Matthew Lohhes


Who is Matt Lohnes?

Matthew likes fancy cars, chrome rims and living life to the fullest. His daughters take precedence over just about everything, and he includes their joy of learning and play in just about every-way he can. There is nothing that Matt touches that does not get modified or upgraded, off-the-shelf is simply not a Lohnes way of life. Matt is the President of Dominion Diving Limited, and his role is not only the ROV wing of the business; but also business development & global expansion through the project management and consulting services. Matt is willing to risk just about anything for a friend/family member, and an honest love of his fellow human guides him. Matt lives life pushing himself to the end of his leash, because he knows his brother Robin Lohnes is right there to have his back. “The only limits which a human has, is their own mind.” Matt dedicates not only his time, but also his wealth-of-experience to achieve success in anything that lands on his doorstep. Safety, risk mitigation, environmental concerns and ultimate productivity are the beacons for his success. 

“The only limits which a human has, is their own mind.”

Matt Lohnes

Who is Barry Lohnes to you?

Well, he is my dad! What I first remember about dad was that he had a job that was like no other; he always had the coolest toys and gadgets. I always knew he was at my school events when I saw his radio and antenna waving from the back. Fondest memories were seeing what the newest tech he had, and the stories of the exotic places around the world. Like where is Singapore? Nowadays that is a well known place but to a child it was another planet. Dad was a man who opened a door just enough for me to see the other side; that was enough to know I was hooked to see the potential of what the future could hold. 

What first memory of Dominion Diving?

Dad always allowed Robin and I to visit him at work. In those days this was unique in those days because most kids could not visit their dad at work. We realized that ours was the coolest dad, who was hands on with this exotic company with global reach; we were able to see it and witness the beginnings of an ocean salvage company from the ground up. 

What attracted you to Dominion Diving?

I was taken on what I thought was a holiday but was in actuality an underwater trade show. I was given the chance to learn about these massive spaceship-like machines and have conversations with the industry leaders. Some of them were folks who had a hand in designing the Canada Arm and spacesuit arm-joints. The conversations, the interesting stories and the technology I saw sparked an interest in the subsea world. I was hooked when I saw Underwater Intervention 97. After meeting the pioneers of the marine-service industry, they all had the same mentality of do-more-with-less and think-outside-the-box that we were raised with. I knew I could not do anything except pursue this dream.  

“We realized that ours was the coolest dad, who was hands on with this exotic company with global reach”

Matt Lohnes