddenly
00:42:06:01the ROV gets dragged away from the wreck.
00:42:09:07MATT: We’re starting to drift off quite heavily.
00:42:11:03We’re paying out a lot more umbilical than we should.
00:42:13:09LARAE: We’re starting to run out of tether,
00:42:14:16and they decided to call it.
00:42:16:23Bring the ROV back on surface
00:42:18:07before anything happened, right?
00:42:19:18We didn’t want to lose the ROV.
00:42:21:10And it’s kind of dangerous while your live-boating
00:42:23:06and so we wanted to recover
00:42:24:12as soon as possible and get on deck.
00:42:26:08MATT: We have to come up ’cause we can’t hold station.
00:42:29:09We don’t got no anchor in place.
00:42:31:00We got no clump weight.
00:42:32:22We’re happy to even get a glimpse of something,
00:42:35:20to even identify that, okay, there’s something there.
00:42:38:13LARAE: There was scattered debris
00:42:40:07everywhere around the tank too.
00:42:41:20So that poses a hazard.
00:42:43:06Just entanglement, and that would be really bad.
00:42:46:06If the ROV actually caught on something on the seabed,
00:42:49:10we would have to cut the tether ourselves
00:42:51:11and that’s something we really don’t want to do.
00:42:53:16HERBIE: Yeah, time to go.
00:42:56:05Before anything else happens.
00:43:00:10NARRATOR: After a long day of wreck hunting,
00:43:02:21the search for Esquimalt
00:43:04:20and U-190 comes up short.
00:43:09:20The two wrecks are still out there…
00:43:17:00MATT: We didn’t find the U-190.
00:43:18:16I was really hoping to find that.
00:43:20:20We didn’t find the Esquimalt.
00:43:23:23Out of the five targets,
00:43:25:15the first three targets,
00:43:26:21we didn’t find anything.
00:43:28:18We weren’t getting the proper hits.
00:43:30:12That doesn’t mean there’s nothing there,
00:43:32:01but, from the angles that we were approaching,
00:43:36:00we didn’t get no targets.
00:43:39:04The last two,
00:43:40:10most definitely there’s something on both locations.
00:43:43:10The first one,
00:43:44:11for starters is holding on to my anchor,
00:43:46:10my clump weight,
00:43:47:12which I gotta get that back.
00:43:50:12The second location, don’t know what it is,
00:43:52:19but we found something that’s totally epic.
00:43:59:01We got a little bit more research to do.
00:44:06:15As soon as you start looking into shipwrecks,
00:44:08:22it seems everyone’s ears perk up.
00:44:13:20GORDON: Hi. RECEPTIONIST: Hi.
00:44:14:15GORDON: I’m here to see Matt Lohnes, please.
00:44:16:05RECEPTIONIST: Okay.
00:44:16:22MATT: So I just got a call from a marine geologist,
00:44:19:05Gordon Fader.
00:44:20:06GORDON: Good to meet you.
00:44:21:05MATT: Very good to meet you, sir.
00:44:22:05Very good to meet you.
00:44:22:24He’s a very well known, well respected
00:44:25:19member in the marine industry.
00:44:28:04GORDON: Well Matt, I think I’ve got a great story for ya,
00:44:30:24and something that will interest you,
00:44:32:16and it could be a great project
00:44:34:15offshore to do some work.
00:44:36:00MATT: Oh yeah?
00:44:36:18GORDON: And yes, it involves two shipwrecks.
00:44:38:12One is called the Esquimalt, which was the Navy ship
00:44:42:22that was sunk by a German U-boat during the war,
00:44:44:24and the German U-boat that actually sank it.
00:44:47:17MATT: This just shows you how fast news travels
00:44:50:15within this tight-knit marine community.
00:44:54:00GORDON: I’m pretty sure that I have
00:44:55:11located both of those.
00:44:59:08MATT: Yeah baby.
00:45:00:15We’re back.
00:45:03:23Seventy-five years.
00:45:07:05Davey Jones has been holding onto these secrets
00:45:09:16for a long time.
00:45:12:10ROBIN: Even if you’re not into the ocean,
00:45:13:16or you’re not  into anything, you tell the story
00:45:15:10of any ship that’s been lost at sea,
00:45:17:02and it’s interesting.
00:45:18:08Treasure lost,
00:45:19:05there’s treasure found.
00:45:22:05MATT: The heart,
00:45:23:04the DNA of Dominion Diving.
00:45:25:02We’re shipwreck hunting.
00:45:27:22And we’re gonna get them back.