Shawn MacPhail

“Let’s do this.”


Shawn is a man who knows what is coming around the corner before anyone else, this resides in his obsessive and meticulous ability to analyze details. His career started as a young diver, in fact he could not even drive before he was underwater and pushing his own limits. Hazard/Risk assessment comes naturally to Shawn especially given his offshore saturation diving experience working well beyond the means of most humans.  Fun fact, he was on the team that raised a NATO ship that was a record holding deep vessel salvage, and the secrets the ship held even Davey Jones didn’t know. During the downtime Shawn likes to go higher in the sky than he can dive, look up to see Shawn taking out his flying boat, yup! He frequently takes out his boat that can high as 10,000ft but typically remains at about 1000ft in an effort to still enjoy the views. “Let’s do this” comes from his learning mentor, Barry Lohnes who taught him that there is basically no problem that cannot be solved with the right physics, math and determination. Shawn is a man of integrity, and action; these are two competencies that have dropped him directly into the operations manager position; nothing happens in Dominion Diving without crossing Shawn’s desk.

“I knew that I just needed to be a diver for as long as I can remember”

Shawn MacPhail


I spent a lot of time at a dive shop on Main Street in Dartmouth Nova Scotia and next door, in fact same building, was Dominion Diving. There was this rugged intense and passionate man who would run around in shorts, bare feet and without a shirt. He would kick start his Harley before he ripped off down the road, and it always turned heads. When I finally had the chance to meet him and spend time learning from him, I found that his personality challenged me, and others, in a way that magically made everyone not only better but more confident. “Are you sure, I’ll bet ya’six pack” is the phrase that Barry used to help me realize there was more I could do, or a step further than we were at. I had never met such an authentic, passionate man who was also a natural salesman.


From the time I was young as 8 years old I remember seeing the Dominion Diving building, it was right beside the Scotia Scuba, a recreational dive school and retail shop. I knew that I just needed to be a diver for as long as I can remember, and I used to bug the old seadog Harvey about letting me take a diving course. On a regular basis I would see these tough and strong men living their lives on and in the water, and I looked up to them. I loved that the atmosphere was free yet organized and they all seemingly operated just outside the norm. That spoke to me, and I knew that I could make a living being challenged, jumping into the unknown waters beside either an oil rig, a boat or simply guiding a team.

“Dominion Diving seemed to be fearless and [they] lived a life that was not for the faint hearted… who wouldn’t want this I said!”

Shawn MacPhail


Those who worked at Dominion Diving seemed to be fearless and lived a life that was not for the faint hearted. I was selected to be in the top 12 candidates for the Canadian Coast Guard school; but as I was sitting there, I realized that I had already seen what I wanted to do. I knew that Dominion Diving was a group of ragtag boys that would challenge me to be the best diver and person possible. Dominion Diving was a local company run by a group of people who were self-made and interested in only one thing, growing a team to be the best they could be. Who wouldn’t want this I said!